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@mrn3ls0n It’s the best!!!Luther Vandross - Never too much @kourtwils I’ll come back on Twitter if you do 😌
@consciouslY_GEE I think I typed in mask. It’s in my frequently used lolHappy Birthday to my favourite Shade Queen @Nay_Amara Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Love you loads xxMy Uber driver is a conspiracy theorist. God help me 😂
@MelMirembex But I’m tall sis!!! @Nay_Amara But I’m actually tall looool
@MarkieMogul @mrn3ls0n I’d have to show them. I only wear trainer socks 😂 @mrn3ls0n I’m tempted. He’s wearing them with the Yeezy slides and they look so cool. But he’s a fashionista so I’m… @kourtwils 💖 @misssharshine I think it was even the 10 year oneMy friends wearing dior socks and they look so nice. Now I want them 😂Two years ago I was partying at tiltwo. Life comes at you fast.THE BEST ONE 😂😩 @bbyhaydi Didn't see anyone post this with sound yet, so here it is 😂
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @bbyhaydi Bears are fucking creeps man. 😠😠😠
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @bbyhaydi Another take, she took a selfie 😳
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Why are you taking a selfie?????????? that’s so scary!!!!! I probably would’ve had an asthma attack and got everyone killed 😂 how single I am, I’ll never put it in my bio 😭
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬I’m staying In my house. I’ve waited too long 🙃Earring back spice* @L__7UPPP I hate lateness.My friends don’t know how to be on time and it’s annoying. At least communicate and let me know!!!!girls will “aw, are you okay?” their way into your business
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Ughhhh hate this. I just won’t answer the questions. I’m very private and unless I feel like I want to tell you som… “hey can we reschedule I don’t feel like hanging today” without people getting offended 😭 cuz some days I…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @MarkieMogul They have the best chips.I miss when I used to be able to scroll on this app for hoursss and just laugh non-stop
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬If I’m trying to help you and you aren’t trying to help yourself, I will stop helping you. It’s not me you will ex…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬I’ve got two that I know if I rang them both now would give me the money no questions asked. were buying houses for £195 then using the change to go and watch Michael Jackson live you know. Can’t beli…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬I never deleted my chats because I’ve got a memory like a fish. @ your customers. Thank you.
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬I love that @kourtwils is on the same level as me goals wise! Motivates me to be and do and materialistic things does not impress me LOOL
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Wtf
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Blood make you related but I go off energy
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬!!! we supposed to trust you with custom meal plans If you don’t know when the chicken is done?
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬⭐ Just added ⭐ What’s at the top of your theatre wish list to go see once theatres are open? Check out the new ch…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @stephmandeville @WickedUK Yes I need to tick that off my @ChlAccepted list.Next on my list is @WickedUK with @MsPiink - we've waited long enough! #mytheatrewishlist
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬When I have an idea or want something I literally don’t stop till I have it and end up obsessing over it 😩😂.Prob won’t take more pictures until fuck knows 💫
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Say it with me fellas.. CO-MMU-NI-CATE 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Can you tell someone you love you still want to explore your options 😅👀 #MOTSPOD big thanks to our guest @kourtwils
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Not the second one😭 are you dating Alfie moon?
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬About last night🌚
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬
@BLACK_GATSBY I’m not greedy. 10% plus a cut on any merchandise or appearances 😂
Deep down inside I’m hurt about a lot of shit .. but I’m good
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @kayseeya_ 😂😂😂😌 @kayseeya_ Got me thinking if I’ve ever said that to you and questioning my hair 😂Launch day emotions summed up.. 9am 😱😬 10am 🤞 10.30am👌 11am 📨 🤞 11.30am 🙌 📣 🎉🎉 Now 😁 😴 (Later).... 🥂🥳 #WorldEmojiDay
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @Bossmichaels @ife88 Loool @BLACK_GATSBY Let me manage you?Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who helped test the @ChlAccepted app!! Appreciate it so much ❤️ ❤️…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Congratulations to @stephmandeville on the launch of @ChlAccepted I’m super proud of what you have achieved and I’m… Challenge Accepted app launches today!! 🎉 Be the first to check out the new app to help keep track of all your…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬But My family don’t know how to pour drinks responsibly and now I’m tipsy 🥴I’ve enjoyed my time off social media. I’ve been so busy I haven’t missed it. @mrvans7 Loool nah he’s just being over protective 😂Had a lovely evening with my people’s.Apparently twitter people stick together 😂My DP has caused a debate 😂Apparently my profile pic is a thirst trap. do you agree? This is coming from my brother in law.
@kimiikazi @kayseeya_ 😩 I’m Jel @lovechevina Nah it’s not even about lazy loool. It’s just annoying having to park far from home lolCake: The Movie
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @kayseeya_ I wonder if the prices are similar to us going to Spain for the weekend. @lovechevina Dilemma!!! I hate thatNEW ELEGANT RAP (OFFICIAL VIDEO) LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬I don’t ever want to hear this song for the rest of my life
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬God bless them, but God you know wholeap ah pickney is not my portion. 1 is fine
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬😩🥺 what happened to singing “give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning” ?????
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Jamaican KFC is worth it and I don’t even like KFC. masks are made mandatory they should be distributed for free. Better use of public money than £10 dining voucher…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬bruh Meek Mill cant be that bright bc look at how everybody be lookin at this man 💀💀💀💀
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Why? She was fine with it when it came out. Even performed it on lip sync battle. You people taking a paracetamol f…
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬When death occurs, people are so keen to prove they were closest to the person and I don’t get why??
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬Perfume adds to your drip
Retweeted by Boujetto Pamela 🇺🇬 @khlobella_ Honestly! But I’m not going to stop being me. I just won’t let people take advantage of it. @MelMirembex What’s your beef? Can’t you just let me be great? @MelMirembex I’m tall babes xxx 😂😂😂😂 @MelMirembex People think just because I’m always smiling that I won’t tell them about themselves 😂😂😂Anyway let me come off of here. It’s been a bit heavy the last few days and I don’t want to use my energy to cuss someone 😂I just don’t like confrontation but if needs be I can come for you.Please don’t take my friendly and sweet manor for a joke. I will tell you about yourself 😌.This is why I don’t like speaking on my thoughts on here. You have people that are know it all’s coming to chat rubbish.Please don’t come in my mentions with advice that I didn’t ask for. 9/10 I’m talking to myself. If I don’t even kno…’m going to see my bestie today and I haven’t seen her since pre lockdown 😩🥺🥰.Anywaaaaaay.Access to my energy is going to be so hard. Some people pretend to be friends and just want to drain the life and soul out of you. @LondonBoyPuffy Have to protect your energyI feel like people take advantage of my good nature and honestly it’s draining.I know death is certain for us all. But a life cut short will always cut deep. Thinking of all those who've lost pe…
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