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Ada Powers (writer 4 hire) @mspowahs Atlanta by way of San Diego

Designer, writer, epistemic justice warrior. I like my queerness radical and my shitposts intersectional. Admin @Ethical_Content. She/they. #blacklivesmatter

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@______kara_ @zkat__ i actually saw your tweet about it and have been researching elementaryOS for a few days! i th…"What the fuck is a Nature’s Valley? It’s like yeah, every valley is a nature valley, dumbass."uhhh new 17776 content and the first page features both my former and current hometowns, truly this is a blessing t… @zkat__ omfg thank you. i feel like linux diehards fall back on "whaddya want from a free OS?!" as a defense while… @Play_More_KOF i probably put hundreds of hours into KOF 2003 on the original Xbox in college; i am endlessly excit… @AdmiralOPG you are using racist as a binary operator: racist=yes or racist=no. it's not that simple. we do and par… @AdmiralOPG uncritical means "not interrogating critically", which to me means, if you put something in a game with… @BrooklynVV the main difference is that when i do that with food the extra complexity benefits me in a meaningful wayi stopped playing Cuphead when i realized that a faithful and affectionate homage to old-timey animation still mean… @tatharnuar @PavelASamsonov but yes i majored in front-end development (NARRATOR: in 2009) @tatharnuar @PavelASamsonov my cogsci undergrad was so interdisciplinary that i could say "i majored in that in col… i have done exactly that, for Reasons @PavelASamsonov i know just enough of everything to know effectively nothing @LilahSturges clearly you are resistant to categorization as "that lady what writes gay comics ladies" @mspowahs “Hard drive seeking to form a RAID array with other storage devices in my area. NOT LOOKING TO BE YOUR UNICODE”
Retweeted by Ada Powers (writer 4 hire) @LilahSturges LILAH @LilahSturges [eyebrow waggle] "I wouldn't kick THEM off the partition" @ericwbailey i do not want to work as a developer, but i also really really love to code, and i spend so much time… @LilahSturges tired: my name is Ada and i am a non-binary woman wired: uhhh actually it's GNU/Ada,,,yes, i could have abstracted itemize() and total() out into their own objects with taxes() and deductions() as the… @LilahSturges AdaOS: Custom Arch distro with runtime scripts to build one (1) tableme: don't tell me not to use jquery!!!! also me: if i do not learn ES6 for this project it will be Badme: just gonna throw a bunch of fake data in this table me: but if i use handlebars it can generate the table for m…
@milkrock @Shadowtech_EN Just signed up for an account! Looks like it'll be activated in a few days. If it winds up… @_jakery I only wished I liked iPhones more. @milkrock @Shadowtech_EN Wow! Wouldn't have thought that would be possible with remote latency. @510home amusingly, my day job is 100% visual puzzles, and i get excited whenever i get a work project that involve… @JayMFernandes I seem to be standardizing on Ableton, and hopefully that should serve me well if I ever wind up hav… Who needs the humanities? It’s just a bunch of SJW nonsense. Lol. Also Engineers: We put some pictures i…
Retweeted by Ada Powers (writer 4 hire) @CordJostler i've also mostly lost any desire to work for a FAANG-type company, but it's hard to find companies who… @CordJostler not truly; i've successfully been able to break into any sub-specialization in tech i've wanted to, gi… @CordJostler yeah, to be clear, i want to go back to *oldschool* sysadmin work. IT these days is basically DevOps @FreyjaQuinn yeah, i used to work for my university's glaucoma clinic as a Mac tech, i could sustain myself on part… permanent imposter syndrome, watching my friends get hired and promoted left and right, most of my former cla… @artlung me but for the past 5 years"leaving it all to return to the woods" except for me that would just mean going back to the simpler days of being a computer tech @TaelurAlexis fuck yeah! i do not have the green thumb necessary to name a plant after you yet, but i will keep all… @TaelurAlexis I've mostly gathered from this thread that I wouldn't miss most of the Mac-exclusive apps, but damned… @MsGuidedButSoft What do you use Automator for the most? @gemini6ice Probably, but I don't usually expect an OS update to drop compatibility with 50% of the software I use,… @tiarala I used to main Windows so I know it's something I can get used to again, but yes, I've become very well-ac… @selectric401 Bonus: I'll get to build a PC again for the first time in like... 8 years @selectric401 That's great to know. I have pretty high throughput on my wifi, but it also drops sometimes, though c… @lazerwalker What would be wrong with an AMD card in this scenario? @lazerwalker That sounds nice! I do most of my gaming with a Switch Pro controller through Bluetooth and am also an… @landongn I'm not really a super big 3D gamer, so the surprisingly wide array of Mac-compatible games has been most… I'm really getting from this thread is that I've been super sleeping on Alfred @gemini6ice Ugh tell me about it, tbh the main inspiration for this thread is the worry that they'll eventually dro… @selectric401 Is LAN streaming with Steam really all that good? Seemed too good to be true when I was reading about… @viragoergosum hah ofc @wavebeem That's fair. I really like having a One Computer Workflow but I may have to bend on that.subquestion for Gamerzz: if you main a MacBook on the daily, but still do Windows for gaming, how do you make that… @taliladd The Variants! Check out their song Won't Be Erased.If you had to switch from Mac to Windows, which Mac-only apps would you miss the most? @Azure_Husky yeah, i straight-up turned off the lore rooms in settings @Azure_Husky 2 is such a huge jump! it took me the longest to push through so faralready on 5BC and got to the Hand once. so close. i'm only not throwing my face against it right now because i wan… myself i can't buy hades until i beat dead cells on 5BC @______kara_ omfg @JonasKuske Okay this is NICE, and also I feel like I'm having a hard time holding the cognitive dissonance of lovi…
@sophiebits i will be your champion in the fields of valor @SBinLondon Jessica Biel, flat-out @gaileyfrey @sarahhollowell There was a time when I was obsessed with the thinnest possible pens. Nowadays I almost… @sarahhollowell 0.5 for LIFE @kefimochi I actually also want to start doing one-off tabletop sessions! @Aranjedeath Oh this is *great*, thank you! I could definitely see grabbing a lightweight templating library for some heavier lifting. @macshonle Good call, thanks! I'm familiar with data-attributes, but after reading this, I definitely could be usin… @macshonle I'm literally just making a bunch of nested and expandable table rows so I can prototype what it looks l… @theavalkyrie I was surprised to see how many were! New question: what's the slimmest HTML framework that would *ac… @MissLusyd i want this on a tote so i can carry it around while wearing this
Retweeted by Ada Powers (writer 4 hire)Sharing this because not everybody has a dad to teach them this stuff
Retweeted by Ada Powers (writer 4 hire) @danieltott This is good advice; I was surprised how relatively simple some tasks are now that were inaccessibly co… @roving_heather if I had to learn a framework, I'd use Vue, but I don't think it's easy enough to pick up for a quick-turnaround project @macshonle This is a sneaky way to give smarter web professionals than I one (1) chance to tell me about a tool tha… should make clear that I have 0 shame about using jQuery and I have not yet seen any compelling arguments for avo… question: i'm doing a one-off, throwaway, quick-turnaround web project just to prototype some interactions.… miss festivals @Azure_Husky holy fuck
@PavelASamsonov Shoutout to my boss who uses "interesting" to mean "genuinely insightful" and introduces his crits… @BoringNerdyKate Have fun!! @ScribblingOn Aw, thanks!! <3 Here's the megathread that has all my ADHD writing to date: @kg0rt Also highly queer games @kg0rt Making weird physical electronic music instrumentsPress ^C to break RECTONGLE LOOPme: uhh,, not just a designer thanku, i have been coding since i was small child also me: why the hell won't… @Calliethulhu gooood morning @ScribblingOn (My current gig is great, but my track record with Corporate Technology Employers has been very different) @ScribblingOn Big mood, and I feel for them :\Weirdest thing I've cried at maybe everSwiss Army Man has been on my list for a very long time and I watched it tonight and I just. what the fuck
@whyaredads Pixar's Cars @dailybaileydose i am VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU THAT IS REALLY HARDOh fuck yeah I’m WOKE W- white guy O- overestimating my K- knowledge of E- extremely complex issues
Retweeted by Ada Powers (writer 4 hire) @Alyssa3467 @okbillybunny Definitely post-Vista, but like if Windows 7 was just a theme on Ubuntu running Xfce @okbillybunny I have no idea which transition version I'm on now
@kat_rogue omg that was you? truly it is perfect @cypheroftyr @MckKirk @failnaut @Hoeyboey @Quinnae_Moon @LunaMoonshine__ @tha_rami @twitgera @Thairyn @ali_heston gosh gosh goshhhhhhhhhAre you an indie game dev? Could your game-words use a bit of brain-love? Reach out! I'm an experienced writer look…
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