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Ada Powers @mspowahs Atlanta by way of San Diego

A writer, technically. Radical queerness, inclusive tech, intersectional shitposts. Admin @Ethical_Content. She/they. #girlslikeus #blacklivesmatter

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"The fact that I am working at Burger King and you are ordering a burger from Burger King automatically makes me pr…
Retweeted by Ada Powers @ali_heston thank u papa @VulpesExMachina aka "how I learned to reconcile my 'fix the world' attitude with the need to stop solutionizing wh… @hateshaliek uh apparently i have nothing better to do this morning, so i boosted and extracted the sounds from thi… @hateshaliek i want this as my text notification tone nowwishing gem fusion was real just so all the politicians that are 85% perfect could become one candidate that i can… @SBinLondon I'M LOOKIN @TaelurAlexis There's one walking distance from my haus @TaelurAlexis They have em in Atlantaaaa @melstonemusic There's a reason this is my Facebook profile picture @Sharessan Ahh. Yeah, it's fine I guess. It feels like the type equivalent of using "credits" instead of "dollars"… @Sharessan If it's what I'm thinking of, it kind of reminds me a bit too much of a varsity sports design language.… discovering my self worth
Retweeted by Ada Powersi don't even know if i agree with that. also i don't even know what it meanssome people receive deep wisdom from dreams, hidden knowledge about their inner lives, but i woke up with the phras… ADHD trait of "a million projects" is actually an adaptive strategy for brains that very specifically can't do…
Retweeted by Ada Powers(34, turning 35 soon. I've already decided that the purpose of my 30s is going to be spent becoming a being of unspeakable power in my 40s)Today I legitimately forgot if I was 33 or 34, which was incredibly exciting to me as a person who for most of my l… @ELLIOTTCABLE But, excellent points well taken! @ELLIOTTCABLE 2 and 3, if that helps @tressiemcphd hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahaahahaahahahhahahahahaahahahahahahhahahaahahhaahhah… @dulapalooza @TaelurAlexis FUCKIN A RIGHT I HAD SO MANY WHEN THEY WERE $5 @TaelurAlexis Break up with your partner earlier, don't get into another local relationship in college, medicate yo…📎 It looks like you're repressing your gender identity. Would you like to fix that? 🔹 Wait are you saying I can be a girl 🔹 Remind me later
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it's... perfect??? who works on Apple Pay affectionately calls the moment when you tap your phone to a terminal a “boop.” t…
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@justkelly_ok Me too! Thought I'd forgot to pay my bill 😱 I mean, I had, but that's not why it was down @funeralxlilies I think a L O T of women who presently identify as cis really really want a dick.Today workers at Kickstarter are voting to form a union. The vote won’t be counted for a few weeks, but if successf…
Retweeted by Ada Powers @aetataureate Always knowing when someone was talking about you and exactly what they were saying @fireh9lly Me except all of those ages are 33 @Flymachousti You're better than me, I got diagnosed in college and knew I never got better, I just didn't do anyth… @hologramvin As a UXer I've been really into the "UX brutalism" movement, but a lot of it is just either fetishizin…, ADHD-related followers! I'm glad this resonated with you. I normally tweet about tech, gender, and whatever shi… is the part where we pay a billionaire to increase the number of earth-orbiting artificial satellites by a fa… don't understand. When is he launching 40,000 satellites into space how down Twitter is to get people fired until disabled people are asking to be able to use a service
Retweeted by Ada Powers @docfission I've been trying to reply to this tweet for 24 hours and am still speechless. This is the energy all of… @docfission don't you dare talk about your illusions that way Also what's your fave vegan pizza in ATL @hologramvin Poppy is SO GOOD @risu5_waffles Thank you for the addition to my cultural lexicon! They're called kiosks in most of Germany and othe… @filthylocks Wait, was I a creep before? ;p @Gingerhazing chasin the ghost of a good thinghi, leftist rideshare driver here. if the only oppression you know how to recognize is class oppression AND that on… the algorithm apologists being like "how's Lyft supposed to know there's a shooter??" as if we haven't magicke… are really complex amazing things but I'm pretty sure mine has a section that just goes 10 IF (TOO MANY TEXT… @brookenwille D-.
@brookenwille i WASH my CLOTHES brooklyn is this how our twitter relationship is gonna beomfg someone made Niles a twitter account and that's actually what they chose as the handle. HATS OFF[meanwhile, in the producer booth] juggaletterkenny season 3 (@rozzledozzzle): machoke can fuckin GET IT[Frasier and Niles learn about shitposting] Frasier "I'm Listening™" Crane (@imlistng): What if one were to pronou… @boqasworld CEO of a sword @analog_ashley @grimalkina "how did I know you said that word with tildes around it?" "exactly" @tsdower Well I hope to eventually make it up to Baltimore sometime, maybe then! 💜 @jules_lefevre On the Radio, Regina Spektor— This is how it works You're young until you're not You love until you… @BugbearPancakes It's just a bit dirty, it's still good, it's still good @keetfeet @josiebroccoli That's so awesome! There's so much to say about both of those, very much including in a pe… involved w Please Try This at Home is one of the things I'm proudest of having done in my life. Thanks to…
Retweeted by Ada Powers @keetfeet @josiebroccoli What was your masters in?? @keetfeet @josiebroccoli I DO, and that's RIDICULOUS @chrisamaphone I haven't, but it's on the list! Thanks for pushing it up :) @docfission Also wanna talk dadaism and card tricks sometime. Especially if they can be combined. @docfission Oh man, sleep paralysis visuals are fascinating to me too. How come nearly EVERYONE feels actual satani… @josiebroccoli @keetfeet SPECIAL WIGGLES THAT HAVE DECIDED THEY WILL EXIST IN THE FORM OF AIRme: I am a dazzling being of infinite expression and self-actualized sublime experience 😘 my body: your gender is n… @keetfeet SPECIAL WIGGLY AIR THAT MEANS NOTHING AND EVERYTHING @keetfeet But it's SPECIAL AIR. SPECIAL WIGGLY AIR @keetfeet It's just AIR. JUST. AIR.As a psychonaut and cognitive scientist: - Why so many people see the same things in DMT trips - How South American… banal, with acknowledgement that I'm a designer: - Information architecture of restaurant menus - Design langu… @mathewrodriguez I have a lot of deep inner exploration to doThe concept of individual style How something becomes a genre The difference between augmentation and accommodation… @ellle_em I think it's more like, I work in design and studied cognitive science/anthropology in school, and my dee… @ellle_em This is surprisingly hard, because I feel like my job and hobbies are informed by my interests at a bedro… @grimalkina @analog_ashley aannnfgghhhhg they're GOOD @grimalkina CATHARSIS CONSULTING @calebsaysthings Ugh seen @wlwazuIa Yes I also love Catra @RaxKingIsDead my family is dying @ali_heston And the final boss......... MY OWN SELF CARE @caraesten lordy same @Saga_Skywalker This is so cool!!! @transscribe judge issues temporary order to not deport a Northeastern student. CBP does anyway. Federal judge gives up…
Retweeted by Ada Powers @BradleyJhnsn Wait no, Celeste @BradleyJhnsn Adam Jensen @radhikamorabia @kefimochi Bonus if we do it in iratedogs style @radhikamorabia @kefimochi And allow me to do the same @radhikamorabia @kefimochi Only if you meet me and offer your opinion to the public @omajestic being aware of how much mental energy it took them to say that @omajestic holy shit @mary_loritz Dude for sure
This is super important to remember. Beholden as we all are to the solitary experience of our own minds, we often d… @nopostonsunnday @dustin_gunn For sure! Sensory environment empowerment is a real important accommodation for both… @FifiReads What if it's actually not!! But also, so many dxes are really very similar when considered as clusters… @NormaWine1 Whoops 😅 gonna have to start posting a disclaimer @TheHighPhobia That's worth everything 💜💜💜 @WWOTMidwest It seems like a lot of people do, haha @_andreatoole I... still wouldn't say it's a gift, though I have had times of feeling like that. But who are we hum… @shameless_SMT I realized this sharp irony much later