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Congressional fellow @nationalguard & military curator @amhistorymuseum Made by @BrownUniversity @WilliamAndMary @IndianaAcademy. Opinions are my own.

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@MENA_Conflict @mortarsup I’m going to start saying ampersand out loud. @MENA_Conflict I’m there with ya, buddy. You can always add a comma to clear up ambiguity if need be. Why make it t…
@lnahmias @KatelynCalhoun Fun! @BrianLaslie 🔥🔥🔥 @pptsapper Appropriate: @USArmyMCCoE @USArmyDoctrine Me! Me! Me! I want one! @mewalters101 Congrats!New trailer for the Nancy film! Looking forward to seeing more of these great documentaries from @ArmyUPress and th…
Retweeted by Miranda Summers Lowe🌺 @KaraMGreene We all fit into one standard conference room.📚 “Why We Write” features dozens of contributors who share their military tales and offer advice with the hope othe…
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Delivering dinosaurs for exhibition at the Boston Museum of Science (1984).
Retweeted by Miranda Summers Lowe🌺 @JennsLenz @c_halling I had a hairdresser for a while who had been a barber in the Thai army. I told him I was in t… @JennsLenz I believe in you! You can do it! @dmon2112 Yeah, just a chlorine rinse. @JennsLenz Holy cow that’s so true! What is that? I feel like most hair stylists mildly shame me for an hour and I… gets haircut. Tells stylist not to bother drying it. Stylist insists. I patiently listen as she tells me not t…
I lack the part of my brain that can read a weather report and effectively translate that into how many layers to wear. @ThatEricAlper Florist, kitten mom
@twelvenights100 Like, who can exercise in January? Polar bears?Started my tri season by sleeping through swim tests. So yeah, it’s looking like my year already. @rlaattorney 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @davis_winkie @jtfbravo We’ve been running some forensics on this, and oddly, it seems like only the entire army go… @JABell27 I got you, fam. Hope the procedure goes quickly! @JABell27 Miso soup is on the yes list, and I very much enjoyed having something that wasn’t sweet.
@realHeathSmith @Adobe Lotus Forms tho
This is a woman after my own heart. photographer questions the army’s role in facilitating and restricting photography. @L_Historienne I loved my time there, and I’m sure you will too. Congrats on the new job!
@KaraMGreene So, what are we celebrating here?Wine country weekend with @KaraMGreene
@HeatherKellyPhD Congrats! Please do reach out if you’d like to meet the National Guard LL team.This is our topic list. Like it? Great! Don’t like it? Great! Send us your idea!
Retweeted by Miranda Summers Lowe🌺 @leeeway27 Here for this.🤯🤯🤯
Retweeted by Miranda Summers Lowe🌺 @bettorstrategy Wait. Actually I think I was still watching a lot of full metal jacket at that point. @MikeStucka @tjfarina I’ll have to check it out! @79Ralphie I’m with you. When I read military history it’s a lot of hard work and critical thinking. It’s not relax… @dansukman I brought Like War since I was about halfway through, and Station Eleven based on the number of raves on… @bettorstrategy Let’s not act like i was probably doing anything better. @MikeStucka @tjfarina Hmm. I don’t know DiPucchio. @HauptmannHansa @JessiSheron @KeraRolsen @RvaUnicorn @bulbasaurss These are my surprise cost effective favorites. C… @rpamos @ScottCAvery That’s fair.
@MikeStucka @tjfarina I adore Mary roach! @ChuckMaguire I have read it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good suggestion. @webmonkeydave 👍🏼 @mortarsup @Cgzinsou In this house we do buckwheat with local honey. @dbrower @hocmeumest @goat_path Sick burn. @DoesNotSimply 👍🏼 @Copper5353 👍🏼 @runnerlane 👍🏼 @TS_Allen 👍🏼 @ScottCAvery @rpamos Dude, I struggled with that book. There was just something that was catching for me. Am I a monster? @11drizzzt11 👍🏼 @WarMed_117 I should show you the first edition Footes I got when a friend retired. @rkoreis Thanks! @MikeStucka @tjfarina I like Larson’s work, but then I rage with jealousy because I want to write like that. @Nick_Alexander4 👍🏼 @de_la_lluvia @MykeCole @JohnL4 @CombatCavScout @scalzi Otis wonderful to be able to say “I liked the book better” and mean it. @Cm43816519 @INSHomeService @Twitter You can probably like absinthe separately? @Cgzinsou Just crash on my couch. We’ll make waffles. @lnahmias I just finished normal people and loved it! I’ll need to check out song of Achilles. @ShermansVoice It sounds like we have similar tastes! @JABell27 @NickStarrMusic Interesting! @ShermansVoice LOVED this one.Looking for an addictive novel for a long flight. Any favorites?
@dmon2112 Interesting.... @ThatEricAlper Being so average researchers use it to study averageness. @amy_schmelzer Thanks! @JennsLenz It’s true! I ordered the first cake, then got a slew of last minute RSVPs, then ordered an auxiliary backup cake.
@ckshowalter Thanks, friend! @KaraMGreene I certainly won’t stop you. @SWilkenJCA Water is just nice. @hskaarup1 It’s been a cool path.Job alert 🚨 @altDoD_ @mkkraemer Thanks, lady. @markseverett I appreciate that. Thanks! @BoldCityPoet The NSN is on the bottom, of course. @Copper5353 Thanks!Publishing Opportunity👇🏼 @G130J @cmcoglianese Thanks! @DocBohn Thanks! @goat_path @CrankyOldBats2 Thanks! @MauriceBarkley Right? @_Dan_Ryan Thanks! @paratistamus Oh, man. It was tasty! @YorkVol Thanks! @bettorstrategy Thanks! And I’m teasing. Honestly i should have spent more time with y’all and less time with my sorority in college. @SWilkenJCA Oh, that’s such good news. I hope you’re loving it! @stuclark24657 Thanks! @tacticalkebabs Woot woot! @cmcoglianese I appreciate that, sir. @KaraMGreene We’ve come along way since OCS! @KyCarla Hey, i don’t have to do it as long as i don’t want to get promoted again. @calebcherry It’s was delicious, too! @dvdpeters It’s a nice cake. @Magsimusashi Thanks! It was incredibly tasty, too. Thanks @HarrisTeeter bakery. @kqlr36a Thanks! @KL_48I Thanks!