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Congressional fellow @nationalguard & military curator @amhistorymuseum Made by @BrownUniversity @WilliamAndMary @IndianaAcademy. Opinions are my own.

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@WarsandWords @KJSimpsonbooks @EmperorB_Rosa @CatRScott @arambender @DrRobThompson @ChefDad17 @Cgzinsou @Suetonius_ @BradStCroix Thanks!
This Ambitious Young Sculptor Gave Us A Lincoln For the Capitol | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine
Jennifer Howard's Clutter Is a Call to Clean It Up - Washington City Paper of the first 2 women to earn an Army Ranger tab. Very cool.
Retweeted by Miranda Summers LoweHere Are The Museums That Have Reopened In DC
@bayouwilson I just used oxyclean on my favorite mask and it smells great.
Why it’s time for films on slavery to evolve - The Washington Post Art Museum Sells Its Soul - WSJ"If you work long and hard enough, you can get to the truth ... As a 6-year-old child kind of still frozen in that…
Retweeted by Miranda Summers Lowe @Risa_amor Totes. @whitneygrespin @notabattlechick Yes! NMAH has a few sets of maternity uniforms. I’m not sure if they’re open to re… @bettorstrategy Who ever went to W&G?
@bettorstrategy I didn’t pay attention in high school Latin anyhow.Wow. @bettorstrategy Remember all those boot cut jeans? I guess we really wanted max ankle mobility.I just learned that there is more than one trained auctioneer currently serving in Congress. @JWVizzard Doubles as bulletin board. #Hark @MikeStucka Goals.Yep, yep. Perfectly normal behavior. #amwriting @DC_LaFrance It’s a tragedy @Wilforth42 Thank you for the support @mleighc Paired nicely with the jean skirt and t shirt. @mleighc Not to brag, i had the high heeled flip flops. Because CLASS. @bettorstrategy Ah, yes. The chapstick pocket. Of course, there were less generous nick names. What was that? A taunt? @mleighc Right? We had flip flops in every color. Who needs arches? @NotMyNameWhoU Its a tragedy, most of all for his family. @HopeSeck Thanks for the support. @DrTanyaRoth Thank you. @halbritz I appreciate that. @ConnieMenefee Thanks for the support. @Chris_Levesque_ Thanks for the support. @captanne It’s a solemn reminder about what we do, right? @TobyDickinson Thank you. @Empowlr Thanks for the support. @MattVallone Thanks for the support. @katyjohnson30 Thanks for that.One thing that's cool about the era I went to college in is that in every picture, we're like "these denim miniskir… @pptsapper More of a star search feeling. @katebarstool This does look like it would be on trend at my high school. @pptsapper I have a good feeling about this.
@WELinde Points for real terror. @4WheelDrumma Yes! Thanks for your contribution, spiders! @Nashuanuke @HopeSeck I found it really helpful. @mortarsup Ha! @mortarsup There’s room for everyone! @WELinde Honestly I’d find Spiderman more interesting if he wiped out stink bug hoards. @KatherineNobles I support this environmental friendly pest control solution.I really struggle with how cobwebs are considered a sign of filth and bad housekeeping vs. how I really want to hel… @HopeSeck The Gimlet Podcast Reply All has had a couple of great introduction podcasts if you haven't listened yet.… a small innovation.
Retweeted by Miranda Summers LoweI just cited Snopes in an army history, so yeah, Millennial achievement unlocked.
@Higgins_J Yeah, my husband went in for a custom suit once. The tailor took all his measurements and then pointed t… @Higgins_J I recently spoke with someone else who had tried this. I might give it a go. @SDDCCSM Pure class.State of the world: every website I go to to search for women’s suiting wants to show me 300 swimsuits and one fugly black pantsuit. @TomPorterDC Congratulations, sir!
@Chimaera000 @WanderNWoodsman @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs That’s terrible! @SarahIngles My undergrad advisor called it “the midden” and yes, i have one. @Chimaera000 @WanderNWoodsman @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs I love hearing stories of o… @WanderNWoodsman @Chimaera000 @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs Absolutely. There are a lot… @WanderNWoodsman @Chimaera000 @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs And I’ve also noticed that… @WanderNWoodsman @Chimaera000 @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs I’m not saying that any of… @WanderNWoodsman @Chimaera000 @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs That’s why I’m open to inst… @WanderNWoodsman @Chimaera000 @lynnemthomas @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs the rarity of the collectio… @tacticalkebabs @Empowlr Make one out of a volleyball? @captanne They can live together. Right? @Chimaera000 @lynnemthomas @WanderNWoodsman @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs I respect that this is the… @Ranger_Up Ha! Now you could host a master class.
@JWH1895 @GrayConnolly That's so accurate! @A2UsaCustom Yeah, I think maybe I was. @WanderNWoodsman @lynnemthomas @Chimaera000 @JRMorgan1985 @pptsapper @oldscout @XOofXOs I'm okay with a middle grou… I kid, if I got in trouble in sports I'd have to run laps. If I got in trouble in class, I'd have to write essa…’m a “no pumpkins until October” purist, but Stay-at-home is making me lose it. I want all the pumpkins! Fall leaves! Apples! 🍏 🍁 🎃 @TonyAggie “What if there’s a false embezzlement or travel card claim? What if there’s a false cyber security breac… @malgorzatar Im disappointed for our generation. Addie fights slavery, Samantha fights child labor, Molly fights Na… To Make The Most Of The Virtual National Book Festival | DCist
@gretahb42 Perhaps this is what we did to our grandmas with our Molly dolls. @life_melissas I’m glad the building wasn’t torn down, but this giant pit phase is scary!
As though 2020 Didn’t have enough surprises, american girl debuts '80s-themed “Historical Doll” DC has its own “pit.” Union Station under restoration in 1974. 📸 Ghosts of DC @captanne @kwilliams101 You got it.Signal boost. @Keeper45001 Perhaps? I see it at the Air Force base near my house all the time.
@JohnsonFreese @NavalWarCollege @notabattlechick We can hope? @mortarsup You. Are. Thanked. @mortarsup Just because you can use quotidian doesn’t mean you should? @mortarsup Whatever. He’s not the boss of me. @mortarsup My husband looked over my shoulder and informed me I’m not allowed to use the word “quotidian.” @bettorstrategy Next time you’re in the DMV, shall we doing a tasting flight of Military Special? I’ll research pairings.New exhibit when ⁦@si_npg⁩ re-opens Friday. Her Story: A Century of Women Writers | National Portrait Gallery @JoeCleary2 900 words today, and some of them were even good! @2ndfstestderby Like Costco, but without the quality! @bettorstrategy The writing is a bit odd, but worth it to know who bottles it. You think we can set up tasting tours? @KrisjandR @DPRKan @SpiritofWarTalk I feel like we need to conduct oral histories on this important subject. @GrayConnolly The bulletin board of random ephemera just keeps getting more layers with time. @JoeCleary2 Just out of frame, next to the cider vinegar drink..@SeamusRNelson clued me that I got a shoutout in @NavalInstitute Proceedings podcast from @wardcarroll and that ma… we go again. The first day of writing on a new project always feels like it deserves to be recognized.… Important History of Military Special, the U.S. Armed Forces’ Own Bourbon.