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Mtashed @MTashed Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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@jacquicollins_ *deletes 4th email"
These org invites are flying in gamers. I don't have enough pens wtfpretty much. It is still really fun for me most of the time. I don't mind sweating to get the wins against good pla… baby beaver is getting cuter by the minute. Going to have 20 new emotes in this style in the next few weeks co… HOT DUDES IN THIS FIRE TEAM DON'T TELL MY WIFE @RealKraftyy GG just ran you over LMFAO sorry about your carry, needed those tokens to farm the auto rifle
@TeeLXBL Do you want us to pretend? @ShmurdaBenny NOTHING PERSONNEL KIDI think the worst part of content creation, is know that all I do is complain, and that I code the game and ruin it… @Zer0511_ @BigTimePlayah K @BigTimePlayah Fun fact: he probably cheated @Jameswhale7 cool?"my friend got banned that you reported and he wasn't even cheating" *Person has vac ban and didn't miss a snipe*… @Voiiid_Official @PlayVALORANT WISH i GOT IN :sGoing to do some trials runs, but might convert to nightfall carries. Many people can't get rewards this weekend, s… @Qualia_freak I already have emotes with my faceNew emotes with this baby beaver style? @DeeJ_BNG I stick to family time. Shut everything off and just enjoy time with the wife and son. That reminds me. Time to shut this off! @Jump_ How about these loafs? @Snip3down Win. Now. @RayndayGaming I made a few Machinima type projects that I love so much. Absolutely buried and not worth the effort @grandpappihash HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BIG JUICY SEXY BOY
@tripleWRECK If the doors just stayed open it is a whole different experience :s @Leeisnopro Final fantasy 6 has the best story and cast of characters IMO @Leeisnopro Yikes.I'm not sure how many times I have been saying thank you daily. We are closing in on 4k subs on Twitch. Old record… have 2 hours left to do flawless runs and give away @ViewSonicGaming monitors! get your juicy butt in here makes some good animal emotes? I need a beaver cause I am canadian and they are now my favorite animal due to this season @MyNameIsByf @BarbaricHam there is a couple guys that join my party when I am public, or stream snipe me and change… @TravisSee1ey @saywallahbruhh i mean they upload like 3 videos a day of them play streamers and winning. I'm on the… @CathleenTash @kemurinoshingo @dust_yeg6 @xNutsack @xChanky it is a frog in water lol. He will live @kemurinoshingo @CathleenTash @dust_yeg6 @xNutsack @xChanky @ShiftedReality0 oh fuck thats amazingIs the Valorant recoil as punishing as CS:GO? Or does it seem a little less heavy?
When you keep a hack in your back pocket for the W and STILL LOSE!! Get a life people don't hack
Retweeted by MtashedOk this hunter build might be considered toxic, but if you want some FAST trials games: @OlManMakowski @AdvancedGG it is so good @apathei :(I'm heated but going to try and just have some fun today regardless. I am trying a new build to dominate this map s… @RickKackis wait... @leopardstealth Say. My. Name.So many e-girls in my dms lately lol. I guess success does that huh? @sonii Realm literally kept my channel alive waiting for the big destiny 2 update. It also probably kept the rent p… @GladdOnTwitch and gifts 20 subsI know swapping games at the end of the stream drops the viewers, but it is a fun change to variety, and holding 3-…
OMFG just got these from the nightfall out the source: vibes stream @FRANKnBERRIES76 OH YOU know @DeeJ_BNG All I do is talk to my cats and play video games on camera. Life is perfect but I might be insane @Jedi_Gill I haven't tried it yet!I tried counter-strike tonight LOL yikes
@GreatWallofChin I've Hosted @GCXEvent multiple years, The Division 2 Launch party event, and a few Destiny events… Promise I didn't download an aim bot. I just got really really good somehow think the frustrating thing, is for the last month I can't tell if someone is better than me, or I am just playin… @SwolyTV Wait... There is that many? @MegaMagwitch yea cleric beast. Would have been a nice boost to your early souls :P @MegaMagwitch second boss?Tried making some home made cheese burgers. Verdict: god daaaaaamnnnnn. Might be ugly, but did they ever taste good
Just cancelled my flights to @GCXEvent Next year <3 @NotMirkos ?So uhhhhh... I unlocked 15 new emote slots on twitch lmao need some FIRE ideasAlright who wants a RUMBLE carry? !raffle oh.. My YouTube channel and Gmail was hacked and I cannot get into it. @ytcreators @Fwiz Can anyone help?
Retweeted by Mtashed @JakeParkerLIVE Who are you comparing yourself to? People who got paid / promoted by mixer to come over? @Extremlzm hope his channel blows up! he deserves it @RickKackis you won the game @Hollowtide I just realized most of those players are in g1 and have to play together lol. GgIs trials rewarding enough and worth your time as a player? If you choose no, why?
@IMissTriaIs @nyleelham Nice d1 screen shot lol somone is using my name AND hacking right now in Destiny 2. People keep coming into chat to tell me. Love… @alexmonney I still need to start the next season. That is the plan Tuesday night!If you haven't watched this gem of a human you haven't lived @MrFruitYT You could maybe try some plyometric type stuff and maybe some endurance body weight stuff? Like extreme… @CoronaCore @Bungie @ATones_Sakowski ummm I feel like if it is too much higher it feels too light and fast for me. I have always been pretty low sens @ATones_Sakowski 800 DPI 3 in gamedownloaded a new program and now I am WAY better at Destiny 2...
The amount of people with 99% headshot accuracy is actually really impressive. So many godly players better than… "These guys are cheating, can you see how crazy this is!?" Chat Troll: "LMFAO YOU JUST ARE LOSING AND NOW… was always a 6-700 sub channel on Twitch. Even hitting 1k was a big goal for me. I just hit 3100 and I don't eve… @ImSarahDaniels @Nelstar15 Fun fact, I think this is my best song to sing. For some reason I can just nail it. @PanduhGG I get carried by anyone I group with so not me @JarodGazza Not really. It's scummy. @Banned_Wipe Doby?Don't Blink or you will miss this flick shot @SirDimetrious @AysnPersuasion trials with me again nerd I dare you then we will see who truly games, cause it can't be you @AysnPersuasion you don't game lmfao
@Snip3down get out dude... you are still youngI am doing trials carries and giving away @ASTROGaming A40's when we go flawless! AM SO SICK OF THIS.... please stop @2Calico the fuck really?Eye of Sol VS Revoker. Kind of feel the same, pros and cons for both :) eye of sol is closer to revoker if you are going for super shut down perks. If that is the case I'd rather… @P3T3TT no clue @ForceStrategy jesus christ... sorry dudeHad fun with some friends today. @DattosDestiny @leopardstealth @TheTeawrex @AyeApolloo gg's today thanks for playing gamers!
@dewgel @shaqsontweeter no... if anything there are harder players in rumble. It isn't the players @RayndayGaming @GenG FIRE