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Even more reason you should know NY-ers need rent relief, cowardI had no idea Cuomo used to be HUD Secretary?? @pim_ketras Somehow I’m both? @ianztheisen Llehctïm really does look like one lmao @bstee9 Lmao the way his selfie just showed up on my tl 😭😭 @BarbaraDanish 12 Days of Christmas ➡️ 14 Days of QuarantineUgh take me back to this level of tone 🙈😵 @IFC NOOOOOO! I think the lesson here is that I need to win this! I want to win! And you! YOU SUCK! You're a stupid… @sindorman WHATLiam is literally doing 3 different Fire Emblem Sacred Stones play throughs all at once. Truly a man after my own heartCan someone clarify for me why it's trendy to hate on AOC? She literally raised $200k for charity last night on a T… @HausOfCraven My grandmother lived in the city's burbs most of my childhood and I have very fond memories of visiti… @HausOfCraven Cost of living in Pittsburgh is pretty low
@muzzeltov You can def tell which coast I'm from lol @muzzeltov You need to get to Rehoboth in DE; super fun spot for the 🚬sThis would also apply to Emily Brontë obviNo one: Kate Bush: of my biggest and most irrational pet peeves is when people write best friend as “bestfriend”My boyfriend was confused and thought that Susan Collins and Dianne Feinstein were the same person. Tbh aren’t they though? @hot_wangs The way, I’m waiting for cap season. My fave time of yearI have a Monet joke, but it might give you the wrong impression’s a character named Dick Hardman lmfaoooo I forgot about that @vcwiet Ugh; likewise. We’ll have to make sure to hang out at a conference someday post covid 😭. Also, it’s a must-… Liam Murder on the Orient Express (1974) for the first time 🕵️‍♂️ ❄️ 🚂 Biden handily won Americans who make under $100,000. Donald Trump handily won Americans who make $100,000 or m…
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@ianztheisen Maybe this will kickstart meaningful death penalty discourse again @BucatiniBoy 3C1Finally, a worthy casualty
Retweeted by 🎅🏻❄️Mi🎄chill☃️🧊 @clewisreviews Peter from GBBO could neverThanks!
@StopandSayHello It me @badboybmar (I kid) nice spread!! @badboybmar Perfect minus the ice in the red wine 🍷🦃^It's what I get for bringing it up on the family FacetimeHmmmm so you're a Christian who doesn't attend church, but suddenly you know oh-so much about the constitutional ex… @seismictossd @sindorman mind ya businessSpending the morning by myself has been kind of great tbh. Tonight I'm going to watch a movie and have wine with a…, what's Joe Biden's plan to permanently abolish Thanksgiving as we know it? @_nishades “it may be unsafe to go to church, but it is always fine to pick up another bottle of wine” I my personal creed @bi_rhetorics Little baby atheists, awwwwwaThe Xfinity WiFi network that my laptop automatically tries to join instead of my apartment’s network is my mortal enemyIf there is a higher power, I’ve never been more thoroughly convinced that right-wing religious zealots have got it very very wrongAlso, because I think this is funny, I had my first realization that religion wasn’t for me circa age 4 I read abou… Supreme Court case has me really thinking about other people’s relationship to Christianity. How are grown adu… damn, Justice Sotomayor: “Justices of this Court play a deadly game in second-guessing the expert judgment of…
Retweeted by 🎅🏻❄️Mi🎄chill☃️🧊 @Tophurrr The way he does this like twice a week is ridiculous @warmthfeelings On* They’re ** it’s late. I need to stop rage tweeting @warmthfeelings I’m more shocked that it’s a legal issue in the first place. I guess I’ve still not accepted that s… court decision has me truly flummoxedIdk, but if you think your creator will stop living if you if you don’t risk contracting coronavirus at a high-risk… does religion end and death cult begin?
@muffinvers bop era? @kikiballchange !!!! @brianrkramer Delmarva? More like Marvadel @BarbaraDanish Do the raccoons fight back? @tiqqunmuaddib I've long been of the opinion that the next day hot turkey and stuffing sandwich far outclasses day-of Thanksgiving food @graceelavery Their imagination of you (probably): @graceelavery Pupoose🐕 @thequeenpri I think he gave you an idea for merch potentially? I’m a 🚬 that grew up in the country pt. 157 @_blairalexandra I think the pressure in my ears would make my head explode @TimmyShea Depression in my case @joeyc1110 @_mivel Okay I’ll bite, what’s a fantasy football? @RMK613 Trump likes to brag about being a Wharton alum, but when he was admitted the % admits was more than 50%, so…! Thank you for asking 😊
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I'm going to ask you a very fair question. How would you characterize Trump's cabinet? Quickly. @RMK613 even that shit failed sksksk @gaybonez Materialistic grand dame grappling with ennui? Queen shit. @SGUYBRAY Having a bedbug scare in my building, made my 2020 even scarierCurrently on my terrace in a Zoom class because the pest control people said I'm not supposed to be inside my apart… @mschakraverty "Rinky dink" like pure shit, just want her back #GBBO #GBBOFinal #Hermine
Retweeted by 🎅🏻❄️Mi🎄chill☃️🧊 @kikiballchange Now let’s topple Cuomo in a primary 👏👏 @brianrkramer Wish someone could mount a successful primary challenge 😭 @themitchcase King shit 👏 is so hard to understand about this? Rahm Emanuel helped cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald. Covering up…
Retweeted by 🎅🏻❄️Mi🎄chill☃️🧊 @calcifersbae Lol likewise. I never did tbh. I’m just an opportunist with memes @_nishades I feel like she’s a lock for chair/ranking member since she’s probs not getting a cabinet positionNo one: Gays hosting super spreader Friendsgivings: @_nishades Get ready to get Klobbed
We shouldn’t be grateful for bare minimum Democratic functions being carried out!! @RMK613 I wonder if Trump will see time for the NY financial crimes if he gets pardoned for all the illegal stuff he did in office @mynameisjro I think he’s erroneously conflating muscle gays posting thirst traps with captions like “feeling fluff… @ianztheisen Tbh I’d rather have her there than in any higher position as well @ianztheisen It’ll be her for sure, I think @ianztheisen Amy said: this is the sort of thing we have to be grateful for, I’m boycotting Thanksgiving are my musings on a holiday I don’t particularly like. Take care and please celebrate safely ❤️Hopefully, through care, we redress the disjuncture between what people need and what they have and lift up those in our communitiesI guess what I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t reserve gratitude for one day (and all the problematics that co…’m thankful first and foremost for those in my life who love and support me, but let’s not lose sight of demanding… think part of my frustration with Thanksgiving, apart from it being colonialist and romanticizing the history of…🚨BREAKING: More than 750,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Have you? R…
Retweeted by 🎅🏻❄️Mi🎄chill☃️🧊 @titussottertwin People need to learn that hating Beyonce isn't a personality trait