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For some reason I found this to be his funniest tweet most cherished memory of the Trump presidency is when he bombed Syria and corporate media + Dems gushed for abou… an alternate universe where Trump ordered a massive, unprecedented military occupation of Washington, DC… any journalists with a significant national platform raised even the slightest concerns about the propriety of… at least three of these platoons (?) walking around Downtown area tonight favorite recurring plot device of the Trump presidency is how he eventually had brutal, blowout feuds with most… reflecting on the thousands and thousands of right-wing internet commenters who oh-so-confidently assured me t… summary of the Trump presidency. Not very good but people freaked out over bullshit
2021 of soldiers marching down the street... normal stuff told me I wasn’t allowed to take a photo of this checkpoint, oops expulsion of Trump from Twitter has resulted in him not being able to see the many people across the political… says in his farewell speech that he leaves office with “a loyal and joyful heart.” Farewell to the president… about 20 hours left for him to “lock up” Hillary Clinton, a thing that was definitely going to happen accordin… your own caption for what the occupation of K Street signifies👇 in Georgetown members who once denounced the deployment of military force to American streets as the rawest incarnation of… barbed wire is a thoughtful touch this again, I can't help but conclude that they were seconds away from *literally* overthrowing the govern… they’re never going to give up on Trump/Russia even after 4+ hyper-obsessive years, a full Special Counsel inve… liberals truly sound indistinguishable from hardcore Bush followers responding to critics in the early 20… think this would be viewed just a tad more skeptically if the military had been deployed to shut down the area an…
Evidently not odd enough to question the justifiability of the occupation. Instead, most of the media is on continu…’d first suggest to stop referring as “attempted coup” an incident which never had a greater than 0% likelihood of… DC is essentially under military occupation and nobody in our bold, adversarial watchdog media apparently finds this oddTV media has clearly settled on a dramatic backdrop image guys are screwed of free food delivery photo ops happening for social media the Guardsmen why they are standing around with unloaded rifles. “I don’t know, I’m just doing what I’m told” can pass through these military checkpoints in DC if you have “legitimate business,” which according to one of… @DonaldJTrumpJr: if Senior really wants to stick it to the Establishment Republicans plotting as we speak to pu… main job of the media is to constantly scare the shit out of everyone with rumors of massive "threats" that qui… tells me that putting “no evidence of any threats” in the headline would’ve generated fewer shares and cl…
Unless the public is served a strict algorithmically-curated diet of CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, the Atlantic, and perha… wasn't "unlawful." I spent over two months arguing with right-wingers that their obsessive election fraud delusi…'s very important to uncritically trust the claims of politicians and prosecutors about the purported existence o… job as always to everybody in the media for raising zero questions or concerns about the wisdom of transformi… and prayers to everyone who got such emotional exhilaration from over-reacting to this before basic inform… should be entertaining...
Very savvy move on the part of Capitol rioters to livestream themselves committing federal crimes -- 4D chessI kind of think you're the "ding dong" if the only frame of historical reference you ever have for current events i… @Chuckwagonracer Schumer becomes Majority Leader in a matter of days. There will be a trial of some sort. @iraLFOD Where did he say this?Does the Capitol mob fiasco make it more or less likely that Trump will pardon Assange? I'd say less -- given how h… the way, have you noticed that virtually nobody has dared to question the wisdom or necessity of militarizing DC… back and re-watched some Trump interviews on CNN, MSNBC, etc. from 2015 and early 2016. Beyond chummy. Corpora… Secret Service is honest-to-god calling the most heavily fortified portion of DC the "Green Zone." Maybe by Wed… using the military to quell civil unrest fascism, or not? Can't keep track's "they"? John Fetterman made the argument that generic claims of elections being stolen/rigged are "not protec…,000 troops currently transforming DC into a fortress but everybody's worried about the zany MyPillow guy imposin…
"The election in Pennsylvania was rigged by fraud" is not a statement that actionably defames anyone. It's protecte…, it's protected speech. Delusional lies are protected political speech. I think a lot of people need a remedial… is nothing "contrarian" about doubting that a delusional and mentally ill shaman guy was capable of leading… “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” 2021: “Either you are with us, or you are with the [domestic] terrorists”How, exactly, was the shaman guy going to overthrow the government? By casting a spell? @andrewkimmel I’m doubling down on the belief that there were a bunch of extremely deluded people in the CapitolDelusional, mentally ill people can certainly have deluded beliefs informed by their mental illness. Any belief tha… QAnon shaman guy is who federal prosecutors have cited for the contention that rioters intended to “capture and… encrypted messaging services are being used to organize “MAGA insurrection” then it follows from the logic for t… @AliceFromQueens latter detail seems a little more instructive as to the QAnon shaman's state of mind to continue bearing in mind: the more extreme the characterization of this event (insurrection, coup, arm… still want to know why the "insurrectionists" were mostly interested in taking selfiesPretending that statements like this pose "a risk of violence" mythicizes what is ultimately just dead-ender cult-o… this Sheldon Adelson's dying wish? theme of the past week. Trump is obviously neutered, defeated, humiliated. His enemies are still determined to… there any situations left for Trump to very strongly monitor?AMLO is on an entirely different wavelength than myopic US left/liberals momentarily 👇 an unprecedented corporate censorship purge, to a "snap" impeachment that effectively criminalizes ordinary po…
The more I think about it, the more absurd/hilarious it is that THIS quote from Trump is the one finally determined… course not a word from the @ACLU about the speech-chilling ramifications of this impeachment -- nor would you ex… trial means at least several more weeks of Trump Show bonus content post-Jan 20I remember watching @ali's Periscope diatribes years ago -- pre-Trump -- when he would rail against those in the Co… across the political spectrum railing about insurrection, treason, sedition, rebellion, etc. -- from the… @DnlKlr Thanks for clarifying that you favor obliterating the First Amendment @DnlKlr Do you think Giuliani should be criminally prosecuted for uttering those words?Trump also said in the speech, "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to pea… is the one quote cited in the impeachment article to demonstrate Trump's "incitement" of the mob. It's an unre… Haley vs. Mike Pompeo is going to make everyone who's not a frothing war hawk pine for Donald TrumpTrump did encourage or urge the mob to march on the Capitol, but the specific "incitement" language in the impeachm… none of the corporate media coverage even bothers to remark on the radicalism of what occurred today. "Sn…’s really inspiring to see leftists so passionate about punishing “sedition.” Everyone believes this is totally sincereNot just two impeachments. Two impeachments, effectively, for treason Impeachment #1 codified that the US is in a… is defeated, humiliated, isolated, censored, condemned by much of his own party, and impeached twice. Worst “tyrant” ever“Promising” to impeach before she even knew what the impeachable offenses were going to be don't see much of an "insurrection" or "armed rebellion" underway at the moment. However, I do see a massive ongo… alleges that Trump has incited not just an insurrection but an "armed rebellion." What's the current status… @SophistAmerican But that's not the basis on which he was impeached. We can only go based on the text of the actual article.The premise that Trump needed to be impeached ASAP because of the imminent threat he posed was obviously false. Tru… is a process by which certain acts can be "criminalized" outside the normal processes of criminal law.… impeachment resolution charges a "high crime." The "high crime" alleged is that Trump "incited an insurrection"… after getting double-impeached, Trump releases yet another hostage style video denouncing his own supporters and…
There was hardly any time at all for anyone to consider or debate the implications of what was just done. And delib… Democrats claimed it was so abundantly obvious that Trump incited a literal insurrection, that by far the mos… sacred "Double Impeachment" as envisioned by the foundersDemocrats heralding Liz Cheney as a hero of the Republic is just too perfectNow that we have “snap impeachments” might as well just officially transform the government into a European-style Parliamentary system