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Murphy advocated “non-compliance” with his own executive order prohibiting mass gatherings last month Lasch had Twitter activists pegged in 1979 doesn’t Trump work on actually curtailing the spread of the pandemic, like many “advanced” countries have alrea… lot of people also like to put forward convoluted, smart-seeming theories of “power” when the issue really is jus… available in today’s print edition!! this recent protest movement I have barely ever mentioned "trans issues," except in relation to advocating on… @RealAlexRubi To me it was notable that an East African man ended up being the one who killed a genderqueer white w… @RealAlexRubi I'm also tired of being mindlessly compared to other random media figures who I have nothing to do wi… @RealAlexRubi Really? I'm the one playing "racial gotchas"? Have you slept through the past month? I also didn't "t… phrase "punching down" has been exploited to stigmatize and denounce reporting on newsworthy topics. Chroniclin… @RealAlexRubi Not sure what you mean. Also weary of the phrase "punching down" which gets constantly exploited to d… media activists would rather focus on which corporate mascots and statues of dead people are racist than… top of that, right-wing media are also subject to institutional pressures and incentives. I could probably not d…'re probably not going to find a Somali or Ethiopian small business owner who hates riots, and whose grocery was… are a few possible reasons. One, media conservatives generally do a bad job depicting working class minority… know why the left-leaning media has refrained from doing it. They believe (wrongly) that it would help Trump and… column is really just straight-up reporting. And it's not even complicated reporting. All I've done is go arou…'m sorry this person has severe health problems, but is there any evidence that his "endorsement" has ever carried…‘Black Lives Matter’ signs abound in Minneapolis, but much of the city is still in ruins and minority-owned busines…
Retweeted by Michael TraceyThis sports talk radio guy is a disinformation-spewing, smug, destructive moron who's gone without sports so instea… a purely tactical standpoint, I would strongly encourage Biden NOT to pick Kamala Harris. It's so condescendin… re-election campaign just seems desperate with this stuff. I’ve gotten what seems like dozens of stupid email… moral panic that we're currently in the midst of provides more than enough material without needing to get bogg…'m a registered voter in New Jersey, and the Democratic presidential primary was held today, July 7, approximately… riots really occurred at the worst possible time for so many of these places. They'd already been locked down f… @AaronTTaylor1 Lol imagine being such a dumbass that you look up to Clay Travis for insights on this issue and can… @ToshJann They are not going down in these states. They are going up.Oh, so the states recording the most COVID cases and hospitalizations are now recording the most deaths. The same p…
I have a column in the @WSJ on minority business owners and residents in Minneapolis/St. Paul whose lives have been… prediction: The dubious (to say the least) foreign policy personnel lining up to join the potentially forthcomi… one who's not a complete mental basket case actually believes this person is made “less safe" by someone who hap… open letter: I AM SO. FUCKING. TIRED. GIVE ME WHATEVER I WANT! Sincerely, Michael TraceyThinking of organizing an Open Letter in opposition to the very concept of Open LettersNew episode of @thebackchan|nel is up, with @mtracey describing the impacts of the riots in Minneapolis on local re…
Retweeted by Michael TraceyLove to be accused of aiding "white supremacy" because I'm spending time talking to minority small business owners… this once, and then read it again, and then read it however many more times are required for the message to be… just flippantly hurling this kind of vile accusation about someone you actually know on a personal level. I… @pescami So it was a relatively successful ego-flattering exerciseWatch how many Open Letter signatories who claim to be so profoundly concerned with issues of free expression magic…, certain signatories like Jeet Heer and Bari Weiss are so obviously complicit in the very "cancel culture" whi…, the preface of this letter, with the obligatory invocation of Trump, just seems so formulaic and predictable.… like a lot of people on this list, but the whole format of "open letters" has become incredibly tedious and grati… @iamcuriousblue Why does one have to "speak up" through an "open letter"? Most of the people on this list have thei…, but these constant "open letters" -- even if I roughly agree with the basic message -- are still incredibly… @Travis_Tyree @adarshjois Why the fuck would I want to "virtue signal" about an infectious disease? You're complete… yeah, listen to sports talk radio guys named "Clay" who have an edgy counter-factual take, that's really served society well so farI'm sure if you told the smug denialist crowd on March 6 that there'd be 133,000 pandemic deaths in the US by July… being ideologically and emotionally invested in denying the severity of an infectious disease. What do you… @BluStateCaptive Oh, that must mean it doesn't exist. @Travis_Tyree What? 76 deaths were announced in California today. You're just lying. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Fucking moron.I'm open to reasonable debates over the correct policy approach, differing views on various ethical considerations,… @jfranks1987 Got my car towed once at a lot near Newark Penn Station after parking there for about 10 minutes to pi… @juddgreenstein I could see how it’s confusing for newcomers but having used it daily during various periods, one d… @Rob_Motto I’ve been there at all hours of the night and never been “scared,” maybe you’re just hearing from triggered snowflakesI will defend the Port Authority Bus Terminal till my dying breath. Not an architecturally beautiful building -- th… @Politifarts @OutlastSociety @JordanChariton You seriously think that being retweeted by someone indicates that I'm… @OutlastSociety @JordanChariton Or, I've followed Jordan for years and this was the first tweet on my feed when I r… @JordanChariton Your slander is noted.These “training sessions” are taxpayer-funded cult indoctrination sessions, with all the coercion and abolition of…
Wow, sounds very edgy and subversive on, now they're just screwing with us one of Trump's DC conservative speechwriters hands him Reagan-style talking points extolling "American Exc… thread provides some interesting insight on why the dominant strains of US right-wing ideology AND left-wing i… @shill_globalist A virus doesn't literally "hit home"She'd make an appropriate Vice President for Joe Biden because they both use the word "literally" to mean "figurati… every city I have gone to so far across the US, the presence of National Guard is overwhelmingly welcomed and ap… black people in urban locations seem to take the virus more personally and seriously than anyone else. Conseq…'ve seen a grand total of one Joe Biden sign anywhere in the country in the past month, and it was right next to a… do so many people follow michael tracey y'all know you can unfollow him right
Retweeted by Michael TraceyDiscussing this and related issues on YouTube livestream right now: @alien70 I didn't make a definitive prophesy about an election outcome. You did. @alien70 Keep telling yourself that.No discernible "backlash" to riots ala 1968 for several reasons: - The "cause" is seen as mainstream and uncontrov… @sunraysunray I still don't feel comfortable "rooting" for any other team! @RossBarkan Interesting piece, but the Bernie campaign *did* attempt to play the access journalism game to some deg… ridiculous for left/liberals to cede the issue of urban gun violence to chest-beating right-wingers. Do you t… do you think happens when people see huge mass gatherings in their area -- carried out with the full backing o… antics of these public health "experts," along with elected officials and journalists, destroyed their credibil… my god! NYT finally publishes an article questioning why public health "experts" reversed course overnight and s… don’t really care if you consider me “on the left” or not, but there’s nothing inherently “leftist” about grantin… reminds me of a meme that occasionally went around during Russiagate which contended that “Russiagate skeptics… like any given "open letter" that comes hurtling across the Twitter transom has a roughly 99.5% chance of bei…'t the point of a mass protest movement, in tandem with the incredibly supportive media coverage, to put a set o… @MikePrysner You've picked the side that entails lots of mind-reading and ascription of motive, that's for sure. I… "politics" aren't "centered" around "rejecting identitarianism." We're in the midst of a massive cultural upheav… @DougHenwood It's telling that people think it's so inflammatory and reactionary to simply describe the context of… @MikePrysner Thanks for clarifying that you’re incapable of rational discussion, that’s what I assumed to be the caseIn case you weren’t aware, mass protest gatherings are still underway across the country, including in states where… I did on "the night" in question was watch a public livestream of riots unfolding in Minneapolis and post scree… @MikePrysner Hey Mike, why don’t you explain like a rational adult why the tweet was allegedly “disgusting”? Do you… why it’s “disgusting” to describe the people involved in the incident and post their respective photos. Are… license has been granted to mobs to destroy whatever public memorials they like, it's not as though they're al…
Missed this. LA Mayor Garcetti also finally admitted a connection between the protests and the spike. Must’ve been… mayor of Miami-Dade County, FL, Carlos Gimenez, is the only local elected official I’ve seen cite the protests… times out of 10 the people with these mass-produced “BLM” signs in their yards all around the Minneapolis area ar… judge Lina Hidalgo is now demanding a new stay-at-home order for Harris County, TX. Just over a month ago sh…'s totally not "divisive" for protesters and journalists to denounce everything about American society as fundame… case you are extremely dense, I'm being sarcastic. Most people in the medical world don't live in your tough guy…