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Nessa 💜 Everything you do is triggered by an emotion of either desire or fear ✍🏽 #LLW🕊 #AbolishICE #BLM

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Joined Twitter 9/6/12 though half the time we’d get chased by cops 😪 miss you bro 🕊wish bro was still here :( them 3 am tempe town lake sess used to really help me relieve mental stress 😢😢☝🏽 when Trump Supporters were saying: “Maybe they shouldn’t protest in the middle of the street if they don’t…
Retweeted by 〽️arioHi girly, I love you whoever you are xoxo kisses!!!!
Retweeted by 〽️arioIf billionaires aren’t paying their taxes I don’t see why I should have to pay my student loans.
Retweeted by 〽️arioI want to show this to every person who asks “why don’t they just follow the rules to properly immigrate?”
Retweeted by 〽️arioThey can go ahead and wrap this up and press charges on all 10 girls involved. Anything less would be a joke.
Retweeted by 〽️ario @Dee4Three84 @NBA2K appreciate your work 🙏🏽 this deserves to be called outkeep this in circulation. AG Cameron lied.
Retweeted by 〽️arioadd 2 DPOY and 2 rings to the thread and you’ll be ight year old me vs. me now Farmworker ➡️ med student 💗
Retweeted by 〽️arioIf your father gives you over $400,000,000 and by the time you’re 74 years old you’re over $400,000,000 in debt, yo…
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pandemic or not, this is disgusting
Retweeted by 〽️arioJumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman Them boys up to something 👀
Retweeted by 〽️ario“It seems a stretch to call people war criminals just because they served in the military”
Retweeted by 〽️ario“Hey Joe act like you’re coaching the lakers”
Retweeted by 〽️arioJeff Bezos wants to start a school for kids whose families are underpaid by people like Jeff Bezos by @AnandWrites
Retweeted by 〽️arioTrump was probably getting that extra $600 with us
Retweeted by 〽️ariowho falls asleep like this😭😭
Retweeted by 〽️ario @vanessaIyssa good night 😴😴“u look tired” thanks i stayed up all night obsessing over things i have no controI over
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a relationship should be 50/50. she wears whatever tf she wants and i take pics for her 😌
Retweeted by 〽️arioparece chorro 🤮🤮😪😪😪 a lot less financially stable than me is homeless
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Retweeted by 〽️arioSo.... he was arrested for having a handgun but MAGA supporters can be down there In FULL BODY ARMOR WITH CUFFS AND…
Retweeted by 〽️ario1. This is not sex; it’s rape. 2. They were supposed to serve 15 years but the prosecutor wa…
Retweeted by 〽️ariosame energy
Retweeted by 〽️ariosince when is 11:59 considered late???? fuck this shit 😑wow you guys rebuild too? like literally every team in the nba 😂😂😂it’s soo funny seeing these takes on the tl 😭🤣 they put rondo instead of kuzma in the graphic, that tells you how bad he’s been playing drafted him 😭 when will it be our turn😭😭😭 @vanessaIyssa please let me see my kidsi wanna see dragic and AD get a ringThe CDC declared a federal ban on evictions, but TO PREVENT EVICTIONS, tenants MUST sign and PRESENT the following…
Retweeted by 〽️arioMe at my funeral making sure they're playing the Shawn Michaels "Sexy Boy" theme as I requested
Retweeted by 〽️arionow y’all see why danny was a 2nd round pickHow did my parents make such a funny child
Retweeted by 〽️ariomy girls titties feel and look like they went up a cup size 😳period titties >>>i really can’t believe bro pakistaniMr Caponee every time mexicans ask him where he from
i hate a "Cactus Jack Sent Me..." ass nigga, stfu, debit or credit?
Retweeted by 〽️ario @abel_g24 the only other option is hulu+ and they suck 😭☝🏽 to change to sling fuck ityoutube tv really went from $40 to $70 😭😭 yea fuck that lolwe done 👀 be like “get your money up” nigga we did and you stole it
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Retweeted by 〽️arioas if 😒 about no coochie hair . bobby pin it and come on 😫😭😂
Retweeted by 〽️ario mental gymnastics that y’all will do to avoid calling a racist spade a racist spade.
Retweeted by 〽️arioIf you stand by and let those you associate with do evil things, even if you aren't evil yourself, are you really d…
Retweeted by 〽️arioI want to say a very bad thing. 😭😭😭😭 If you wanna kick it with your bros who literally vote against your humanity,…
Retweeted by 〽️arioi promise u a great majority of basketball twitter has brain worms
Retweeted by 〽️arioWhy do y'all so badly wanna be friends with people who think your right to exist peacefully is debatable? I really…
Retweeted by 〽️arioI want to know if Megan had died would y’all still “need to hear both sides”? Because I don’t recall y’all wanting…
Retweeted by 〽️ario“I hope this email finds you well.” How this email found me:
Retweeted by 〽️ario @TheEpicDept @kenklippenstein We want Tony Stark but we deserve Elon Musk
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Retweeted by 〽️arioidk what he going thru but i feel him
Retweeted by 〽️arioNeither the president nor the Senate majority represent the majority of the American people. The president lost the…
Retweeted by 〽️ariobro why are people so stupid in the head 😭😭😭 team choice in Madden is pretty solid.
Retweeted by 〽️arioLet’s talk the 2nd amendment and #BreonnaTaylor
Retweeted by 〽️ariopure comedy 3rd quarter is the dragic vs tatum showthis peaceful transfer of power...
Retweeted by 〽️arioJudge Judy having more viewers than NBA Playoffs.
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Esto es utilizar la imagen de un campesino para crear empatía en la gente mientras se les paga una miseria por su p…
Retweeted by 〽️arioa machine learning algorithm that wipes your hard drive when it detects that you’ve started reinventing phrenology
Retweeted by 〽️ariohigh praise 👀 worse than trash ass wifi
Retweeted by 〽️ariofuck tory fr im glad i never listens to baldyagreed except for shrimp 🤝 was sad to see @OutOnBail5 @JevonSzn @SergingSuns @sreekyshooter i second thisMAKE AMERICA GREAT!
Retweeted by 〽️ario @PlanBianca nasty ppl on this website.i miss when tecca had me like this using people’s trauma for retweets and to make promo money 😐😐😐 💀💀
Retweeted by 〽️ario @revnatscider No good cops
Retweeted by 〽️arioShe’s fighting for universal healthcare
Retweeted by 〽️arioyou can wear a maga hat but not wear a BLM mask??? there’s something seriously wrong with this country
Retweeted by 〽️arioi would like my odds at the gm school loltory lanez rlly shot a black woman and used the attention to drop an album...........
Retweeted by 〽️arioIt’s your right to do that... just like it’s ours to kneel ✌🏾
Retweeted by 〽️arioIma die in jail before I eat meatloaf. I work too hard to eat meatloaf.
Retweeted by 〽️ario*Lakers go up 3-1* Jokic and Jamal Murray:
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