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Personal account of audiobook narrator Mark Turetsky. I mostly talk about comics and Trek. Professional account at @markturetsky He/him Avatar by @scottlava

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@OliverSava You can really tell who's writing what, huh? @OliverSava Remember when they were all that were keeping Ben going for some reason? @OliverSava For a second I thought you were referring to the Meet The Skrulls family and was about to Have Words. @maliciousglee What about that chef mutant in Giant Size Magneto? Think his chef knives count? @ditzkoff Tea Lizard Strikes Again! @javiercaster This was such a mindbendingly good series!today is very auspicious use its power with care
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @JoeUchill It should be pointed out that none of the founding fathers were born in the United States.Frankly no. @ditzkoff Scrawny kid from New York? You're more likely to end up a super soldier than a rodent-themed vigilante. @excel522
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago...Day is done, settling in with this as my evening news. ⁦@saracentury⁩ ⁦@SYFYFANGRRLS⁩
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago...
“Hit the center word on predictive text until it makes a sentence, then send tweet”
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @nolapfau I hear it's a continuation of the old Marvel one? @nolapfau I read GI Joe like... 25 years ago? @EricaFails Shakshuka! @stevewmorris Man, I wish. @McKelvie @DocShaner @gibsoncomics That Doc Shaner is a dang genius. @veronicacris @gwenpool_ebooks Cool. @gwenpool_ebooks But both of these things are becoming more common among Jewish people. And especially the crematio… @gwenpool_ebooks Kate also got some tattoos, don't forget. @OliverSava It's pretty common in Jewish tradition as a lucky number more than having magical significance. Like, y… @willnevin You should read all of Groo instead. @OliverSava #xspoilers It's directly tied to Xavier's note. He ends it with "to life," which is a pretty common Hebrew saying, "L'chaim!" @OliverSava In the Hebrew numbering system, letters are used as numerals. 18 is Chai, or life @OliverSava The 18 thing? @GigawattConduit I did?Shelfdust currently pays contributors $15 per piece, thanks to Patreon backers. We've just updated the tiers - once…
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @stevewmorris @nolapfau It's true! My latest piece is now up in the feed! @clastowka "Mr. Yankovic's She Drives Like Crazy subtly avoids the casual sexism that a lesser artist might impart… @christieddleman @strictlyworse They were! Have to work on a slight lumpiness issue though.Patrons! Today you get first access to @mturetsky's essay about Usagi Yojimbo #93! It's a really deep dive into Sta…
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @IlanMuskat @tom_forsyth @ryanqnorth It's like saying "fudge off, filthy wasp" @IlanMuskat @tom_forsyth @ryanqnorth It's a nicer version of "Fous-moi la paix" which is more akin to "fuck off and leave me in peace" @IlanMuskat @ryanqnorth "Wasp dissuasion" @gwenpool_ebooks Jump on that deal, Gwen! @RobGeorge Seth was just Biden his time... @Sir_Politics00 @RobGeorge Probably because it's a self-description?
@Brennanator Didn't one of them have a strain of cottage cheese rennet named after him? You and I have different definitions of boring, sir!Quite the range of opinions on the American Right regarding Harris and Jews at this moment
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago...Not to be outdone by @strictlyworse, I had to prove I could also be a cool pizza dad. @copperniteflair Tycho Brahe had to get a wax nose because of it @copperniteflair Ah yes, Copernicus @maliciousglee British crosswords are tricky af! @strictlyworse In my mind, all the little commuter communities surrounding NYC are suburbs, even if they're in other states. @strictlyworse A suburb
@markpopham Man, don't read the Alan Moore adaptation... @ItsTheBrandi I think I have it, but it's marked as "Wierd All?"Nermal — a minor character in Jim Davis's celebrated and long-running American comic strip, Garfield — is an under-…
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @maliciousglee The only Captain Atom I'll salute! @maliciousglee I also just got done reading Gillen's Darth Vader and he very much has what we critics call And Auth… @maliciousglee Gotta love that Charlton/Watchmen/Avengers pastiche! @maliciousglee These ones? @Treestumped @declanshalvey @ImageComics @GavinFullerton1 @rebnalty @HeatherAntos I think Batman is an area in Aust… @deathchrist2000 @GhosttGray Viola, as the French say! @GhosttGray He definitely shows up in Dance of the Gull Catchers... just trying to think of where else he is. @GhosttGray Hmm... does he show up as an easter egg in Promethea or Top Ten? @BigDadEnergy_ @missafayres I forgot that existed. I need to check it out! @BigDadEnergy_ @missafayres Is that McKelvie? What comic is that? @cracksh0t Those movies are pretty good! @GhosttGray @excel522 Remember how he created the Illuminati? And then it took Hickman to make them into the world-… @GhosttGray @RamonVillalobos I've gotta re-read this miniDoes this count as five X-Men or just one?
@BillCorbett Wait... what's the atheist bit even about? How does that apply to the lava thing?! @mistaketheory Box? .... Cainiac? @KingCurryThundr I remember that brief moment when Sierra started marketing 3D graphics cards.🎵🎵A comic book about The Incredible Hulk🎵🎵
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @THEKarlaPacheco @DialHForHagai You mean the weekly Charles Soule series from 2015? @CarriePoppyYES Guys. @themiddlespaces @themiddlespaces Nog's views make less sense when we get to know his father better. @themiddlespaces The show does reverse course at a certain point, showing Ferengi culture moving away from those va… @themiddlespaces This episode is peak DS9 whiplash between A and B plots. @CPHotmess Yeah, I'm sure the two movies would be regarded very differently had Dark City made more of a splash. As it is, it really didn't. @CPHotmess It also had some not great studio edits. But I get why Ebert would go into Matrix and think "I wonder ho… @CPHotmess Dark City was legit one of his favorite movies. He did the commentary on the DVD! @crashwong Naming a droid owned by a professor Tee-ay. @LiSur Er... who now? @letsgoayo Sure, but he, like, founded a great nation and stuff so it's cool. @SFFAudio We had a ton of fun with it!Trek purists watching Lower Decks... @KenPlume Thanks! Was just pointing someone to it and couldn't remember if it was yours or a different one.Who doesn't love a WAP (Weird Al Polka)??
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago...
@KenPlume Was it on your podcast that Fraction talked about getting into a wreck delivering pizzas? @missafayres @strictlyworse He somehow survived, despite his window being open and his head banging into the ground… @missafayres @strictlyworse I think it was on A Bit of a Chat with Ken Plume where he talked about it. He was a piz… @strictlyworse @missafayres Have you heard about Fraction's history in pizza delivery? @steve_lieber Tell me he hasn't figured out how to use the saw! @RobertSecundus Clearly! They didn't sell enough of Kyle, so they're selling him as a wrestleman. @RobertSecundus @WWERollins It's a repaint of an existing figure @strictlyworse Someone stop you! @accommodatingly Ooh, or a volume of Hellboy? @accommodatingly Black Hammer? @SpiderWomnDaily @letsgoayo @CPHotmess You know, I think I learned about this because I was in a play where I stepp… @letsgoayo @CPHotmess Went to an all-boys school, so you can be sure People would Notice. @CPHotmess @letsgoayo If you looked over your shoulder and raised your foot up behind you, that was the gay way. If… @letsgoayo I do remember!! @RobertSecundus @BigDadEnergy_ @CoriMarie21 @maliciousglee You're just lucky Squirrel Girl has ended.