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Audiobook narrator and voice over artist. Two-time AudioFile Best Voice SAG-AFTRA He/him Profile image by @scottlava

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@7thRule MFW I open up the pizza oven @kibblesmith Yossarian Sir Charles Grandison Molloy/Malone/Murphy, who may all be the same person? Buck Mulligan (Stately, Plump) @XavierFiles Also, canonically, no hyphen!
@mistaketheory @xmenbutgay @ISnowNothin I pass a Cane's every time I go to the gym. It's always a struggle. @RobertSecundus Horrifying. @BadAstronomer I have a children's book that calls Jupiter the stormiest planet. Is it any stormier than other gas… @trekonomics It's not even from Atlas. This is from Bioshock, a satirical video game where objectivists start a new colony under the sea. @xmenbutgay Get that box combo, you deserve it! @RobertSecundus Nope. It's a standard font on Mac machines, though. @RyanBrowneArt My toddler has been asking me about "God's Bad Astronauts" after seeing it on my nightstand.Homer Simpson understood white privilege in 1994 for fuck sake.
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A picture worth 1,000 words. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @mistaketheory @RobertSecundus Did he meet Apocalypse? I can't remember. @CrushingComics I'm feeling out of touch with the week-to-week discourse these days since I'm a month behind (subsc… @steve_lieber Family Circus and... Addams? @danielbtweets Naughty spicy quail egg was my name in... no... you know what? I'm not playing this game. @robicellis @thetakeout This is food writing at its bravest. @DaveWachter What's the commission procedure for C2? @JoeUchill Ha! If I know Python, that means it's definitely in there! @JoeUchill This got the Parrot Sketch? @abrahamjoseph I've started a fundraiser at my temple to fly Israeli families here to see it. @apelad That's just The Rockaway. If you try to do the Far Rockaway, you will injure your back. @RobertSecundus @XavierFiles I specifically love repurposing Zdarsky's Sex Criminals art in the "remix" issue. @excel522 @mistaketheory @XavierFiles I can tell you which run of Squirrel Girl is hers. @mistaketheory @XavierFiles Hickman's New Avengers, basically. @Matt_Sibley It's good graphical storytelling, Brent. @XavierFiles @Doncates of GOD
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @Lubchansky @markpopham This looks like it could be the plot of an early DS9... @themiddlespaces It ends with Steve and Tony punching each other while a helicarrier falls on them. @themiddlespaces Cap and Iron Man in Hickman's New Avengers is very much about that, without being about it.
@mistaketheory I had an MP3-capable CD player for a while. My first real MP3 player was this, purchased with an emp… @steve_lieber What are my options for getting one of those excellent post cards if I already have everything? @slarkpope @jeffreytierney Proud to be in on the ground floor with the second RT.NOW THIS IS A STORY ALL ABOUT HOW MY LIFE GOT FLIPPED TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND I'D LIKE TO TAKE A MINUTE JUST SIT DOW…
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @patbits There is no such thing as a bad game, Patrick. Take a look! The worst games are at least an 8/10. @rockmarooned Well, I split my time between Louisiana and NYC, the timing just never works out in terms of where I am when they're playing. @rockmarooned Only 19 TMBG for me. I started in 2004 and moved away in 2015, so I haven't seen them since :( @AJemaineClement How long did it take you to get the grey into that beard? It looks like real lecturer grey, so I c… @RobGeorge I can already hear the "troubled lone wolf" spin. @RobertSecundus @cracksh0t @XavierFiles And also think that Spectacular will grow in esteem. @RobertSecundus @cracksh0t @XavierFiles I'd probably put Venom in the list of essential current reads too. @RobertSecundus @cracksh0t @XavierFiles How far back are we looking re "contemporary?" Spider-Verse was pretty essential.Once again, Trumpworld is telling us to ignore the alleged liars that were <checks notes> working for them just a mere few months ago.
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Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @arthurstacy @revel_nir @mymonsterischic @definitelyvita @SAtlantean It's the difference between the sound you make…
@revel_nir @mymonsterischic @arthurstacy @definitelyvita @SAtlantean Related question, is it for both voiced and vo… @StarWarsMinute Creeping up on Rose territory. @dsantat These are freelancers sir. @grahamclark "She's flyin' out there zoom, To Saskatoon" @muellerspace There's a Beckett novel that starts "The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new." It's… is Flood's 30th Anniversay. Tell a friend about our famous "calling card" album. A free download, classic vid…
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @XavierFiles autoeXec.bubCillizza: [farts out a take about why Pelosi’s decision to hold the impeachment turned out to be a bad move] Hours…
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @Elana_Brooklyn Nobody drives! Too much traffic! @Brennanator *and end, if they have their say
Happy #PortfolioDay ! Here’s a few recent pieces I’ve done (and can show)
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @CrushingComics @BenjaminAhr I also stan @danielbtweets! @LiSur As Horatio says in the final moments of Hamlet, "Christ, what assholes we mortals be." @PeterBerkrot @StephenKing I mean, sure, but I got top billing on my collabo with Leo Tolstoy, so... @MKupperman One thing that struck me is that at the end, Polanski is positioned to give a big break to a past-his-p… @nivenus @Jwhitbrook Or Sisko/Dukat/Kira... or Sisko/Winn/Kira, for that matter. @nivenus @Jwhitbrook Sisko/Dukat/Winn is more dynamic as a triplet, for example. @nivenus @Jwhitbrook Yeah, I'd argue that DS9 is really an ensemble (that extends beyond the regular cast!) Like,… @nivenus @Jwhitbrook YUUUUUP @RobGeorge Holy shit, he can exist within the background of a photographical image. I though the Royals were exempt?! @MKupperman I've worked... near Disney? @MKupperman OK, but would you be saying this if they adapted Snake 'n' Bacon into a carbon copy of Kundun? @Jwhitbrook Who's the big trio in DS9? (It's Quark, Rom, Nog)
@BillCorbett Spring-hating bastard. @zdarsky Reed Richards, Sure Richards, Johnny Storm.... GOOM! @geneticghost @RobertSecundus Can't wait for the showstopper "End With A Bang." @geneticghost @RobertSecundus Let's not sleep on The Waste Land! That's even got nursery rhymes in the text! @RobertSecundus @geneticghost It's got the word "song" right in the title! @geneticghost @RobertSecundus Insane movie musical?Only DS9 had the range: a list
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago...DAMMIT GAIL
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago...So are you saying it's not snowing? @tommy_stella Which 1980s sitcom star does he sound like? @tommy_stella Yeah, but at least some crazy stuff must happen at that Applebee's. Like, your boss is a sentient fungus or something? @tommy_stella In the GHA-verse, do you work for 3-DC? After the unfortunate business that landed him in jail?3-D Cowboy needs to narrate every comicbook @audkoch Holy cow! I missed this!
@therealsobreiro You hate comic book movies so much! @CharlesSoule It's just how human imagination works, Charles. @Elana_Brooklyn Hickman's Avengers issue 2. Same series where Sam married a Shi'Ar Smasher. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Elana_Brooklyn My first exposure to these two was this panel, and reader, I was shocked to find out they weren't a…
@mitzpa Are you turning into Quasar? @Kevin_Church @patrickhwillems And maybe have Black Bolt be the main hero, since the comic had a guy who was relati… @CharlesSoule @RyanBrowneArt @ImageComics Ah, see this is why you're the successful writer. I would have gone with,… Sentenced To 28 Years For Selling Black Teens To Prisons
Retweeted by Mark Turetsky? Why, he disappeared 20 years ago... @CharlesSoule @RyanBrowneArt @ImageComics Did Curse Words start out like your novels, with a pitch that's "what if our world, but a wizard?"
@OKatrinaFox @XavierFiles Oh absolutely! Not my art, the book of art I've collected. Wada, Granov, Allred... not al… @OKatrinaFox @XavierFiles I will! I think I showed you my sketchbook at Big Easy con? @RobertSecundus Man, just thinking about the sheer scope of that opening. Unheard of at the time. @XavierFiles @OKatrinaFox Oh hey, I'll be there as well! @RobertSecundus Have you played the Half-Life games? Imagine minding your own business and he shows up out of the corner of your eye.This is an oddly impersonal message to put on screeners sent out to SAG-AFTRA members. Why tell us about the econ… @RobertSecundus There's certainly Half-Life: