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Well, this is whole email thread is depressing, remind me to never contribute to OpenSSL, because this is clearly n…
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I see a lot of online courses advertise how much content they include like “70 hours of video!” or “300 pages about…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @kadro_co @jadi يعنی همه ارزش کارش به دوربینش بود؟ @timcourtney @BriannaWu Or like, at least redefine "good person" to mean "trying the best you can to do better as o…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @roshanavand حیف بادمجون ندارماملت اسپانیایی میخوام بزنم. که نسخه فَنسی‌تره همون تخم‌مرغ سیب‌زمینی دوران دانشگاهه 😂😂 @lxsameer سخته و وقت نیست الان براش @roshanavand دوس ندارمشام چی بپزم؟ 🤔😔
تو دنبال چی هستی؟ عدالت؟ توی شهری که عدالتش رو میشه خرید، دنبال عدالت نباش! #دیالوگ
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻فدراسیون بین‌المللی روزنامه‌نگاران به جلوگیری #ایران_اینترنشنال از پیوستن کارکنان این شبکه به سندیکای کارگری «اتحاد…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @TartanLlama I do not write code for pleasure, only for money, for pleasure I give myself a foot massage.
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Dudes who say "if you write code for money instead of pleasure it won't be as good" should see the utter trash code…
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Als China de vrijheid van meningsuiting zou respecteren, zou er geen coronavirus zijn. – Verna Yu, journalist uit H…
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Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @_Yulivee_ Indeed, it's really beautiful. @_Yulivee_ Well, last year you had to wait a loooonh time to take such photo 😉 I should visit again then. Enjoy your holidays. @_Yulivee_ Is it that empty these days?I thought that only autocrats and dictators protect their personal friends from prison when convicted by democratic…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻How the fuck can the president be allowed to commute the sentence of someone who conspired with the president to commit a crime????
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻هی نگید داریم مثل ونزوئلا می‌شیم. اونجا هرچقدر هم بی‌پول و بیکار باشی، دست عشقتو می گیری می بری تو خیابون یه آبجو م…
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احمدی‌نژاد گفته عاشق آهنگ "تفنگت را زمین بگذار" شجریان هستم و این آرمان منه :))))) مثل این می‌مونه که رضا پهلوی بگه…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Damned 32bit integersIf we added a treadmill, we could even generate power for our electronics as we work! And they could install a tub…
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“The Dutch have never cared about having a pretty face... They come to Brussels to defend their national interest.…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @bencoates1 I can understand how it's difficult for Rutte to on the one hand having to defend freezing pensions and…
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Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @olafurw design for debugging is a self-fulfilling prophesy
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Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Nailed it.
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻““You cannot fight the pandemic with lies and disinformation...the limits of populism and denial of truth are being…
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I don't think I've ever agreed with something more
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻بدتر از کرونا «اینترنت ملی» است که به نظر می‌آید جمهوری اسلامی (و از جمله آذری جهرمی و تیمش) شبانه‌روز در تدارک عملی‌کردنش هستند.
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻#Ethiopia is in internet blackout for the 9th straight day. Imagine life without for 9 days without internet in 21…
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My mom passed from COVID tonight. She started symptoms June 20th, was in hospital by 24th, intubated by 30th and pa…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻I need a new job😭😭 I'm a Registered Nurse in Abuja, Nigeria Certified in BLS Certified COVID-19 responder I have…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Ahoy all you C++ connoisseurs! The #Qt Team in Oslo is looking for you. A great opportunity to work on anything fro…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻please stop turning good engineers into bad managers by "promoting" them
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻C++ Twitter, is there any benefit/reason for defining local/free functions inside an anonymous namespace in the sou…
Kanye’s announcement is a great reminder that men look at job descriptions and think—“hey, I’m not remotely qualifi…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Just let this sink in.
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Well said. Robert C. Martin (@unclebobmartin, but #notmyuncle anymore) was also a hero in my early IT life. It took…
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Gespot in België.. 🤔
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @hankadusikova Dance music @michelbestaat 😂😂 Proost
حواستونم هست دیگه؟ وقتی می‌گن بسته اینترنت با اینقدر سرویس داخلی و اونقدر سرویس خارجی یعنی اگر سرویس خارجی استفاده…
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@janwilmans @42 Out of memory? @MatRopert @arne_mertz You can't teach or learn c++ from zero in a 1 hour talk. You're looking for the wrong thing.Ok, this talk is beyond good. Go watch it. Now. Every manager needs to watch this -- it's actually about building…
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"So how's 2020 been?" 🧵: 1/6
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کاش که در قیامتش بار دگر بدیدمی کان‌چه گناه او بود من بکشم غرامتش #سعدى
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Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Either seat belts work or they don't. If you're requiring them because they protect you in a crash, then ditch the…
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@iiriix_ هیس من هنوز ندیدم. میخوام از اول ببینم.
Today, my dad cried over the phone, he wanted one week where he could use his computer without my help. He's blind…
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@oram_cubor_etas ThanksDifference between software engineering vs programming by @TitusWinters For the next time you needed to tell someon… @JustAMorteza Ah, right. Used this for inspiration But I usually somewhat deviate from reci…از اولین روزی که انسان پاش به اونجا رسید! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @JustAMorteza What manual? @michelbestaat We have it in Iran too. I recently came across a pack of it in a Turkish shop, and couldn't resist i… it is. It doesn't win any prize for presentation. 🙈 I was lazy and didn't puree the spinach properly. Also use… @oram_cubor_etas Oh no, I'm not that brave. Found paneer in marqt.I'm going to cook "Palak Paneer", one of my favorite north Indian dishes, for the first time. Wish me luck 😂Dus eerst veroorzaak je een van de grootste milieurampen met een diesellek en vervolgens dump je moedwillig chemisc…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻I always find the “Africa is better off from the results of colonization” arguments amusing. What do people think h…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻The students won't cheat in exams if they value their learning more than we value their grades. 🧠
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"The first step of any project is to grossly underestimate its complexity and difficulty." - Nicoll Hunt @nicollhunt #FridayFeels
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @TheOceanFire That actually sounds correct. "resurgence" means "increase after a period of little occurrence" but t… to Lead software developer, things they didn’t tell you by Daniel Anderson in @thestartup_
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @bhurt42 2000: Couldn't possibly repeat a library used by two programs. 2020: Oh, we need something to run a databa…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻When a new hire dev asks how do you deploy to prod and you show it:
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Oh, Yes!sshfs is amazing."Your GitHub contributions are impressive, but when was the last time you told a sexist colleague that their crap w…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻If you're in hiring and this is how you judge your candidates you suck at your job.
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻I think I have solved the mystery that's been bugging for 4 days! Moment of truth is upon me. Can't wait to get res…“No Shakespeare yet, but here is another copy of Art of the Deal”
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻I’ve asked this in interviews at my aerospace engineering firm for 30 years: What planes do you build at home? Many…
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Finally, I get to learn how to do software engineering properly from the bests. @arne_mertz Actually, thinking more about it, I guess that happens to me often during traveling. If I find a meal d… @arne_mertz I usually would try something else, though as always, it depends! On many things. I remember when I c… @pesarkhobeee @elibigenekhob @drg_Captivator @realmajidazimi خوبیش اینه که بعدش میذارم فریزر، دو وعده میرزا ازش در میاد @elibigenekhob @pesarkhobeee @drg_Captivator @realmajidazimi عااا، یادم باشه اونجا نیام پس 😂 البته از اونورش خوبه ه… @pesarkhobeee @elibigenekhob @drg_Captivator @realmajidazimi اینجا خیلیا دارن. منم هروقت کباب درست میکنم دو تا بادم… understand why all the bars and cafes are looking unexpectedly busy: in the first 3 weeks of June, not a s…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @pesarkhobeee @elibigenekhob @drg_Captivator @realmajidazimi تو تراست نمتونی منقل بذاری؟Over the last few weeks, AAA developers have set up an online space where game design students of color can come to…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻if (contains(tweet, "oxygen") && contains(tweet, "frequency")) add a little editorial at the end of the tweet
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Stupid people are everywhere. Without #Science you and your god wouldn't be here today. These type of people who ha…
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻 @hannaneh نههه نمیشه وسطش باشه؟ اون روزهای بیست و یک درجه آفتابی؟
@hannaneh البته هنوز این دو سه روز اوکیه! اونا که بعد میاد خیلی بدتره، اونا که شب هم دما نمیاد پایین! @hannaneh منم @michelbestaat Well said, some people's heaven is a hell for others. @osnacpp @_Yulivee_ Will it be online?The Onion is reality now
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻Meet the guy who makes the racist statues
Retweeted by Mehrdad 🍺💻“Many mosques in the Netherlands are being funded by foreign organisations seeking to promote a hardline, anti-demo…
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