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Here's why @MileyCyrus' #PlasticHearts has a track for ANYTHING you're going through: had a history-making day, so this tweet goes out to ARMY. πŸ’œ
It's official: the 2020 #MTVAwards: Greatest of All Time categories are HERE! πŸΏπŸ‘€ Get excited and watch the… #MTVAwards: Greatest of All Time is coming up on Sunday! Tell me what TV show you'd watch start-to-finish over and over again? πŸ‘€πŸŽ₯ @swtlije meknows @hollypov I remember being at work and we had a watch party at all of our desks it was truly the best day @LOVESlCKTEARS absolutely, no secrets here2 years ago today, @ArianaGrande released her video for #thankunext! πŸ’– @Court_estXX πŸ–€πŸ–€ @estbloom_ It just HITS, BRE. @emkellsxx when I tell you I listened to that part over + over + over today @eldiabloeffect THAT'S THE GOal, lar. πŸ’˜ @Ladyzwerk hehe hi @gothboikells this is incredibly correct @youssras3 I am not prepared ... but.... I am also very ready @musicalflower1 I've been craving Euphoria content so this is exactly what we need rn @fuchinari me neither cameron!!!! ready for my heart to be ripped out of my chest!!!!! @majorradio hi anne darling, I hope you're having a great day ✨ @debncmcarey omg maia that is GROWTHHHHHHYou're telling me I only have 6 DAYS TO EMOTIONALLY PREPARE FOR THIS way @machinegunkelly says "touch" at 1:29 into "drunk face" makes me FEEL THINGS.Today's dose of serotonin is brought to you by @colesprouse and @dylansprouse on the @MTVAwards red carpet in 2000.… @OBVIOUSKOOK my heart is BEAMING FOR THEM! this is a huge day. πŸ’œ @yvaineinshadows this was a lil' diddy from their VMAs shoot that I simply wanted the world to see again!!! @juliaftcara they truly, truly do. πŸ’œ @DannyWxo YES. THEY. DID.CONGRATS to @BTS_twt and their album #BE for nabbing the #1 spot on the @Billboard #Hot200 chart, and for… we need to listen to music and look dramatically out the window like the main characters we are.🚨 CYBER MONDAY DEALS 🚨 Score your MTV merch now! Take 30% off sitewide with code CYBER, and get up to 40% off sele… I'm emotional today, it's because @billieeilish's "Same Interview, The Fourth Year" for @VanityFair is here, and… kid on the aux at the party who only plays Top 40 songs: @aaliyaheverlyxo she does not have a bad angle. it just..... doesn't exist. @Laura40747513 her talent and beauty are simply unmatched πŸ’– @BastardPres she's an angel on EARTH𝑷𝑬𝑹𝑭𝑬π‘ͺ𝑻𝑰𝑢𝑡 per·​fec·​tion | \ pΙ™r-ˈfek-shΙ™n \ Definition:🌟 #MTVMusicMonday 🌟 Start your week with these tracks: 1. "WTF Do I Know" by @MileyCyrus 2. "LUCID" by… Birthday to the amazing/powerful/incredible @chrissyteigen! ✨❀️ you @MTV for including my DEBUT single β€˜Won’t U Be...’ on this playlist! Made my week ❀️ shoutout all my othe…
Retweeted by MTVπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Ohhhh @MTV dont be out here makin me blushhhh😊😊😊
Retweeted by MTVThis is an appreciation tweet for Noah Jupe from @hbomax's #TheUndoing, and how he loves listening to "Waterfalls"… before // after realizing the long weekend is over and I have to go back reality tomorrow: πŸ™ƒ @audreymikarm
IMAGINE THIS: It's November of 2010... "What's My Name" by @rihanna ft. @Drake is on the radio and you're on Thanks… honor of the #MTVAwards: Greatest of All Time on Dec 6, tell me what the last movie you watched was! πŸŽ₯Today, and every day, we celebrate the life of Chadwick Boseman - a hero on and off screen. He dedicated his "Be… last year's @MTVAwards, we ALL wanted to know from @kiernanshipka who was the better kisser... @RossLynch or… is my special message to @lauramarano on her birthday today:, on his birthday, we celebrate Chadwick Boseman. We're looking back at his 2018 @MTVAwards "Best Hero" win, b… @ChrisEvans gives you a private piano serenade and you faint shortly after. now on, my new aesthetic will be π’Žπ’†π’“π’Žπ’‚π’Šπ’… π’„π’‰π’Šπ’„, inspired exclusively by @DUALIPA. ✨🌊
What do @mmyhala, Marisa Abela, @Harry_lawtey and @davidjonsson__ all have in common?? πŸ€” The cast of #IndustryHBO… I could frame a video, it would be this one of @cierraramirez. β˜€οΈ does @DaniLeigh remember about all of her musical firsts? From covering @iamjojo, to finding inspiration in…'t mind me, just thinking about the time Robert Pattinson won Breakthrough Performance, Male at the 2009… just want 1oz of @MaliibuMiitch's beauty/fabulousness, is that too muCH TO ASK? you believe these tracks came out 10 YEARS AGO this month? πŸŽΆπŸ‘€ From "We R Who We R" by @KeshaRose to "Only Girl… has co-written for @ArianaGrande, @Normani, @thegreatkhalid and so many more artists. 🎡 Now, her albu… the only goal I have in life is to be as flexible as @OfficialWillow. πŸ’œ
I hope @ashleytisdale and her baby bump are having the best day possible. β˜€οΈ! @yungblud is coming to @MTV to celebrate all things #WEIRD + offering up some personalized life advice as only…
Retweeted by MTV🚨 BLACK FRIDAY DEAL 🚨 Want to gift some MTV swag? Get 25% off + free shipping over $100 with code FRIDAY On the M… November #MTVPush artist @SAINtJHN answered questions based on the titles of his tracks! πŸ’½ From #WeddingDay t… know what day it is.... it's #NewMusicFriday! Tell me what you're listening to:Need some inspiration today? @RobertDowneyJr's Generation Award speech at the 2015 @MTVAwards should do the trick.… leftovers (with a side of @nickjonas), please. @MileyCyrus blessed us with #PlasticHearts today, here's her 2009 interview with @MTVNews, where she talked…'s @iamblackbear's birthday, and I hope he has the most amazing day because he deserves the world. πŸ–€πŸ’– I said what I said
Retweeted by MTVThe ONLY energy I’ll accept today: ✨ @MileyCyrus #PLASTICHEARTS✨ #PLASTICHEARTS (2020) Now (2017) Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (2015) (2013)’t Be Tamed (2010) (2008) Miley Cyrus (2007) honor of @MileyCyrus releasing #PLASTICHEARTS today, let's look back at all her iconic eras! πŸ”₯Me, the moment I hear Thanksgiving dinner is ready: A new episode of @JerseyShore: Family Vacation starts right N…
Tell me what music you're most thankful for this year! πŸ‘‡ Thank(u, next)sgiving The Mediation a.k.a. (@ItsTheSituation) needs to save the fam, it’s time to call in some reinforcements. 🀝 S…'re celebrating the greatest moments in TV & movies with the #MTVAwards: Greatest of All Time on Dec 6th! What… talked to the cast of #IndustryHBO on @hbomax about the go-to songs that top their playlists! HINT:…'s @RitaOra's birthday and I am THANKFUL for her + these selfies! ❀️😍 it's Thanksgiving, it is my duty to give @DebbyRyan a platform to share her thoughts on mashed potatoes. ✍️'s been a WILD year, but sound-off below and tell me what you're thankful for! (I'm thankful for all of you) πŸ’›πŸ‘‡ Birthday to my everything-inspo, @oliviagobrien! πŸŽ‰πŸ’– Thanksgiving! Which famous family dinner would we want to crash if we weren't all being distant and… about how many times I tripped jumping off the kick drum
Retweeted by MTV10 years ago this month, @NICKIMINAJ dropped #PinkFriday. To celebrate, we're looking back at this 2010 interview s… @ Thanksgiving dinner the MOMENT my family starts asking me questions: πŸ‘‘ @mulatto
Retweeted by MTVThings are getting πŸ₯œ NUTS πŸ₯œ on today's episode of #BasicToBougie with @DarrenBrand_ and @TimothyDeLaG! Watch he… one: Not a single soul: Silence: @theestallion in my brain: 𝑩𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀-𝑢𝑫𝒀… about the incredible (nominated for 4 #GRAMMYs) @phoebe_bridgers!!!! πŸ’œ wants to create great stories with the people she cares about. πŸ‘ She spoke to @MTVNews about work… about this sweet moment when πŸ’« #GRAMMY NOMINEE πŸ’« @noahcyrus found out about her Best New Artist nom!!"If I have taken anything away from making @SchittsCreek, it's that kindness always wins." ❀️ In honor of the… @brightIyariana I'm so MERRY NOW!!This is exactly how I imagine @Tinashe looked when she knew we needed #ComfortAndJoy ASAP: DREAMS, LUCID DREAMS 'BOUT @rinasawayama!!! πŸ’• #RinaLucid