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Bill Mudron @mudron Portland, OR

Professional freelance artist/cartoonist and co-host of the Tardy to the Party podcast.

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@TheGrumpyTurtle @catherinefking Christ, I interpreted "adopting" to meal literally adopting Bambi's friend and put… to see that the ghosts from Pac Man are keeping busy.’t believe people on this app are acting like Captain Hook wasn’t always hot
Retweeted by Bill MudronSisko would never have killed Tuvix. He’d get Garak to do it instead.
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While appearing on a network owned by their parent company, these employees said "Yes" to keeping their jobs.
Retweeted by Bill MudronI need to score another copy of the ROTJ book someday. "scientists" don't want you to know about the beef mines
Retweeted by Bill MudronSaw this promoted content and immediately mistook it for a vintage urinary test chart, which I think is an indicati…
Retweeted by Bill Mudronit me, the guy who spends hours talking about Muppets on other peoples' podcasts with a seriousness usually reserve…
Retweeted by Bill MudronWins the day.
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @shadowjuanathan Thank you! It wouldn't be an episode about Bambi without it!At which point do we just fucking arrest the current administration in the name of simple public health and the mil…“Please scream inside your heart.” is my family crest
Retweeted by Bill MudronEvery now and again someone posts video from Superman 64.
Retweeted by Bill MudronToday I learnt about #punk music. This song is called ‘Anarchy in the UK’ by the Sex Pistols. Anything goes with PU…
Retweeted by Bill Mudron“I got a scallop! ....It otter be savoured” 🦦 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #acnh #Nintendo
Retweeted by Bill MudronIf we can get over the hump that is Bambi + Dumbo, I'll consider our attempt to get through as much stuff on Disney… to play this game, you roll all five dice and see if the numbers add up to the age of a girl that John Kricfalus…
Retweeted by Bill MudronA stronger man than I
Retweeted by Bill Mudron2020, am I right, folks?
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @jamieswb Great. Good for you.God fucking dammit, I know that The Last of Us 2 has been out for almost 3 weeks, but I was hoping to go a little l… @jamieswb Well, that would've been nice to experience first-hand without being spoiled.Super Mario 2 is the best (and most aesthetically-pleasing) NES Mario game. Gotta love the ragtime music, colorful… swap the head with any other figure’s and you’ve got an action figure of the average @Naughty_Dog employee aft… never realized Nintendo released an official blank version of their OG nametable planning sheets.…
Retweeted by Bill MudronIt's Florida, so of course, no mask.
Retweeted by Bill MudronTried to play this once but it took me 20 minutes to realize that all the song & dance bits with Liza Minnelli and… Plimpton really living that "I feel like I'm babysitting, except I'm not getting paid" lifestyle. @jonphilmitch No problemo! I'll send it along ASAP!Grinding for 3 months to get the cash to turn the 4 player houses in my game into a (still-under construction) arca… @jonphilmitch Absolutely no problem! And let me know if you need anything you might have!I have nothing to add to this tweet.
Retweeted by Bill MudronPlease tell my son to come home it is quarantine
Retweeted by Bill Mudrondo you care him
Retweeted by Bill MudronIf Tom Cruise can still pretend to be a 30-something despite cosmetic CGI and makeup that makes him look like Tig N…, but at least Lucas/Spielberg let that fakeout death linger for a little while before undoing it, like, 3 more… your consideration: A raccoon napping inside a dumpster on top of a pile of Magic: the Gathering cards
Retweeted by Bill MudronGun Crazy is on the criterion streaming service this month. If you don’t know what to watch, watch Gun Crazy! It’s…
Retweeted by Bill MudronHiroshi Yamauchi never played games but he *would* loudly beatbox over the underground music in Super Mario Bros. 3. is a poem about America.
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @thelindsayellis Well, I’ll always be ride or die with you about Diet Canada Dry.Christ, that system is gonna be 40 years old in 3 years.'d guess this part happens at the 1-hour mark of the Hulu documentary on the fall of movie theaters
Retweeted by Bill Mudronyou are now having a good day, you're welcome
Retweeted by Bill MudronI didn't think I'd ever see a Gremlin come out of a dude, talking skeletons, flying swordsmen, and animated giant s…
Retweeted by Bill Mudronoh hey look TAXES ARE DUE IN A *WEEK*? @mudron After their Jurassic Park ad, I found this tweet useful:
Retweeted by Bill MudronA million times this. This is like if Wormtongue ot tired of The Captain From Titanic hogging all the attention and… *can* be fine! But this raises more questions than it answers, like, did they just *never* have an ending in…, the show is pretty interesting, but man, when it starts in media-res with the creative heads totally kerfuz… they couldn't decide on what the emotional backbone of the movie was gonna be until, like, 2/3rds of the film… but finding out that they didn't decide to make Elsa's mom the central plot hook until just a few months before… threw on the making-of Frozen II series on D+ just to have something to listen to while I work, and I know all an…! Historic, plus look at the strike signs… I mean c’mon
Retweeted by Bill MudronFinn and I opened up one of our tabletop fans today to clean off the blades, and we decided to bust out the Sharpie…
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@colorkitten Aw, thank you!The Disney strike of '41. Shit, just make that the next Muppet movie. @whatsFOdinna @HannahPoth I have no idea who she is, I can't even read her tweets and she's presumably not a friend… @whatsFOdinna @HannahPoth What's the problem?Samus? Samus.❤ Follow my ig,
Retweeted by Bill Mudronno bcuz korra is just soooooooooo cute 😭
Retweeted by Bill MudronAlso, Yoda was only green 'cause @TheFrankOzJam was holding his breath to make that funny voice while under all tha… every day trying to read or follow literally anything on here
Retweeted by Bill Mudronis there a tiktok filmmakers' grant i can donate monthly to, pls
Retweeted by Bill MudronI'll leave the gates open for another 7 hours, until Nook's closes at 10pm Pacific.Welp, the gates to Sweethaven are still open to any friends who have turnips they need to unload (and of course thi… @colorkitten Thank you TONS for the DIYs - I hadn't seen many of them before (which is saying a lot, since I'm run… @colorkitten I went ahead and crafted you one and left it by my house so you can swing by and pick it up whenever i…“Is it really safe to swim in here?” 🐠☀️🌊 #animalcrossing
Retweeted by Bill Mudronmovie night
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Retweeted by Bill MudronI see Twitter discovered the home I share with my boyfriend, Duran Duran bassist John Taylor. Please respect our pr…
Retweeted by Bill MudronSahara is in Sweethaven selling Dungeon wallpaper and Pyramid Tile flooring, Timmy and Tommy are buying turnips for…"自動販売機"できました。
Retweeted by Bill’re gonna go literally fucking nuts trying to police yourself *all the time* about how fucked-up *everything*… knee-deep in Woke Twitter has worn me down into realizing that every day is just a contest to cut down liter… (2018) Dir. Alex Garland
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @Collectingcandy That’s what I said, “booby traps!” @DadHasADD I JUST WOKE UPThese really should come with an Oprah playset, complete with the kids reeling at the Turtles talking about how muc…, between the show retrofitting minorities into crusty old power structures without examining those power struc… MAFEX updates: Peter B delayed to August, Miles delayed to September.
Retweeted by Bill MudronThis guy tried to release the squirrel he rescued so many times but she always comes back 💗🐿
Retweeted by Bill MudronShit, I’d probably buy Bill & Ted on View-Master discs, if they let me., YOU FUCK, the chocolate coating on Kit Kats and Reese’s Cups are called the “creme”? I guess since it’s just dyed white… Film: Throw Momma From The Train Japanese Title: “Kill the Demon Mama” - 鬼ママを殺せ #japan #japanese #movies #film
Retweeted by Bill MudronThe Film: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Japanese Title: “Defeat Las Vegas!” - ラスベガスをやっつけろ #japan #japanese #film
Retweeted by Bill MudronThe final, beautiful words of #EnnioMorricone
Retweeted by Bill MudronMuch too consider.
Retweeted by Bill MudronGod knows I try my best, *especially* when it comes to Animal Crossing. @JasonArriola Also, in case we're not already friends (and hit me up if you ever need anything else): @JasonArriola Absolutely no problem!Sleepy
Retweeted by Bill Mudronactually they both have to go, in every dish
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @JasonArriola On my way! @JasonArriola Oh yeah. Oh at least give me a Dodo Code so I come drop it off @JasonArriola How do want me to send it over? What's your in-game handle?Just $6.99 for Nintendo amiibo Celeste or Lottie Animal Crossing series figures on Best Buy DOTD…
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