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Bill Mudron @mudron Portland, OR

Professional freelance artist/cartoonist and co-host of the Tardy to the Party podcast.

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“And that’s a wrap on Bill and Ted.” @Winter @AlexLebovici @BillandTed3 August 24, 2019
Retweeted by Bill MudronJames Montgomery Flagg, in 1918, the highest paid magazine illustrator in the US. Two of his pieces: one, his thoug…
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @ed_solomon That wouldn't happen to be the actual last shot of the film and/or the same mini guitars that Rufus gave the guys, would it?Well, that's one way to get me to buy scented candles. @mudron Oh, totally! It's the Toby* joke from The Office taken to an extreme- instead of just Michael irrationally…
Retweeted by Bill MudronBring the pizza & VCR. You’re all invited over for game night. (1986)
Retweeted by Bill MudronI mean, the whole joke is that Jerry is the nicest guy in town and not only can no one see it, even the best, most…
"Do you have a magic spell to return someone to life?" she said. "No," the witch said, "I'm sorry." "Oh." "Why d…
Retweeted by Bill Mudronrelated: all haunted sites manifest the same three ghostly figures (the Woman in White, the Shadow Monk, the Bad Ma…
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Retweeted by Bill MudronSaturday is a perfect day to goof about Mothra kicking the shit out of Godzilla: watching the third Harry Potter movie and noticed this, so you all have to like it now
Retweeted by Bill MudronOkay, she wins. Haunted Mansion costume with moving doom buggies and everything! #D23 #D23expo
Retweeted by Bill MudronThe man selling it said it was an old storefront animatronic and I said "does it still have its mechanisms and stuf…
Retweeted by Bill MudronWatching ST TOS 'The Doomsday Machine' and liking the idea of cosplaying as Commodore Decker and being a total slob.
Retweeted by Bill MudronIt looks like the closest thing to the Mad Max-tinged George Miller Star Wars film we should've gotten in the 80's,… @zhandlen <horny old man>Gwarsh, Daisy Ridley's got a cute smile</horny old man>The show itself could end up terrible, but on the surface, The Mandalorian seems like THE perfect live-action encap… keep trying to divorce myself from Star Wars stuff - especially now that the episodic Skywalker saga is ending th… @ed_solomon world may be falling apart (or, more accurately, we're tearing it apart), but I take a *tiny* bit of solace kno… @ed_solomon Thanks again to you and everyone else working on he film - we don't know exactly what you guys have bee… was literally complaint to @dmeconis last night about how Tramp ain’t fuckable no more. @thatbilloakley As someone who lives just two doors down from 48th & Hawthorne (by The Space Room and Quarterworld) - hard YUP.Finally catching up on today’s Twitter and seeing all the Disney+ shit that just got announced today ur inventory in the middle of a fight so u don't die
Retweeted by Bill Mudronme on my phone 5 seconds after waking up
Retweeted by Bill MudronLol.
Retweeted by Bill MudronTalking politics with older relatives.
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @mudron
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @Winter For the end of Go to Hell?"monorail...monorail...monorail..."
2019 millipedes prance.
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @tvaziri As big of a photo that you can take of it without shooting from the parking garage across the street."WOW FEELS LIKE PAPER!" is what I shouted when holding my dying grandmother's hand. you.
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @BenjaminBirdie @TerriDrawsStuff Doesn't she shout that "SEVEN HUNDRED DAH-LLARS!" from off-camera, too? Such a great little bit. @GuillaumeNWR Depends on the episode, it seems!hard same "PLEASE!" I buy salad dressing, sometimes I'm haunted by "Todd's got zesty Italian in his eye" like a WWII vet having P…, the divider between the Simpsons and Flanderses houseses - fence or hedge? THINK ABOUT IT. you realize that the Simpsons' home has almost never been shown from this particular side/angle. asked my wife to Ratio me last night.
Retweeted by Bill MudronGet an early start to the weekend by listening to a couple of dipshits talk about 1964's Mothra vs. Godzilla! I mig…
Retweeted by Bill MudronY'all. Snoopy plays Fiddler on the roof in this. Right before he dances to singing in the rain.
Retweeted by Bill MudronWHAT THE FUCK DID I FIND
Retweeted by Bill Mudron“Eat the rich”: -gross -kinda weird -don’t know where they’ve been “Use the rich as fertilizer”: -good for the env…
Retweeted by Bill MudronMe: “Doc, I had the dream again. The one where I can grab and keep as many games I can stick on me w/velcro but I o…
Retweeted by Bill MudronWarner Brothers was stuck with Bosko/Buddy for a LOT longer than you’d think. watching early 90’s episodes of Jeopardy where the third place prize was a Nintendo. Here are some of the peop…
Retweeted by Bill MudronLife cycle of cat
Retweeted by Bill MudronAug 23rd 1989 - 30 years ago today was the #NightOfTheLivingDead in special effects guru @THETomSavini's remake
Retweeted by Bill MudronIf you're new to Blu-ray, the 50th anniversary Star Trek boxed set is an amazing deal: The entire TOS, TAS, movies…
Retweeted by Bill MudronI don't think I've seen anyone argue that you shouldn't be happy that Koch died, but if someone is saying that--loo…
Retweeted by Bill MudronMan, that would’ve been such a COOL DUMB TOY.'s pretty much the best poseable Mario toy out there, and $20 is a steal for almost ANY Figuarts figure. still haven't seen the first one since the sequels slithered their way into theaters. The sequels were so goddamn… also whipped up a prototype LEGO Minifigure of @PuddlesPityP. I need to redo his crown in gold, get a new head a…
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Retweeted by Bill Mudron"The Mysterious Dicking Noise"
"PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!" shakycam footage of a dad and his wee kids getting to meet the cast while they were filming the museum climax… can't believe it's 2019 and Nintendo is still being all Bobby Hill about it's online service (and a *paid* online… was dying when they filmed this, and Jesus Christ, does it ever show in the finished film. than a month after turning in her 1st draft of #TheEmpireStrikesBack, Leigh Brackett passed away. Facing loomi…
Retweeted by Bill Mudron弟がバイオハザード3の動きしてるの見て、喪服だけど
Retweeted by Bill MudronLiterally every review I've watched for that new Ready or Not movie has called it "An even *more* erotic Nothing Bu… @calamityjon I'm in the same situation and enough time has passed that I think the situation is irreversable, so I'm staying ghosted.*crosses fingers* pleasebabypleaseletappleciderbethenewpumpkinspiceplease someone who was in his 20s when weirdos were already jerking off to her when she was a kid, it's nuts to see Nat… lawd it comin @ToyGalaxyDan @WhimsicalPhil No but seriously, thanks to both you guys @ToyGalaxyDan and @WhimsicalPhil for being r… @ToyGalaxyDan @WhimsicalPhil'm glad that the giant Lego Falcon that I tricked @WhimsicalPhil into building for me was unwittingly future-proof… brain: Spider-man should be in the MCU. Hobgoblin brain: Sony should stand up to Disney controlling all IP.…
Retweeted by Bill MudronWelp, I guess I was wrong about the Falcon ending up with a D-shaped/shell-shaped radar dish in TROS - they went ri…'ll be a little surprised if we can get to the end of this week without #TeamDisney & #TeamSony Funko Pops being a… @richrad Thanks for the heads-up! I didn't know if it was a whole new island chapter or just a cutscene or what.Yeah, the lack of a quest log in the main story mode (or a Tablet Target requirement log post-game) is a fucking co…, legit thanks to you, game, for being so weirdly entertaining in ways that I didn't expect, even if your des…, I spent an hour building my villagers a spa but there's a thousand reasons why the spa won't officially regis…, the game wants you to build a bazillion different rooms for your villagers, which is fine, but the re… be fair, we're talking about post-game content for a game that's already more than lengthy enough to justify a $…'ve probably sunk more time into Dragon Quest Builder 2 than any other game since Breath of the Wild, but it bums… to see we're getting a second Steven Universe art book (presumably covering the back half of the series, and a… Come for the thorough fisking of Hasbro’s obnoxious bullshit, stay for the reminder of the corrupt history…
Retweeted by Bill MudronHappy 90th Anniversary to "The Skeleton Dance", and the Silly Symphonies series! #artwarmup
Retweeted by Bill MudronAkira Kurosawa and the cast of RASHOMON
Retweeted by Bill Mudron @MrBungo Yeah. Though I didn't even recognize Brian, and I've always had a little schoolboy crush on Karen (thanks, Red Fraggle).That...that's a good two years.
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