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#DominicCummnings is putting me off #twitter @ManUtd_HQ 33
🥳👑🎂 Happy 5️⃣4️⃣th Birthday to Eric “King” Cantona! 👤 185 games ⚽️ 82 goals 🎯 61 assists 🏆🏆🏆🏆 Premier League…
Retweeted by danny milbyTRING! This Week's New Show Subjects: 1. Breaking Things In Shops 2. Stuff You Found While Renovating 3. Terrible…
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@JimMFelton If its half as good as 52 times Britain was a bellend then ill have it.A letter in today’s @thetimes.
Retweeted by danny milby @ManUtd_HQ Van der sar Vidic Robson Best#LauraKuenssberg ends up being heckled for acting like a govt spokesperson #COVID19 #lockdown
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Remembering George on what would have been his birthday...he was the best I played with by a mile but more than tha…
Retweeted by danny milby @HamillHimself The gay city rollers.If a self-driving car gets in an accident that is clearly its fault, the owner doesn't pay damages — the manufacturers do.
Retweeted by danny milby100 Voices Strong Dr. Rashid Buttar Hosts A Doctor's COVID-19 Roundtable - A Must Watch
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@talkSPORT Snooker football athleticsAin't running out of snus anytime soon this day in 2008 #mufc
Retweeted by danny milbyLets be honest a 9 year old could make Sadiq Khan look stupid, the mans a liability
Retweeted by danny milbyI will be reaching out to head of twitter about their policies being violated every day by President Tump. Hope my…
Retweeted by danny milbyThis is why people don’t like Liverpool fans, absolutely disgusting
Retweeted by danny milby @United4fans 33 @chunkymark Up and at itBob Paisley travels to Anfield on board the Manchester United team coach to help deter Liverpool fan attacks. Boxin…
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I was totally unaware that 'You'll Never Walk Alone' was first sung in a football stadium in tribute to those lost…
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Happy Birthday to the one and only Nobby Stiles❤️ #nobbystiles #manutd #mufclegend #MUFC
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Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of. I wish them the very b…
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@MattBerryMusic loved television themes and its been 2 years any more in the pipeline? @PeteBoyle70 Norwegian day to all my many friends all over the wonderful country 🇳🇴👍
Retweeted by danny milby @UnitedStandMUFC Watched for about 15 mins. Crap. @redarmykolkata Fat Frank. @bfchild66 Used to love them but not now lacking filling these days @chunkymark Up and at it here @Lady44Sassy Where eagles dare. "broadsword calling Danny boy"
Me: “I’ve missed football so much, it’s a big part of my life, I’ll never take it for granted again. Just give me a…
Retweeted by danny milby @ClementsGareth @NormanWhiteside My 3 favourite #mufc players from the 80sA social afternoon with these three boys would go down well after lockdown...! @NormanWhiteside #DreamTeam #Legemds
Retweeted by danny milbyGorilla LP 100 Holds 100 12" Records Box Storage Case inc Lifetime Warranty NOW £32.59 delivered…
Retweeted by danny milby @graemelyall9 @Danny_G2000 Dead man's shoes brilliant @fouldsy147 Rerack
@prodnose My dad used the phrase "full as a butchers bitch" @prodnose Blocked is the main one in n. Ire but there's many more. @jazmin_shor Eric the king @MarkLabbett you’ve had a rough week check out these brothers sharing an orange soda. Dare you to not smile.🌎❤️😂😉
Retweeted by danny milbyat the store was an x on the floor ...................
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TV companies have been told to prepare for the Premier League to resume with a live game on Friday June 12 or June…
Retweeted by danny milby @Chris180Mason Shouldn't be hard to round up those idiots.
UK economy shrank by a record 5.8% in March. Much more pain is to come
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2020 @ThatEricAlper Rasputin. Boney M
I just heard the news about Little Richard and I’m so grieved. He was my shining star and guiding light back when I…
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RIP Little Richard. If you like rock, you owe something to this man.
Retweeted by danny milbyDecent finish skip glad you were watching on the training park :)
Retweeted by danny milbyHappy birthday Billy lad, ya old bat :)
Retweeted by danny milbyHappy Birthday Billy Hamilton (63) #GAWA
Retweeted by danny milby @Seanofthesouth @BenLowry2 Von Ribbentrop’s JU 52 at Newtownards airfield, 29th May 1936 on one of his visits to hi…
Retweeted by danny milbySince Lockdown
Retweeted by danny milbya monkey. riding a motorbike. trying to steal a toddler. could this BE anymore 2020
Retweeted by danny milbyThis cat doesn’t want to be in the family photo😂
Retweeted by danny milbyThat cunt Jim Davidson's trending, so I share the scout story. That's the rule.
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Retweeted by danny milby @SeasonDeeper It was a race to the bottom for the bubble gumWhen you finally snap at that one bloke who spends the 90 minutes moaning every week!
Retweeted by danny milby @SkySportsPL @AlexStepney1This is the only Paul McCartney song that John Lennon ever complimented via @FarOutMagThis is the only Paul McCartney song that John Lennon ever complimented via @FarOutMag
Profile on @NormanWhiteside
Retweeted by danny milbyDraw for these tonight guys. Please RT
Retweeted by danny milbyThat’s top drawer Italianing.
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Lost your love of life To much apple pie @YesterdaysStars Eric's mate Willie prunier
On 9 May I'll be DJ-ing at a virtual party for @hdif & you can listen via live stream. It starts at 9PM BST & my se…
Retweeted by danny milbyGordon Taylor's next proposal to get the Prem up and running soon...
Retweeted by danny milbyGordon Taylor is 3 days away from suggesting that only goals for Liverpool should count
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A male won #mastermind no surprise there then
@prodnose Canned heat. Get down get with it SladeAlbums 23 & 24 from my record collection of 50 years ago.
Retweeted by danny milby @prodnose This arrived yesterday Danny. Have you got it? is the contract that was given to Dominic Cumming’s mate’s brother for £250,000,000 with no tender no competit…
Retweeted by danny milby @rickygervais Paul kaye aka Dennis pennis is a legend. @fouldsy147 Gonna have to invest in almanac.Thought I’d better reveal what’s on page 147 of the almanac (of 268 pages in all). Shame no player has been able to…
Retweeted by danny milby @fouldsy147 Tommy Murphy from my home town 24,500 that surprised meLindisfarne's Simon Cowe on The Old Grey Whistle Test. He was 23.
Retweeted by danny milby @prodnose Could a copper catch a crooked coffin maker. Could a copper comprehend @goal Mario kempes.Liverpool fans try so hard to convince people that Vidic was some average CB lol, I see a clip of him making a ‘mistake’ every week 🥱
Retweeted by danny milbyI have feelings you know
Retweeted by danny milby @ThatEricAlper 👍Turn off the news. Turn on the music.
Retweeted by danny milbyWho is the first player you think of when you hear the word 'hat-trick'?
Retweeted by danny milby @goal Rossi @prodnose The fact that they're banning his videos strengthens his claims no matter what your opinion.
@kendoherty1997 Happy birthday @jimmywhite147 and Steve James. @SoccerAM Giggs. @announcerphil Yep.For anyone interested the log burners they are up on ebay with a buy it now option. Apologies for slowness but this…
Retweeted by danny milbyWhat’s your Favourite album? I’ll start at The Stone Roses 🍋 Go...
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