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Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter, he/him/his, 🏳️‍🌈 18+

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@ahriminaj how do we know it wasn’t satan’s ass @mitskiIeaks reminding me of this song and now I’m tearing up again thanks @c0nstantine1_ 😳🥰 @camtheejoco oh! hello! hi!deeply enjoying the emergence of google search snippets like these
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Rising @Glenn_Carter :( poor babyOOMF (one of my followees) @SexyNoahCyrus 😳🥵 @SexyNoahCyrus hello hot💝 @nestorchicago 🥰🥰🥰 @ohjeezriley that’s what I’m thinkinglegendary writing
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Risingtoo much food to digest so time for a nap gn’s not even 3:30 and I’ve already eaten entirely too much @tom___hack @EnzoLies activated charcoal rub 😍😍😍 @homosuper1or counterpoint: bayonetta = bible @goldisacks she’s rightHappy Thanksgiving to my favorite moment ever
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Rising @Ecce_Homosexual deal @JTratts sending lots of love to you and your family ❤️me to my dad every time he tells me he’s a big fan of J*e R*gan instagram live tomorrow at 8 pm EST with @bowenyang don't say you have nothing to be thankful for
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Rising @charles_jensen God that looks delicious @WezMason THAToh to be @ohwowyikes I KNOW RIGHT @ohwowyikes that’s just had sex hair and you know it @thiccy_nickie BYE @thiccy_nickie me at ptown once covid ends @thiccy_nickie why did I read as two bottoms deep @jordph Watching it for the first time now! Nicolas Cage is hot as hell idc idcoops well I got tipsy while watching Moonstruck and spent too much money online happy thanksgiving!I unfortunately think T*ffany Tr*mp’s “Like a Bird” is a bop @gay_pnw BABYYYYYY @goldisacks lives in Chicag, living the dream
out of the flop era and into the bop era (hypomania) @mtchllncgnto I think so??? I thought top era but that seems wrong @Yungmatzah Joanne 😍 @jono_thon and I might! @georgie_rae_ wig yes the sis housewhat’s the opposite of a flop era @MonicaJewinsky good job princess @DannyPlaysGamez actually💝 @MonicaJewinsky no🧚‍♀️ @ahouseingotham @jawndeaux 🥰🥰👁 @ohjeezriley Yeah that was the last one I had before this one. You can do it when it’s stopped! @spikepoint Thanks!!YAYYY!!!!!! FINAL STEP DOWN TWO TO GOI’m going for 120 (never done before personally) and I have three stars left, 2 of which are TTCI DONT REMEMBER TICK TOCK CLOCK BEING THIS HARD @lifeofbrodes alternately, There’s— STILL NO PICKLES! A Spongebob Drag Show 🍔🥒🍔🥒🍔 THURS, DEC 10th @ 8PM CST
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Rising @catfashionshow for clarification I’m not actually in GameStop, I just can’t get the concept of poggers out of my head @catfashionshow 3 g’s!not very poggers of you to refuse to wear a mask in GameStop during a pandemic. not very're laughing. their pogs were unchamped and you're laughing
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Rising @ahriminaj thanksGirls 💖 gays 💝or theys 💜 This is my new goal in life my new aesthetic.
Retweeted by Hank Scorpio Rising @ohjeezriley because I’m in the mirror next to you 😳 @ohjeezriley tweeting into a mirror I seeunderwhelming but at least things weren’t ruined! @DannyPlaysGamez 👁👁 @realh0eswives and thank god!going to my animal crossing island for the first time in like 6 months....wish me luck @TweetChizone it’s true!
@petworthot disagree @lananasparle @fix_your_face @WaltDeWalt omg that’s wonderful! @DisneyDragon @TweetChizone 👁👁 @ohjeezriley quick q how are you so beautiful all the time @ethelmermanstan she’s me @TweetChizone Doesn’t just have to be fleets! @fridge_temp_IQ :( I’m already in yours though thank god @BirdDisplayName Us💖honestly fleets just make it so much easier to get in y’all’s DMs @DannyPlaysGamez 😳🥺🥺🥺🥺 @DannyPlaysGamez red orange green dark green peachTwitter pls introduce a close friends thing for fleets. I’m begging @Glenn_Carter very cute!Twitter is hreat because all I do is flirt and I’m getting better at it???????????? @beanberrito wow you are a beefCAKE @georgie_rae_ WAIT ITS ALL WOMEN????? thank GOD @Glenn_Carter Wow me please4pm is the Friday of Monday 💖💝 @Ecce_Homosexual 👁 @Ecce_Homosexual exactly and I love this look for myself @fridge_temp_IQ I call dogs I meet on the street “stinky” and “smelly” while smiling and petting them and the owners don’t like it :( @Cody_Wimmer ? @jonnydrawffles hmmmmmmm @_mivel you’re very entertaining thank you for your existence