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MULAMWAH™ @mulamwah Nairobi, Kenya

KENDRICK MULAMWAH || Comedian ||5 times winner (Best Boyfriend Awards) ||Instagram @mulamwah ||

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Leo ndio nimejua tafauti ya sitting room na leaving room . Weh 🤗Ukifeel mgonjwa enda hosi , utapata watu wagonjwa ile proper mpaka uone yako sio kitu , same to your problems , spe… Corona doesent affect tanzanians because they speak fluent kiswahili , maybe risk of infection is low to the… always post a motivational tweet then i log out of my account and log into another one and come to read it , make… ukitaka kwenda ocha enda tu airport ju fare ni same na ya ndege pale stage 😏
Some things are solved by prayer , other by working on them , others by both . Don’t pray for things that need to b… said that luhya men are not romantic ? 😍😘 @carrol_sonie not where i want to be but i thank God because am not where I used to be . May everything go according to his pl…
Self employment does not include kujipea kazi ya ku advice watu huku online .Tweet when necessary . @iamlegitdaily U cant me 😂 @KanguchuV Punctuate your sentence @Virgin__Hoe You cant put a fullstop after an emoji @kizitobon98 *Earn from 😏You even cant complete a tweet with english yourself 😏 watu wanasifungu pizza tu for nothing 😩Hizo new Corona cases zimepita marks za watu flani za KCPE 😏Hata manchester wafunge bao ngapi sina heshima yao tangu wapigwe 1 nil na faynood siku flani hapo na nilikua nimeek… end justifies the means , do what you gat to do to achieve the seemingly impossible goal . @RabbitTheKing @KHALIGRAPH Sharp 💪The english spewed is catastrophic to unlearned individuals on this app.Weekend , @BillyMiya 💪🔥 @Claire_shiks @_sarah_ke Mwambie 😂#AWiseGuyOnceToldMe that bidii ndio kichapo cha msoto .
@kimaisaSnr @ItsKemey @its_noobie @I___amBrad 😩😩People who are not cute on photos are cute in real life , and vise versa. .Tumfikishe bana , he is the the only burnt offering we have #ButitaAt100k ni janta..... hizi ni mat za route gani ?’all play too much 😂 us one music 😍 @carrol_sonie who love screen shots have poor memory. @AzziadNasenya Sisi hao , katambe 💪 , they aren’t ready yet ☺️😂😂 Get Snacks at your doorstep ... better friends than two pregnant women .Magazetini ... set 😍 @carrol_sonie , soon on screens . itaweza sana pale Facebook live on quarantine comedy club , line up is ready ...... 10pm konki 💪
You are on your own , don’t take too long to discover that .Issa deal ❗️ 300 people audition for a single show , only about 14 can perform in a single show , and only 3 or 4 out of th…
If you cannot help someone to struggle,atlist respect him/her and leave them to struggle alone rather than disturbi… @bevalynekwambo3 @HonAlinur Kuna mikakati ya kugawa hizo Dola , subiri kidogo Tu @iamlegitdaily 😂😂 hao ndio wako na MimiGiven a chance to become any other animal on the planet apart from a human bean , what are you becoming ? And why 🤔Kuna fununu yoyote inaendelea huko nje kunihusu? I wanna address it ... zikuje ...I have not bin on twitter for 4 days , what have I missed ?Bado how much rent ya this month ijae 🤔Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war .Kutulia Tu , happy new month“Mafanikio nikama chupi , hakikisha hawajui rangi , na ukikuna Tako usikate Kucha Kwa meno “ ~ fareed ng… think another word for @Arsenal is “ignorance” because they have no defence .Hbd baby no 1 , you were boned today exactly a year ago i wish you all the best and many more years of service , fr…
Pale kwa kibanda my friend usiwai kimbilia hio kachumbari , hao wamama wanachanganya pili pili mbichi na mwivo ndio… today i meeted @HonAlinur , had talks and big things are coming up next .... youths for youths 💪 statement on @ericomondi_ ‘s impeachment stupid thing have you ever done in the name of love ?So this is still the year that mzee moi died , seems like 2020 has 34 months 😩Maturity doesn’t come with age , it comes with acceptance of responsibilities .
Don’t be real to fake people @Mkogore 😂Life is already hard to those who are well and healthy,hard to even those who are educated,harder to the employed p… @ElsaAngel19 Hbd , check m pesa 😁I used to thought that stereotypes ni watu wanapenda kuskiza ma ngoma kwa hufa za stereo ...Good night from us BRAVIN ALONE ‼️, WE NEED TO END THIS BULLYING CULTURE.Umebakisha nini nyumba yako ijae ? pic up lines 🤔 Nairobi wemens hospital huku Nakuru 🤔 , kwani jina haibadiliki na town ?The exam will always find you not ready however much it is pushed forward , same to life , you will never be ready…
Hakuna mnyama mjinga Kama mamba na mburukenge, mvua ikianza kunyesha Zinaenda kujikinga ndani ya maji 😏 @MwalimChurchill @LilKoima Rip 😔Rip kasee 😔 when you can , don’t seek another help to help , you need it yourself .Hii ndio shida ya kua na Shati mingi mfanano, watu hudhani umerudia 😩 bible app wants to update , which story may have changed 🤔The word “fear” appears in the Bible 365 times , each day has its own . “Hope” too appears 365 times for each fear .
Ulifanya set books gani ?Uzuri Ocha Mtu hulala vile anataka won’t ask you for anything however need they may be in . Its upon you to check on them regularly.Turn off data , now that’s your real life .When you are visitor ; always sit at the back chairs so that you may be brought to the front row , don’t sit in fro…
Mbona inaitwa real estate? Kwani kuna zile fake 🤔 @Gulema05 I phone xI tried , mulamwah with the wisdom 😂😂😂😂 #dontleavemechallange morning from kitale ; Jayden just woke up refuse to answer questions that can be googled 😩.
So it has took liverpool 30 years to won the title 🥺 , patience and persistence it is 💪 , congrats @LFCArsenal haven’t won , it’s just Southampton who have lost 😏Mulamwah handed over his twitter log in details to oyando david , nowadays there’s peace on the TL.There’s being rich and being wealthy, rich is all about the money ... wealth is about the good health, the peace ,… itakua noma sana ‼️ dooh fiti saizi utaanzisha biashara gani ?Designed by @alphy_elvis 👔Hide your girls , the catapillar metamorphosised into a butterfly ... people on twitter want many followers , then after getting them they have nothing to tell them.
Tofauti kati ya novel na set book ni gani ?Let me keep these ones here incase i lost my fone tu tao kwa CcTV