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Nelson Navarro @MulattoMowgli South East, England

Producer, rapper & singer. My project #Starlord is out now, check out link below 🌌 📸: Amber Muir

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I’m so glad the 90s happened
Monte stepped up the production so hard with NOIRLess proud of the UK government for swiftly banning them and pooping everyone’s party. 🤷🏽‍♂️Still proud of the UK for inventing acid house and warehouse ravesKeepin me going down the cosmic highway 🏎 💨 🌌 @Das_Cat_Music
ON AIR NOW: Beatz n Bobz w/ @MulattoMowgli 🚀💫 playing #futurebeats #rnb & #electronic til 10PM ✨ ft. tracks from…
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroI’m hella motivated by this. Love to everyone listening on @Spotify and beyond 💕 Thanks for an amazing year…
@JonsenXL @taffmusic1
Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since my debut EP 🤯 🎉 love to everyone who’s streamed and supported cos we’ve got a…
Papa John looks like the guy in a zombie movie that gets bit and tries to hide it from the rest of the group
Retweeted by Nelson Navarro @Prodxvzn @MFnMelo Pls n ty
What if I’d spent all that time bumming cigarettes on the school playground on loving myself? 🤔9.4 million ppl in the UK r not registred2 vote. If u havnt registred or r unsure u cn register ur vote any tym b4…
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroJONES BBQ N FOOT MASSAGE @theestallion Flow hit differentAsian kids in Birmingham show up to a white Disney Princess movie with a machete, and your response is to issue a n…
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albums over playlists
2019 @bodieondacorner @Bas @montebooker Bari tape go stupid. Maxo goes hard too, discovered him thru the cave and…
U ever just look at someone and think “Damn. Wen was tha last time u ate?” 🤔Just announced support for @RodneyP_UK & @DaddySkitz @jarreauvandal Bc they jealous of the swagu 😜
@mrbillstunes Ha. Dimensional comedy in the first dimension's just doin lines
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroUsed to be so self conscious of dancing in public, these days Im loose 💃🏽 @CYDTMB 🙏🏼 was an iconic time of hip hop never forget RIP😂 Musk says Brexit made him decide against Tesla electric car Gigafactory in UK | The Independent Pimp. Erryday. me I’m wrong bro🤷🏽‍♂️ Chainz look like he could be Kendrick’s uncleCommitting to no nut November for the shakras .Bruh people in Homebase be driving some WHIPS 🏎
Please tell your loved ones that @RickandMorty has post credits scenes. There’s one tonight that’s kind of important.
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ON AIR NOW: @MulattoMowgli & @rafdandpndnt 🔊 LIVE FROM @ICTheatreUK 🔊 Playing #Afrobeats #HipHop #Rap til 9pm 🔥 HEA…
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroYou know it’s about to go down when people start looking at your laptop screen during the DJ setDistractions are deceptive. They come with masks on. Often depicted as things we like, love, need and want. Be cautious.
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This is some good advice 👇🏽 The Key to Finding Your Audience | Spotify for Artists 💥 having to clean the house constantly!
Retweeted by Nelson Navarro#HardestPartOfBeingAnAdultIs being responsible for yourself now. No one is coming to help you out of your mistakes😅 @TianaMajor9 Get em. 💪🏼✨New Ableton keeps crashing making me sad 😞
Lmao someone in a boardroom had a 💡 moment @MessMattyUK humans properly understood energy we’d probably stop doing half the stupidness we’re doing right nowI be cooking sometimes just to amuse myself 🤷🏽‍♂️ 🥘Pickin’ up new furniture for the studio crib today 🚛 🛋 💪🏽Twitter puts me on to so much good music I’m thankful🌟 TOMORROW 🌟 we'll be broadcasting LIVE from @ICTheatreUK from 5PM until 9PM 🌀 HEAD DOWN or LOCK IN. There will be…
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroHAPPY 1ST BDAY 2 NØIR 🍷
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@aaronfdesign Love it @SensatoMillions @KhadijahJameela Bro that’s not unprofessional it’s ingenious 😂If you’re walking against the crowd, people aren’t just gonna move out of your way. You have to focus on your own path.
@elceen00 @SminoAllDay Consistency is everything rtiPhone something like Batman’s utility beltBookshops are full of magic
Thinkin’ bout you today x been pullin up a lot lately
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroAnyone else lose stuff all the time? 💭Forever paranoid about stuff falling out my pockets.
Monte Booker gives rappers superpowersI hate frying food late at night.... but how else is a kid gonna eat some plantain? 🍌 🥘I’ve always loved riddles, but I’m so bad at solving them 😅
REGISTER TO VOTE 🇬🇧 🗳 @Das_Cat_Music Kinda thought you might say that 🤔If you could be surrounded by people who love your art or love you, who would you choose? Answer truthfully.I’ve been nerding over so much sonic this weekend 🦔 💨YOOOO!! My new video for “Chat To The World” ft. @bobbiemusic is OUT NOW!! Click the link below to watch the FULL…
Retweeted by Nelson Navarrogoogle when you log into your gmail on another device
Retweeted by Nelson Navarro @taffmusic1 Slap a man away like Thanos on road 😅 👋🏽If you bite from everybody, I think that’s just nibbling 👄
Copped a Terry’s chocolate orange I’m gassed 🍊if I could watch sonic x all day I would 😅
Throwing it back to ‘05 on my way to DJ for a bar full of 20-somethings 🎧
@priss_nash @PLATFORMBradio Love this 💓
Social media truly exist to keep young kids from readin’ books . @Baitz__ 👀Strongly believing that we all live one life and the goal is to learn as much as possible. For whatever is to come on the other side .A beautiful time for music and British black people 💕’t forget 2019 gave y’all a debut Pivot Gang album and a Saba, Smino, Noname supergroup. ❤️
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroGods taking me on a fat journey this lifetime .I remember questioning if I was talented enough & now the only question is if I’m patient enough.
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I wonder if some day people will look back on Drake like they do Nat King Cole nowadays 💭 @CUBKXVU BRUV HES SO EVIL @CUBKXVU Who’s your fave character atm? @MulattoMowgli Open Marvel Champions and claim my daily reward
Retweeted by Nelson Navarro @CUBKXVU That sir is a sterling way to start your day @Das_Cat_Music Yup. It’s the ones that don’t see the light of day which make all the subsequent ones you make actually worth a damnWhat’s your first thing to do at the start of every morning? 🌞Soundcloud adverts be crackin me up everytime 😂
@Das_Cat_Music Still gotta work hard 😜 @HetalTack I would like a whole bowl of this please sir.SIGN THIS MAN 👇🏽
@EclecticProdz @Katys_boy Lmao 😅 @CarlSpringerART @THEREALGHETTS Never realised how much I need saltfish breakfast on xmas morning until now... 🔥 👊🏽This scheme has been running for far too long. We gotta fight back by choosing our own paths and pursuing them rele… shit gotta stop fam 😡
Retweeted by Nelson Navarro"Nothing's permanent in life, all except for change." @stephenmarley #NowIKnow #wednesdaywisdom
Retweeted by Nelson NavarroDon’t build relationships on rusty foundations. Build them on love, care, kindness and trust. Remember your friends