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@PPOffers Does Wilian count? He got the second! 😀😀😀😀 @SarahMulkerrins The 20th of July is the latest as far as I know. Could all change depending on the weekend just go… @PPOffers Morning Paddy...Anything nice for us poor punters today after yesterday? @eire77_ My kind of Breakfast! @RacingTV @Investec @ABE_Dubai That is why Aidan O’Brien is the master! Maybe he was as surprised as anyone but it… @RTEgaa Well done guys! Permission to hold on to a copy of this? Excellent work. @Peterhynes15 Considering he is meant to be a big Trump supporter I am sensing tactics here. Jesus, if aliens were… @FAIreland @RiannaJarrett Happy Birthdau Rianna! Have a good one! @clionamully Despite the warnings, the deaths, the lockdowns, all the restrictions and advice, there are still a ma… @PaulQuinnNews And in other news....water is wet! 😂 @deniscoakley11 It was genius tactics! He knew what to do and when they decided to come back at him he had confiden… @1FrankieM @hedgehogogg Not really. Kind of hard when there are kids but saying that, there is nothing wrong with l… @MNDoddie5 A very Happy Birthday Doddie and keep it going!Good morning all! Anyone out last night? Anyone keep to the rules that will mean the rest of us can do the same in a couple of weeks?Developing a higher regard for yourself is a healthy endeavor ... More for Sagittarius @missdeedee2586 I wonder how many of them will be posting from a hospital bed if god forbid they get it.
@RebelDevil71 Our own @georgemcdonagh explained it perfectly well when on the air with me this evening. I went down… @psyclingqueen @Tweetinggoddess Totally agree. Anyone who is doing that is spitting in the face of those who are wo… @tiffanytalks20 Any time! @tiffanytalks20 Well for what it's worth it looks great. Keep it going! @UnitedSheStands A troll? Jesus Nicole I could call you a lot of things 😀but a troll? NEVER!
Retweeted by John MulliganFace Coverings are starting to arrive out to our Little Blue Heroes. Huge thank you to East Coast Mask Makers and t…
Retweeted by John Mulligan @tiffanytalks20 It will. I know how that feels! Time time is very difficult for many people and sometimes we feel l… have to laugh when I see the banner “We apologise for the colourful language” or something to that effect. What d… very happy #FourthOfJuly to all my friends in the #USA. May it be an enjoyable one but most importantly a safe one for you all! #StaySafe @Limerick_Leader About time! The country needs that motorway.There we go! #MUNBOU @quiatimet I hate to say this and I pray it never happens but all it will take for one teacher to get COVID-19 and… to Treble job today. #TheOaks and #TheDerby on @VMSportIE and both 3pm premier league games! My kind of afte… @KieranFinn13 So do I but just not today!#MUNBOU balls but loads of time left.... @PPOffers Willian FSG Chelsea 3 Watford 0 #PaddyPPileup @rabbitts_murty lovely meal last night in your fav watering hole @Mulliganj spot on with timing and all the new reg…
Retweeted by John MulliganIt's high time you stop feeling responsible for other people’s... More for Sagittarius
@thepaulwilliams ACEEEED! @parislees Well said.... @TimeformLive Nuff said....nowhere to be seen. @seanna68 @psyclingqueen @GroundAndCo @_Annetworks @Edillonleetch @marykatefolan @karengallen2 @prinzessinpixie @psyclingqueen @GroundAndCo @_Annetworks @Edillonleetch @marykatefolan @seanna68 @karengallen2 @prinzessinpixie warm welcome to @alexanderwotton to the @connachtrugby family. All in the @ConnachtClan really looking forward to… @DubberTrevor @racheldubber Heated Sidecar...Can't go wrong! @racheldubber Looks pretty cool to me! Though, wet gear would be a necessity.Outstanding! @NFitzPsychology As long as they were comfortable Niamh then who cares! Well done!A certain family member may feel more like a burden than a ble... More for Sagittarius
@CMOIreland Very best wishes and prayers to you and your family at this time Tony and thank you. @psyclingqueen @GalwayHospice @LilBlueHeroes I know and thank you!Delighted to say our long time sponsors @buskerbrownes are open again....Please support when you can.
Retweeted by John Mulligan @RebelDevil71 @coilinduffy Just have to wait and see what happens. But one thing it does is raises the subject whic… @RebelDevil71 @coilinduffy I would reckon that it’s a hard allegation to prove and while we have all heard our fair… everyone. Yes, the hair and beard are still growing and we are getting closer to a date for @GalwayHospice and… @talktoBOI Hi Tara, I’ll DM...Pouring your energy into a bold creative project is strongly a... More for Sagittarius @roemcdermott I’m not blaming Mark Austin but whoever was talking in his ear panicked and left the presenter in a v… morning everyone. Anyone else having problems with their @TalkToBOI account this morning?
California back in shutdown it is being reported. US in trouble depending on who you listen to. All because of… @brlowry @Express_Sport Congratulations Brian. Best of luck!🥳Hugely popular with families our 'Mad Hatters Competition' with @Irelandwest is back,BUT with a virtual twist & a…
Retweeted by John Mulligan @UnitedSheStands 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊Week 5 Check out the training programmes for YOUTH @Galway_GAA Club players UPDATED WEEKLY The programmes are tai…
Retweeted by John Mulligan @78__Rebecca There is NO way you are 41 (And I am not just saying that). Wait til you hit 46 Becky! It’s all before… @cailinrua1 It’s a (to use the racing term) a gamble that it will happen. @CarrieStevensXO Great pic! @ailsybird That was amazing watching it last night. Delighted to see your uncle recover. Hope all good since.Fiscal responsibility is the name of the game again as Saturn,... More for Sagittarius
@Anna__Dray Say no more..... job @LadiesFootball @SportTG4 @cahilljackie on the Championship draw this evening! @PPOffers #PaddyPPileup Martial FSG and United to win 3-0 @NovaChap @Anna__Dray I was 5 in 1979 when they lost to Arsenal in the cup final and the belief they had in coming… @SeanDefoe Defoe for Taoiseach! Pay rises for journalists everywhere!Your financial fortune could greatly improve now that Jupiter,... More for Sagittarius
@declanvarley I would argue more like this guy.... @Chewy1605 @ConnachtClan @connachtrugby @rabbitts_murty @cardiff_blues Looking forward to having you guys back. Mas… @Mulliganj @ConnachtClan @connachtrugby @rabbitts_murty @cardiff_blues supporter looking forward to another pint an…
Retweeted by John MulliganThe @Hodsonbayhotel Senior Football Championship Draw was done tonight. #rosgaa #gaa #GAABelong
Retweeted by John MulliganThe Mulryan Construction Intermediate Championship draw was completed today #rosgaa #gaa #GaaBelong
Retweeted by John MulliganThe King and Moffat Junior Championship draw #rosgaa #gaa #GAABelong
Retweeted by John MulliganThe Kepak Hurling Championship Draw was completed this evening. #rosgaa #gaa #gaabelong
Retweeted by John Mulligan @ciarakellydoc @Blowsalons Great look Ciara...well wear! @cailinrua1 @Galway_GAA Senior B and Intermediate just as interesting! @cathalpeoc66 @ConnachtClan @ShaneMulryan Place looks stunning. Well done Ciaran and Adrianne! @rabbitts_murty @Galway_GAA heads....Your thoughts on the Hurling Championship Draws.....Some very tasty games to look forward to in the @TheBrooks_Group @Galway_GAA Senior and intermediate hurling champi…⁦@ConnachtClan⁩ ⁦@Mulliganj⁩ ⁦@ShaneMulryan⁩ back in our spiritual home
Retweeted by John Mulligan @PPOffers #PaddyPPileup Palace 2 Burnley 0 Zaha FSG @niamharmagh11 @briegethornbury That I can understand! Believe me I have seen it with my own eyes on that front! An… @niamharmagh11 @briegethornbury That loyalty and devoted love is as old as the hills. I’d say even Beethoven and Mo… @Murray_Kinsella @JonnyMurphy2 Oh sweet Jesus! That is worse than mine and I'm growing it for charity! @niamharmagh11 @briegethornbury You know what. #NiallHoran should send out a quick tweet to tell all his fans that… @unit2plus4 @Anna__Dray Two words....We Will! @Anna__Dray I just wonder sometimes how many supporters remember United BA (Before Alex). Now THEN we were delusion… to tune into @gbfmsports from 8pm for live coverage of the @TheBrooks_Group Senior & Intermediate Club hur…
Retweeted by John Mulligan @andyfriend2011 Delighted that you and the boys are back Andy! We missed ye! @patmcgrath You probably have this but Major damage done to the GAA Club in Mountbellew between Thursday and Saturd… all @ConnachtClan members and @connachtrugby supporters do me a favour? Our great supporters (and sponsors)… all business re opening today. The very best of luck. It’s important that we support as many as possible. Hopefu… Martin Pandemic Born, dep leader of the Green Party, Minister for Media, Tourism, Art, Culture, Sports &…
Retweeted by John Mulligan108 days have passed since we were last in at the Sportsground. Great to be back and starting up again. Makes you a…
Retweeted by John Mulligan