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.@Z2Comics announces the "Gorillaz Almanac," and more on today's edition of #theRundown., learn of the histories of both House Belmont and the vampire Carmilla in Castlevania's "Shadow Battles!", we get you ready for June 16th and the debut of "Dark Nights: Death Metal" with this interview with Scott Sn…, we chat with Chip Mosher about the Kickstarter campaign for his new series, "Blacking Out." through the history of one of Image's early titles in today's #ShelfBoundAuction of "Youngblood" - - be sure t…, it's drunk murder mystery time on #VagrantQueen this week with "No Clue." explains the lore of Leon Belmont as we look at #Castlevania's "Shadow Battles.", the #WebcomicsWeekly today is full of some of our returning favorites. Snyder talks about how "Dark Nights: Death Metal" has evolved, how the comics around it have changed, and how… out why Chip Mosher thought Kickstarter was the right avenue for his new series "Blacking Out" in our exclusiv… chances of getting an omnibus-style collection of "Youngblood" spanning the different iterations is probably le…
We're not sold on Amae and Elida's collective acceptance of Issac in #VagrantQueen's "No Clue." makes clear her true allegiances with her origin story in #Castlevania's "Shadow Battles." seventh book of "Trekker" is the focus today in the #WebcomicsWeekly, and as @MaZZM notes, it's full of the tra…'s one post-it Scott Snyder keeps on his computer to drive his planning process for "Dark Nights: Death Metal.…, new comics are back and so is #ComicsShouldBeCheap. does Chip Mosher hope readers take away from "Blacking Out?" Find out in this interview with @kyleoverkill. #ShelfBoundAuction of "Youngblood" incorporates several other runs of the series, including Joe Casey, Alan Moo… has always been impressed with the costumes on #VagrantQueen, but "No Clue" takes that craftsmanshi…, the #DC3Cast chats with Scott Snyder to get a preview for his new series, "Dark Knights: Death Metal."'s "Shadow Battles" gives us the origins of Hector's undead puppy, Cezar, and the first time the Devil…'s a lot that went on in the latest installment of "The Otherknown," and @JJRwrites breaks it down for you in… did changes at DC editorial fit into Scott Snyder's plans for "Dark Nights: Death Metal?" Find out in this inte…,@johnnyhall3 has something for those who are fans of 80s sci-fi in today's #ComicsShouldBeCheap. out how format and presentation played a role in creating "Blacking Out" in this chat with Chip Mosher on the…, catch up on the news from yesterday in #TheRundown, including a new "Legend of Korra" live-read. ready for some sweet sweet 90s Image action in today's #ShelfBoundAuction for @heroinitiative -- it's…'s "No Clue" heavily leans into the classic film based on the classic board game "Clue" - - but was it… you're looking forward to "Dark Nights: Death Metal" you'll want to hear this special episode of the #DC3Cast. of more connections between the source games and the Netflix series in #Castlevania's "Shadow Battles!" does @drunkcomicsfans consider "Chicken Face" one of the strangest things he's ever read? Find out in the…'s new graphic novel "Bog Bodies" is one of @rowan_grover's #ComicsShouldBeCheap picks this week --… you hyped for "Dark Nights: Death Metal?" If you're somehow not, @SSnyder1835 will get you hyped manga series is coming to Netflix on June 1st? Find out in #TheRundown. into the world of disgraced ex-cop Conrad in @chipmosher and @petergkrause's "Blacking Out." We chat with them… ready for a Sgt. Rock pep talk on this bonus #DC3Cast episode! latest #VagrantQueen goes from a celebration into a murder mystery, which turns into a send-up of Clue, but wit… may have to wait until the fall for the end of the Winchester brothers' adventures, but the "Exors… have a fair bit of news on graphic novel sales in today's edition of #TheRundown. #WebcomicsWeekly returns with "Meow Man," "Chicken Face." and much more."Dark Nights: Death Metal" hits comic shops on June 16th, and the #DC3Cast has a bonus episode with Scott Snyder pr… provided animation for the "New Mutants" credits sequence? Find out who in #TheRundown. comics are back in full swing, and so is #ComicsShouldBeCheap chats with @BrianNeedsaNap about all things "Death Metal" on today's bonus @dc3cast announces a second "Legend of Korra" live-read, and all the latest graphic novel deals on today's…, we start our fifth week of the #ShelfBoundAuction with Joe Casey and Jose Ladronn's "Cable."…, follow Andre and Bess as they begin their investigation in the Night Car in #Snowpiercer's "Prepare to Brace…, saddle up and look at some ideas we have for #RedDeadRedemption comics today in #WeWantComics. silk and mohair suit. A bagel burger and coffee. You get this and more with today's #ShelfBoundAuction of "Cable…, we have the results of Friday's #ReaderPoll on the Snyder cut of "Justice League" - - and how it will compar… do hope #Snowpiercer gets out of the habit of referencing the movie when it doesn't need to, which we see in the…
#RedDeadRedemption is ten years old, and since Rockstar aren't doing story DLCs anymore, maybe it's time for a comi…, we chat with the author of "Punk Taco," Adam Wallenta, about his graphic novel, Deadpool children's books, a… have a lot we love about today's #ShelfBoundAuction of Joe Casey and Jose Ladronn's "Cable" run. Be sure to bid… how many folks do think Zack Snyder's "Justice League" will be superior to Joss Whedon's version? Find out as we…, #HarleyQuinn and Ivy are deep in their post smooch feelings, and Mister Miracle makes his debut this week in… exactly are the implications of the Drawers? This is a question we have after #Snowpiercer's "Prepare to Brace…, take a look at what the #ShelfBoundAuction will have up for bid this week. can help fans discover "Red Dead Revolver," the very first of the #RedDeadRedemption games. It's one of tod… you read our review of "Punk Taco" last year, you'll enjoy our chat with author Adam Wallenta., #RobotsFromTomorrow is here with an all new reading list episode for you. in the beauty of the work of the late Juan Vlasco in today's #ShelfBoundAuction of "Cable."… asked our readers in this week's #ReaderPoll if they felt that Zack Snyder's "Justice League" would be better th… massive things are used in the service of very small payoffs, @mrcarlwaldron doesn't like it - - and this happ…, catch up on the news from the weekend you may have missed today in #TheRundown. thinks #Snowpiercer's "Prepare to Brace" does an excellent job at giving each train car its own personal… the #ShelfBoundAuction items up for bids this week is another Image anthology and Matt Wagner's "Grendel." Sadie Adler to Charles Smith, @CCTabet explores which #RedDeadRedemption characters would make for good comic… out what Adam Wallenta considers more satisfying - - drawing for kids or drawing for adults - - in his chat wi… finale of the first year of "Shutter" is one of today's #RobotsFromTomorrow reading list picks. 5 of the #ShelfBoundAuction for @heroinitiative kicks off with everyone's favorite Askani'son - Nathan Christo… two-thirds of you had this opinion about the release of the Snyder Cut of "Justice League" due out next year… didn't need to play 12th banana to Harley any longer, and he finally realized it in #HarleyQuinn's “Inner (Pa… out about DC's new solicitations catalog in today's #TheRundown. the new #Snowpiercer a whodunit murder mystery is more valuable as simple worldbuilding. classic Image series is one of this week's #ShelfBoundAuction items.'s it like writing a book with your six year old son? Find out in our chat with Adam Wallenta about "Punk Taco.… previews the latest week of the #ShelfBoundAuction in this new #RobotsFromTomorrow episode. marks ten years of #RedDeadRedemption by arguing comic books could provide the story DLC we always wa…'s “Inner (Para) Demons" shows how overcompensating can make you look crazy. what comic book shows received Daytime Emmy nominations today in #TheRundown. readers have spoken: they don't care about the #SnyderCut're closing in on $2,000 in donations to @heroinitiative with the #ShelfBoundAuction - - take a look at what is u… Frank Frazetta art book is one @YeahMikeRomeo's picks today on #RobotsFromTomorrow. up a side of guacamole and a plate of tacos as we chat with @AdamWallenta about his kids' graphic novel, "Punk… Netflix animated series is coming back at Adult Swim? Find out in #TheRundown. is embracing the style of #KingKirby as it evolves into a completely different show! #ShelfBoundAuction is heading into its fourth week with five more custom-bound hardcovers of comics - - see wha… new to the stands, but hopefully something new to you on another episode of #RobotsFromTomorrow! have announced an anthology about life in Japan amidst COVID-19, and more on today's edition of…
The first comics history text and the rise (and fall) of Skywald Publishing are part of our look at 1970 in… do the Digital First offerings from DC stack up? Find out in this bonus episode of the #DC3Cast. bid farewell to "Judge Dredd: Chimpsky's Law" in our #MultiverCityOne look at 2000 AD Prog 2182. it's Spider-Gwen or Hellboy, we have a few ideas on who our Slayer should date in this new #Buffyversity. have 24 hours to go to bid on the "I is for Image" volume 1 of the #ShelfBoundAuction. Bids close tomorrow at 4…'re getting ready to wrap up #TheSocietyPages for the summer, and our penultimate installment includes some JLA/J… anthologies are often full of undiscovered treasures, and #RobotsFromTomorrow continues their discussion on… latest installment of #ArtOfTheWeek lacks color (for the most part) - - enjoy our favorite black and white art… building the world of "Youth" to "bootleg Nick Fury," Curt Pires shares his insights on the second issue of hi… looks back on Season 3 of #CloneWars and how it changed just about everything in this new episode.