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TV writer that’s never written for TV • I must be loyle to my capo

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Is moving back to Manhattan selling out?Enough of the Chris discourse let’s talk best VINAY for the Crown Tundra:
Retweeted by Vinay🚨🚨🚨if you’re reading this (especially you have BLM or ACAB in your bio) please take some time educate yourself on t…
Retweeted by VinayStealing from The P*blic hotel is a New Yorker checkpointYou ever listen to a bunch of fire songs in a row and wish they were all compiled in one place and then realize it’s just your own playlist?&pizza is the best pizza in NYC is so bomb lolone has to go
Retweeted by VinayShe don’t press me over my tweets no more it’s clipped 😔
Retweeted by Vinay @OttoFernandez I feel honored to be on yours, howeverYou guys are really obsessed with Chris Pratt for a bunch a people who claim to hate Chris PrattJurassic World Park should be an option to remove yourself from someone’s close friend’s storiesNobody cared who I was until I grew my beard out @seanieviola Ask for her ClindamycinFeeling seen but more importantly feeling smelled
Retweeted by Vinay @enfant_cerebral *Glossier GirlSkincare girl and hasn’t washed his only pillowcase in 3 months bf combo undefeated @showmetheyamz Idk I’ve been told I was a sexy babyImagine being born uglyThis is still the best DM I’ve ever received
Retweeted by VinayAnyone wearing this needs to be apprehended
Retweeted by VinayRolling pin phobia is how you know someone has an immigrant mom or POC gf last night i got so lost in the void of my mind that i remembered sagwa the cat
Retweeted by VinayAren’t we all comptrollers on this website?Once I got a necklace for my girl that she never wore but instead she tweeted about how I never tweet about herPretty cool that Carole Baskin fucks both male and female tigers @showmetheyamz @Sethrogen @amil He wants to cast you @Sethrogen @amil @showmetheyamz you need to talk to talk to one of your followers and get him to cast us @Sethrogen @amil Hi Seth Rogen @trapyeezus Holy shit @blockburnermike You are hornyYou ever fart and start floating a lil bit?Ppl on Twitter got arch nemesis they’ve never met
Retweeted by Vinay @dripothee I trust you to save the world 🤝 @bellykachman Add House Of The Rising Sun and you’re one step closer to that Emmy!If your hour long pilot doesn’t end with The Passenger playing through the end credits is it even an hour long pilot?
He wants what Hunter Biden has so bad'Zoey 101' reunion teased for Oct. 25 with many of the OG cast (via @jamielynnspears)
Retweeted by Vinay @ventriclemouse Thank you!I have a PA ID but if I voted in NYC in 2016, can I vote again here at the same polling site? I think I can but want to confirm ASAPMy superpower is feeling exhausted after drinking pots of coffee @enfant_cerebral Meat Is MurderThe Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2020 That You Already KnowThe good thing about Zoom is that no one needs to see my legs vibrating at an atomic frequencyWwyd if he was in your Zoom call @enfant_cerebral I kinda like this lolKinda creepy imo feel extremely accomplished when I catch my friends being horny onlineMe making a pot of coffee even though I know my stomach is already in shambles @vjgtweets You are my sole demographic. Appreciate it! @zachsilberberg Need some covefe with that L 😖😫If you see this tweet again in the morning, mine your business.... @zanjayvision Beast Boy from Teen Titans @marcusgiovannii Good looks 🤝 @mumblecomic Your time will come soon too 👍🏽
Retweeted by Vinay @stuffedmeow Portrait Of A Lady On FireReally sucks that all my followers have day jobs so I always have to delete banger tweets I post past midnight and… @blockburnermike Tv writing IS an academic discipline. Don’t insult my favorite professor who wrote one episode of Seinfeld.I love this movie. Made me wish I was lesbianHow it started: How it ended: @blockburnermike This is why you weren’t on my list of favorite comedians. No more retweets. @blockburnermike Exactly @blockburnermike Buh-buh-buh-baaaassseddddAmazon making you do all the work so they can pay their employees even less you have a crush on Dev Patel you have a crush on Me.
Retweeted by VinayThis quote is fake. Alfred never said this in the movie. @bummer_no_b Maybe you’re supposed to use the windex ON the cars? Idk I drive automatic @bummer_no_b Another late nite banger, AmarIt’s pretty funny that I have mental problems nglI am drunk and celebrating my friends’ success!!Living vicariously through @DanManCarney these past few weeks my friends come up is the biggest rush I have ever felt @jourdayen Me from 2013-2016 tbhI think if I became less of an asshole I’d be much more likable @mumblecomic love this for you
Retweeted by Vinay @jourdayen All about manifestation!I have decided to become a Movie Star.All I know is spend an absolutely heinous amount of money every dayDoing an Indian accent is not racist. No I will not be explaining.
You can talk about “male privilege” all you want, but most of you don’t understand the trials and tribulations of w… pissed whenever I see Kanye doesn’t follow backI spoke to Dave Chapelle for two hours this morning. He is our modern day Socrates
Retweeted by Vinay @MLWickist Sopranos @len0killer No way you’re not a 34 year old divorcee. Anyways, happy birthday bruv....Once I get happy I will try out acting @lauraornella When I get happy I’m trying out acting @sixtynineranch Next up 20k 🙏🏾 @MILFWEEED Ngl I do the same thing sometimes 🤫Covid about to decimate NYC againSome of you are too happy to think you got a career in being funnyWoke up with my stomach in shambles. Nature is healingReminiscing... be clear the only drugs I’ve done is high doses of caffeineThank you all for getting me to 10k followers 🙏🏾Nvm this was premature @susie_benitez Omg. I’m still a nobody with a marketing job but this is the nicest thing I’ve seen in ages. Thank you Susie 🙂