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life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile β™₯

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@CasparKashkin I don't have a clue how many followers I have, I don't really care
@metejtme @sallyKP Yeah that's true @metejtme @sallyKP Ah ok I thought it wasn't airborne 🀷So biggest is sulking with me because I've sent her to school. She was hoping for time off because of coronavirus πŸ™„
@metejtme @sallyKP Another thing I was wondering is why is everyone wearing masks when it's not airborne? @sallyKP Even the inserts say the vaccines are not 100% effective 🀦 @HighWireTalk A clinical trial on 20-25 healthy individuals?! Urmmmm ok 🀦 @ginariley47 Do it! The first few months are the worst in regards to roots but my hair is so much healthier now @ChrisupastarLFC Not jealous at all πŸ™„ @ginariley47 I'll go instead of you if you want? πŸ˜† I can't afford to go to a proper salon @tase19 I was out of bed πŸ˜† @ImaniDH @OluniyiGates Maybe some don't but it's not fair to say all don't @Mztito1 @ImaniDH πŸ™Œ I have a daughter and then a son and she certainly doesn't serve him πŸ˜† when they are nice toget… I go back to bed please?? I was so warm and comfy
@eliistender10 My precious children @DaisiesandPieUK Agree 😍I'm glad I did my run this morning 😳Well done #takeabreak magazine for doing a story about the HPV vaccine πŸ‘ @takeabreakmag about time people started to see the other side @ecofriendly_ @sam_sambuca Haha!
@ecofriendly_ @sam_sambuca Yeah I still struggle with the consistency at first but I actually quite enjoy it now. I… @OValereivna Wow that's amazing! I've just started doing coconut oil pulling @breacherise I do but I hadn't thought of it like that before πŸ˜† @ecofriendly_ @sam_sambuca I've just started doing this, love it, calms my whole mouthBig girls chocolate cake recipe thing she wanted to try off of Tik Tok..... I'm not complaining πŸ™„πŸ˜†πŸ˜ #tiktok… two little ones are playing so nicely together, feel awful because he hasn't read his school book yet but I don'… @Bryan5777 Yep :) @RachelAlter007 You are dangerously ignorant and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near childrenBig fat chips with nandos peri peri salt 😍Mylo the bacon pancake bird πŸ˜†πŸ˜
@EllieGSing It's clean so yesBack to work tomorrow πŸ˜­πŸ˜† @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 Good luck, it's incredibly difficult trying to get something across to so… are so many men only after one thing?! An ex tinder bloke got in touch last night asking if we should go on ano… with dance monkey thanks to Tik Tok @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 Sorry if that was all muddled lol πŸ™ˆ @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 Began. everything all of a sudden just clicked into place, it all made se… @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 It wasn't available from the warehouse. Six weeks later, got her in the b… @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 It got to a point where she had such bad hayfever, she would react litera… @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 Symptoms.... Where do I start :( it's easier for you to Google red skin s… @Justme24402825 @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 Get them to chuck the steroid in the bin :( it will do more harm than goo… @xchar1984x I've got my music on loud trying to motivate myself to do some housework πŸ˜†Is anyone else not dressed yet?If vaccines really are perfectly safe and do not cause any injuries or deaths, then the numbers of antivaxxers woul…
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One day I will get to kiss that little beak of yours gorgeous boy πŸ’™πŸ˜† #kobie #lovehim @Shithe4d to get a fault in the car fixed, Mcdonald's is next door so it would be rude not to
What is Tik Tok? Daughter installed it on my phone, what do I do with it? πŸ˜†Watching the super vet 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @AtMichaelLong Omg I'm too tired to even try and think of that πŸ˜†Got so much to do and no energy to do it
Not being polite anymore, if I don't like something I'll delete or block. Ffs don't particularly enjoy some of the… @DaisiesandPieUK Exactly! And also why should you pay for a service before you've received it?!I am aware of tens of thousands of people who were pro-vax and became anti-vax. Yet, I am unaware of anyone who w…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @DaisiesandPieUK Wow never heard of this before @AtMichaelLong Haha!! She was so tame, like a little teddy bear, never seen one like that beforeJust giving a sheep a massage as you do πŸ˜† said 'oh it's so slippy!' and literally at that second lost his footing πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆ it was very amusing to watch, muddy winter walks 😊 #cotswolds #halfterm #winterwalks
#diysos omg want to cry already 😭😭😭😭😭 every time!Little lady created this masterpiece 😍😁 can't go wrong with a tray bake..... But why do they always want to bake ri…
@greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 Yeah we just had to completely stop the steroid cream and she went cold turkey, took a go… @kaichoyce @tase19 Arghhhhhh noooooooooo @greekgoddess232 @anhisu7 My doctor over prescribed a steroid cream to my then 5yr old daughter, three years later… @rjwilliams_82 @nicolah501 It is pretty amazing though tbf πŸ˜† @wokemamaa This!i can’t stand when someone doesn’t refer to genitals by their correct terminology, especially when talking about ch…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @xo_coco_ox This isn't a regular occurrence believe me πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I usually stay in bed until the very last possible minute πŸ™ˆUp so early and all the kids are still asleep
@crunchylizzy @susan_welch7 @sallyKP Sadly I think some thrive from the attention :( after my daughter went through… @sallyKP Oh my gosh I honestly can't believe what I'm reading!! @DimityCoulton When she was brushing her hair broke me!
#instantfamily trying not to cry. How amazing to be able to give a child a loving family β™₯️ shame my house is too small :( @Shithe4d Can you remember what it was called? I missed thatI really need to clean my bird out but he's fast asleep β™₯️I wonder how many men have been accused of assault and absolutely hounded until proven innocent. What if a said man… @_birddaniel Omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Netflix Reportedly Pulls Plug on Corey Feldman Documentary, Claims β€˜Too Dangerous’
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @YuleTimes @MariaAndreasNe1 Exactly, retweet or copy and paste for the likes but a very few will actually really change their waysStarted on #LockeAndKey loving it so far
The double standards right now is deafening @ChrisupastarLFC That's fine as long as I have a lil tea time nap...... Hey I'm getting old πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆ @ChrisupastarLFC I think I can match all of those, as long as there is coffee in the morning and alcohol in the evening πŸ™ŒπŸ˜† @ChrisupastarLFC Meeeeeeeee @ryder_anna That's encouraging, I love my food but need to smooth around the edges πŸ˜† just fed up of feeling so unfi… @joelmurray Those bad boys need to be shown off πŸ˜†πŸ˜ @ryder_anna Do you mind if I ask if you've changed your eating habits? Or is the weight loss just from running? @gemmapeters @Lisa_Wilde @KateCollinsUK Haha! Love this I try to do this too πŸ˜†#couchto5k think I might actually have to do an extra couple of runs πŸ˜†#couchto5k not had much luck on the phone side of it though :/ so run 1 I hadn't bothered to get the app so didn't… #couchto5k didn't get blown away πŸ˜† @MotherScuffer Liking your thinking :)Need to do my couch to 5k today, do I do it before or after I go out for a nice coffee? I should do it before shoul… @MotherScuffer Bless the boys, they're doing something good and some idiot adult is trying to spoil it for them :(My phone has stopped getting emails...... Whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy πŸ˜– @MotherScuffer You're not over reacting, I do it in my own local shop. As long as you don't leave the premises with…
@toricantstfu Uk @mangojuliana I think someone needs to read a few vaccine inserts @MarinaMarraco @fox5dc It's like being in one of those massage chairs...... Cheers mate πŸ˜† @ij_ford Haha!My son came home with a valentine card, a light up rose and loads of sweets from his girlfriend, I only got her a b…