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life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile ♥

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@pickledpuffin Think she needs to get laidIf someone told you they didn’t get lung cancer, but smoked for years, would that make cigarettes safe? Of course n…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @TetleysTea So sorry to hear this :( xxDid not want to get up today! Was having the weirdest dream :/
Really fancy a big fat change..... Change, come at me please! @Gina_Hayman I'm so disappointed in their stuff lately :(Is it just me or has the quality in #newlook clothing gone right down?! :( @cbc021089 I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through, I'm so sorry ❤️
@GaryEliteBistro Crisp buttie @cbc021089 Makes me sick to my stomach :(And wax is so hard to clean 😖Big girl was faffing around melting candles and has left a heck of a mess in the kitchen 😏 not impressedYou don’t need a degree to read and ask questions. To say “I don’t want the government forcibly injecting me or my…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @recoveringkids @YouTube I've just shared to FB but I doubt anyone will actually take the time to watch it :(Erin Crawford, Gardasil HPV vaccine trial participant, tells her story [... via @YouTube
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwomanHow did tobacco companies tell Drs that it's safe to smoke? They would do these studies: one group smoked a pack/da…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @AtMichaelLong What?! That's ridiculous, you are no way that big!
The problem with #antivaxxers is that they’re usually very educated and raise very healthy kids. That doesn’t sit w…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwomanCheesy bites with nando peri peri sauce is my new love @NotSoSlummy I've had that today but on the school runShame because mum's should be supporting each other not trying to make another feel like crapThere are some right snotty bitches on the school run. Little man having a paddy so a lovely lady thought it would…
@The_JCNova @aliceronke @mogfrank I'm so disappointed 😏Someone come and do my washing up for me ......It is not my child's responsibility to keep others from getting sick. Our children are not to be used as immunologi…
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@NotSoSlummy Sounds familiar :( it's crap isn't it but it's her loss x
@AllaboutDee Haha!! No I actually can't 😆The kids have gone to their dads, I'm absolutely shattered. I've poured a glass of wine, and rather than doing hous… tinder...... Well that lasted a couple of days 🙈And of course they try and blame it on everything but the vaccineWatching videos on hpv vaccine injuries, how are they getting away with doing this to our youngsters. I loathe this vaccine with a passionLittle man's birthday coming up and I've just had to pay my holiday childcare which leaves very little left 😣 wish…
@Barbara_Mills Hahaha!!!! Omg just imagine her face on Christmas Day 😆🙈 @TaniaWren I googled it too 😆😆 @TaniaWren There can be a risk but it's rareMy daughter trying to describe a friend of mine she saw at the park earlier- she had brown hair and a top 😆🤔 @Barbara_Mills She wants a new phone for Christmas, well she can have one with no internet!Absolutely shattered! They wanted the parrot and the hamster but do nothing for them either. Never walk the dog. I… superwoman today 😆How the fuck do I punish my daughter 😠 only thing I can do is turn the internet off and then I miss out. She wants… love this! @TheSun This is news..... 😏Sweet mercy. Hangovers in your 30s, I swear to God.
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwomanIs it true that we're actually going to get some nice weather next week? 🙌 I need my pool to dry!Another day another dollar
@LolaBellaX Hahaha! @LolaBellaX With messages like that he won't get anywhere 😆 @LolaBellaX He wants to take me out on a date ....Such a small world- one of my insta followers saw me at work today, we actually work at the same school 😆 (I don't… posted a photo sent by a man, Urgh puts me off, definitely don't need a man baby in my life 😆 a chocolate tray bake for pudding 😳😍 oh my! Should I save some for packed lunches tomorrow or should we eat th… a wet miserable day
@GinGinimee Hope you're ok Hun, I bought a couple of mini bottles of wine for tonight, so called family just bring stress!My little boys birthday is creeping up and I've barely got anything yet 😩 plus I'm quite broke shock📢 I call on everyone with a VAERS ID to post the #(s) & what happened, tag @DrPanMD and use #vaersisproof since we…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwomanSome people are nasty to the core. Finally learned to just ignore the horrible bitch
@LolaBellaX @SlenderSherbet It's brilliant 😆🙈And trying to hide from my kids in betweenAnother fun night of nit combing @LolaBellaX Did you see the clip I'd posted before that tweet? So funny!Even camels are having sex....... Everyone and everything apart from me 😭😆Sorry I'm late for work, fucking camels on the road again. 📹: Imgur user lotionandkleenex
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwomanWhat's the meat like from Iceland? Any good? I'm thinking that wholefoods place they have (or am I going mad and I've just made that up) @lucynrobbie It looks awful :(
@popsicle_____ Wow what a lovely person! I've reported too👉🏼I am not in this fight because I have a vaccine injured child. 👉🏼I am in this fight on principle; you don’t just…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @AtMichaelLong All day! I've had to empty it slowly, nightmare, need to get the poles back in the box and hope that the material bit dries 🙄Pool is empty and taken apart, now just need it to dry but it's meant to rain tomorrow 😆🙈 @read_wire Yesssss sob! @WriteLyn @Jordan_Sather_ Arghhhhhh you said the M word!! How dare you! 😆 I also got the measles and mumps and was fine @Jordan_Sather_ Nope nope and nope. And none of that flu mist crap for my kids either. They start spraying that aro… @StefanMolyneux I'm a single mum and the government wants me to work so no it's not easy for everyone. I'm lucky th… the pool, it's taking forever 😣 @GavinNewsom my Evee died on March 1st, 36 hours after 6 vaccines. There has been a huge cover-up surrounding her d…
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @gracejamie7 @RobSchneider @DrPanMD @GavinNewsom Should be changed to vidsDear @DrPanMD While I’m sorry for the “minutes of your life you will never get back for the time you spent with me…
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When you bake a cake and the child picks out a chunk from the top as it's cooling. FFS!Making a sponge tray bake 😍 working at a school has taken me right back 😆Kids are fighting and arguing. Can I run away @rachheywood Love it there, my perfect food 😍 @AtMichaelLong You need to go it's lush but spicy 😆Nandos for lunch 😍 (my daughter had the wings) the kids always love it #nandos #foodofinstagram #foodporn
@LolaBellaX I've cracked it open Hun, little man is having a paddy because little lady is at a sleepover, it's needed 😆 @AtMichaelLong Urmmmmmm bottle 😆Looking forward to a nice glass of wine tonight 😊“It works the way it works” WHAT?
Retweeted by justcallmesuperwoman @NamasteNoelle PratFreshly made jam from one of the school mum's for brekkie 😍
@rachheywood I feel really bad because I love watching how expressive she is with it but sometimes my brain just switches off 🙄 @ems_charlottex Haha they are funny aren't they, I go up for a bath for a bit of peace and she just follows me 😆 @thistletrot I know 😩😩😩😩😩😩 @GinGinimee She's so expressive with it too but sometimes it just gets a bit much 🙈 @MsYouDoYou She's going to go far bless her! 😁 @supermarkusa Hahaha!My 8yr old daughter does not stop talking. Literally. It's exhausting 😆 anyone elses like this or is it just mine? @and_kell I never noticed it before, now I see possible adverse reactions everywhere! And the parents have no clue… @sIaghetti @LFCBAS Ohhhh I need to try this! @J_CartwrightN0T Omg 😳 @thistletrot I need four on mine but I just can't afford it before Christmas 😩