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@BeccyHelmore @UK_CAA Go to protect claims website and go on check claim they need your ATOL ref starting with z an…*update* #ThomasCook @UK_CAA FINALLY been paid my refund!! Went in to bank at about 5pm after protect claims showin… @UK_CAA If protect claims status now states “PAID” “your claim was closed on the 10th December” when should i expec… @vickisloane @UK_CAA That’s great 😃 fingers crossed mine will go in soon as it’s showing as paid on protect claims @Ross1980Ross @UK_CAA I’ve had the same thing today too hopefully be in the bank soon @whitneyalways @UK_CAA I’m in same situation says paid today but not in yet
#thomascook @UK_CAA Anyone else had this on #protectclaims ?? How long was it until your money was in? I’m with Llo… @UK_CAA #ThomasCook can somebody please tell me what’s going on? Applied on the first day, sent back… @dopeydan92 @UK_CAA Protect claims website, right top check claim and input your ATOL number starting with z and th… @krissie2605 @UK_CAA In exactly the same situation 🙁#thomascook @UK_CAA applied in day 1, email to request bank statement and hand signed permission form last Thursday… @franpalfrey @UK_CAA I also applied on the first day and still waiting 😕
#thomascook @UK_CAA anybody else still waiting or who has received there refund? Checked on protect claims and has… @UK_CAA but I haven’t technically been asked for more information just to sign a form giving you permission to pay…
Still nothing @UK_CAA #thomascook #UK_CAA asked for hand signed permission to issue refund on Thursday, sent back F…
That’s what I’d like to know waiting #thomascook #UK_CAA all forms and bank statements sent by yesterday morning 61 days in total now since application 🙁 @Ruthie_Rue77 @UK_CAA And had it gone in? @danielson264 @UK_CAA Could you tell me when it went in? I’m pretty sure I’m the exact same situation and hoping it goes in today
#thomascook #UK_CAA Sent my hand signed bank details and bank statements at 10am and heard nothing? People telling… #UK_CAA can anyone tell me how long it took to actually get there refund after sending back scanned ban… @SandraG38900585 Can I ask when you sent the form back? Was it straight away yesterday when they asked for it? I co…
#thomascook #UK_CAA *update* now been emailed asking for a bank statement and to print off and sign a form and scan it back to them?#thomascook #UK_CAA so upsetting now the day before the 60 day deadline and according to #rightpath my claim hasn’t…
@UK_CAA #thomascook I’m so p***ed off!!!! Just had an email from @protectclaims asking me to provide more informati…
Retweeted by Mumof4#UK_CAA Checked status of my claim and still said 19 days left and haven’t even looked at it yet? Added a comment a…