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I use a lot of muslim/arabic shorthands in my tweets - here's a little guide!
Retweeted by what's not clicking?sometimes I just love to start my day with Patra. then i internalize her voice for the rest of my day and move like… are losing the courts. Here are some things that seem likely to happen if we have four more years of Trump appoi…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?ny/bk - a beautiful perfect friend and her partner are looking to take over a one or two bedroom (one bedroom w a l…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?i love be gay
Retweeted by what's not clicking?The way the guys from Whose Line have had such a long and fruitful career together? I’m watching these CW episodes… amount of time I’ve spent trying to remember the thing I’ve fucked up so I can ruminate on it properly
virgos and pack rat syndrome: discussteachers used to really have beef wit me like bro I’m 12
Retweeted by what's not clicking?This is insane. I am completely bowled over by the support for this book. Thank you so much to everyone who picked…
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@ziwe @ABRAMSbooks Congrats Ziwe!!! @jazzedloon Yes Jazmine!!!!! @SmartAssJen Congrats!!!!
Not my bf surprising me with anniversary wine from my fav place and the Chani book!!!I didn't say don't vote for her! Muting now, talk amongst yourselvesi have no comment either way i'm just noting facts xso it took everyone two (2) months to pivot from "abolish prisons❤️" to "elect a career prosecutor❤️"Good morning, my cover story on the ONE and ONLY @janetmock is HERE. Enjoy:
Retweeted by what's not clicking?A lot of what people call identity politics are really politics concerning representation.
Retweeted by what's not clicking?“we’ll just fix it in post” - god when he gave me a winning personality but spilled some anxiety, depression, OCD,…
Retweeted by what's not clicking? @miskeencore LOLThe world wouldn’t be what it is without Black American culture. Period
Retweeted by what's not clicking? @sharminultra @telushk i didn't even notice he has the fist up while checking his phone LOL @sharminultra omg @HarronWawker if you love the tesla store so much why don't you marry iti can't stop laughing
wow i'm crushing ❤️ one more hot take: the whole notion of a suburb; a place where people get the cultural and financial benefits of…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?two expansive, original minds, brilliantly paired: @simplylovia and @jatovia
Retweeted by what's not clicking?One thing about me is that I have a great shaped head. Ask anyoneIt’s wild that it’s a waste of taxpayer money to pay taxpayers
Retweeted by what's not clicking?I did forget how long it takes to get uptown tho so now I’m a half hr earlyTook the train for the first time since February and it was actually chillThis is horrific! Wow @redleaf8 Instagram!I don’t even know what to do with this 😂😂 ways in which Salt n Pepa invented objectifying men ❤️
Retweeted by what's not clicking?Hi there is a VERY sucio new @SHODesusAndMero tonight thar also features interviews with @Sethrogen and @CoriBush!!!
Retweeted by what's not clicking? @Jo_Livingstone WrongOnly two types of depression: “ass getting small” and “ass getting fat”
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the way baldhead showers hit, the way the breeze kisses your scalp >>> that's on Cancer’m ✈️ ✈️✈️ baldIt’s this video for me 🔥🔥Fuckin fireee
Retweeted by what's not clicking?Me and Megan would like to give a public apology to all ass eaters.We didn’t want to offend any ass eaters around t…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?keep getting up early bc of sleep anxiety ! would not recommendit's how bey, nicki and cardi ALL have Megan's back for mei miss the feeling of walking down the street when a friend bikes by. or ending up on the same train car as someone…
you guys the glossier free samples are SO tiny.......pls @damsorrow I love this album!! but the wikipedia was giving me @HarronWawker teajust opened the wikipedia page for OK Computer.....big mistake. hugehow *am* i? well, i'm in a 2012 tumblr headspace if that helpsthis tweet brought to you by @alanalevinson's Insta @jestom bitch!!!!!!feels like a fever dream that i was ever paid to make physical magazines
"god could my dad drive a car" is how i sound fabricating childhood memories of my absent father😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by what's not clicking?i'm so behind on everything i...... @dstfelix @youngsinick now we said it lmaoooogherdjnkfvlmfaojwoeitjgns clean version of WAP should not exist.
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Come watch me interview a couple of illustrious guests! We're big fans of @SHODesusAndMero in this house, so my hus…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?I have to remind myself that it’s not a crime to be a bit unfocused as we’re functioning within a continuously vola…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?does a rich person have an empty house upstate i can go write in this fall we can call it a writing retreat and you…
Retweeted by what's not clicking? @Tanvim Queer Appalachia/JD Vance typesam I bugging or did we just sweep this whole thing under the rug @yosoymichael @CarolineDKee I WANT ! IS THIS RAINBOWpeople shitting on cities from both sides of the political spectrum figures a kind of solidarity to mei need to read a critique of the anti-city, anti-urbanist queer position. because i'm always already primed for the… can't believe what a mess schools are already. This is really fucking scaryStudents are now being suspended for taking pictures that paint schools in a bad light or posting on social media b… ever ready to hate on something so bad and then you find out it’s teens involved? Like fine UGH I guess I’ll fi… turns out it was teens? less fun to villainize @somalidolly omg I'm so sorry! that's so horrifying let us know if we can support you in any way rnGood morning — I think Mo’Nique is an incredible comic actress and a trailblazer in many respects. I am being very…
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just wasted 5 minutes of my life googling 'metronormativity'Here are some fun jokes about our stupid president from tomorrow's episode of @SHODesusAndMero! Enjoy this clip ear…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?i kinda wanna know which absolute dumbass did thisjust throw the whole America away fundraiser is still going, PLEASE share and donate if you can!!
Retweeted by what's not clicking?A couple of my friends were close with Imani and it's such a tragic loss. Please consider giving. thread on why it's important to say you #StandWithHibaq today 1) Hibaq's last opportunity to have @Amazon revers…
Retweeted by what's not clicking?going to paint my chair with fabric paint ....why notIm @screaming
Retweeted by what's not clicking? @yc excuse me @wetpoopies omg she loves it sm!Would anyone like an update from my cat photos chosen by editorial for these articles about like diabetes impacting COVID (headless fat body) or sex wo… lanez not gettin enough backlash for me
Retweeted by what's not clicking?.@NICKIMINAJ praises her friend in the interview. 💖
Retweeted by what's not clicking?.@theestallion on the cover of @Variety for their Power of Young Hollywood issue.
Retweeted by what's not clicking?at least at the big age of 30 racism from random people doesn't hurt my feelings any more. i just hit em with a "be… women are forever leading society in terms of culture, it’s horrible that they don’t get their flowers. It’s…
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