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Opinionated, heading for middle age northerner, mother & generally good sort who wants to be in the EU & under a different government #FBPE

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@FunSoph Enjoy looks lovely 😁1981 what a total stellar year for music 🎧 #vienna #newromantics you haven’t watched Mindhunter then go do! @TheAndyMaturin @lewis_goodall I pronounce you an honorary Geordie and offer you a bottle of brown 🍺 and the freedom of the Tyne Bridge 😜 @lewis_goodall Lovely to read #proudgeordieWatch to the end.......😂👍
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @Coldwar_Steve Ahhh talk about them missing the point! #yourtalentiswastedPolice in Paris say four people have wounded in an attack near the former Charlie Hebdo offices and two assailants…
Retweeted by Munkehno1Is this really what we are returning to? People panic buying items creating a non-existent shortage. 🛑 ✋ STOP Did y… @HenaZaman2 Totally agree...I stop what I’m doing the minute she comes on. Talks perfect sense and is so relatable.Follow Back a Friday! Anyone need a follow for a follow?! #FBPE #European
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @Toadoftoadhall7 Thank you 😘 @Angieeclectic @JMPSimor @KatyJayne101 The one we are stuck with 🤬 @miffythegamer B 100%
When I challenged the Attorney General on what she has done to defend the rule of law in the face of the Govt’s int…
Retweeted by Munkehno1Panorama vs Bananarama
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @t0mb16 I’m afraid Tom that where I live there are a large number of students not being quite so considerate about… government won’t show evidence for number of people tested daily via @Channel4News @Cain_Unable come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person, perfectly.
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Worth remembering that when PM says everyone should support NHS Track and Trace- many elements are not run by the N…
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @FunSoph Soon to be an ‘islander’ 😜 @FunSoph @miffythegamer @michaelgove @WestminsterWAG Ahhhhh my retinas are burning 👀 @dnstewart67 I kind of love Dr Fauci ☺️The #DailyCovidUpdate will be delayed today whilst I change my axis for a second time today.. I can confirm that th…
Retweeted by Munkehno1Falling leaves drift by my window.The falling leaves of red and gold.I see your lips the summer kisses,the sunburne…
Retweeted by Munkehno1This is the best one I've seen yet!
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @Cain_Unable 🤣Well as a Geordie who hasn’t heard your impression I shall reserve judgement but I do think your tweets are ‘dead canny’ 😜 @lucyallan @BorisJohnson Over 60,000 - even my 8 year old knows this isn’t a small number and btw it isn’t just tho… difficult for parents at the moment to make the right judgement calls re:normal childhood illness and corona vir…
#DailyCovidUpdate | 22nd September 2020 - Cases: 403,551 (+4,926) - Deaths (28-day): 41,825 (+37) - Deaths (60-day…
Retweeted by Munkehno1Sturgeon clear she doesn’t think PM has gone far enough as she announces restrictions on household mixing & says Oc…
Retweeted by Munkehno1Priti Patel #SpittingImage
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @davemacladd I love the way he’s evolving and kicking Johnson’s assgood line from Keir Starmer on Boris Johnson: “while he was writing about bendy bananas, I was defending victims an…
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @Capt_Darling @Sillyshib No one has the right to sacrifice the more vulnerable in our society so they can go to the… @Capt_Darling @Sillyshib When will people actually grasp that of course it affects children...they can carry and tr…, no sorry now do this.... u-turns and jack of clear guidance is going to cost more lives. Do this...... Gove now asking everyone to eat from home and work out to help out before Pret closes at 10 or something
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@kercle @TheSocialistDad Tom every day of the week/light year 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I’m deeply baffled by people who think COVID is made up.
Retweeted by Munkehno1#DailyCovidUpdate | 21st September 2020 - Cases: 398,625 (+4,368) - Deaths (28-day): 41,788 (+11) - Deaths (60-day…
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @SteveMcMullen9 @davemacladd @Coldwar_Steve Love the 🎻👏🏼👏🏼
@kercle @AlexAaronSacro 👍🏻 @miffythegamer Increasing capacity is irrelevant if the tests aren’t being done! If people can’t book one have to d… leader @Keir_Starmer says if @BorisJohnson "knew what [his deal] said" then why did he "miss-sell it to the…
Retweeted by Munkehno1The first ‘Cold War Steve Meets the Outside World’ exhibition now open at Riverside Country Park Medway. On until n…
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @officiallyazeem @NICOLEDASILVAO1 @FunSoph Would of died Genuine question. Mind blowing and extremel… @BrexitTurmoil @tomhfh @JMPSimor 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @officiallyazeem @NICOLEDASILVAO1 @FunSoph Sorry, what exactly have they bought in to? Don’t they believe over 60,0… @DanielM91568186 @chirpychappy1 @FunSoph 🤢 @NICOLEDASILVAO1 @FunSoph I would question your assessment of them ‘bright’?? @jodieshroder @kercle 60,000+ deaths. Graphs new cases lead to deaths. Of course not for everyone since… @jodieshroder @kercle Or this one or maybe I was just referring to the 60,000+ people who have already lost their l… @jodieshroder @kercle No I was referring to this mess... @faungreen9 @FunSoph @albatroos8 Plus you can’t compare numbers when one was LOTO for years and the other has held the position for less than a year!People have had their freedom of movement in 27 countries removed, yet some are complaining that wearing a mask for…
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@AngelaRayner Loved that interviewNot elite: guy on a £150,000 salary whining about how he only has the one cleaner to clean his free accommodation a…
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @t0mb16 I get the distinct impression that some of those lunatics are there for a ‘day out’ and actually have zero… you don’t already follow @davemacladd you should! @PlayAdoptMe from sisters India and Darcy Fluffyjesmondunicorn and darcydimple8 🦒🦒🦒🦒🦒 go straight to Number one🤣
Retweeted by Munkehno1From someone in the know...👇 "#MichaelGove’s relationship with media baron #RupertMurdoch should be investigated"…
Retweeted by Munkehno1 @kercle @Vision270392330 @5overthemoon Zero followers and zero following x @kercle @Vision270392330 @5overthemoon Ditto 👏🏼👏🏼 @kercle @Vision270392330 @5overthemoon Bot alert 🚨 @kercle @5overthemoon Totally agree @5overthemoon @kercle How exactly would you teach that huge crowd a better path? Genuine question @miffythegamer 🤢 @kercle @5overthemoon What are they desperate about exactly? I think if one of their loved ones was included in the… @kercle Is it any wonder we are in the mess we are in when you have this kind of ignorance on such a huge scale? Actually makes me really 😡Funny how you say something about Male violence on women & how it’s driven by misogyny & patriarchy & you lose foll…
Retweeted by Munkehno1Nightingales put on 48 hour notice.
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@utb_smith @offthegrounduk And Geordie humour 😜 @KayBurley You obviously didn’t watch @KayBurley this morning...this lady needs no help 🔥 #hancockhungouttodry @SamanthaMalin Just over two years for gets easier I promise and stops consuming your every waking minute! 😘😘 @mikegove12 I needed cheering up...brilliant 👏🏼An absolute ‘must listen’ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @Juliest101 Lovely news ☺️Just brilliant.... ‘Then take another five seconds, Matt. Off the top of my head I can come up with Baroness Gemma… @Sillyshib You shouldn’t be....he obviously sees the independent, confident woman you are! You’re his superhero and… @Sillyshib That’s one very clever, switched on man cub xx @LawrenceGilder Thank you Lawrence visit you every day for this important update 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @utb_smith this...brilliant explanation/analysis of what is going on right now @RussInCheshire Thank you so much - really informative @R8MCR Glorious!!! @R8MCR @R8MCR We visited Guisborough a couple of weeks ago and it really is stunning...had a picnic next to the old priory 😍😍😍
@sonyaphotoart My ‘Ruby’ known as India x @sonyaphotoart Effortless beauty x @sonyaphotoart She is just timeless - my eldest daughter has this too. It’s as if they are from another era entirely ☺️