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Patrick and Hayley's Dad. Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. 32815

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@cruzflores360 @SunDevilPBP @SunDevilVB @SunDevilSoccer @SunDevilMTennis @SunDevilWGolf That was not. Typing too fast. @cruzflores360 @SunDevilPBP @SunDevilVB @SunDevilSoccer @SunDevilMTennis @SunDevilWGolf I’m sorry you felt that way…
@Pac12Network @JakeBreeland10 @oregonfootball My man Nick! Hotshots forever! @AlexandriaE12 Alex, take it from a Dad....he's with you every day.Today's @SunDevilPBP broadcast can be heard on 98.7 FM @AZSports and @tunein and remember....the @SunDevilPBP means… our @SunDevilPBP broadcast, we'll update @SunDevilSoccer's game at Colorado (starts at noon),…, the show you'll be talking about at your Oktoberfest party, the nation's #1 college football call in sh…, @TimHealeyASU has the exclusive pregame last word from @ASUFootball Head Coach Herm Edwards. At 3:00 p.m., it… @Utah_Football Head Coach Kyle Whittingham gives us an update on the 13th ranked Utes, @JvanRaaphorst and… @JordanSimone38 asks the musical question Who Are You? At 2:00 p.m., it's Countdown to Kickoff.… the Tailgate Show, @JordanSimone38 breaks down the matchup, we update scores and spin Jordan's Wheel of Football… Sun Devil's GAMEDAY! And what a game...17th ranked @ASUFootball meets 13th ranked @Utah_Football at… the way @SunDevilVB is battling at Washington tonight! #ForksUpG-Zill likes to listen to @ASUFootball on the @SunDevilPBP on @tunein. Of course, there was that time when he had t…🚨 GOAL! 🚨 Sun Devils strike first in Colorado Springs! @BuschLeagueTen cleans up a rebound and gets his first goal…
Retweeted by Jeff MunnJust how excited are you for tomorrow’s @SunDevilPBP broadcast with @TimHealeyASU @JvanRaaphorst @JordanSimone38 an…
Lots of great games on the non conference schedule....better get to the ticket office! @JimSharpe @NEWS923 @AZMorningNews My pleasure. Glad you're feeling better.Hey! @SunDevilVB tonight! Good luck Devils! @NEWS923 @JimSharpe @AZMorningNews Did he bring donuts?
Okay. STARTS. Where are my glasses?Check that. @SunDevilWBB Starr’s November 5 Devil Nation, you want the full value of @SunDevilWBB and @SunDevilHoops? Better take the Judge’s advice and he… @ChefWannabeTJ Thank You! @NEWS923 Everyday is Munnday, right?Good Morning. Stevie here. Where’s breakfast? Daddy woke me up getting ready to head to ⁦@KTAR923⁩ to join ⁦…
@MarJezek LOL!Hey - while you're planning your Saturday around @ASUFootball, how about finally getting those @SunDevilWBB and…'re a Sun Devil can't wait for Saturday's game at would you miss the Maroon and Gold call o…
Odd: players can make mistakes and we get over it. Referees/umpires make mistakes and are held up to ridicule. Both are human. Odd. @ASUSkip We’ll remind those listening to the football pregame, Skip!Saturday. @ASUFootball at Utah. Pregame at 1, kickoff at 3 on @AZSports and @tunein. @TimHealeyASU @JvanRaaphorst season is coming. Soon. If you don’t have @SunDevilWBB and @SunDevilHoops season tickets yet and think i… @Sun_Diablo @ASUFootball @Pac12Network @TimHealeyASU @JvanRaaphorst @JordanSimone38 @screspin02 I understand your frustration.
...and here's great news - @SunDevilPBP broadcasts are free on @AZSports and @tunein. So use your computer to get t… in Sun Devil Nation are unhappy that this Saturday's @ASUFootball game at Utah is on the @Pac12Network. Rememb… announcer @JasonBenetti on being a voice for those with cerebral palsy
Retweeted by Jeff MunnBaseball is great. Thank you and good night.
Find a way to get to @CBSSunday on @YouTube and see the story on a man I admire and respect for more reasons than I… @ASUSoftball We were glad to have them visit! @chrislewisASU @pac12 @Pac12Network You make a very valid point, Chris, and I wish we would have had more time to d…
Sun Devil Nation, what do you say? Better yet, where do you say it? And when? You say it on the nation’s #1 college… @FrozenRubber The game is on radio. Very enjoyable listen.and during our broadcast you'll also get updates on @SunDevilWGolf @SunDevilMTennis @SunDevilHockey @SunDevilSoccer @TimHealeyASU @JvanRaaphorst @JordanSimone38 and @screspin02 have the one and only Maroon and Gold call. Then after… examines the continued development of the Sun Devil offense, and @TimHealeyASU has the last word in his… to Kickoff gets you ready for the game with @TimHealeyASU's look at the matchup, Tim's visit with Defensi… the Tailgate Show, @JordanSimone38 previews the matchup, we spin the Wheel of Football, Jordan asks Who Are You?… Morning Sun Devil Nation...IT'S GAMEDAY! 18th rated @ASUFootball hosts @WSUCougarFB at Arizona's iconic footba…
And hey, got your @SunDevilWBB and @SunDevilHoops season tickets yet? Great value, great competition, awesome atmos… means football....great college football...and that's what you have waiting for you tomorrow at Arizona's…
Oh, and Same place you can get @SunDevilWBB and @SunDevilHoops season tickets. Reasonably… know what else is great? A Saturday afternoon at Arizona's iconic football venue cheering on @ASUFootball. This… night in Los Angeles, a baseball game was played. It didn't need a pitch clock, limits on mound visits, and it…
@darcangel21 I agree and I share your hope. @darcangel21 With all due respect to your professionalism and passion, I think your compliant is based on some arti… @darcangel21 What difference does it make? Both are equally distributed to cable systems and satellite providers. D… the way, got your @SunDevilWBB and @SunDevilHoops season tickets yet? case you haven't heard, there's a pretty big football game Saturday at Arizona's iconic football venue...kickoff…
While you're at, get some football tickets for Saturday. 12:30 kickoff leaves your Saturday… Devil Nation, you like value for your dollar? Consider @SunDevilHoops AND @SunDevilWBB season tickets. Same sea…
Grudge match matinee. #ForksUp 🎟: 📺: 📊:
Retweeted by Jeff Munn @jeffmetcalfe Translation: If you're a Sun Devil fan, there are lots of good ways to show your support today, and t… @K_Dodd3 The Angels simply MUST figure out a way to get players to help Trout. Baseball needs Trout in the postseas… @ASU_Baseball Apologies for the typo. Obviously it's Hunter Bishop.Prayers for the family of @ASU_Baseball's Huinter Bishop. A courageous battle ends, but love endures.
IT’S GAME DAY 😈 Come out and support @ASUSoftball tonight at 6 p.m. at Farrington Softball Stadium AND…
Retweeted by Jeff MunnAnd how bout that @SunDevilVB team? Another homecourt win last night! luck @SunDevilHockey in your season opener tonight before a SOLD OUT crowd!SUN DEVILS WIN‼ ASU beats Colorado in four!! Ivana Jeremic led the team with a double-double, 13 kills and 17 digs…
Retweeted by Jeff Munn
Congrats @jordanLbyrd! Another step forward in your career - you’re going to do a great job!Tough loss for @SunDevilSoccer but great effort. Proud of our Devils!
@mattycoyotestv @ArizonaCoyotes @AnaheimDucks Have a great show and great season Matt! @MRiceKOA @Oreo The Arizona State Fair opens tomorrow. Deep fried Oreos.Hey @Paulihander...heard you this morning on Nevada's Morning News on @kxnt... @Gambo987 is right - consider what Bill Bidwill's decision to bring the Cardinals here did for Valley media. Many o…
@kentsomers @azcentral Great story, Kent. Well done.🚨 2019-20 Single Game Tickets presale 🚨
Retweeted by Jeff MunnMr. Bidwill gave me a chance to do something I never, ever thought I’d have a chance to do. Thanks Mr. B. My deepes… @BerniePleskoff Martinez sent Zimmerman up in the fifth, called him back, and was able to use him in the eighth. Another big turn of events.Those who underestimate the value of managers should have seen this game. Dave Martinez’s decision to worry about t… Johnson said no one in the ballpark cares that Soto got caught in a rundown. He’s right. I just wonder what they’ll think if...Hey @ASUSkip...guess what’s back at DQ? Although I bet you knew already.
With a bye week for @ASUFootball, it’s a good time to look ahead to @SunDevilHoops and @SunDevilWBB. What? You have…'t brag about yourself let others praise you. -Proverbs 27:2
Retweeted by Jeff Munn @Houston923FM @Crossfire923
@DougTammaro @ASU @jeffmetcalfe @ASU_Alumni @TimHealeyASU I was curious and just read that. I never knew....Good Morning. Stevie here. Can you believe it’s been five years since Daddy adopted me from the ⁦@aawlphx⁩? Time fl…
@azsportsfan3 I appreciate your response, but what I need you all to do is call. 602-230-0620.What do you think Sun Devil Nation? Tell us- on Sun Devil Soundoff. 602-230-0620. Sun Devil Soundoff is moments away! @ann_lemaitre @brw44 @SunDevilPBP Hi there!
Attention ⁦@brw44⁩ and ⁦@SunDevilPBP⁩...we are uniform compliant. @bobjoyce27 @JoelGodett @Josh_Suchon Agreed!...@ASUSwimDive...because the @SunDevilPBP means Sun Devil Sports....ALL SUN DEVIL SPORTS! It all starts tonight at… the game, you get to say what you think about the game on college football's #1 post game call in show, Su… @TimHealeyASU has the last word with @ASUFootball Head Coach Herm Edwards. Then at 7:30, turn down ESPN, an… to Kickoff has @TimHealeyASU with a game preview, score updates, Tim introduces you to DB Coach Tony Whit…'ll also have @PaulCalvisi (Cal alum) for the second annual Battle of the Sideline Reporters, Train Trax talks… @ASUFootball meets #15 @CalFootball tonight at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, and we've got all your Maroon and Gold… Sun Devil's GAMEDAY! But before we talk football, a FORKS UP to @SunDevilVB for SWEEPING you know w…