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Stand up comic. SaaS Marketer @FreshworksInc. I am funnily serious at work and seriously funny on stage. I'm also delusional about my work and stage persona.

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democracy in this country is a joke.
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan @realDonaldTrump Levels of not wanting to repeat yourself: 1. I am saying this for the 10th time. 2. I am saying t…“Wasim bhai, aap yahaan?"
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan @enthahotness Why is this kid so cuuute? I want a hangabur. And the way he changed voices to do 'Okay. Is that it?'. My heart. 🥺If there was a record for maximum successful reviews in a day/match/series, West Indies have won it. They had 6 re… love it here
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Retweeted by Murali SatagopanThis is fucking disgusting. "I DEMAND A FEMALE OFFICER" Austin, Texas PD @Austin_Police
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i just stumbled upon these articles and quite honestly, the distinction between real and performative faith could n…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanIf you’re in need of a new quarantine hobby, click the link in the thread to become pen pals with someone living in…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanLooking for two units of A1B positive blood for a friends father in Mylapore. If you or anyone you know is willin…
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still my favorite clip of the year
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanHow to make a Ritviz song in 2 minutes!
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanGorgeous read. @sophsa @MooseAllain
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan#HeyRoger Just send you my #artwork Thank you for all))) @rogerfederer
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan3 years since I joined Arsenal and I’ve enjoyed every single day of it. Thanks to my teammates, all the staff and f…
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This is Beautiful...
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanTwitter do your thing 💅🏽
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanKanye West isn’t really gonna run for President, but his next album will be called Presidential Dropout
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanAda ponga boss. Itha nambi thaan rendu Kabini safari edutha only sparrows and cows everywhere. you hadn't hobbed, we may, we just may have held City. Just maybe. (No. I am joking. I'm dreading the FA semis)
Let’s goooooo 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 2-0
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanWas mildly skeptical. Playing a back 3 against a super fast Moutinho and lightning Adama running team with nightmar… on Arsenal! Playing Wolves away, both youngsters scoring or creating goals, let's take this clean sheet and go… back to doing Exactly what we bought him for - coming in late and scoring. fabulous piece of football. GOO ARSENAL.Welcome back Torreira. And let's flip this back onto them, Lacaa!MARTINEZ! What a sweet close in though.No, Arsenal - a point away is NOT good enough. Win. Beat the 6th place team in their silent backyard. Hold. The. Line! #COYGTierney? Yes, I understand rest but you have Luiz on with A YELLOW! That's a living breathing curly haired nightmare on a football field. @poeticgooner NEARLY haha thought he was going. They got his number wrong on the board!This game is literally Arsenal vs Adama.Champion player, my man. Bukayo, what a chap. #ARSWOLWhat is #JusticeForSasikala? A 22 year old girl was reportedly filmed while bathing by 2 men (brothers). That vide…
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This is your reminder that the new South Zone IG, (appointed post Sathankulam murders) Tamilnadu has a pending Sexu…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanMy man, you had a Spectacular save and I'm so glad you see how you've been filling Leno's shoes."if all cops are bastards don't go to the police next time any guy harasses you" yeah mf this police?
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanBukayo Saka has more G/A in all competitions (16) in all comps than Paul Pogba (4). One was £0M and one was £89M
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan @TheBodySoda @FreshworksInc @mrgirish @gopalansuman @divyabalraj Fabulous, my man! Keep killing it, the body that keeps on giving 🙏🏼Messi + Federer + Woods... “I’ve pretty much made Virat Kohli there!” @josbuttler picks his top three attributes…
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@Alwarpet_Dragon Beauty goal.Good win, great night, superb Soares and a magical Auba means we take a decently energetic and an extremely confide… and Gender.
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanEvery time we play Norwich, I keep thinking of this glorious match and this sensational and probably the best PL te… Exceptional strike, keeper had NO chance. What a see debut, Cedriic. Go Gunners!Aubaaaaa. Casual andn spectacular. Now, let's also keep a clean sheet for poor Martinez and we are ahoy! #COYGEven if this Luiz fellow is somehow magically doing his bet, this Mustafi fellow is scaring me.Xhakaaaa. Gorgeous pass, Auba and a Beautiful finish. 💃🏼 #COYGThank you goalkeepers. For keeping any semblance of a season alive. #ARSNOR #COYGGOODNESS ME, GODFREY! What a strike, gobsmacked. Thank God.Thank you for the inspiring words, Coronavirus.
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanViola Davis ain’t playin with y’all. Someone give @violadavis her flowers. Queen.
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanSingin’ in the Rain ft. Minsara Kanavu.
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanTreasured memories from three successful World Cup campaigns
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan @iSudatta Okay, on it! Thanks! I'm new to classical but boy, the music is exhilarating. @poeticgooner Hahahhaha daii.Vaa yaa. Night ethaachu pannu dad to 8yo me when the Encyclopedia seller is at the door 'Ullae po' @iSudatta Recently got introduced to it and simply Love it. All of it. The ebb and flow. Frickin beautiful @elan_arr Aiyooo this is so difficult :(These men were raped and murdered by the Thoothukudi police. Don't refer to it as sodomisation or custodial deaths.…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanLPG gas. ECR road. MCFC Football Club. to @NimratOfficial and team @altbalaji
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanMassive boiler blast at Neyveli Lignite Corporation's power plant. 4 dead, 17 gravely injured. The images from the…
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan @nandiniv @gigibenefits I'm sorry to hear that. All the best to you though :)Jayaraj and Fenix were not brutalised in secret—their friends knew and watched helplessly as their lives faded. Tha…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanHow to tell these bloody parents 'But she is maid, why do we need a mask?' 'He is a regular banana guy, why do we… I am using my art to voice out. Will you? Shout and scream.
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So, this happened today. How drunk on power are some cops?
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanThis is lowkey a bop👀
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanOn #SocialMediaDay2020, we present to you a list of skills you need to have to get that "GIVE THAT ADMIN A PAY RAISE" tweet. You should...
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanSouth India: 'Hindi theriyaathu. Athunaale Modi speech onnume puriyale' North India: 'Nallaa Hindi therinjume onnu… Manmohan who never opened his mouth and hence said nothing, it takes a special talent to spew So many words… illaadha tea kadai la yaaruku da tea aathare. video! Only because she asked him to wear a mask, #AndhraPradesh tourism dept dy mgr Bhaskar beats up cont…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanThis is PEAK America. Just Peak America! Help the Folk Artists of Tamilnadu These campaigns specifically donate groceries to fa…
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanAs some of you here may know I have been raising funds for charity and these are 2 specific campaigns that we start…
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@theblahcksheep @poisonaavi Thank you! So much.Indian government be like I know a spot and go block TikTok.the O in Atlee stands for Originality
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanI'm glad India was no superpower during the World Wars. Imagine Messenger: 'PM ji. China is going to Attack us wit… #Help A good friend's ageing father is admitted with COVID, critical and urgently needs Plasma dono… just learnt that there used to be a BUS service between London and Calcutta. 😯😯 Has anyone else heard of it, know…
Retweeted by Murali Satagopanreplace the entire British curriculum with this TikTok
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Retweeted by Murali SatagopanWhat a sight 💜💚
Retweeted by Murali Satagopan @poisonaavi @SoKneeOh @shreemiverma @alankruthahaha @zedchrmsm @axientidejure @fussyphus @geddit_ @AGirlOfHerWords as a hillbilly, Sasha Baron Cohen infiltrated a rally being held by “The Washington State Three Percenters”…
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Good hustle
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanOnline classes and Nepotism - #mrsjanaki reacts 😁
Retweeted by Murali SatagopanInspector Sridhar suspended. Still no FIR against him and others. 'Due process', they are quoting. Lack of will, I call it.
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Hey you wonderful folks. This is an experimental comedy sketch that's been close to my heart. This month is special… @shreemiverma @aaliznat Are you last baby girl? the victims picture is not going to help. This is the picture to share and retweet.…
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मैंने यह वीडियो हिंदी में बनाया है ताकि हिंदी समझने वाले लोग जयाराज और बेनिक्स के बारे में जान सकें।…
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