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Murali @muralisatagopun Chennai, India

Popular standup comic. I've toured across the world. Not for standup. I just travel a lot. Anyway, for show bookings DM on

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Chilling by the beach except dressed like I'm hiding from peak Margazhi chill. Sausalito. A beach where nobody can…
Child --> Lover --> Mother Hero --> Hero --> Hero #MaleCinema #ExitsSilently this movie were in Tamil, I would call it Edupidi.’t worry, Mr. President. I’ll see you at your trial.
Retweeted by MuraliLatest Tik Tok directed by Christopher Nolan and Abbas Mustan
Retweeted by MuraliCricketer turned Islamist evangelist Saeed Anwar gave a talk on "how to eliminate stress from your life" at Univers…
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@goibibo Worst ever app. Call me or DM me. Terrible terribly software and support center.Three of my male colleagues are pulling out of two conferences after finding out they’re on all white guy panels.…
Retweeted by MuraliHow Star health Insurance has not yet been arrested for causing sheer telephonic irritation across the country, truly amazes me.Azhar Ali can legit take the cup from Paine. #NeengaAdichathuOruPullapoochiya’ll never not post this when I hear it’s snowing in Portland
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SENSATIONAL SAVE. MY GOD LENO.I'm sick and tired. Totally defeated. Sigh. Sorry for Ljungberg too.Big opportunity, Ozil. Lead this and give us a win. Just give a damn win, it's been So fucking long, I'm tired. #COYGBabar Babar Babar your beauty. How I wish you found a more able Akbar to bat with you at the other end.
Retweeted by MuraliAmidst all of this absolute demolishment and mauling, I continue to love, re-love and fall in so much love with poo… TWO countries retire from test cricket? Asking for TWO neighbouring nations. 96/6 God DAMN.Please READ. And SHARE if it appeals to you. Let’s build a thread to help more women travel safe. We shouldn’t NEE…
Retweeted by MuraliDescribes their entire series in a gif tell my kids this was me #AUSvPAK
Retweeted by Murali @devellix It was so stupid. The captain's lack of experience is a gaping hole too. I guess I just miss Misbah :( @devellix This is a toothless attack though. I feel for Pakistan.
@manishgant Hahahaha ask themmm @adhidesign Chaa. For larger stars, I thought they would take More effort, but they're going the other way by sayin… I am hosting a standup comedy show tomorrow, Sat at 6 PM at CounterCulture comedy Club, Alwarpet. Get ticke… Love creates these incredible felt stop-motion animations. See more of her work here:
Retweeted by MuraliAbsolute genius, the God of music, unparalleled but I truly truly feel he'd be Another level a singer if he could p… @SricharannVS @hippiecryte Hahahahha, yeah. Anibro overconfidence to do such things cuz Rajni movie.
'A mannequin is an articulated doll made to resemble individuals'. ADEI truly Truly wish, for having sung the ENTIRE song, they had shown at least poor SPB's silhouette once in that entire video.Not gonna lie, he Had me at 'Must visit place in your life' i walk into a girls house and she got like 50 plants i know shes a keeper because she already takes care of a bu…
Retweeted by Murali🚨 CULT HERO ALERT! 🚨 🏏 The heaviest man in cricket Rahkeem Cornwall, has just taken 7/75 for the @windiescricket,…
Retweeted by MuraliFlight attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight? Dad: *nudging me* should've been you Me: Not now Dad Dad: No…
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Greetings noble earthlings, I'm back to doing abominable things like stand up comedy and here I'm presenting a wond…, can you all take a moment to appreciate Glenn Phillips taking a guard a foot outside leg stump and then switc…
Retweeted by MuraliI guess we will all like the song EVENTUALLY anyway, but well - He took the Marana Mass beat, lyrics are local-ish… attendant: Is there an engineer on this plane? Me: This is an Indian domestic flight. What did you expect? A DOCTOR?The AR Rahman who composes music for Mani Ratnam & Atlee are completely different people
Retweeted by MuraliBeing black in the wine industry (which isn’t very black) for the past 10 years, I’ve gained so much information an…
Retweeted by Murali @kanishkaab Well, the dad's dad should've done this joke then. Everyone wants their child to be a doctor. @javashri COUNTS. Seeing him Anywhere face-to-face counts. :DHas anybody ever had any luck with this deplorable Aadhar website? I cannot update address, not even log in and it… @FreshmarketerHQ is celebrating #EmailMarketing all day today, asking folks to share their favourite email marke…
Retweeted by Murali @javashri Have you met him too? Bloody hell man don't do this to usForever in our hearts. #63notout
Retweeted by MuraliI would have died. LITERALLY had a happiness-seizure then and there and died. Yup, pretty sure. attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight? Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you Me: Not now dad Da…
Retweeted by MuraliFlight attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight? Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you Me: Not now Dad Da… attendant: Is there a doctor onboard? Dad: *nudging me* that should've been you Me: Not now Dad Dad: Not…
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Every writer falls into (at least) one subclass: - Cuffed pants bisexual - Always stressed, very online - Moderatel…
Retweeted by Muraliதலைவரு ஸ்டைல பாருங்கய்யா.. அப்படியே என்னாமா திரும்பி நிற்கிறார்.. கூடவே பிறந்ததாச்சே..🔥😍😘 #Thalaivar #Rajinikanth
Retweeted by MuraliAt the junction of MG Road and Brigade Road, Bangalore traffic police have installed a mannequin dressed in uniform…
Retweeted by MuraliHello folks. Do you know anyone who is currently pursuing any psychology course or has recently completed their deg…
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Retweeted by MuraliAGAIN? @St_Hill HEY HEY don't judge, he is doing a regular lay up and using right hand for style.Fuck it. Let’s talk about the Utsav shitshow because this is what 2am twitter is for. I’m going to be sorting throu…
Retweeted by MuraliAs always I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be team Utsav or team Mahima, it’s perfectly fine to think th…
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Watling, Babar and Mushfiqur all fighting their own sweet battles in such diverse pitch conditions, ah fabulous test cricket, you.Beautiful thread about a masterful actor.
Marnus Labushagne is carrying the Steven Smith ghost in him from the Ashes, Damn. What a player
An INDIAN pink ball DAY NIGHT test. Big deal after DRS, let's DO this ❤
@WhambamTambrahm Hahaha dei Sharda isn't boomer ageWe are Freshworks. ❤ @ Downtown San Francisco, we'll keep writing these every other month cuz REALLY, which 30+ year old who grew up watching Indian crick… night, the #Failsforce blimp went #Hyperspace when @beck called it out. #SaaSWars #Df19 #Dreamfest
Retweeted by MuraliAt 74-0, I thought Pakistan have cracked it. Suddenly check. 105-5. Looks like they have cracked. Fail.This is gold. In fact, a diamond. I mean, a diamond gem. A Vairamuthu. Farah Khan stole it from her first Google search result on 'popular quotes'. This is by Sabino, an author. day that was, the war that is. #Failsforce #SaaSWars #DF19
Retweeted by Murali @berkson0 @FreshworksInc I’m following the @FreshworksInc blimp to @oracle park for #Salesforce #df19. No wonder so…
Retweeted by MuraliRT if you've seen the #Failsforce blimp over Oracle Park at #Dreamfest. #SaaSWars #DF19
Retweeted by MuraliIn 2015, I was a Bernie bro. Four years later, I'm no longer a Bernie bro. Here's my story: . . . . . . . . . I'm s…
Retweeted by MuraliBill Gates just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $110 billion. I struggled…
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a bunch of poor people are crowdfunding for a multimillionaire 😭😭😭
Retweeted by MuraliHow can my dad ask me who I am?
Retweeted by MuraliI called for more coffee pods in my Shanghai hotel room and this is how they came to me:
Retweeted by MuraliBlimp ✅ Skydivers ✅ Comic book ✅ Lightsabers ✅ A #customerforlife cloud that brings a new hope to businesses everyw…
Retweeted by Murali @NathanLatka is LIVE into Twitter hall of fame.
Retweeted by MuraliCongratulations to @yenceesanjeev for being a highly commended finalist in the Young #ITSM professional award at…
Retweeted by MuraliWhen you see the world's last ever manually operated cable car in perfect lighting, you should take a photo. Actual… @muralisatagopun @FreshworksInc You guys literally went we need a cloud
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If you're looking at the #Failsforce blimp flying over SF right now...PAY ATTENTION. I can't say you won't see some…
Retweeted by MuraliOne of the subjects in this image represents a bloated, slow, difficult to set up, expensive entity. The other is…
Retweeted by MuraliOffered without comments.
Retweeted by MuraliFor your amusement. But there's truth in jest. What we're trying to say here @FreshworksInc is there's new #SaaS v…
Retweeted by Murali"I'm pumped, let's do this." Here's why we're flying a blimp again at #dreamforce19:
Retweeted by MuraliHey San Francisco. freshworksinc is coming and we're literally all over your city. Check out our mega size Freshwor… of the Greatest campaigns ever has begun #failsforce #SaaSWars @FreshworksInc This year, once again, @FreshworksInc is flying the #Failsforce blimp. While it sounds like a dig, it's a really…
Retweeted by Murali"Aaaaaaand here we go." #SaaSWars #Failsforce #DF19 Why are we flying a blimp at #dreamforce19 for the second time…
Retweeted by MuraliOne like and we'll fly the #failsforce blimp at #dreamforce19 again. #SaaSWars
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Welcome to India 🤩
Retweeted by Murali @lakshnarayanan7 @PLforIndia @ManCity @premierleague WowwwwwChinnaponnu, a dog, who was abandoned at station two years ago is seriously offering her services in assisting RPF…
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