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music person. hasn’t got a clue how this twitter thing really really works but will try anyway. class is in session.

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Éist 🎧 Cóisir Tí ATT #3 Rianta móra an tsamhraidh, dar leat YOUR summer 2020 festival jams Ag smaoineamh ar na fé…
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Only four 10X8 prints with free download of our EP left over at
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @GingerSlim land a new UK chart peak with A Hero’s Death, finishing at Number 2 on this week’s Official Album…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @Bandcamp @MooKiddo @AllCityDublin @alphachromeyayo @DeniseChaila @InvictusProd @GodKnowsRF @LunarDisko @Meljoann's #BandcampFriday — a few Irish acts and labels in The Star today who'll taste better than a pint and €9 chicken…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @stuartclark66 Thank you guys 😊❤️🥰🥰🥰I know I shouldn't have favourites, but in what has been an AMAZING year for Irish music so far, this is it...
Retweeted by MuRli Bo‘TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF’ EP is available on CD now on @Bandcamp you heard it? Wellllllll
@stuartclark66 @Bandcamp @SwimmersJackson @GodKnowsRF @King_pallas @ELangfordMusic @arvoparty @footsqueaker @acera197 Thank you boss!Lots of @Bandcamp Friday goodies to be had from the likes of @SwimmersJackson @MuRliMuRl @GodKnowsRF @King_pallas
Retweeted by MuRli BoArtists such as @AimeeMusic_, @DeniseChaila & @orlagartland are proving why homegrown female acts deserve a bigger…
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Beirut, we’re thinking of you. Stay strong, Lebanon ❤️
Retweeted by MuRli BoMissing #Courage2020? We've made a playlist of performances on YouTube here: Subscribe t…
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On this week's @theirishjam - @Gemma_Bradley_ covers @TDCinemaClub's 'Undercover Martyn' + music from @ailbhereddy
Retweeted by MuRli BoLet's all keep Zimbabwe in our prayers 🕊❤ Free Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Free Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Free Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Free Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 Free…
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@theirishjam @FREESTATENOVA 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️Tune in for hour 2 as we continue our A to Z of Irish Music. L means Limerick, Louth, Laois, Longford, Leitrim, so…
Retweeted by MuRli BoI spoke to the GOAT @GodKnowsRF for the Business Post Mag this week about the absolute whirlwind that is 2020.
Retweeted by MuRli BoGo get it 🏃🏾
My manager !!!!!
Retweeted by MuRli BoAuba Laca 🤝 @EmiratesFACup champs
Retweeted by MuRli BoThe video is now on YouTube 🙌🏿 ‘We Move The Needle’ by ⁦@GodKnowsRF⁩ 🔥🔥🔥 disrespect I heard this week was shocking. The FA Cup is Arsenal’s cup. Even a couple seasons ago we slapped t…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo6 years old with a cadence like that? So excellent. Feeling aggressively protective over Laoise’s dreams ♥️
Retweeted by MuRli BoHere's some news 💫💚💚🇮🇪🇩🇪 #berlin #germany #ireland #arts #culture
Retweeted by MuRli BoTHREAD: I've had a lot of dms from women telling me they genuinely didn't know how to put a tampon in until recentl…
Retweeted by MuRli BoToday at 3pm ET/noon Pacific on #U2XRadio via @SIRIUSXM @U2 tracks from Zooropa, The Joshua Tree, & October, plus…
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Retweeted by MuRli BoJust here to say I’d probs die for the ‘average limerick person’ lmao. I’ll never stop screaming about why I love…
Retweeted by MuRli BoOur second album 'A Hero's Death' is out today. Writing this record last year meant everything to us, the support y…
Retweeted by MuRli BoThe music industry and it’s connected crossover businesses and the arts world in general is facing very real devast…
Retweeted by MuRli BoThank you @anmeangadhmor 🙌🏿🙌🏿 @GodKnowsRF Move the Needle video with @MuRliMuRl and Bony is up on YT
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @NellydaSilla Take care don! Rest easy ❤️Today is the FINAL day for public consultation about what they want from a directed elected mayor for #Limerick
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Retweeted by MuRli BoNon-autistic people of the world, please could you imagine something? Imagine that you notice every sound that's m…
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The first single from "Where do we go?" is premiering now on the @Nialler9 website. Featuring: @lacuna_raps
Retweeted by MuRli BoSlavery is very bad™️ but apparently statues of enslaved Africans greeting hotel guests is public art and traditio…
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Locals at Cahersiveen marched to Skellig Star Hotel today, showing solidarity with asylum seekers on hunger strike…
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“The live entertainment sector needs to be supported now and if it doesn’t, we’re looking at a decade of recovery.…
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@ItsEricaCody Happy Birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳My July @raidionalife show (rebroadcast on @FlirtFM) is online now. @A_Ptato @nrthrdbeats
Retweeted by MuRli BoToday I discovered Japanese skateboarder Isamu Yamamoto. Just when you think he’s done the video gets better and be…
Retweeted by MuRli BoThe live event industry is one of the hardest hit by covid. Support Irish live event industry crew by donating here…
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I love it! Everytime we are on the telly the racists are not far! I said it before I’ll say it again! @DeniseChaila
Retweeted by MuRli BoHis stream of anti-Semitic hatred includes retweeting/endorsing Neo-Nazi propaganda (one with an alt a/c “gas jews”…
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She really is our musical queen! Ireland are in awe @DeniseChaila you are magnificent! Thank you! @CyprusAveCork lo…
Retweeted by MuRli BoThat was a masterclass performance @DeniseChaila. Fierce and fab-u-lous. That dress 😍 #SongsFromAnEmptyRoom
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @tony_fitz @lordbambitoyou @DeniseChaila Thank you Tony 🙏🏿. Loving the journey this song is taking us on 😊Chaila is the song of the year, by some distance. @DeniseChaila absolutely stealing the show on…
Retweeted by MuRli BoMissing events and live music? @DeniseChaila will perform on the unmissable #SongsFromAnEmptyRoom Sat 25th 8:30P…
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I have a feeling this is gonna bang 💥💥☄️ your way 4:30 -6pm every Friday @dmajor7ths @rejjiesnow @MuRliMuRl @px_music @DeniseChaila @SaultGlobal
Retweeted by MuRli BoHazey Haze & 40Hurtz team up on 'Pignorant'. Watch the video for 'Pignorant' and our exclusive stream of 'Open Up'…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @stuartclark66 Yesssss 🙌🏿I somehow missed this last week 😬 some absolutely ridiculous skills on display here, but honestly, would we expect…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo‘We Move The Needle’ a rap song by @GodKnowsRF, BONY and this kid here, with a bad boi beat by the sir @SertOne. Pl…
So I’ve hearrrrd 👀 @LankumDublin 💯 agree with this 👌🏿Join @loftysnds 11pm for a 2nd chance to hear some tunes from his fave Irish albums of 2020 ft tracks from…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @jrspesh 😁😁😁🤐And it’s so so good. This is a good time to go listen to it 😊 probably means more music from... who knows 🤷🏿‍♂️ girl @DeniseChaila is on the show tonight plus I have new @kehlimusic @realpinksweats @liannelahavas @wizkidayo
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Retweeted by MuRli Bo.@Jamesonwhiskey's The Stay Inn Project sees emerging artists from around the globe pair up with Dreamville artist…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo.@RealJyellowL ruminates on belonging, racism and being an Irish African immigrant on ‘Doesn’t Feel Like’…
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Big up MCA always on point 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
If you didn’t read this yesterday, read it now. If you did read this yesterday, read it again. Listen and learn ❤️
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I have always admired the street art in Cork City. Bless up my OG @StevieGrainger for the spots. BLM mural feature…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @ItsEricaCody @evndoherty @liadanhynes @SundayIndoLIFE @LeslieAnnHorgan This is beautiful ❤️❤️🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿I will cherish this cover forever. Thank you @evndoherty for capturing us and @liadanhynes for sharing our stories…
Retweeted by MuRli Bograbbed two fistfuls of hair at the start of this and didn't let go until it was over, boutta go runnin down the du…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @charlie_ryder Ayyy this is a jam 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿Tonight at 9pm on @8RadioIreland I have a selection of tunes from my fave Irish albums of 2020, along with my favou…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo @DonnOSullivan Great choice 😊🙌🏿Sunday office backing track.
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Thank you @IrishTimes 🙏🏿😇🌻
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@AndreaCleary_ @GodKnowsRF @MuRliMuRl 'No one knows the violence it took to become this gentle' what a line ---…
Retweeted by MuRli BoI knew @GodKnowsRF was cool, but I didn't know he was can-do-a-spinny-high-kick cool. Anyway, this is stunning from…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo‘We Move The Needle', the superb new tune from @GodKnowsRF (featuring BONY & @MuRliMuRl). It’s available from…
Retweeted by MuRli BoThis is such a banger from @GodKnowsRF @MuRliMuRl @SertOne & BONY (what a verse!! Cameo from Ireland's future hip h…
Retweeted by MuRli Bo👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 the whole EP 👇🏾💥:
Retweeted by MuRli BoGreat to see @thekabinstudio in here with an MC Tiny cameo! @SertOne is on fire.
Retweeted by MuRli BoSee in the weekend with the very best Irish tracks released this week, with @silverbacksFOUR, @NellydaSilla &…
Retweeted by MuRli BoThis is so so good @MuRliMuRl @GodKnowsRF
Retweeted by MuRli BoIf you play one track today make it this. The bars are unreal @GodKnowsRF @MuRliMuRl
Retweeted by MuRli Bo.@GodKnowsRF unleashes the visceral 'We Move The Needle' ft. BONY & @MuRliMuRl
Retweeted by MuRli BoNew belter from @GodKnowsRF feat. bony_bone & @MuRliMuRl. Produced by @SertOne. Some of the video scenes shot at…
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Retweeted by MuRli BoClass Limerick-Cork collaboration. Unreal to see @BonyMusic, the @thekabinstudio and MC Tiny in the mix. More pleas…
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