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@hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 I can't keep up with the lingo it changes every week. @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 Well you don't get to ram through changes like this without opposition. People ar… @JohnJKelly20 And yet we have loads of people in Ireland often elites who think France is a great country and we sh… @griptmedia Would this "hate speech" law override Dáil privilege Could TD get convicted for saying this: Urging the… @KeithMillsD7 Nice idea but I can't see that flying in East Belfast @BulbuliaBrendan Oh he is no exemplar for how to life a good life no more than Trump But that is the funny thing th… @Michael_O_Regan It's called a sense of humour. Which our sole intellectual Fintan could do with. @pauljon25760128 @fotoole @IrishTimesOpEd Why don't the little people not know what is good for them;) @ronportnoir @hallisseypat @JoeEmmetDalton @RuthDE If anyone had read Myers for the years before this article you c… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 My point is, I resent yes really resent the move have toilets changed to facilitat…
@ccpecknold Ok I now found your sound cloud links. I shall followup thank you. @ccpecknold C.C May I make a suggestion, ever think of doing an online course for those of us who cannot benefit f… @patrickxwest @MaryKenny4 Well fair dues to you. Mr Westy u dug deep for this one ;) @JohnJKelly20 How effing stupid can a society be 2 consider this. Jordan Peterson used go on about academia being c… @robbie_couch What about the number 666 on a car registration/licence plate. Some countries I'm fairly sure avoid it. @PoddyMallett @LeoForde @Carpervert @PaulCowland_ @timpitt100 @MrJamesMay @motacarblog @theseoldcars @timrodie @liamlovell4 It was not uncommon to hear God bless the work as child growing up on my family's farm. But that's old… @liamlovell4 @ColmanOfGuaire A humbler people then. Now we are so effing advanced and more compassionate my ar5e. @RomanaVolny Is this a fake. If not please give context @RepublicanWoma3 @RoadMN @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @MSNBC @CNN Oh dear, that is even worse @ccpecknold St Nicholas delivered some goodies to my kids during the night here in Belgium. They don't do Santy her… @FornewsJon @RoadMN @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @MSNBC @CNN My point is that if it does inc… @tallrite @markhumphrys I am simply acknowledging the fact that this statement would be offensive to a muslims. In… @RuthDE Douglas Murray put it well: @DukeSelden I can't speak to your point, but here's what bugs me re: that song. After major Islamic terror attacks… @darrengrimes_ I cannot decide if Corbyn is malignant or incredibly stupid. If he cannot learn from the spectacula… @RoadMN @IngrahamAngle @FoxNews @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @MSNBC @CNN Does this take into account CNN being on in… @PoddyMallett @LeoForde @Carpervert @PaulCowland_ @timpitt100 @MrJamesMay @motacarblog @theseoldcars @timrodie awesome is this? The circle of life.
Retweeted by bmurr @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 As regards public toilets and my kids. When I am out in puic my 8 year old daught… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 These examples in themselves are not agendas, did I say that ? They are a small s… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 Re: toilets, they are getting changed in public buildings. Even some schools are… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 My most generous interpretation of Ur response is that you misunderstood my object…
@ClaraJeffery @yashar This reaction for very stupid ad? Then what would you do with the actor who played Hitler in Downfall @fionamflanagan1 Then what pronouns to use, f#%k getting complicated. @markhumphrys I'm not the biggest fan of Islam but I can see how this would be offensive to muslims. But if this i… @fionamflanagan1 How about referring to as "Comrade " Would that be egalitarian enough? @KeithMillsD7 And 1 team? Nice idea and maybe eventually, but you might find some northern soccer supporters are a… @DavQuinn @edwest I'd say we've had an era (decades) marked by the left; now a few non left voices are raised & the… @DavQuinn @edwest Oh the self awareness of these people. They really don't get it. I used to think the term elite w… @JohnJKelly20 Meant: The "enrichment" will not always be positive" @JohnJKelly20 And they love to condemn the (admittedly crude & at times ignorant) Trump & his wall. "Subtext Europe… @BulbuliaBrendan @Michael_O_Regan I knew the bit about moving south of the lift, but not the swamp bit. @JohnJKelly20 No I'm Not taring all with the same brush. I was pointing out the unquestioning attitude of European… @JohnJKelly20 You know there were cases of Islamic migrants chucking Christians out of boats in the Med. Do you rea… @JohnJKelly20 Couldn't make it up. Only now am I starting to realise how this 'WEST IS BAD' narrative became so per… @JohnJKelly20 Here's a pathetic e.g of the weakness of the European mentality in current culture. After terrorist… @MattWalshBlog Aside from the obvious lack of decency in dragging a kid in to this (even if U think his father is y… @NvOndarza @BrigidLaffan THE FUTURE OF Europe ? It won't have one if: It can't defend it's borders, OR Value an… @mroth78 @JonHaidt @bariweiss @nytopinion In WW2 nearly all the Danish Jews where safely evacuated to Sweden. Now J… @Michael_O_Regan As far as I know Leinster House is not built in a swamp, but we really need to find an Irish versi… @RedbrickedSlums @RuthDE When I see stories like this now, I reflect on of Bobby Sands' quote: "Our revenge will… @timryantipp @Michael_O_Regan @rtenews @IrishTimes @Independent_ie @JCFJustice Soon it won't even be a country as s… @JohnJKelly20 Here is something I cannot understand. The Imam there is on record as saying gays should be killed. A… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 Then how can you explain examples like these below, if there is no agenda? 1. Midw… @JohnJKelly20 It's not about blaming migrants, it's many things. It's Europe's inability 2 protect it's borders, I… warning @Michael_O_Regan For all his bluffing & chancing, Boris at least seems to value his nation state. Meanwhile our 'J… @JohnJKelly20 One of Murray's many witty quotes: "We'll all be discussing whether somebody who hasn't got a penis c… @JohnJKelly20 I don't know if that is what they want, I think they as in the elite and media bubble etc, do not und… @JohnJKelly20 Give this book a look, @DouglasKMurray really is onto something. @JohnJKelly20 The Googles etc, exacerbate it, but no there's more to it. There's an ideology that's taken root, out… @irelandbattles @BrigidLaffan And now we squander this hard fought Independence with a subservient attitude to the… @RuthDE I read this, & thought it was an exaggeration. But it is what they said. Have we lost our mind as a Nation.… @JohnJKelly20 Depressing thought, but I fear you're closer 2 the truth than I'd like to admit Douglas Murray has pr… @JohnJKelly20 I say this as a Nationalist who was always proud of my countries fight 4 independence. Now it seems… @JohnJKelly20 It is disturbing, added to that: Our politicians subservient attitude to the EU. The devaluing of our… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 One concerns is: The promotion of trans may result in kids drawing wrong conclusio… @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 You didn't answer my question. See the document uncovered here, from one of the wo…
Society would be better off if people were guided by their conscience rather than a blind loyalty to the supposed "…
Retweeted by bmurrWhich country spends the most time eating and drinking? 🍕🥂 See the top 15 thanks to @StatistaCharts What about you…
Retweeted by bmurr @hallwayhighway @DebbieMarchese5 Still convinced there is no Transagenda. @bahramfm @JakeSherman @yashar You assume I have grudges because I dont care for one person who fits into a catego… @amurraysdb @rte Yes he is two facesd White Face and Black Face ;)The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists
Retweeted by bmurr @bahramfm @JakeSherman @yashar Ah I just think she is full of crap and yet is lionised on magazine covers as some h… @bahramfm @JakeSherman @yashar Her words @bahramfm @JakeSherman @yashar BTW where are these white democracies that are fond of lynching @bahramfm @JakeSherman @yashar I'm not deflecting, just poking a bit of fun at her because she seems so antagonisti… @TraceyOMahony81 I'll take this as a glass half full. A) Bogus cases deported, though it should be sorted ar point… @Watsonmrk @KeithMillsD7 You'd make more sense than most of the Seanad put together. @ConradMBlack On a lighter note here is Monty Python's take on Chamberlain's Peace in Our Time speech 😉 @ZubyMusic Well for decades the narrative was only the Democrats cared for black people in the U.S , but I think Af… @Rusalka343 @EbunJoseph1 @_IHREC @AkwugoEmejulu @gender_ucd Well obviously that is out of order. But I'd contend it's not the norm @EbunJoseph1 @_IHREC @AkwugoEmejulu @gender_ucd Imagine a large number Irish person moved to China. How long do yo… @DavQuinn @LeoVaradkar @SunTimesIreland @IrishTimes He must have escaped temporarily from his bubble @beneaththerose @Ilovelampstill1 @JakeSherman @yashar And you are @EbunJoseph1 Dr Ebun Is this a fake or did you make the statement below #CERD19 should scare the living daylights out of anyone who values freedom and the rule of law. Who and What is beh… @Ilovelampstill1 @JakeSherman @yashar Called Micky Taking, I ain't deflecting for a country to which I do not live in. @M5B1tch @JakeSherman @yashar Oh Yeah, Not a man I'd let my near my wife or do business with. @GeorgeRoche17 @spikedonline @jowilliams293 A study should be done re: the type of people who promote or claim to b… @GeorgeRoche17 @spikedonline @jowilliams293 Argghhh! @GeorgeRoche17 @spikedonline @jowilliams293 They might find that the 3rd "gender" might cause some serious headach… @spikedonline @jowilliams293 Why stop at three ;) @DublinRCC @Gavin_TD_Boyne Why not consider castration for offenders, that might focus minds @JakeSherman @yashar That is over the the top beyond the pale, any organisation should drop this fella like hot coa… @edwest I think @EricRWeinstein has a good take on what we're experiencing: "In my opinion, we're now every day l… @declanganley Maybe we should let the Commies at it, so that the west get's some real perspective of what actual totalitarianism is like ;) @edwest A decade or so ago, in a chat I questioned the merits of large migration, specifically multiculturalism (yr…