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@RitaPanahi @RealNeilOMahony Not parody ? @colmrfeighery @sarahcareyIRL My point was @sinnfein joined the pile on. And they actually have a bomb maker TD. Bu…
@danieldunne Part of "DIE": Diversity Inclusiveness Equity @danieldunne " Inclusive " please explain @We_Are_AllSaved @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Not see this bit: "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure" @sarahcareyIRL Persepctive needed. It's not like he was a bomb maker @ZaidJilani ??? @DavQuinn I see little coverage of the divisiveness originating from 4ye extreme left in our Media. Here is a prop… @DavQuinn From the former paper of record or a @PaulEmbery @RuthDE “This is the first truth,” he said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker. So avoid pain, avo… @robertburke84 @JohnJKelly20 Me thinks you are correct Robert, unless we stand up for what we believe no one else will @DouglasKMurray One wonders are the Mongolian's thinking should they pull down their Genghis Kahn statue ;) Mong… @TraceyOMahony81 This I didn't know, revolting!
@realHirsty Is this the place that the #blm leader said that the holy family fled to as opposed to Demark ? Not so… @KeithMillsD7 Premature @edwest Mind blowing but when you see what they did with the delta project anything is possible. @JohnJKelly20 But the bigger issue is how the trendy media will accept this and give cover whereas if it was Priest… @DavQuinn @SunTimesIreland We shall as country continue to denigrate any traditional values and institutions in the… @DavQuinn @SunTimesIreland The thing is I still don't think the people have shifted anyway as much to the left as r…
Of course this has to start here too. @JohnJKelly20 James Lindsay has an excellent incite in to this evil ideolgy, here is the best podcast yet that I've… @JohnJKelly20 Most don't realise we are being worked over by very cynical actors who are using race to divide us. T… @fotoole @IrishTimesOpEd Perhaps U could take a break from blaming all America's ills on the flawed Trump. There ar… @patrickxwest @MaryKenny4 @spikedonline Here is a good podcast on this crazy ideology by the grieven studies hoaxer… @cvaldary This podcast with James Linsday dissects a lot of this crap and explains the origin of the crtical theory…
As someone who was targetted for my sexuality I'm very familiar with homophobia. The questions @rodericogorman is f…
Retweeted by bmurr @IrishTimes And If Biden Wins, what of the threat from the radical left that has taken over the democratic party. T… @DouglasKMurray @LozzaFox Subatomic ??? WTF?? Subatomic brain / intellect / self-awarenessIf you haven't caught my appearance on Rogan yet, you can find it here.
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@ConceptualJames An excellent and timely eposode. Well done 👍 @GrzegKolodziej @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Imagine if an ad targeted at women products with a toxic femininity tag l… @GrzegKolodziej @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ But it hit the bottom line, as the phrase that has emerged for this is: "… @GrzegKolodziej @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ It was praised by 'progressives' for its wokness @GrzegKolodziej @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ They ran an ad called toxic masculinity, for products targeted at men. @beatthesystem1 @RoundLike @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Fair point, and I must point out that St Patrick was a slave t… @RoundLike @beatthesystem1 @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Then Barbados for the Irish under Cromwell. Where do we start… @beatthesystem1 @RoundLike @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Ah yes I carry the sins of a few privileged merchants from 100… @beatthesystem1 @RoundLike @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ And your point is? @Alllive08333197 @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ I can't speak for Arthur Guinness, but anti-catholic attitudes would hav… @USERMAYNE @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ #gilette was the 1st product that I consciously refused to buy after it dismis… @natashalarebel @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Wonder will they have to change the slogan "home.of the black stuff" @Irish_OToole @PatKennyNT Here's another crazy example, in Los Angeles Alcoholics Anonymous meetings were forbidden… @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ This is the most charitable interpretation one can come up with re: #BLM This person… @andreazeegee @We_Are_AllSaved @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Well their founders are admitted Marxists, @ArielEdelstein2 @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Well I do like the micro brews, but they could be easily swayed by press…
@kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ Arthur Guinness must be turning in his grave, his company now openly trying to humor self… @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ 2/ " to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable." note no mention of fathers ? @kiaradxx @gearoidmurphy_ 1/ So Guinness now supports an organisation that is openly anti family: "We disrupt the… @CondenserMick @PatKennyNT Same as O'Toole re: an article he wrote critical of Trump and U.S was "incredibly " the… @andrewdoyle_com If ever there was case for the over used term of "privilege " this is it. @declanganley You summed it up exactly. For too long the silent majority let the others set the agenda. I suspect…
@edwest @DouglasKMurray Points out that off all these studies areas in colleges that do with black studies may stu…
@RitaPanahi @BorisJohnson Kudos to Macron on this issue. Mind you the French, might have learned something from th… @JohnJKelly20 You are right John, the radical agenda got shoved through and we were not ready or able to oppose it… @edwest This book was mentioned in a podcast that you might find interesting: @northumbriana @edwest What you may not know, is that a project to renovate it has been put on hold for so long ove… @ColumbiaBugle A good podcast which counters some of this crap @BretWeinstein @MaryKenny4 Just watching him speak so eloquently and calmly marshaling facts, does one good. He is an antidote to… @MaryKenny4 Have you see this, I suspect a Jesuit ;) An elegant case of facts over feelings well argued article on the transfanatism today’s Mail on Sunday, I’ve written about J.K. Rowling and the religion of social justice. Full article here:…
Retweeted by bmurr @andrewdoyle_com I used to hear Jordan Peterson go on about the idiot activist professors, now it has become abunda…
@JohnJKelly20 Oh the contradictions of these alleged collations has to eventually come to the for. "Gays for Palest… @LadyJuliana1969 @_sagnikbasu @DailyCaller The.older man was an example of restraint. The.young one she may be uns…
Pope Eugene IV pronounced slavery a grave sin in 1435 and excommunicated Christians who practised it. I reprint his…
Retweeted by bmurr @thecjpearson @ZubyMusic Well said. Also it's sometimes forgot that Jesus was a Jew, does that mean Christains should follow him @JennMJacksonPhD "White people" including the Serfs of the 19th century, the indentured servants, the famine dea…
@john_mcguirk Well then by that logic that would make makes Shakespeare off limits of blacks. FFS, can people not… @WayneDupreeShow Oh this is embarrassing from Marx: "now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his crani… @KeithMillsD7 I noticed LinkedIN looked different today, the LGBT+ political movement has now press ganged a profe… @dkahanerules @SohrabAhmari They're coming for Jesus too: @DouglasKMurray I noticed LinkedIN looked different today, the LGBT+ political movement has now press ganged a pro… @JohnJKelly20 It's getting to the stage that any public show of religion is counter cultural.
@JohnJKelly20 He is not implying that the disease was created and deliberately spread, but that it was researched… @JohnJKelly20 Brett Weinstein who initially accepted the wet market hypothesis, points out a few things that're odd… @GadSaad @Cambridge_Uni This is beyond mental, this is no good for humanity regardless of race or creed. May they s… @KeithMillsD7 Yes but Biden has not had a debate or barely seen in public. If people get to see how much cognitive… @KeithMillsD7 @rtenews Doesn't the Irish media do a great deal job holding the U.S U.S Gov't to account. Pity they… @McCall2020 Good for you Niall. @DavQuinn @KeithMillsD7 And yet I see more criticism in the Irish media of how other countries handled Covid notabl…
@markhumphrys @RuthDE Get over yourself Mary Lou.
@MaryKenny4 Yes Mary, it already did make a difference. Now I really see what Jordan Peterson was on a bout when h… @JohnJKelly20 @patsymacgyver We had a neigbour who didn't get electricity or running water till well into the 80s.… @patsymacgyver @JohnJKelly20 White privilege for you;) @MaryKenny4 How can one even begin to have a discussion with someone who doesn't share basic concepts of right and… Western history, attacking freedom of speech, academic freedom, freedom of religion, destroying its oppo…
Retweeted by bmurr @SadhbhO I don't understand the bit where you want to exclude people from medical facilities, please explain. @MaryKenny4 @stephenkb The bit where they sing Marseilles that eventually drowns out the German soldiers singing is incredibly powerful.
@DavQuinn @EricRWeinstein put this is a funny way. Remarking about the mystery of attacks caused by people heard s… @RealNeilOMahony I Thought holding the rally inside was stupid. But I agree the coverage is biased, even the BBC… @KeithMillsD7 Someone should tell the Massai about how they are supporting white supremacists Given that they… @DavQuinn It's funny how news is covered. If it was some right wing nut, there would not be the same reluctant to… @SalterRj @MaryKenny4 @conorleeson @KeithMillsD7 @RMcGreevy1301 Technically yes. But once a Republix was formed the… @MaryKenny4 @conorleeson @SalterRj @KeithMillsD7 @RMcGreevy1301 Not wishing to be awkward Mary. But what would be t… @KeithMillsD7 @LeoVaradkar Red lining of neighbourhoods in American cities, or building bridges too low for so tha…
@DanMulhall @BrigidLaffan @IrishTimes @UN Only for nationalism there wouldnt be an Ireland to get a UN seat. Since… guards pull down a statue of confucius during the cultural revolution.
Retweeted by bmurr @KeithMillsD7 @RMcGreevy1301 @SalterRj @conorleeson @MaryKenny4 Hmmm, you might have a point. Sometimes I feel th… @RMcGreevy1301 @SalterRj @conorleeson @MaryKenny4 @KeithMillsD7 I doubt nationalists described themselves as British. @StephenHerreid This type of extremism has happened before: From the Spanish Civil war