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red state marxist. stupid bimbo. give me 80 dollars. 68yrs+ acct only. Taking commissions @RabidyaArt Cashapp (for art):

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@drphilth_ Dark typegundam is just weeb legos i said what i said
Retweeted by PUNISHED RABIDYA, GENERAL OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS @JesseDoctor Good idea thank u @JesusisaThembo What a qt @therealBCF You can like whatever games you want and be a Gamer.Hello if we were mufos and you got put in infinite twitter jail just message me to follow you back. I have a really… @saddumbboi I had some when I was a kid that I never really played with but I'm going to now @RyanLostinTX The fuck??Getting into pokemon cards again thanks for listening @canadapoast @Kevaclysm YepI got my hairs cut todayWore a beanie with two braids the other day and it made me look like an adult Spinelli from Recess.
@derkatsfoter That is so hard. I could never even get that close.
@WillWoodyard @GarbageGangHQ Thank u @sleekcomplice Level up!!Had a nearly flawless fight against the Mantis Lords the other day and the video didn't save so go ahead and call me a liar I guess.
@BrigSanders Just pretend it's me clapping in the gif and has nothing to do with the animedisney exec: just a movie about some lions. no big deal haha elton john: [lifting a bus] go to hell
Retweeted by PUNISHED RABIDYA, GENERAL OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS @BrigSanders @ahumblebunnie Smol @Jooweein I think anything past 24 is acceptable to being daddy @Tony_simp_rano Hope you have a good day. @SemenTrash Yeah this is more about her trauma than having anything to do with being a bimbo. I dont get it at all. @SemenTrash I just don't understand what being a bimbo has to do with being chained to a bed by a nazi boyfriend li… @alaskastardust I hated this. There was another gross dude everyone on tumblr was into and I can't remember who it… @ChemtrailDenier No because I simply refuse to think about things for the first 3 hours I am awakeAlso what the fuck. @drbonertron @JinjoMf @canadapoast @yagigote @altuov @BobooTobian @VanKingoff @sansculottestoo @leothotsky69420 of you have nazi boyfriends and it SHOWS. @Penny_Underbust Your internalized misogyny is showing. Hope this helps. @JinjoMf @canadapoast @yagigote @altuov @BobooTobian @VanKingoff @sansculottestoo @leothotsky69420 @calamityqanon
@yung__mean Gm have a good day @JinjoMf @make_it_snow @Christie_Malry @canadapoast @yagigote @altuov @BobooTobian @VanKingoff @sansculottestoo @vancera @FHHuntress @sansculottestoo @fireofthylove @posting @Christie_Malry @make_it_snow @drbonertron @fireofthylove @Christie_Malry @FHHuntress @sansculottestoo @posting @vancera @make_it_snow @drbonertron @grimlockfly I was playing games on DOS on my grandpa's computer in like 1991 lol @AlarmedZ0o0ya Here's party parrot Elvis. @leftendo I could drink like 8 cups of coffee and then go to bed lol @leftendo Idk if I have it. I did have a low grade fever a few days ago. Getting tested tomorrow. @leftendo Thanks. I feel mostly ok now just exhausted. @ttid96 I've had chronic migraines since I was 12 👎🏼. Thankfully I usually know when I'm going to get one but it do… @FishAndLies Too big brainsHad probably the worst migraine of my life yesterday and today. I'm so glad it's subsiding now.A keyboard. But then 16 after. @creeptwin At least they're honest I guess.
@penandjen @thot_piece Yeah same @fireofthylove @make_it_snow @Starscape14 @FHHuntress @sansculottestoo @RealDylanKnight @yagigote @vancera is baby. @fireofthylove @Starscape14 @FHHuntress @sansculottestoo @RealDylanKnight @yagigote @vancera @canadapoast @thot_piece I dont bother to keep up with most people tbh @garfpoop Who care she's a creep @destroytokyo Potato motherland @delicatecaleb @aarona59 Always my dude @Starscape14 @fireofthylove @FHHuntress @sansculottestoo @RealDylanKnight @yagigote @vancera @canadapoast @Starscape14 @FHHuntress @sansculottestoo @RealDylanKnight @yagigote @vancera @canadapoast @fireofthylove @a_bonarlaw I called someone that after she admitted to abusing her dog and got banned. @stoinksmcquoink Yeah it's such a good gameI've played hollow knight but it's free on ps4 so I'm playing it again @make_it_snow @fireofthylove @THATAlanCovert @canadapoast @RealDylanKnight @Starscape14 @hehimhischel @EGattignolo @fireofthylove @THATAlanCovert @canadapoast @RealDylanKnight @Starscape14 @hehimhischel @EGattignolo @creeptwin @RealDylanKnight I've also gotten rape, kidnapping, and death threats and the person still has an account. @briggityboppity That's right.Good idea, Ben. Say more. @dinosaurthe3rd No it's not @fireofthylove @THATAlanCovert @canadapoast @RealDylanKnight @Starscape14 @hehimhischel @EGattignolo @RealDylanKnight They just don't care about slurs. That's the thing. They only care about people being mean and hurting someone's feelings.Was gone all day and now I see that someone is infringing on my 80 dollars bit. @parasite_steve I made an obvious joke that I was going to hack someone and set their notifications to the tidus laugh on full volume.I got a 12 hour ban for making a joke about the final fantasy tidus laugh... yet nazis and terfs do whatever they want.
@NerfZergShamans @GRIFTSH0P 👎🏼 there are too many I can't keep track @GRIFTSH0P Did they actually go away? I'm tired of sex pests. @GRIFTSH0P I missed out on whatever this is aboutFleets are just twitter for cowards. @canadapoast @RealDylanKnight @make_it_snow @dinahbrand2 @sansculottestoo @TheClickPit @Christie_Malry @drbonertron @cointeltoe That's right @dinahbrand2 @sansculottestoo @make_it_snow @TheClickPit @Christie_Malry @drbonertron @fireofthylove @posting @fatnudes @MattWatchGundam I support this praxis @delicatecaleb @aarona59 Soooo... either of you coming to fist fight on the lawn? @drbonertron None anymore. Snowed for a week but all melted by yesterday. We are in fall 2 here. @ABetterRed SAME TEAM @feral_feminist @make_it_snow @TheClickPit @Christie_Malry @drbonertron @fireofthylove @posting @Starscape14 @sansculottestoo @canadapoast @posting @GenXRadFem @dinahbrand2 @make_it_snow @TheClickPit @Christie_Malry @TheGigconomist Holy shit @Twootin I have no idea what this man is ever trying to do @RealDylanKnight @vancera @canadapoast @GenXRadFem @posting @sansculottestoo @dinahbrand2 @make_it_snow @AntwanMellach @MaosLittleEGirl @THATAlanCovert @fit__feminist @drbonertron @vancera @dinahbrand2 @Starscape14 @AntwanMellach @MaosLittleEGirl @THATAlanCovert @fit__feminist @drbonertron @vancera @dinahbrand2 @Starscape14
@leftendo @Willie_Mack I want him to come over and teach me how @derkatsfoter 5:30 @leftendo U can try!! @destroytokyo I don't ever wanna go back @This_is_Ada Yeah that works @Lawn_Destr0yer Good i hate lawns they're bullshit @Kevaclysm Me either and I don't want them @Wesley_Barton Everyone online says that.Wanna come over and fist fight on the lawn? @dinahbrand2 @TheClickPit Shut the hell up lolMf lookin like he just crawled out of a dumpster'm 10'34" in my mindRt with a pic of yourself and your height I'm 5'4"