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Zack Stentz @MuseZack Encino, California

Screenwriter (Thor, X-Men: First Class, The Flash, Booster Gold, Rim of the World, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.) Novelist.

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@CJKnightmare95 I've loved the Carnotaurus since I saw the reconstruction they have at the LA Natural History Museu… @rob_krol They had the organization, they just needed iron & big-ass animals to ride. @HosteenCholo If you want it to be set in a world where COVID is ongoing than yes. Otherwise, no. @seaninthemiddle It was all Scott, Josie, Rick, Sheela, Bethany & our other wonderful writers. I feel like I gave t… in the Northeast, the Natives relied on corn farming & all of the sudden--often before they ever saw a E… @TananariveDue @reghud @djdnice Holy cow, @reghud produced this? Is there anything that guy can't do? @cogman_bryan Has Disney made the directors the effective show runners of the Disney + Marvel shows? I sure see the… @HosteenCholo My feeling is that when this is over no one is going to want to be reminded of it, though. @HosteenCholo The last spec script I wrote was specifically to be shootable in the age of Covid (small number of ch…
@hradzka The one-two punch of aspirational lifestyle + powerful man finds you sexually irresistible is the engine o… did an alien invasion script that started with a school field trip to Jamestown to make exactly that point-that p… of the most striking things about European settlement of the Americas is that the animals the settlers brought… @hradzka The fact that the guy with the sex dungeon in these stories is always fabulously wealthy is quite telling, isn't it?Very specific language in our life insurance policy.
Retweeted by Zack Stentz @taraplatt @DavidNAtchison @netflix It depends on your kid's sensitivity, but the scares and the stakes are pretty… @DavidNAtchison @netflix Thank you for your contributions! That was a fun little room we all did way back when! @TripperClancy If we could give people a few hours' respite from our 2020 hell world by taking them on a trip to Is… @petersuderman @SonnyBunch @HillSpiaire Accurate. Helm's Deep is the best extended siege sequence we've gotten since Zulu. @mike_makowsky Congrats! @nevslin Having friends send me photos of themselves watching the show with their kids has been really lovely. It's…
Last December my tough-as-nails, then 72-year-old mother went through open heart surgery with a Ruth Bader Ginsburg… @DhalgrenHogg87 Hope you're enjoying the show!Amen.
Retweeted by Zack Stentz @KirkWrites79 @greg_chun You did a great job, Greg, and BD Wong's shoes are mighty big ones to fill yet you did it with aplomb! @jillybobww It's a delightful movie. @FranklinH3000 @AliceFromQueens I remember the New Yorker profile of him as the Supreme Court justice in waiting wh… @happyhauntkenn Glad you're digging it! @AliceFromQueens Crazy to think how this incredibly respected jurist turned out to be just another #resistance tweeter.A great interview with @pmikey3, who plays Darius, our resident dinosaur expert, Charlie in the chocolate factory f… @supermegapancho Muchas gracias! @craftingmystyle Oof. "St. Peter welcomes beloved dead famous person at the pearly gates" might be my least favorit… @roddreher Rod, look at it from our side. McConnell outright stole a nomination from Obama by blocking a vote on an…
Mood. tova to all of my friends who celebrate! Blow that horn! @TheOnlyWarman I pitched the concept to Dreamworks Animation back in April 2017 and started work almost immediately… @JayFaerber Ah, good to know. I haven't been to Vancouver in over 15 years so my geography is pretty rusty!When you jump into an existing franchise you do so realizing you're a small part of something much bigger...but get… @JayFaerber I mainly know about it from its appearance in The X-Files! @kausartheperson @Raini_Rodriguez This is a rad interview. My cousins are half-Mexican and half-Lebanese, so Sammy… @kausartheperson @movieposterguy @Raini_Rodriguez @pmikey3 Open the door, get on the floor... #campcretaceous @tonytost Much love to you and the family, Tony. @JosephKahn @iamadriandev Right??!? @ReelSpotMonkee That Philip Glass score too... @ReelSpotMonkee I'll arm-wrestle you for who loves Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters more... @ManMadeMoon @Robwilliams71 I finally caught Wake In Fright and man, Pleasence was good in that. @FatehMulk I heard great Yeti stories while researching a movie that didn't end up happening, told to me by two of… @DesiMountaineer @FatehMulk Bang your head against the brick wall of Hollywood for a decade or so and hope the wall… @theyoungilkim I wish!A whole bunch of us have been working really hard for around three years now to bring you all a fun show about kids… @WildBillWellman Apparently genocide denial on this website is just fine and dandy as long as it's of the tankie variety. @movieposterguy @Raini_Rodriguez @pmikey3 @kausartheperson Everyone staying up until midnight for this? ;)
2020 non-academic assessment of Zinn: super nice, good-hearted guy, his most famous book is overly reductive at times… fact: my first article in @EW (commissioned by @MagicBranch!) was an interview with the late Howard Zinn about… @mattyglesias Not today they don't! @HosteenCholo When our daughter was really young (5-6) she would have incredibly detailed descriptions of previous… @HosteenCholo Your momma is a badass!So fun talking to Emma from @SIKids, about Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous! Kid Reporter Q&A: "Jurassic World: Ca…
Retweeted by Zack StentzA stunning pair of Hellenistic gold arm-bracelets in the form of coiling snakes culminating in two tritons, male an…
Retweeted by Zack Stentz @steveasbell @mrmarkmillar @GeorgeTakei Dee Kelley is such a pimp in this photo, I love it. Talk about Kirk and Spo… @TheMidnightLA Happy belated if I missed it! Long may you reign!thirste trapp
Retweeted by Zack Stentz @BittrScrptReadr Her Caribbean accent on Buffy was so dodgy but I still love her line delivery of "Dat's me favorit… @BittrScrptReadr Does Lawson have the record for most years spent convincingly playing a teenager, or does Gabrielle Union own that crown? @ZLahq2037UzEvnf @hradzka Yes.In case you wondered what price he's paid being perhaps the greatest mountaineer on Earth, here's what Messner's fe… @TheEricGoldman I haven't seen this since it was in constant rotation on HBO when I was about ten years old, but I… do you think the most baffling reference is in the Piña Colada song to anyone under 40? @Shaun_Wren @kingstonwrites @buddboetticher 1: What do you want from your software? 2: What's industry standard in… @EricRogersHere @MikeRoe @BittrScrptReadr My wife has never seen Karate Kid and completely follows the show. As a G… @spwells Above 100K a day soon or is this a plateau? India could be at a million cases a day and still take nearly… @Halalcoholism I'd laugh harder if there weren't a bunch of people on this website who literally see themselves that way. @WildBillWellman Does that idiot realize that he's an ostensible liberal regurgitating 60 year old John Birch Socie… @JayFaerber Thrillers with adults? Man, I miss those. @HotRodd01 @JaimePrimak They keep it all though, not split it with theaters.Psst. Nearly every superhero movie is another genre, with superheroes added. And a lot of them are family dramas at… @LauraRWhang @nevslin The thing I hate most is when projects just sort of wither and die but no one bothers to tell… @JaimePrimak Are people gonna pay 30 bucks to watch something at home when theaters are open again, though? @nevslin LOL. Of course not. @nevslin As a producer once told us, "Sometimes no news is just no news." @MikeMarano @tyburr Making a movie (or TV pilot) is a lot like working for a political campaign--it's easy to get t… @unikunka Everyone was expecting this to be another billion dollar WW grosser (probably unrealistically given China… @RobertGuyDavis @pmikey3 Maybe Michael Crichton did. He seems like a Steely Dan fan. @MikeSigner @donwinslow @realDonaldTrump Don doesn't play around. @unikunka Would love to know whether they just bought out the producers and back end participants or rolled their c… cheers to @pmikey3 for not only delivering the line "Dr. Wu must have put the bioluminescence gene into the p… #CampCretaceous debuting Friday on @netflix, I spoke to @MuseZack about how the new animated series teaches us…
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@SeanMcCarthyCom Nah, getting jobless people outdoors doing socially useful work while learning new skills and earn… @Jusblazebyrd @franklinleonard You could totally hear his voice in your head when you ready that, right? @Jusblazebyrd @franklinleonard "They call it the Enterprise Room, man, because it's for people who wanna be beamed up to Scotty." @franklinleonard I feel like this guy has been a good-looking 35-year-old for my entire adult life. @Noahpinion 17 tweets to get to the word "union!" @ebruenig Also, an infinitesimal percentage of American women are popping out ten kids. The US fertility rate is be… @shutter_j @katrosenfield Have you seen the articles about how Danny Lloyd, the young actor from The Shining, had n… @michaelbd The wasabi and soy sauce ones are delicious though.RARRR! @mymanbeposting The two goldens are good about staying close, so I really only have to control old man Mr. Midnight… dogpower engine. @garywhitta Best climax to a sports movie ever.