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Literary agent at @MushensEnt, sartorialist and cat wrangler. Pollyanna-ish. Master of the cheeky wink. Generally heard before I'm seen. Bend and SNAP.

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@TMLoganAuthor @abigailsdean Oh I so hope you enjoy!European doctors in the 14th century:
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @carolinesgreen I have a high tolerance purely because I endured Kalinda’s in the Good Wife but it is MOST distractingIntroducing: The Thursday Murder Book Club Sweepstakes! Enter to win 5 copies of THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB & a virtu…
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @Words_by_Sophie Awesome!This you?
Retweeted by Juliet MushensI’ve just set up a monthly direct debit to my local food bank to help feed a family. Find yours here and donate:
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USERS: we love twitter but it has problems TWITTER: great we'll fix them USERS: do you want to know what they are TWITTER: absolutely not
Retweeted by Juliet MushensHEARTWARMING: Celebrities sing "Let's Hear It For the Boy" to show solidarity with Chris Pratt
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @Philip_Ellis I am enjoying! Very different beast to Hill House though @CescaMajor It’s not scary at all and I am a giant baby @sennydreadful I’m not up to him yet but the narrator alone is a WILD ride @sennydreadful @OfWolfandMouse Not scary but so camp and fun @AnnaEllory @BukiPapillon @AAAiswriting So lovely 🥰🥰🥰 @ElodieITV @AAAiswriting @BukiPapillon 💓💓💓💓💓 @BukiPapillon @AAAiswriting Ah that is so lovely! I am the lucky one 💓💓 @notanotherviral You better believe I SCREAMED when I saw himWow the accents in the Haunting of Bly Manor are... QUITE something. @JodieRMatthews Tends to be evenings and weekends if I’m honest, or early mornings! @GeorgeGlennonG2 @MushensEnt You develop a quick sense of: strong concept, strong writing + that subjective extra o… @RebelOtter Ha ha I know @AAAiswriting He is smouldering! Xxx @mmdotcox A lot of voice notes and a lot of candles @AAAiswriting Ah always! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 @Laure0901 Ha ha definitely! @Raji_Warrior @MushensEnt Definitely! @jennysaint @MushensEnt Haha I actually ended up cutting a few paragraphs too 😭😭 @AkiSchilz Ah thank you!!!! @ALoupim Glad to hear it! @ElodieITV Hahahaha*GIVEAWAY* On your marks get set GO GO GO! I have FIVE proof copies of the very sought after #GirlA @abigailsdean
Retweeted by Juliet MushensWe heard from @bukipapillon earlier this month when she told us what #BlackHistoryMonth means to her. Tune in to th…
Retweeted by Juliet Mushenslee pace unfollowed chris pratt so here are some pics of the 6’5” king to celebrate
Retweeted by Juliet MushensSeriously.... a LOT of emails. @footledonk Don’t tell Luna that! @Diana_Beaumont They were amazing#TheSilentHouse is back in the Kindle Top 100, at #67 this morning! Not long to wait for @Writer_Nell's next Paige…
Retweeted by Juliet MushensBagpuss meets Outlander @ElyzabethDG The full arc is definitely worth it imo - especially because some quite strong character changes take… @SCrowleyAuthor @KBBooks Oooooh @KBBooks Good to know!'Alexa, sum up what 90s breakfast telly looked like'
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When I was a young warthog..
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Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @marcocult It’s astonishing @ohaneef @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Absolutely!!! @NicholaDeadman The music is soooo good @ScottKAndrews @Den_Patrick Wow that’s incredible! @Sarah_Woolley God bless the mail robotWe watched all six seasons of The Americans in the past couple of months and I genuinely think it’s the best drama… @KBBooks I feel bereft! @jenntendo64 Emotionally exhausted @Liv_Chapman Reeling @bethanyrutter Wow @kim28young @richardosman Thank you! Richard and the team truly smashed it @cmgleeson I cried twice @DawnHFoster @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt She is an angel @rosannacundall @NoisyMV HahahahaWe are on to the final ever episode of The Americans and I am EVEN more stressed than Elizabeth was when Paige starts going to church.Sky claim to have done extensive research, that didn’t include looking at his face, but very basic research throws…
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @SirBenfro @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt So awesome! @_lucius @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I love it! @spookypurcell @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I nearly cried just seeing the UPS guy hahah @saranaidinecox @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt So cool @LisforLia @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I am deceased @DillsworthL Let me look into this - I mean, they are the same size... @Notwedordead @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Isn’t it awesome! @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Love you my goth queen ❤️❤️❤️ @Jackcabnory @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt So cool and thoughtful @AlisonStockham @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Isn’t it! @AshaHick @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I love it @Laure0901 @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Too cool!!! @AinChiara @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Phenomenal! @CaroleTonkinson @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Just so cool! @jennysaint @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I am gazing at it as we speak ha ha @AAAiswriting @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt So cool! @RebelOtter @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I looove it @ElodieITV @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt Isn’t it so thoughtful! @DillsworthL @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt So awesome!! @Isabelwriter @fatgirlphd @MushensEnt I LOVE it @DillsworthL #TeamZillah ❤️❤️❤️❤️My mystery UPS parcel arrived and I must confess to shedding a tear at this amazing gift from @fatgirlphd - of the… @HannaHanra @richardosman Also vvvv good contenders @janelesley @richardosman Woohoooo @LisforLia Sheer devilry @LisforLia Luna got behind our fitted kitchen day oneCongratulations @richardosman - #TheThursdayMurderClub is number 3 this week with 15k hardbacks sold bringing us to…, drunk on its own power, pulling headline components out of a tombola. 'Westminster... declares war on... Man…
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @wenyan_lu @DillsworthL So autumnal!Congratulations @AnnaEllory on publication day - and great reviews today in Saga and Heat! space with @jodipicoult TWICE!! What an honour!! Thank you HEAT & SAGA magazine for lovely reviews of…
Retweeted by Juliet MushensBeautiful flowers from @DillsworthL brightening my day 🥰🥰🥰 lovely folks at @PublishersWkly say POSSESSION is a "twisty, atmospheric psychological thriller" with a "gasp-w…
Retweeted by Juliet MushensITS PUBLICATION DAY! #ThePuzzleWomen is launched into the world today and I am all the feels. This book has been a…
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2020 is utterly exhausting.
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @sennydreadful Me at the end when the mystery is not solved @AndreaGStewart Her little face!This year, why not honour an elderly war veteran not just by buying a poppy, but by maintaining social distancing,…
Retweeted by Juliet Mushens @bnedge Diana Evans - Ordinary People, Kiley Reid - Such A Fun Age were my faves this year!