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Music is Remedy promoting and developing the live Soul and HipHop scene

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#morningthoughts #quote #motivation love with this album 💚 @egoellamay Suberb
Watch "The MISTAKES Are Where ALL the LEARNING IS! | Mel Robbins | #Entspresso" on YouTube… waiting until everything is perfect. Make mistakes start doing learning build the momentum and grow. You won't… #businessTips "The mistakes are where all the learning" Mel Robbins #quote #motivation
This IT???? tings!!! the sun is shining the way it was i love nothing more than unapologetically blazing the first Jamiroquai album… thread!!!!!! Yes... yes.... yes'm doing this TODAY! Join in if you can, it's open to all and free
Retweeted by Ash RemedyYoooo @JAY8LUE BIGNESSI love this subtle animation 🌌 This is the acoustic version of Traingazing, featuring @honeymooncie ✨ it’s on all s…
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Super excited about the release of my new EP! Pre save it here #comingsoon #newmusicmonday
Retweeted by Ash RemedyBigness!!! "GAME CHANGING Moment You NEED to Create! | Brendon Burchard | #Entspresso" on YouTube… video on necessity and why if you are not doing what you want to be doing you haven't made it a necessity yet… #businessTips "Now it is not a prefrence, its a must" Brendon Burchard #quote #motivation
Hey! Happy Father’s Day. I thought to share a thread regarding, just incase you fancied rea…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyI only have 50 subscribers to go until I reach 1000 on my @YouTube channel. Please subscribe & share! Thanks…
Retweeted by Ash Remedythere are now 3 episodes of my @weareunedited podcast online! With special guests @missescoffery @omarlyefookMBE &…
Retweeted by Ash Remedy @ConorAlbert Undecided @SIPPRELLmusic Nu Low @EttaBond Break my quarantine @JodieAbacus Octopus @EzraCollective Footprints to my Weekend A ton of great new music dropped this week here are some of my favourites??? Check the…
Ezra Collective just don't disappointMorning soulbirds, I'll be going live tonight at 6pm on Instagram to answer all your #BrownGirlLikeMe questions!…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyHappy Release day 🥳 Check out my first release of our challenging 2020. (Octopus) Everything is going to plan.…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyTon of new music out today though
Episode 2 is here!!! We look at an a stone cold banger, Maxwells Urban Hang Suite. If you know it enjoy reminiscin…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyTomorrow. @bluenoterecords Re:Imagined .... new music for you all ❤️💛💚
Retweeted by Ash RemedyGot a new video for ya! This is my song ‘Talk In The Morning’, with the awesome Dan Jefferies on guitar. Directed b…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyWe're looking forward to this weekend! A double dose of Soul Surge on two platforms, which means music music and more music for you guys!!
Retweeted by Ash Remedy‘Give A Little’ video out now! Watch here:
Retweeted by Ash Remedy"you simply say, go back to where you came from. i say, i don't know where that is anymore.." a beautiful project…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyThis series is a great insight into the songwriting world and the industry check it out 2 is Live We dive into the classic debut album from Maxwell "Urban Hang Suite" The album that followin…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyLost A Little @her_songs is out noww, this song was made on DAY 1 in Toronto, after we had not seen each other for…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyVery much deserved
Watch the show that everyone is talking about. Michaela Coel’s fearless new drama I May Destroy You is streaming…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyLock in tomorrow want to hear from you! To send in your requests, shout outs and voicenotes, send us a DM and we'll let you know what to do!
Retweeted by Ash RemedyI keep telling you Music is Remedy!!! Anyway looking forward to this new music from K K that... bring it yes Ego
@Okwonga Thanking you back brother🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 the truth you when I get there. Episode one.
Retweeted by Ash RemedyChuffed to announce that 5 years after we made @BeatsElements No Milk For The Foxes with @CamdenPT (and almost as l…
Retweeted by Ash Remedy👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 like another special piece of work on the way you, Keep inspiring. #poetry #spokenword #footballwriterFinding words and combining sentences to help people like me eloquently explain race issues to those who don't unde… he uses his words for other good work not alone does he share his insight into the beautiful game (football) in… @Okwonga A photo from yesteryear... what a Don. This gentleman took the mic at many an event o… "START Owning your MISTAKES! | Joe Rogan | #Entspresso" on YouTube #Support the mistakes you make. Be strong enough and humble enough to take the L learn from it and move on. More interes… #businessTips "You should relish every opportunity to apologise and say you are wrong as a showi… #quote #motivation
Many thanks to everyone who has responded to this survey so far, we're keen to listen to you and implement your ide…
Retweeted by Ash Remedy💚💚💚‘Summer Evenings’ ✨💙🦋 the official music video is out nowwww: full version here:
Retweeted by Ash RemedyBeautiful write up! 🥰
Retweeted by Ash RemedyWatch "STOP Living Like an ACCIDENT! | Brendon Burchard | #Entspresso" on YouTube decisions, make choices and act. Run with it trust your instinct and go. Its easy to um and ahh and wait for t… #businessTips "Successful people make decisions very fast and change them very slow if and when t… #quote #motivation
First episode drops today!! We're talking about @thedangelo #Brownsugar If you're a fan of Soul, Neo Soul whatever…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyWe are live a new podcast on soul music featuring myself and my boy @JamieJohnCheat Episode 1 is all about the in…
The Wretch video is an absolute madnessPlease RT #BlackLivesMatter my interview with Belinda Zhawi @mamoyobornfree on the creative agency in representing…
Retweeted by Ash Remedy @Incisive1 Sheeeeeeiiiiiiittttt That made me chuckle still!!!Listen to the show featuring @Mary_Sho_ discussing wellbeing and self-care as well as her new single 'All my girls'
Retweeted by Ash RemedySo the team and I have decided to put on a live show! 🔥🔥 Monday 15th June 8pm - UK time. ✊🏿- ‘Cry Like A Man: Li…
Retweeted by Ash RemedyFeeling this new @RaleighRitchie though ladies haven’t had an apology since 2004! It’s time we change that 🖤 ‘Sorry’ OUT NOW
Retweeted by Ash RemedyShe continues to deliver excellence and set standards for others to reach. Can not wait to hear what comes next. S… has consistently delivered with her all her content videos, artwork , cooking (i want one of them cakes!!!) And… one who has been a supporter and key part of what we do for a long time now. Even in the early days working… Given all that is going on in the world I wanted to give the timeline a daily shot of positivity… "Too Many PEOPLE Make THIS MISTAKE! | Gary Vaynerchuk | #Entspresso" on YouTube a time when everyone is looking for content there is no better time to be posting and getting in front if client… #businessTips "The more content you put out the more likely you will be successful" Gary Vee #quote #motivation
Individually the members have gone onto achieve great things but this image a reminder of the power in unity and co… collective of inspiring creative genius who brought an incredible energy of creative togetherness to the event an… Given all that is going on in the world I wanted to give the timeline a daily shot of positivity… the vibes from @SoulSurgeUK on @theresnosignall peace and healing for the mind and soul. Big up @TonySupremeuk #SoulSurgeRise & shine with @SoulSurgeUK On @theresnosignall from 9am!
Retweeted by Ash RemedySo charge your batteries and get to it. New podcasts and content on the way!It's been a long draining week... my head is back in the game. Take time if you need to disconnect from it all, bu…
Watch "How to MOTIVATE Yourself to KEEP GOING Forward! | Lisa Nichols | #Entspresso" on YouTube… #businessTips "what gets celebrated gets repeated" Lisa Nichols Celebrate the wins. When you…