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Mélian thee Maia @MusingsHistory Village Hidden in the Leaves

The official Twitter account for the Musings on History podcast. “My dreams belong to me, and in them, there is joy.”- Clifton Brown III 🕊

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@moderndaybc @FrankbyXmas (All You Had to Do is kind of a banger though) @moderndaybc @FrankbyXmas It’s like he triggers me on purpose sometimes“Ivory Coast and Ghana are cancelling all cocoa sustainability schemes that U.S.-based Hershey runs in their countr…
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaThey are so gorgeous’s usually apathy for me @FrankbyXmas WütJesus...why would you...?'s LGBT not eligibility
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaI am not being dramatic when I say I’ve never related to a meme more in my life.
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maia @Beau_Oddball Everyone has their part to playAlso I might like you but what you said wasn’t that interesting. Get over response time does not determine how interested i am in you. i have adhd
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaBeing nice to White supremacists is clearly not working, let’s try something else!Not Desus knowing terrible Taylor Swift deep cuts.Ah, a rare Welcome to New York stan... friend said she can’t hangout this week bc she just gave birth?? u have known the baby 1 day and me 13 years but ok
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaThat man has probably terrorized your people all his life and instead of having to pay the piper, he gets a second… what was the purpose of that self-gratifying thread? You want people to take this pandemic seriously but you a… about “material conditions”. Make it extremely dangerous to be a White supremacist and I promise you, you won’t see many more of them.Or just them. That works too. story woulda ended much differently if I was in that ER room. Oh you’re a Nazi that can’t breathe? Good, that’… fat Black woman goes to the doctor with any ailment and you’re rude and tell her to lose half her body weight bef… then you come on Twitter where Black people and women have to fucking spar with doctors to get a proper diagnos…’s literally the ethos behind “unter Menschen”: the idea that all non-White people and ESPECIALLY Black people,… @bvbgurrrl Like fuck him and fuck you for keeping another damn Nazi in the worldLike do y’all not get that White supremacists think “of course this Jew/nigger/immigrant/Asian is tending to me, th… “I saved a Nazi” story’s doing all this in a panny? Bitch a superspreader don’t take care of women when they get old LMAO this makes perfect sense because I hate pigs and women make countless adjustments, big and small, between sunrise and sunset just to get home. surviving c…
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaMe most of my life: I can’t do sports Me at 30:
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maia @filmzkdlin GUCCIMAN GUCCIMAN GUCCIMANLike rose Twitter has been wailing in my mentions all day bc I said the French Revolution wasn’t some proto-sociali… only thing a White person can do for me is give me money and then leave me alone.And in the whole 14 years of the French Revolution there was only ONE GUY who said “ya know, maybe we’re being a li… @ineedja_kadeeja They were importing slaves by the thousands every month throughout the entirety of the French Revo… have you read a single excerpt about slavery in Saint Domingue? This shit was BARBAROUS and White leftists are… then when you’re like “????slavery????” they’re like “whaaaat, everybody was doing it! That was the times, we c…’s like the 20 million slaves in the French Metropole were an abstraction to them. When White leftists talk about… White people will barge into your Black ass mentions talmbout the “working class” like France didn’t have milli… what’s crazy is that American historians and teachers are always highlighting the similarities between the Fren… at the end of the first iron man movie
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maia @34Unami @Al3xH3rnand3zz @andraydomise While they were chopping off heads the war was going on??? @34Unami @Al3xH3rnand3zz @andraydomise What did that opposition look like, exactly?They should aim higher than me @34Unami @Al3xH3rnand3zz @andraydomise The “radicals” were still the bourgeois though? The working poor were being… @WztSharmuta Oh no, by all means, convey it. Aber...understand that no one else really cares or is obligated to do… you get that, lean into it. You’ve been checking your watch for the wheel to spin’s not spinning. We’re… @WztSharmuta Yes that’s my point, you aren’t doing anything that anyone else isn’t doing so what exactly is the rus… think out of all the issues I have, the hardest one to overcome is that I struggle to articulate the vast range o… @WztSharmuta Are you shocked really? You hate everything we say and do, everyday. At least the rest of us revel in…’s the way it goes: if you can’t start discussions you have to just sit there and let them run their course. Th… when we hand you the microphone and say “here, you be the thought leader!” it’s tumbleweeds. You’re as boring as everybody else!Who is having substantive and critically engaging conversations that vary every single day? Nobody! Nobody nowhere.… see it's funny becau
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maia @WztSharmuta Why do you follow people in Black Twitter when you clearly disdain everything about everyone on here?Are you doing just fine? moron thinks there’s a correlation between obedience and abuse, even in the instance where the child isn’t bei… 💯
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maia @Marvlusone @on_verbs Not really[UCC] "Leader of MARKeting," Netizens praise Mark and joke that GOT7 is now managed by 'Mark Entertainment'
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maiayou ever hit the blunt and then just look @ it like — uhhh, are we good?
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maiame in True Kitchen off my 6th tequila shot still with no food
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaIPA stands for “It’s Piss Actually” and I think that’s beautiful
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaPlease investigate these people’s politics before you come in my mentions, your faves are homophobes!Homophobia @geezlais Whoa he was???Jigaboo Doll Target in Lakeside bc my cousin started fighting and I stood by her to make sure nobody jumped her that’s usually picking trying to pick on you. Now that they know you coming right back, they wanna settle out o… @sbstnjck You talk more!But in general, I love to argue and don’t mind conflict and most ppl leave me alone bc I have no issue taking it there.Usually irl, people laugh either because they genuinely find my acrid sense of humor funny, or because I tend to lo…😂 Florida the question is always "is this a publix cake"
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maiacornbread and professor jiggly buddy heist movie when
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaNah I am panicking now @writerbxtch My expectations were tepid, tbh. I just finished it and I’m mostly wondering who this was for and what… tweeting if I must be honest. @writerbxtch She said they’re not synonymous but rather, they reinforce each other. And not only does Germany have… twerk wind gets on your $27 salad
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaOh god, Harriet Beecher Stowe is gonna direct the Caste movie. That’s a skip. @writerbxtch Yeah towards the end she asks if a post-caste society can be achieved and seems to point to post-Nazi… main question about Isabel Wilkerson and Caste is does she really believe that the dismantling of the 3rd Reich… @writerbxtch They really do, I guess it’s easier?I got kicked out of Chuck E. Cheese on my brother’s birthday for telling random kids “your mom wants you” and letti…
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaNo one: Nicole Kidman's husband in every TV show she's in:
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaI’m equally as bold irl don’t worry @FannyG187 She said “let me help out my fellow biracials, they lost”We regret to inform you Henry Kissinger is still alive
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaMariah with the official biracial book list.Essential 2020 reading! 💖📖
Retweeted by Mélian thee Maia[MAGAZINE] 201201 ellesingapore Jackson in Calvin Klein for @elle_singapore! #JacksonWang #王嘉尔 #잭슨 #TEAMWANG
Retweeted by Mélian thee MaiaIt’s so Cowboy BeBop @ThatBKGurl Oh Gawd @WztSharmuta They’re comfy! @WztSharmuta