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Katlin @muskies34 Cincinnati

Basketball. Golden Retrievers. Cheese fries.

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@Danagardens Not enoughWithout downloading a new pic/vid, where r u mentally? @CarrieSGilbert Bananas @PMThorX Just let it find you
@vogcinreds The formerI have so many questions about this ad am 5 years old. @muskiefan3 Pack your dog to take to the beach @Vernon_Martian I think it was My Favorite Murder but I can’t even remember now @Vernon_Martian Lol my murder podcast just did an entire episode on them and it’s insane. Still need to watch the doc tho.Perfect Cincinnati weather. 👌
@ClintFromOhio Hey boss. Did you find Nemo?My dad was in the middle of leaving a butt dial voicemail for my mom at the exact moment he fell into a pond while… @bleibforth How many dollars does this mean @donielle_22 @Danagardens Got have that emergency glove box stash
Britney Spears opening for *NSYNC @mcmurrayjt It’s my biggest pet peeve so I am easily triggered @mcmurrayjt @mcmurrayjt Do you get angry when people don’t capitalize the second M @MPFaessler Always @adonnelly50 I love you @bleibforth No I am not waiting that long (never)
@Danagardens Release it anyway @Vernon_Martian It was in Cleveland, not Ohio. @Danagardens We saw the original
@vogcinreds I don’t know why you needed to listen because we did such a great job explaininghi I missed you what’s up @muskiefan3 I just really hate BrendelEvery afternoon the local cross country team runs past my house and there is always a straggler who I want to invit… tip: If you’re going to ignore someone, turn off your read receipts first. @bleibforth Getting drunk and eating crap pizza? @bleibforth heyooo @bleibforth Your morning brain is dumbThis seems like a threat @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert Me either I was just researching @CarrieSGilbert @bleibforth Oh this is sad. @CarrieSGilbert @bleibforth One time I went to go find nick’s house and accidentally ended up in his driveway @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert Do I know what that means @CarrieSGilbert @bleibforth Did we all watch newlyweds because I miss it @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert I can tell it’s not her voice. The internet thinks it’s Tori Kelly but I don’t know her. @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert It’s not Jessica. @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert Justin Timberlake
@bleibforth @ClintFromOhio @vogcinreds Was just thinking the same @Martymac17 @SHO_Dexter Are you behind this @bleibforth @vogcinreds @ClintFromOhio I wish we had all been twitter acquaintances back then @vogcinreds @ClintFromOhio @bleibforth You forgot the part where he threw his sister’s dead body in the ocean after… @SHO_Dexter @Martymac17 what. @mcmurrayjt @ClintFromOhio @CarrieSGilbert I agree but also don’t think I can not NOT watch @ClintFromOhio What the AF @bleibforth @bleibforth The meerkat never gets oldI can’t wait until my Facebook friends get ahold of this news in 2-3 days. @bleibforth share you monster @CapX15 who is this I want him @bleibforth Current situation @CapX15 for nowMeanwhile am very behind but why on earth would you release a video that just shows how much you suck at negotiating? 😂😂😂BFFs it was not
Is this a good omen for Tuesday Night Football still get teary eyed thinking about Brian Thornton cutting down the net while on crutches. 😭 @donielle_22 @Corporate_Rich @Danagardens @donielle_22 @Corporate_Rich @ me next time
Bernard comes away with it. Clock ticks. And that’s it. Xavier has upset Arizona. @corybrenneman @PeteXU @EricLiIIy Indian Hill gets you more land tho @saranorquist @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert Because men.I cannot stop buying toilet paper. Am I going to be like this the rest of my life? @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert @saranorquist No. @CarrieSGilbert @saranorquist “Well I think it looks nice” @saranorquist He knows he’s not allowed to load the dishwasher @CarrieSGilbert @saranorquist he asked where I wanted something hung and then I came back to drill holes on my fres… @saranorquist In 4.5 weeks, I get Veteran’s Day off on a Wednesday! Not like I’m counting or anything.Hot take: Sunday nights are better when you don’t have to work on Monday.
Today might finally be it. Today might be the day I finally kill my husband.
@mcmurrayjt I saved that dog’s life okA dog was running loose in our yard and I came out with a leash, dog treats, and a water bowl to help. Neighbor:… @dennisdayton what kind @vogcinreds “I enjoyed it”. 😬 @saranorquist @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert @mcmurrayjt That sounds pretty wonderful @saranorquist @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert @mcmurrayjt Do you guys do this from separate rooms or while sitting next to each other @CarrieSGilbert @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist Do I know if Carrie is an X alum? @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert Did you run out of bleach before reaching your eyebrows @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert Must not have been into qtips @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert I also lived on the second floor. I purposely made us live ac… @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert Which floor? What is we lived in the same room? @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert Commons @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert You don’t know their name? @mcmurrayjt @bleibforth @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert Same @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert I could have passed along your compliments when I was convers… @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @CarrieSGilbert I mean I know but that’s like saying my favorite Columbus restaurant is Wendys
@mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert That’s fine but I didn’t know you were allowed to call that Chicago pizza @mcmurrayjt @saranorquist @bleibforth @CarrieSGilbert Wait like the chain unos @saranorquist @bleibforth @mcmurrayjt @vogcinreds @bleibforth @saranorquist Me exiting this convo like