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@JoeBiden You say that but didn't you support Wisconsin voters going out today to vote despite the PANDEMIC THAT IS KILLING PEOPLE!? @MichelleObama <3 Wise words. Too bad the guy your husband is supporting, Joe Biden, disagrees. @Luigi_Scardoffi @Mikel_Jollett This is not just a Republican issue. Joe Biden also supports Wisconsin voting tod… @SyzslakMoe @thegoodgodabove Just to let you know: Joe Biden actually supports going out to vote during the pandemi… @realDonaldTrump Cool, so both you and Biden are encouraging the spread of the pandemic. If anything voting need… @someknew @JoeBiden Before I am accused of spreading misinformation Milwaukee Wisconsin is the place I mentioned wi… @someknew @JoeBiden Joe Biden and the Republicans working together is part of the reason today people in Wisconsin… @GTWScar Me during the quarantine: Pic to the left. Me after the quarantine: Pic to the right. I usually don't ge… @cubfan135 Interesting screenshot. Until now I thought a ravagers mouth was more strait or not seen. I never was br… @cozypill Ahaha... I was a bit more wild in school and during my time in the military. I've been pretty tame in th… @JaidenAnimation Number 1 on Trending! LETS GOOOOO! @cozypill Hmm let me think. I have done almost everything on the list aside from butt stuff, making video, and threesome. @BallzySalzy @Yamiche @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden Weird thing about your post. Biden was never in reality TV, and th…
@RiasPlsStepOnMe @SJG_4 Overall, I'd say if you are a fan of lewd things you are likely to find a friend in Interspecies. @RiasPlsStepOnMe @SJG_4 masha is the artist for Interspecies Reviewers, who also has worked in hentai in the past.… @RiasPlsStepOnMe @SJG_4 *A CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED!* Bro even without the ecchi, the characters are dope, the lin… @TheBlueWave205 @Darcy_IB There is a difference between disliking him and his policies and saying I want him dead.… @Rev_says_desu @urwaifusucksegg So that's what you call it... @vincinama @joehills His room really is. I am just waiting for the day his wheel thing lands on the flower. Every… @cozypill @RiasPlsStepOnMe @RiasPlsStepOnMe It's a new level of degeneracy when you wanna beat it to your sleep paralysis demon. @GoodSmile_US @shybunnylover21 For a moment I thought one of them was a figure of @ProjektMelody, but I'm sure Melody would LOVE to get one. @cozypill If I was to give an honest answer: In my sleep sounds nice but boring. I'd like to go out doing something… @cozypill In a COMPLETELY UNRELATED topic, how would you like to die? Death by being squished by butt sound good to… @sean_hills @joehills All I can offer is my well wishes, but if I am able to from a situation change I'll give what…
@animewatcher78 @Crunchyroll I would be great if One Piece had a reboot that trimmed out the filler episodes. I ju… @grozumi @YssaCornChan Shhhh Sylvia is the only one that deserves Kasuma. @Crunchyroll I watched the Digimon Adventure series as a kid, and loved it. I just finished watching this episode…
@itanimeirl One Punch Man season 2 was not terrible. The issue is that it was a downgrade from season one's animation. @cozypill You mentioned it during your stream. I remember weird stuff about streamers I've enjoyed watching. @cozypill Sleep well on your mattress of ramen! @docm77 For those that wonder you can read about it here. @docm77 Every country needs enough masks to protect it's people. If anything we should give out our surplus to help… @DesutroyedMe @D_Man1995 Question before I make up my mind on this one: Do we have abilities of Elastigirl to hand… @Joshua4Congress Just spotted the responses so I'll explain why NoJoe: They refuse to investigate Joe's sexual abu…
@shoe0nhead @realDonaldTrump Yea, it totally would OWN libs to give universal health care too!I just finished the Konosuba movie. I won't spoil what happens but there is one moment that was too good. I had to…
@Mahiro_osu @cozypill This is the only kind of headpat I know how to give! @Vannamelons April Fools again! She doesn't like or hate waman. She LOVES them!
@simplyundrea @ACNHCentral I shared your thread in response to a post of theirs and this happened without us exchan…
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@cozypill @urwaifusucksegg You must be a bottom of bottoms if even someone using a title of ethot bullies you. @Rev_says_desu Ahaha, everything is fine, perfectly fine.... Well, at least I won't be caught simping even if yo… @DanaSchwartzzz You generalize it as if men in general are an issue when they aren't all the same. You even try to… @takitaaaa @grozumi @Lost_Pause_ Cute Komi is cute! @MegaGengar99 @edmundmcmillen Edward does not handle that part. Another team is in charge of getting it out to othe…
#StopAiringTrump Trump is known for spreading false information regarding the virus. What I'd want and we need ar… @RiasPlsStepOnMe The fourteen year old did, but that's not the one I have an issue with. I am sitting here thinking… @SxmxPxt @grozumi I am 100% sure many artists would gladly take the commission for the right price if you look them up. @RiasPlsStepOnMe FBI OPEN UP! Jokes aside, when you are pretty much an adult and decide to date a 14 year old that… @Lockstin I hope things get better soon. Oh! Did you manage to get proper testing and have you heard back on your condition? @Blaziankid67 Shit like that is why the disease spreads like wildfire. I've just kept around my house and avoided… @largehotcoffee When possible you should ALWAYS be willing to support the creators of any game/ show/ manga/ artwor… I've gotten sick of hearing lies, bragging, and false promises. I'll trust the news…
@ACNHCentral Just saying it's prob best not to follow this giveaway twitter.... @Ericmem @shaunking This is not about Bernie. This is about the fact that Biden may be a rapist. It is important th… @Clyde31351752 @Magni5scent America's numbers are the highest in the world. @HonorMaximus @ABC Correction: Once his corporate sponsors names his running mate. The highest donations for his… @urwaifusucksegg I won't dm it to you. I'll post a Dick Cheney right here. I showed you my Dick plz respond. @tallboy66 Yea some new "friends" @Vannamelons I'd say give it a shot. <3 You have a great voice!
@iJevin My only issue is that they can not see chat. There wouldn't be anything wrong with a banned person seeing t… @Rev_says_desu I agree with you. While America's leadership could have done better, I would never wish more people… @JesT1W @rome_nomi @WhisperChimera I dunno. I respected N in Black/ White. It wasn't his fault that a psychopath in… @krystalball @Newsweek It seems to be true with many woman accusing Joe of the same thing. This needs to be invest… @JayKubzScouts I hope soon. With people being stupid as hell thinking it's fake or that it's not serious it only s… @DevinNash @Twitch I don't mind a ban causing an ip ban. This can help in situations where people would just ban av… @Missy55923315 @PleaseThink1776 @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump By healthy US I mean a healthy economy, because they va… @Missy55923315 @PleaseThink1776 @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump If you say Republicans an I agree with you. The Republ…
@MrazikMJ @Mulzak1234 @edmundmcmillen I guess they would count as someone you can play with. The real issue is if s… @Mulzak1234 @edmundmcmillen The Tapeworm game is a physical card game which means playing with other people face to… @gemale10 @Tom12888520 @mehdirhasan @YahooNews Corrupt Democrats and Republicans are the same. Not saying they all… @Garyatty @mehdirhasan @shaunking @YahooNews @BernieSanders It's not that we are pushing this per say. She spoke up… @deb_grojean @mehdirhasan @MathewBlood3 @YahooNews I care. Accusations like this needs to be investigated. If it is… @PleaseThink1776 @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump Democrats and Republicans had to agree to get the bill passed. The Dem… @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse I won't watch this one. I'm tired of you bragging and telling lies. If you actually… @Rev_says_desu Hope you have a good morning! @realDonaldTrump Don't trust this madman. He had a chance to step up and failed us. Listen to the professionals. St… @realDonaldTrump Piss off. Your poor leadership involving the disease lead to myself and my family getting sick.… @Joshua4Congress I can not allow myself to vote for a potential rapist either. Honestly, if Bernie doesn't end up… @Rev_says_desu We've already established what you are now we're just negotiating the price. @RiasPlsStepOnMe I see you are a weeb of culture as well. I haven't thought about Raising Project in so long, but… When you go out and insult a woman claiming to be abused sexually it makes it so other women would b… America now is leading in number of people infected and number of active cases. Please take…
Sorry, that other graph was not up to date. it’s official. We’re number one in the world for coronavirus cases, even surpassing China which has more than 4…
Retweeted by Love's DevotionWell, the numbers aren't looking good. BUT WE WILL BE FINE BY EASTER! ...Dumbass. Take this pandemic seriously… @ThijmenBa @TheRightMelissa @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump -I found the report if anyone wa… @pgbuote @thegoodgodabove No, not entitled anti-vaxxers. ALL anti-vaxxers are wrong. Claiming vaccines hurt your k… @ppaige10 @An_Aria_Blooms @AndrewYang What IS notable is he is doing what many people aren't such as Biden/ Trump i… @Xilefian Still sick but recovering. I hope you are doing well! @Boogie2988 Stardew Valley. I think I will be alright. @MrBeastYT You underestimate the power of weebdom. Normal people are losing their minds by being stuck indoors. We… are mad that Animal Crossing patched out an exploit and refuse to update their game? You still have your ti… @adam_hrz @AndrewYang I am 100% sure he is going with the have faith method and hoping to fill churches on Easter t… @fecak @shaunking @JoeBiden The truth should never be censored. We want and need all the facts so people really kno… @wabbedu @tinfoilchef I hope he gets better soon! Send him our love! We are looking forward to his recovery.
#IBelieveTara Joe Biden has a weird history when it comes to woman, but I won't say he is guilty right away. If… @Rev_says_desu Note to self: Like my own replies to avoid that horrid fate. @chiro_consult People are dying and going untreated spreading the disease. Invest in hospitals and scientists work…