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Mike McFadden @MUTGuru Orlando, FL

Producer & Host | #LETSGOFishingTV | #TwitchAffiliate | Former @eamaddennfl CM & Social Media | #Fishing #Scuba | Biz inquiries:

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.@Browns @MylesLGarrett turns the corner like a FERRARRI at Monaco. No one else in the league can bend like this. T…
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @cryptogaming1z That was a few beers deep RT 😂 @cryptogaming1z No, you’re Superman. This is a COVID, TITANS, season might be over, 2-1, joke. @cryptogaming1z least the Browns finish the Season over 500 @jaysmuv23 Fresh ground duuuuuuude 🤙🏻I was happy to get that ONE point from the Ravens Defense last night... #FF @PatrickMahomes is a glitch. @MistaPcg @Coffeemate’s on the new Warzone Season today? Gotta check out this new subway system. @Denver_dan Snickers is pound for pound my favorite. When I get a cinnamon hankering it’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch FTW tho! @MistaPcg So good 👉🏻 @CoffeemateCelebrating #NationalCoffeeDay with a little Funfetti 🎉 #CoffeeCrew 𝗚𝗜𝗙ted us this gem yesterday. And the Twitter reactions were priceless:
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@Izzy_Ti Got an Astro C40 and I’m merc-ing with it 👀Proud to share that I’ve accepted a role as Global Director for Take-Two/@2K, working on @NBA2K. As a HUGE fan of…
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @CoreySA @2K @NBA2K Congrats big guy! 🤙🏻 @Wolvesinline I haven’t worked at EA for a year and a half.and MINI ROYAL? on PC ..I’m a believer 🔥Weeks are better when they start with a #VictoryMonday❗️
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @ryanpuleo1 You liked your own tweet. @StonePJK21 Sure! @Binky390 @ULTBadmon A CM def needs thick skin, right or not. But the person I’m referring too isn’t a CM and is on… @BarrysAturd @wtfgamepad 2 - that did me in. The new regime clearly wants a more corporate set up running through o… @BarrysAturd @wtfgamepad I read your tweets man, and I get it. 2012 AirWolF (my old tag) would be going crazy right… cat 😹 👊🏻 know it man! Working little by little towards my goal. Have hit some seriously rocky times and just need to persi… @BarrysAturd @wtfgamepad Have a great week Barry 👍🏻 Hope it all works out for you man. Nothing wrong with changing… @Wolvesinline @geauxrho Wolfy, that’s who I’m talking about. You late bro - ha. Have a good one man. 😅 @BarrysAturd @wtfgamepad Then don’t blow it. @ULTBadmon All that is well and good, but if you want a real person helping and interacting instead of a faceless c… @MUTGuru a community manager is someone whos supposed to interact with the community!! not be silent!
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @TXMatt1110 Solid tactic my dude 😅 @imjustbored23 This is some tin foil hat shit right here man. 😂🤟🏻 @BarrysAturd @wtfgamepad Nah dude this isn’t it. At all. Ever. Has nothing to do with what I’m talking about. @MUTGuru I try to treat everyone the way I want to be treated
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @laserbeam527 The golden rule brother! @OneStopKev I don’t need to repeat myself to you. @wtfgamepad Hits close to home watching someone trying to help (when they don’t have to) with something they love a… @Pete35488847 Pete35393639393636262 I have zero connection with the books you’re writing me. @raw1219 1000000000% correct @raw1219 You are upset you sent a DC tweet to her on a WEEKEND and didn’t get a response. Lucky she’s on Twitter at all dude. @NBarlotta_DSN I’m not talking about me 🤣 @raw1219 Yes, I’m talking to you LOL @Pete35488847 I, in fact, can not help you. @Tank0073 Not a great take my dude. @magkneezum Just see people giving her a rough time, when she doesn’t have to be in Twitter at all. Ever. Doing any… @OneStopKev Very general statement and literally has nothing to do with my tweet. @Dan6erousEdits #VictoryMonday baby!Ya’ll now only have ONE person interacting with you on Twitter at EA. Don’t blow it. Chill and be cordial. @SirYacht Relates So Hard
RT if this is the best running back in the NFL.
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenNew Cam Gif Alert to see it 😍 team I’m playing against is starting @saquon so I’m decently confident.... Browns are going to the Super Bowl. There I said it.
Retweeted by Mike McFadden.@MylesLGarrett @PFF BEST. COPY. EVER.Call your doctor bc this Chubb don’t stop
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @MilanKLee If I go 0-3 today I’m never playing #FF again 🤣 @mrplow17 I’d TAKE IT 👍🏻.@Swami_EA Catch +++ the right call... Bout to run for 3 TD’s. #ripchadwickboseman @TomHar3 RIP Reddit Streams 😫 Or I’d be in front of my CPU... @BadgerIcy My son said I have a “Castaway Cut” @delaere_noah I’ll keep things sanitized with beer. @coreydaley Growing hair and not eatin much these days 😂 Hittin the pandemic weights too. Thanks bubba.Haven’t been to a bar since March. 😷 #GoBrownsRiskin it for the biscuit 🐶 #GoBrowns #Gameday need a good game from @AdrianPeterson in the FLEX.Julio out.... 😫 #FFBrowns CB Denzel Ward is active today
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @redhotsports13 @netflix I dismissed it SO HARD back in the day. Not sure if I’ve changed, times have changed, or t… @ybubphillips10 @netflix Caught me off guard w/ the BOOK under my post about a Robot Fighting Movie. 😂 There’s a di… @thiinkfootball @TylerJArthur @CameronNewton On track for MVP. @TylerJArthur @thiinkfootball @CameronNewton Yeah, typo. @thiinkfootball @CameronNewton My bad, they play Vegas.’s early. @BigKusch @CameronNewton Both have been balling. I’d look at those D’s vs athletic QBsNot even askin ya’ll today.. Starting @CameronNewton @ybubphillips10 @netflix sure if it’s just 2020 talking.. But just re-watched Real Steel on @netflix, and it’s highly underrated... @Te_meister I think pound for pound, pure sport, for the fight only, Tarpon are my favorite fish to hook. They’re i… @Inspector_Dabit 🔥
< Sight fishing for Tarpon 🎣 #LETSGOFishingTV @bishopchristian @alex_frostwolf @steinekin @RealFrankFromFL @Zirksee Holds all my dolla dolla bills ya’ll @crnidge @Zirksee @DIMEx619 @StickFigureDub The vibes of my life Bob Marley Peter Tosh Eek a Mouse Fugazi Sublime Long Beach Du… @crnidge @Zirksee @Zirksee @Zirksee for the betterment of my pocketbook.👉🏻eBay Listing of the Day👈🏻 2016 Cardale Jones Immaculate #4/25 Three Color Relic + SIG got a feeling, and this feeling won't go away I'm not leaving, I'm waiting for a brighter day I'm not leaving, an… morning, I love you!
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#FishingGoals (via: @JGPennybacker) is the most reputable COIN SITE to represent? @Go_On_Volt @KS_ThePusher @EAStarWars @starwars Now on to Malak! I’m so close to HERO REY! @ApexNelson Got you! @Gutfoxx already called the dungeon. @Zirksee I arrange it all on one slice. Quadruple pepperoni.