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Power got knocked. Thanks for coming through. Prob pick it back up in about an hour!
@BIGPLAY_dave Pfft: light work. TIME TO GRILL! 🥩 @BIGPLAY_dave @retro_boomer @FullSail I had to change his name in my phone from... -The Teenager to The Millennial- ...most Boomer move ever. @AvsTone57 @FullSail The REBOOT 😅😂 @uni05tv @FullSail Thanks buddy. I (he) appreciate(s) it! 🤘🏻 @SmoknPurpleEnt @FullSail Time flies my dude! Enjoy every moment! @_Ty2_ @FullSail @EROCKhd @FullSail Will do brother! 👊🏻My son isn’t a teenager anymore.. HBD to my son Evan! 🥳 In his second year at @FullSail for Sim and Viz (VR + 3D… @holly My old man Ivan Drago. Been with the family for about 15 years now. Nick names: Meatloaf, Gorilla, Koala Bea… @laxchinox213_g I pulled him. Along with gold Manning, Aso, and Woodson. $$$ GT Elite Revis top 3 card ever for me. @WesleyyG @Muthead @TakisUSA Great job man! Fun games tonight. @ZAN_4PM @WesleyyG @Fancy214_ THIS, THIS, AND MORE THIS. GG’s fellas! Great night..@TakisUSA Play of the Night! Amazing Valentines Night Stream! Much love to my peeps 🤟🏻❤️ #CoffeeCrew #MaddenBIRDS @WesleyyG for winning his 6th @Muthead #FNF! Another great call by @MUTGuru & @ZAN_4PM. Plus @TakisUSA for the…
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenRETWEET and REPLY with the name of a Theme Diamonds 2.0 player (excluding NTL) for a chance to win that player! Fr…
Retweeted by Mike McFadden
Tonight on FNF we will be revealing this weekend's @EASPORTS_MUT Ultimate Legends LTD player! The reveal is at 8:0…
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @GiggleAutumn Huge congrats! Well deserved!! @4thQtrGaming 🔥 #ClevelandWinsHere's a recap of our trip to Miami with @TakisUSA and @AthletesFirst! #FaceTheIntensity
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenOne of the coolest experiences of my life. Huge shout out to everyone involved. Thank you so much! 🙌🏻 Special thank… are ON FIRE 🔥 @EROCKhd @NorthBendBandit I pulled that JJ like 5 times! (He was the best returner in the game)Anyone wanna come down for a dip? “Shark Researchers have determined that sharks are no farther than 60 feet away f… GT > @MR21215 I loved the chest piece and emblem. @cackster38 All I could think of when I saw the stitched, sewn leather cowl. #Gimp @Stranger_Things
Just a little clip of @MUTGuru shoutcasting me and @MilanKLee game. Ending up winning the game of course.
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @uni05tv @MilanKLee ..”there’s no reason they shouldn’t go on to an easy Championship..”I have a simple request.... Get Tik Tok off my twitter feed.
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @WaiteHayden @EAMaddenNFL @EASPORTS_MUT @Browns @God_Son80 @MylesLGarrett It’s an awesome update. You’ll love it. @DevounHaase @EAMaddenNFL @EASPORTS_MUT @Browns @God_Son80 @MylesLGarrett @WaiteHayden @EAMaddenNFL @EASPORTS_MUT @Browns @God_Son80 @MylesLGarrett Power up screen. Scroll to the bottom. “Font Art” @DruFothree @EAMaddenNFL @Browns @JimBrownNFL32 @NickChubb21 @Jamal31Lewis @TheRock @EAMaddenNFL @EASPORTS_MUT @Browns #ThemeTeam Hoping for a @God_Son80 and @MylesLGarrett upgrade soon 🙏🏻… @Harpua71 #BrownsAgenda @DGrizzleTV @DGrizzleTV @EAMaddenNFL @Browns @JimBrownNFL32 @NickChubb21 @Jamal31Lewis Powered up Bake Bake. Waiting on Otto an… @MillsTwitch @EAMaddenNFL @Browns @JimBrownNFL32 @NickChubb21 @Jamal31Lewis He put in record breaking work against… @EAMaddenNFL @Browns Theme Team Three Headed MONSTER 👀 👹😈👺 #Browns @JimBrownNFL32 FullBack @NickChubb21 HB #… my son to Walmart to buy him a few toys for being such an awesome and well behaved kid. If this hits 200 lik…
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @Josh_Looman The 🐐
@PirateHunterWik 👍🏻 me with your best #PFFG song! (Something you jam when you’re happy, or picks you up when down) #PositiveForceForGood #PFFG @Joviwan Looking at used certified. Which deal ships don’t typically trade. Good advice though. I was in charge of…’t meant to be. They sold it. @MAG_numSG Same truck just dressed a little different. Wanted to give a night / day shot of the color. Love a 4Ru… @JCMojica24 I like that it’s a “light” color for Florida.What do we think about this FLAT grey color? People have used the word: Tactical. Do you agree? Thinking about swoo… luck in the @PlayApex tourney tonight! #UNIverse @uni05tv @bumblebreeeski_ ✊🏻 @r3c0n54 Good job team. Tough on them Apex skreets. Just know we (most of us) apprecaite the long nights and passion you guys put in. @PlayApex Good work team. Preciate the communications and expansion. @Scomo843 I found out just how dumb I am watching Season 2. Was so confused 90% of the time. 😂 @AshleyEsqueda @alex_frostwolf @DoubleFine Thank you Ashley! Applying today.Communications, Engagement, Community Manager and Strategist FOR HIRE! ☑️ Five+ years in Gaming Business ☑️ Exp…
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenA year ago today, myself and 800 of the most talented and passionate people I know were laid off from ATVI/Blizz a…
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @alex_frostwolf Same story here but with EA. Coming up on a year rapidly. FOR HIRE: 👉🏻 Sr. Engagement Strategist… your way @LogicGamezHD #KeepPounding my dude 🤘🏻✊🏻🤟🏻 @JayDuhbb We live in a “perception is reality” society. “No context needed” 😕Real times expose real people! Eyes wide open and ears to the ground best believe that!
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @God_Son80 @MylesLGarrett @J_Kennedy_81 @LogicGamezHD @Panthers @CameronNewton You just reminded me. I have a Luke signed Mini Helmet. Gonna send it his way. @apex_intel @PlayApex What are you thinking? New Legend with “call in the hounds”? Even more map updates? Forge…’s story telling / trail of bread crumbs to the next content is top notch and industry leading. You gotta… @budde_tanner @ChewbaccaLemma Moving to where exactly? 😉😊 @Savages_56 @ea_accessible has done amazing things at EA Sports. I’m sure she would love to hear this feedback. Thank you for sharing!🗣 FOLLOWERS Can you send my guy @LogicGamezHD some love today. He’s been fighting the good fight, keeping his head… @NAMEisCHASE Just don’t tell the others, I didn’t bring one for everybody. @NAMEisCHASE Lose it again and I’m keeping it. @DEXB0T Sorry - buuuuzzzz - I - bzzzzzzz - forgot - buzzz buzz - it - buzzzzz - was - buzz buzz buzzz - Baseball Season.Myles Garrett upgrade soon?
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenIs it football season yet? 😳 @NAMEisCHASE Yeah, I’m gonna need Mjolnir. #BroThor @LogicGamezHD Think about you almost everyday my dude. You’re such an inspiration to me. What you’ve been through a… @ChewbaccaLemma “LTD Reinstatement Tribute”Browns’ DE Myles Garrett has been reinstated.
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenThe #Browns have announced Myles Garrett is officially back, with new GM Andrew Berry saying, "We welcome Myles bac…
Retweeted by Mike McFaddenAP source says #Browns star DE Myles Garrett to be reinstated by NFL from suspension today.
Retweeted by Mike McFadden @brucebearclaw @Reflog_18 @JugarjoPSN @OGBurnsy @NotoriousRod64 @Muthead @MylesLGarrett I mean he’s not, gonna be, but ZIIING? @NotoriousRod64 @OGBurnsy @Muthead @MylesLGarrett I’m so mad this thread got split 😂
@PhierDon @RockstarGames @TwitchPrime We’ve been cutting subscriptions left and right, but Amazon has us. Prime jus… @PhierDon @RockstarGames Their @TwitchPrime stuff is always super useful too! Just love Rockstar all around. @PhierDon Gotta love it. Game giving back. If anything it gets me back in the mode with the possibility of spending more. 👍🏻 @KaiKawasumi @JoshCribbs16 They got his his hair right his body type right and his sleeves right. Im sure his face… @Lotts_Jr44 @JoshCribbs16 For all the negativity that gets thrown Maddens way, I’ve really taken a step back and st… @DGrizzleTV @JoshCribbs16 Looks like a guy who knows how to have fun... 😂😂Supposedly there’s ANOTHER Milly coming soon too if you still play 😳 you a return man as happy to be on the squad as @JoshCribbs16 @OGBurnsy @ConnorPhilli26 @NotoriousRod64 @Muthead @MylesLGarrett Come for Burnsy and I’s stunning good looks, STAY… @Steeeel_ @Muthead @MylesLGarrett 😂👊🏻 I’m of the mind there was a lot of blame to go around. I’m also of the mind… @OGBurnsy @NotoriousRod64 @Muthead @MylesLGarrett I wouldn’t call him “my mans” But def a fan. He’s gonna be in… @OGBurnsy @NotoriousRod64 @Muthead @MylesLGarrett Mason is your mans? 😳 @NotoriousRod64 @Muthead @MylesLGarrett I thought this def was the funniest reactions out there... “THAT’S ASSAULT” 😂 @Muthead @MylesLGarrett #FreeMyles @PlayApex Thank you for the updates and transparency. With all the levers being pulled to make something like this…