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mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet North Kaneshie, Accra-Ghana

i’m just cretin. And no, i’m not stupid. Some viewers might find content upsetting because of the problems in Ghana.

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Unless the vaccine be prekese
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @ameyaw112 Chale. I’m tayad @flavamatik OhCoffee does the trick again! 👏🏾Stop making excuses. Then you sleep.Booom | Cha | Booom Booom Booom | Cha | Booom | Cha |
Right when I tweeted something with the word #cashapp, unknown people are in my DMs. This isn’t hushpuppi ooo. I dey bleed @coco_gh Send me cashapp @coco_gh 👀 why don’t I believe you? @coco_gh Lol. Look here. Yoooo.Bass is one of the most difficult things to lay for me! 😭 @yasmeenhelwani I agree on the power of the body.What’s your escape?Foreign students attending U.S. colleges will have to leave the country or transfer to “a school with in-person ins…
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @jakuuire Way better that Siri, I have both phones and I know what I am saying.Yeah
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet No
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet Oh naa. Judging from what I know now, I doubt I’d ever take any “vaccine” gong forward.
Retweeted by mutombo🤯Oh yes
Retweeted by mutombo🤯For a huge sum
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet Ow if Europe heals themselves with the vaccine why not💀😅
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet If it's getting critical, why not?
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @yasmeenhelwani Why though?Nope!
Retweeted by mutombo🤯If you don't have 20/20 vision you won't get 2020.
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet I'm not anti vaccines but I never take new vaccines
Retweeted by mutombo🤯It’s easy to say ‘if I was him, I would have done it this way or that way’ until you are in that position.Would you take a covid 19 vaccine?💎💎💎 you’re doing right now, stop & stream LEAVE ME ALONE. 💕
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @mawusevuvor Loll. Oh💎 will be caught if you don’t fight the urge of showing off. Just hush. Be on the low. @mawusevuvor I look like Tyson Beckford pls. @MutomboDaPoet Me neither
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @MutomboDaPoet Moment of clarity no matter how uncomfortable. The truth will be revealed 🤷🏾‍♂️🙏🏾✅❤️
Retweeted by mutombo🤯Those who usually cry ‘common sense’ are usually the same people who are lazy to train their minds.Is there a kinda bad story behind 20 20 or something? Where are the numerologists, please!Start your week with us #santokuaccra #villagio #accraeats #japanese #sushi
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @flavamatik Oh okay.Nothing is a set back. @dadaeli_ @gambi_know exit left.💎 @gambi_know 👀 so real and true. @flavamatik Are you sure about this? Would you care to explain further? @OdarteyMango 💎 e be gold ankasa. @quasiadu Hahahaha. You know where to meet me. Terminal 3. @denali_ra Oh! @quasiadu Lol just an innocent question ooo. @ttaaggooee @TAFELMUKOVIC @Amegaxi I saw a Toyota Celica last week and I gasp! Totally forgotten about that model! @quasiadu I always wanted to ask you your age. @denali_ra Yeah just a little. I look more like Tyson Beckford.People should at least realise that no one is having it easy this time around. I am not! @CallMeKobby I just dey feel! @Sausy_5Nelson No!“My client was kidnapped.”Happy new week! Let go get it!! It gets better. ✨🌹Pori pori two! @Amegaxi 💎 @OdarteyMango You for coach me chale.
@OdarteyMango Voiceover coaches dey here so?! Ei!! @loiswayo @gregorythorjnr 😉 @coco_gh @temposkillz Oh. @gregorythorjnr I know paaa! That be why i dey ask why e dey cry nu! I just dey hope say other countries no go dawg. @coco_gh @temposkillz You dier you know everything. Eii!So why is he crying?!
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @terki__ I saw this at their place around Pamprom, Kaneshie. Weeping moment. @wofa_slayzie @jayanaman That be all.Twitter General Practitioners are very smart people who are versed in every topic that is presented to them.How to Use Reminders to Create a To-Do List with Indented Subtasks to take better photos with your iPhone camera belated happy birthday, sweetheart @AkuGanyo @Wofa_Kojo It's working perfectly? I truly hope so. After several years of it's existence, we have not given people… @MutomboDaPoet 3rd April 2017! now e turn beans
Retweeted by mutombo🤯
We can manage anything. Anything!!!So what happened to Metro Mass Transit and Ayalolo? Herh! Ghana eh, our problems run deep! @WordsBySM @sevenxavier 👀 @loiswayo Lol.The state of California will release 8000 prisoners. 😀Yankee asei if the wall was built, not to keep illegal immigrants out but rather keep Americans in, especially during these trying times in America.If the Zongo guys are going to bury someone and your hear the roaring of their motor bikes, I beg paaa, kindly move to the side. @MutomboDaPoet @1RealJoeyB I agree Joey is literally walking legend look forward to seeing him keep pushing the bar.
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @Moolah40 Okay. @MutomboDaPoet @Amegaxi Newtown Mallam Atta Market in the 90s 😂😂😂
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @sevenxavier I swear!! @1RealJoeyB Chale. I really dey itch! That track eh!!! 💥Also @1RealJoeyB keeps pushing! Anytime he plays something new for me, I’m blown away! What I don’t like about him… @Amegaxi As i dey watch all I dey laugh. This was kaneshie market in the 90s.Oh never. Ebi crazy sey this whole time I forget tell you sey I take your name end the 2nd verse for #INODEBED 👐🏿
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @mensamusic I just hear am last night. I reach finish. i go send you split sheet. 📀 @NattyShocks 😂😂 @mensamusic You dey laugh me? 👀Are you generalising, or you are speaking this into existence or getting personal or what? your weekend #cocolounge #iconhouse #accraeats #modernbrasserie
Retweeted by mutombo🤯 @NattyShocks I’m at 3 now.He said-when he counts his money, there is always a shortage/not enough so he starts to count his ribs. In literatu… in day out, I realise how we as a people care more about what going on elsewhere...until we get to our destination...elsewhere.