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mutombo🐨 @MutomboDaPoet North Kaneshie, Accra-Ghana

spoken word, photos, videos, hustler. hubby & father. @fotombo on instagram.

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i want born like how bob marley born, i want born like how my father born but i’m not allowed! kmt! look at her fac…
my son told me this evening that he wants to sell his new belt to get money to buy his sister something. i know whe…!
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @1KwesiJohnson @Muhhnuella anytime @Muhhnuella @1KwesiJohnson lol come and let me draw your face.. @panjianoff is celebrating his bday at Carbon tonight. if free!at least this be better than smoking or they are all the same? @Msyoukie lolol. @bougiefeminist went through something similar last night at kotoka. @Msyoukie so you muted me eh? @Kuukuwa_ ewwwwabout to start practising another passion! @kofibabonee i receive am!Hwɛ you want a whole archbishop Duncan, seated at the left hand side of the Pope, Williams to join the queue? Ei 💀
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @Bra_Reggie_Gh @DaudaSuallah1 make you no mind them. @niiayikuGh @sellasiie make you no mind them kraaa @sellasiie money first pls. @ChiefMykheals hmmm chale.proper man of god.chale. money go sweet i swear!chale money sweet ooo!! yesterday i was boarding a flight to ghana at heathrow. finally they called zone 4 so i joi…
this be nice. this is @panjianoff’s selfie face. short video of how i painted @panjianoff on canvas. This is the same way i paint 🎨 on t shirts & jackets 🙏🏼.…
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so why did @kobebigs like this tweet! these people! @Kofi_Ba_bone @panjianoff he for send we momo, you no dey see?reading the story kraaa will make you sadder! them come tell you say it’s the wrong place all, you ignore. sue sue… @BossPiQue he dey bore me rough. @MutomboDaPoet really impressed by his album. i never expected that body of work from him. yes, that tag-team rap was well executed
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @BossPiQue lolcordae develop waa! and with this song in particular, they both killed it with that tag team rap! made me remember… @panjianoff oh abi this be your birthday so i for come pacify the gods for making you see 53. o dey netherlands now… will beat you. @panjianoff i go bring your present.No be small... But as Amadi said... "Daddy is very old, but he is still strong" 💪🏾 💪🏾💪🏾 😜😜😜
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @caroline4real you won’t? cool.BREAKING: Egypt's former president Hosni Mubarak has died
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @caroline4real come and relax with me. @grey_wolffe i see.herh overjah! you grow oooo! 🥂 @NanaSirOsei @Kwabena @kobebigs chale you talk me nooor, i start dey see vpn ads on my ig chale. @Kwabena nope, i don’t think this is it! i have never received vpn ads before on my instagram, never! i have forgot… clear indication that humans are not free.
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @NavrongoChick i can do 7 hours. @MutomboDaPoet My boss and I realized this when we discussed the need for a mobile lift for our warehouse then boom…
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @kofi_sankara lol. @MutomboDaPoet Sat on the train with this girl, next thing I saw her on people you may know !. I thought I was going insane.!!!
Retweeted by mutombo🐨someone planked for 8 hours? ei @Kwabena for read on this. @MutomboDaPoet Try requesting for your WhatsApp Data file or FB Data file, you might be surprised what these apps save.
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @fizalid then i for denu access.targeted ads. deny some social media apps from accessing your microphone or just delete Facebook!
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @NancyYef e be like you no read what i tweet. if no, i hear.
@tailorMARIQUE lol.these kobe tributes dey make i dey cry.michael jordan speaking at kobe’ memorial! chale. 😭wow! ✊🏾 @Kuukuwa_ maybe we are not the chosen because i always use a megaphone to broadcast kraa but still nothing.them dey use fibre optics rope intercept the funds half way on its journey to recipient. @bougiefeminist chale it’s not play ooo! what she will go through eh! she needs vim! @thebodjona lol onye.i really think our phone listens to our conversations. someone was telling me about how expensive a vpn app is and… @thebodjona e be me wey i dey come fri battery.
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @Naama20 oh chale i have collected all. thanks for making my day. ✨ @rchrdakotodarko send me momo @Naama20 that’s my only hope oo lol. @Naama20 me too.Style: Knotless braids. Pain: Zero (And I mean zero. Completely painless) Duration: 3-4 hours. Price: Affordable…
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @Muhhnuella chale. smh!m’agyimi papa! @Muhhnuella kai! yawa kraaaa! it’s toxic! my wife left twitter two years ago and that was her reason! i didn’t get her. now i do!A small children’s resource center located in East Legon is looking for an English teacher. The individual should h… people actually dm ‘secrets’ to other accounts for them to posts anonymously? ah so people fool so? i stop read… @livercooke come on bubi 🤦🏾‍♂️i’m dancing at a train station to naughty by nature and nobody cares, no one is looking at me strange. one thing i… @kemistgold hmmmm be over jah, aka @panjianoff e birthday! make you guys wish am happy birthday give me. @PeciusJr forget them. @MutomboDaPoet 2016 ur man come to my office around orgle road to solicit for votes and all, fast forward last Dece…
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @Cytizin_quayson e be so them dey chale!! e be so them dey!i know for a fact that the MPs of Okaikwei South will be coming to the Awudome Estates in North Kaneshie very soon… racketeering at musiga isn’t anything new! we hear am over 15years this. even before obuor tenure!Hey guys! It’s #OurDay again did you forget? GOOD LOVE out on all platforms. Stream on your fave with this link -…
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@Vorne_M imagine - for three weeks, constant pain from my punch. 3weeks!!!!! @mimshans but it’s true. @MannyFBC where’s the rest of the this point, he was confused. he asked the referee “please who is mmebusem?” and the ref was like “i don’t dam… queens english that!🤚
Retweeted by mutombo🐨who else dey watch back to school (bovi ugboma)? always gets me laughing.there should be an app the could tell us what’s going to happen in the future...with a time limit. @MutomboDaPoet Fury really hurt ma guy 🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @MutomboDaPoet I sure say them go talk say next time you go beat am.😂
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @anguahA them beat the guy too much wey e dey jom me because he dey rosh. @MsBawoni smh! next sunday we are going. have you heard? @wanlov @mensamusic @deborahvanessa7 the hell no at the end!! he get cutties all.U are just mean. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @MutomboDaPoet Hahahahaha 😂😂🤣🤣 j3333 hw3m) n blaaa
Retweeted by mutombo🐨 @MutomboDaPoet U see that thing😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by mutombo🐨wilder e legs.