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I spent my youth having people assume (often just tell me) I was a lesbian. It was confusing because knew I wasn't…
Retweeted by Matthew WhitfieldAnd let us also remember the words of Nye Bevan: "So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin". [For the r…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @Christopher_R *weeping with shame* I can’t go back to supporting small, indie planks now. They money is like a drug. @Christopher_R big planks can help with social distance measuring and will thus save us all. Very little they can’t do IMO @Christopher_R see you down the nearest pedestrianised street drinking zonehappy to say I bought shares in the Big Plank Planter Corp before lockdown and am now v wealthy
@jessbrammar you were right to do it
@edmund_cf don’t even like rosé but you could hook that to my veins tbh @clairestrickett but we'll never learn from our history if we don't keep doing racist marketing for perfumes @davies_will useful idiots theory feels absolutely true, but maybe there's a continuum with the older commentariat… @GeorgeMorgan13 let’s have a heated debate!!well on the one hand it kills people and stigmatises a vulnerable population, but on the other hand go fuck yourself
🚨 Update: Lambeth Council designates the RVT an Asset of Community Value for another 5 years 🚨 Huge thanks to…
Retweeted by Matthew WhitfieldNEW: “Never trust a London best pub list that doesn’t include the Blythe Hill Tavern” They're Open: 10 Great South…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield1/ THREAD: Hampstead Garden Suburb wasn't municipal and its 'Artisan's Quarter' ended up being not very artisanal b…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @rafaelbehr agree, reduce your columns down to 3 words and they might have more effectivenesswhole of central London looks like the Sims now, the authorities know but they’re covering it up @robholley she's learning to say chromatica instead of funny tingedoing extreme racism is more important to Starkey than his extreme snobbery that would otherwise have kept him away… I believed 'ordinary voters' wanted to hear about jobs and houses, I would simply talk about jobs and housesThe climate emergency threatens future generations with an uninhabitable planet – it isn't a problem that can be ki…
Retweeted by Matthew WhitfieldThis report from @BenInLDN on suicide risk for #LGBT people during lockdown is very worrying. We know how difficult…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @fromarsetoelbow I heard he has a white van
@nick_clegg means test the hate...can hate be a skill in your skills wallet? I'm just spitballing here
@MattTempest @joncstone @BritishInEurope wtf though? @jewdas get this in proportion, after all Rachel Reeves didn't do something really awful like RT the statue OR Nanc… Johnson discuss speculation and land-banking by housebuilders as a block in the construction process at all? Wa… under the bed is it? (shit quality housing) Build (shit quality housing) Build (shit quality housing)
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfieldtrans people and black people vs the Labour Party is - I really hope - the last thing I'm going to say about Sir Keir for some time. The important thing for peo…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield"I support Black Lives Matter, and by 'Black Lives Matter' I mean 'Doing whatever it takes to get elected, includin…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield
@dentjw 👀yearly reminder that the world’s first university was founded in Morocco in 859 by a Muslim woman, Fatima el-Fihri.…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @andymatthews I’ve always done freecycle before, kidded myself there was some value to realise - ain’t worth it!1984 Liverpool Garden Festival @eric_180uk it's my human size net. No joy at the springs. And this seller asks no questions about buying motivation.never sold anything on eBay before this year and suddenly aware of its true horrors, can I refuse to sell to someon… @charlotte_gggg @EmilyHatzar Claire's 'newsflash: other people exist' has remained with me always @JonnElledge lol what's this winning from the left of which you speak?To celebrate #Pride2020 our LGBTQIA+ network commissioned a series of articles on the queer histories of the built…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @huwlemmey not sure both sides will view this in the same way, when you're both-siding something which should be mo… @JarrydBartle I report homophobic crime against me when it happens, the ‘responsible’ thing to do; true(er) figures… @tomcopley the real charts are in our hearts @HINIONGE and to every Matthew who benefited from the positive associations
@charlotte_gggg @sallygoble which is also your entire stock @charlotte_gggg @sallygoble why have you just opened a crouch end boutique with brusque customer service?
@J_Bloodworth will be deliriously happy to agree with you if Starmer wins the next election and arrests the secular… @J_Bloodworth the worst campaign in living memory that gave the Tories their highest vote share since the 80s? And… @J_Bloodworth absolutely, perhaps the goal is to rebuild up to the 40% vote share of 2017 @J_Bloodworth you’ll be aware of the party polls, piping down is probably a good idea @J_Bloodworth who’s saying this? @lisanandy on that basis, climate change is self-evidently the largest threat to the safety of this country and the… seems like an ethical retreat to me. And honestly, if the Observer are reporting it uncritically then all the… a train for first time since March, turns out there’s a big metropolis not far from my local station? Huge if true.Key moments in LGBT history also include the discrimination enacted by British governments, not just the nice bits.
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfieldactually Geri Halliwell stole that for the gays in 1997. not ur flag anymore. sorry hun x
Retweeted by Matthew WhitfieldPride is a protest. Love and solidarity to our LGBTQ+ family today and every day. 💪🏻❤️
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield‘The first duty of any government is to keep its people safe’ - ancient centrist proverb @jamesrbuk Johnson will now stop murdering us, as murder has been shown to be illegal. Smashing. @RowanMoore when my hyper-suburban, aesthetically conservative mum fell in love with it, without me selling or expl… @sSarahBailey A lot of controversy about Cambs! Maybe because they weren’t all born there?
@eric_180uk human sized! @eric_180uk Marvellous! Going to bomb down there tomorrow with hope in my heart and a big net. @eric_180uk do lovely wives grow naturally at the springs?"How Kafkaesque and how convenient that mentions of murderous racism have now been chilled in the name of anti-raci…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @eric_180uk too many brains have long since rotted in the culture wars @EddyRhead hahaha if someone wants to inform me I’m on the labour front bench I’m more than willing to resign myselfking @morrisonkenny they usually only sell kamikaze plants not long for this world, so extra special well done @owenhatherley but Indonesia is a Niemeyer vagina, nothing hornier on main than that @morrisonkenny I love this @anthonyjevans were you not around for leg washing Twitter last year? @tomdyckhoff @nationaltrust Didn’t even know they were opening! @JackWHanson are you not a fan of one of the Birmingham teams? It would make your life less stressful with the zero expectations! @patrickkmaguire It’s a terrible, rickety model. It’s fine if eg Lewisham has an elected mayor vs Mayor of London,… forward to a weekend of vicarious warm feelings as the family WhatsApp pumps out Liverpool celebrations
@cravenrobert only English data on this sorry!We are proud to unveil our brand new inclusive Pride flags. We stand with every part of the LGBTQ+ community 52 wee…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @Danielf90 who did that? @rachaelwrd another thing that has kept AS alive as an issue is repeated, baseless insinuation, and headlines invol… @Go_SYH_In_A_Pig the absence is jarring @willjennings80 quite right! @almostconverge Ahh where was it?still, all that talk of just 'getting through the next 4 years' did sound really boring to be fair. Better that it all kicks off now.Keir Starmer do something that doesn't make me despair to the depths of my soul challengeimagine being the parliamentary wing of a union 😱's going to work his way through every member of the Socialist Campaign Group like at Pear Tree Productions… for the simple fact that Starmer's answer to eg the government's ineptitude on the virus, to teachers, to climat…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @fousadelier Grew up in Cornwall so I guess that’s the criteria @andymather1 I’m also querying some of the data, but if nothing else it’s based on post 1965 london boundaries so Elton John seems legit! @upthewoodenhill it’s bestselling county-of-origin, not bestselling in those counties. Otherwise yes the results wo… @zs_tc @The__Biscuit Building control records in local/county archives, yup. But worth looking via RIBA which often… news from Lambeth Council! They’ve had @theRVT’s back ever since it was sold to property developers, all the…
Retweeted by Matthew Whitfield @joannamall In the quiz I thought Cheshire would be the Charlatans but Gary conquers all @joannamall that’s all I ever wanted ☺️ @laurasnapes Cornwall can be proud of that. There are some really embarrassing ones here @laurasnapes *from* Cornwall, not in