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Free speech, logic & evidence. Art, literature & cocktails. Jew-ish, white-ish & all lady. Progressive pronoun of choice fuq/dat ...waiting to be called basic.

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@MattWalshBlog That you used the word ‘onerous’, I love this even more!This makes NO SENSE, starting with the fact that he’s not the Vice President... @DailyCaller Aside from the fact that he’s NOT THE VICE PRESIDENT, this statement makes NO SENSE. Saying Russian di…, her too????
@EricaJong But wait, it’s the Biden camp messing with Russia via the Ukraine. And what a dumb comparison.
@MollyJongFast Good thing EVERY STATE WAS GIVEN THEIR OWN AUTHORITY. If they weren’t, though, I’m sure you’d call him a dictator. @MollyJongFast Forget his foreign policy and that Middle East peace deal...if you spent less time hating and were o… @samstein Forget about his foreign policy...if you spent less time hating and more time in actual discourse you’d be far less obnoxious. @TitaniaMcGrath I dipped my toe in the other pond, and after that I’ll remain a superficial bigot!😂😂😂 mate! @EricaJong I can’t believe you would say something so insulting. I have listened to you & Molly on the Femsplainers… @clairlemon @nytimes Unreal.
Apple's diversity chief out after outcry via @nypost shame on you, Apple, diversity is the…
For real! @RubinReport One for the office he’s running for, and one for the office he THINKS he’s running for. @TWayneHicks Separate !!! @EricaJong How? @EricaJong God yes and cognition.
@TitaniaMcGrath I can only hope African nations are as concerned, start painting!! @Heathen31343337 @eugenegu Like Cuomo did in NY? I’m positive now you have done no research. This is embarrassing. @Heathen31343337 @eugenegu No one said ok with it, it’s unavoidable, though, and the fact that it’s under 1% is rem…
@CrowleyKing6 @Heathen31343337 @eugenegu No one wants anyone to die, but this was inevitable. 200,000 is .000625% o… @TashaMac007 @pstreat3 We aren’t talking about individuals, rather an overwhelming attitude. The richest people I k…
@Heathen31343337 @eugenegu Look at all the news: there are 200,000 deaths, freaking google it. Then google our popu… @DGinge92 @eugenegu *you’re Meanwhile, Hunter Biden? He was w/the Ukraine forever, which is there with Russia, FYI. THEY ALL BREAK LAWS. @Mike_Vanilla @eugenegu I would never say anyone is more@corrupt than Biden, he had actual cognition problems & can… @brendanross__ @eugenegu I was ignorant and hypocritical? How cliché. @Heathen31343337 @eugenegu 200000/320000000 seems like pretty good odds, less than 1%...keep going.
Wwhhaatt???????? @RealCandaceO You are the bravest person !Socialism in any form is a failure. @GothamRajeev @TheLaurenChen You can’t be serious. You should be more ashamed than Canada’s social health @realDailyWire Imagine how muted he’d feel if he had to work like everyone else AND didn’t have a platform! #realworldSimple. @TitaniaMcGrath I get so excited with every tweet and wonder for you come up with it...I love you, you’re the only… @eugenegu Absolutely expected: throw shade instead of taking accountability. Leftism at its finest. @SilversteinBud I miss you! I was in Twitter hiatus! @EricaJong American is a language? Do you mean lexicon? @bailey6117 We have been sitting and getting steamrolled too long! Stand up for that .2-.3%!!!Perception IS NOT REALITY. @TitaniaMcGrath Accuracy is for the masses, making it null and void to the real thinkers. @nytopinion @MollyJongFast rather read you than hear you on @Femsplainers 😖 you’re too biased, I don’t need you to… @TheAtlantic @davidlsims Brutal because people recover? I’m confused, please elaborate.WTF! Penalized for a stillbirth?? of today, it's now official that UK is rejecting unfettered gender self-ID. A huge victory for women. Here's a…
Retweeted by Not So Basic White Chick @jonkay @NeurolawGuy @Quillette Perhaps because GENDER IS BIOLOGICAL. Do you remember picking a gender? Neither do I. @lemondefr Unreal. @StephenUzzell2 @FDRLST Like it’s 1999! @bryannaj12 @jackfortyfour @AOC All studies all show that spending per capita doesn’t increase learning. Oh, per capita means per student. @hulpo5455 @bryannaj12 @AOC They are a massive failure in Ohio. They close all the time , I’m not sure about other states @bailey6117 Yyyyaaaaasssss @ewarren She should be! Dating a drug dealer was the dumbest thing she ever did and cost her life!Let me get this straight, you protest aggression with aggression? #nonsense @YvetteMo_ @pstreat3 When inner city CLE kids COME to school, all@of those things may work. Parents need to make them go, first. @YvetteMo_ @AOC @RealCandaceO I forgot, she’s a black white supremacist, as she’s so often called. And we are talki… @pstreat3 I am very conservative when it comes to education, if that’s my hand. I taught for 15 years and watched t…
Does this matter? I mean it’s the Democratic Party and we’ve been talking about this for a while... @ZubyMusic You make brilliance seem so effortless!Hold crap spot on—why are people so blind?? @pstreat3 And we both know that involves structure/support from home. I found you condescending. My apologies. @YvetteMo_ @AOC And what percent of the black population is that? And I wouldn’t want it, but why can’t other ethni… @YvetteMo_ @pstreat3 Many teachers do inspire, but more often than not inspiration is possible because there is a f… @YvetteMo_ @pstreat3 You have NEVER taught. When you think you can convince inner city CLE kids that collegiate deb… @F2Ponlinebully @bryannaj12 @AOC @adamcjd10 @bryannaj12 @AOC I certainly do. Government doesn’t tell me where I must send my children. Obviously I’m a libertarian. @michael_sc0tt @AOC This doesn’t make any sense. @Iam__Naj @bryannaj12 @AOC Can we live now, or do people still get to live off of the past? Take Morgan Freeman’s advice. @pstreat3 @miamihoser @AOC So there’s no parental or personal responsibility? #lefty @miamihoser @AOC Or the humanities @bryannaj12 @AOC Clearly you’ve never been a teacher. I was, and in Cleveland Metro, we had kids go to Harvard. Stu… @AOC Or black culture that has overwhelmingly pushed down education as something that doesn’t work? Upholding other… @TitaniaMcGrath And an all black, all trans reboot of the Golden Girls, maybe Gxldyn GXrlz. RuPaul must be Blanche! @StephenUzzell2 Unreal, and the fact that a great portion of American kids can’t define Holocaust is PATHETIC.They learned NOTHING from RBG, which would be the ultimate example of ‘feminist’, I think.
There’s No Downside To Trump Nominating Amy Coney Barrett
Retweeted by Not So Basic White Chick @realDailyWire So woke she’s asleep. @realDailyWire What a lunatic. @stevowallner @slmgoldberg @benshapiro Me too!! ME TOO!! @LukeRodriguez75 @slmgoldberg @benshapiro Seriously?WTH! @ConceptualJames Is that fictitious à la Titania McGrath??? @TitaniaMcGrath Omg thank you! ... going to atone...I love this, absolutely (obviously) sage. @IlhanMN Hopefully your call to vote votes you OUT #getoutand
@ZubyMusic And to trick the masses into thinking the government is actually doing something about COVID @NikkiHaley IS a vote for HarrisIS a vote for Harris who get to play for money MUST say this to stave the mob. Donate your money to social justice, Gaga, t… @IlhanMN Somalian or American? Not sure which you’re governing by.People were masking in 50 BC...she was even ahead of the Bubonic plague 😂 #badjokes #nerdalert
2020 talked about this on our radio show! The younger generation doesn’t know! Constitution Day! On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia! American…
Retweeted by Not So Basic White Chick
@PrisonPlanet A movement whose cause is lost, fueled by emotion, exactly like #metoo @robsmithonline Omg, now that I think of it that way 😂😂 #realtalk @dcshifty This is so impressive, and unbelievable!!Amazing!
Sarcasm or the epitome of semantics? 😂😂😂