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PsyHco baby @Mx_amina no worries am not missing

hustler Miss pomo lips! @brownApparel ♥wahala bender. You people should not take me seriously, I just came here to play

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@Ekwulu @youngclassydude 16yrs of apc what do we have to show for it @Blaqhaziz @Bass_Ige Your dream body or what @Alan_yournextbf Let baba entangle na. Whats that @justadey_ srlure the painful part is that u had to watch t at the cinema @amDeenator @Mikkymoc @itz_veekey Am round in the middle @AKIYAkamikawa All the size 8 and 9 men yall are beautiful especially when you have a butt to match. Keep eating an… @Mikkymoc @itz_veekey U see this shape, i am looking for it. Where can i find it.
@RentCrowdy Does one get a referral code when an account is created?
@_kigh Atleast u are expecting with ur gf...... congratulations. @InsiderFood To what ends my dear Americans to what ends? @manifestive Jskl mklfr and lsmgy pls whats that? @DONJAZZY 😒
@tombo_fc Me am already broke @Zennyharry Awesome! If u wan the best out of it add oter nut varieties like cashew, almond , coco nut, also ad mi… @jez_kitan @damolafabz Lol @Dahveydson I did @MisiMint Na so person dey take die? @damolafabz I have but the guy na fool doesnt deserve free ad. @iamMrDray Lawd! @oma_oritse @MI_Abaga LolCan someone help me tag sinzu money and all his other counterparts @theufuoma Sharp and Street savvy Speaks local language And take beautiful pictures.Its only bumbum bum am hearing want to be free, you want to fly, your big chance is here... 3 days to go to the Big Leaguers Entertainment Aud…
Retweeted by PsyHco baby @ArenaOlly @hakeeb_ It has come ti the poin that i will just place order for myself as anony... wats all this @MIO_6 Oshey wizard of the south. @BoombuzzNG They still dont av work? @instablog9ja Them no fit call police make them pursure am @MIO_6 U for call me lemme follow u
@Naijablogger No fried chicken in heaven... angel Michael pls update ur culinary records @Engr_Ashile @AfricaFactsZone Pls stop it @zoeyy227 @LoudBrndStudios I dont gt the fuse mama paid for the dress. Its her comment section, that's her personal… @privateFigureNG @Mrtybaba @zhurg_ Forget that thing u can be poor n still have sense alot of hen just wan to try t… @zhurg_ Why are u running. .....why are u running @_plexy @ark_PR Are these for men @zeus_6ix Cos black live matter?
@Letter_to_Jack But wait do they lie? @pink_prank Lik3 boom! @Meeeehra Wtf @meetkiki_ @DONJAZZY sumbody sugar daddy na ee u diss lidat. No respect @zeus_6ix @MIO_6 Is tht how u talk to ur elders. Smh @zeus_6ix Hehehehehhheeeee one ofthese days we would av a debate @ubahfustinus___ @hezzalion 😏😏What u guys think?
@zeus_6ix We have never spoken before na. @oreoluwatomosin Abuja people are stubborn.... @zeus_6ix @MIO_6 😁😁😁😁😁this brodas are not ok @TeetoBrown Shes mad. My head is blowing knockout as i am hereOntop say u are with my 60k and and brand new suede block heel that you promised to help me resell cos it doesnt fi… the best thing to do for our friend goin through life problems is to pray for them and give the inspirati… @hezzalion 1 adele 2 beyonce 3Rihanna 4 snoop dog 5 🤔🤔🤔 @sofiatuu @ARINZEACO I don loose mkney this year @sofiatuu @ARINZEACO Lol me sef i dint enter am 120k but make i dey look first @MIO_6 But i dont wan to be healed @Naijablogger @WGNNews Lmao. @Zennyharry @officialEFCC @DubaiPoliceHQ @FBI Lmao @zeus_6ix @kccantalk The yorubas have something similar in the US AND BRAZIL too. @Zennyharry @myaccessbank 1M on accessmore app.
@I_ortegga @haruna_braimoh Where is the money now sef? @Ariketots_ @SODMG_HOAX 7 @Naijablogger Which kin lie even the indomie cartoon alone is not 2700 exceot nothing dey inside @Hadhanr A culture that teaches violences as the only way. And then the woman knows nothin @Bigbounce01 Reminds me of sheldon relationship agreement with emmy. @Dehkunle Tranquilize him na. @__SARKI__ @lamar_ralph Jo one cares about ur opinion @Dappy_52 U dey go pick woman by 2am. You people sha
@TallFineBoy If i do this to you.....please be afraid for your life. #egetwhy @Sir_BiolaPr Howdo gals feel so comfortable taking gives worth alot more than what they have given.? @Zennyharry Even if we have a middle man he would need the right tool to work effectively. @ARINZEACO Lmao. So i head she no wan carey the case anymore? @Zennyharry Do you think that can be sustained? This preservative measures dont come cheap and tou have to be stra… @ARINZEACO Huh what happened @daily_trust A country so unproductive that is drains its citizens so it can keep up
@Blaqhaziz @instablog9ja No its the part that people are without a job or means of sales @Blaqhaziz Who dug not who dogged. Na wah oo @instablog9ja Sad
This is lowkey a bop👀
Retweeted by PsyHco baby @eliistender10 How are ther legs still able to move? @ARINZEACO He is even feeling fly @AJEnglish Thisbis a year of pandemic! Funny how this diseases keeps out of "developed" countries @acctattempt4 @owhreoluwa @timileyin_ Lmao!
@_O_Kay Throw it @TholuOla @_O_Kay Send me one @_O_Kay But the thing is i dont av pencil. @MIO_6 @ZamirLX Have u seen rabbits feed. Especially baby you will know its not by size @victorsozaboy @NaijaGoldaMeir @ChristiesInc The people who own the art do they care? The worth of this item is va… @spicey_xx This one got me @therawdeeya @kaszquan @Fayokunmii @eniturn @NurseChocs_ @damola_A @prof_pius @OmoKiikan @KesterRichard_ @MIO_6 @ZamirLX If i perish....i perish! @InnocentNudess @_sup3rrnova Hafa we with pot belly? Are we art quality too?
@vikiing_ They should close down n what happenes to the hundreds of people under there payroll. Biopic bygots. @TholuOla @official_ivyj Like? @official_ivyj No more headache from withdrawal method... @MIO_6 Lmao u go mad ooo @darmiielare Dirty in ur nails @Lumynate Put it into piggy vest as what? Savings or investment ? @ARINZEACO 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @iamMrDray Pointer @tolutheking You guys complain too much. Why not start banking with other fintech companies like opay u can deposit…