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Zixerzy @mx_ultra San Jose, CA

he/him, BLM, ACAB, dnb / midtempo producer, you can call me ultra if you want :); SC logo by @kiirisz (NSFW accounts please don't interact i'm literally 17)

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@singtoconley specifically the "grand mac" one @singtoconley these sound like apple computer names @noisemisato if a girl asked me to eirhdnsdfbbdhrj dhwoaosjfbdvs sjdiosirrdjdb dbdjdidosjdbd dbdudididikwkasnd d db… you're not gonna be nice to someone, just don't say anything at it just me or are people today just being unnecessarily rude and assholes to each other like i get that shit li… @PENClLGIRL gnholy shit overwatch is too strict sometimes the ethernet cable coming to my connector accidentally fell out and so… @SIBERIAND0GGY lmaoI REQUIRE A TUG miss her so much India just had the largest general strike in modern history, 200 + million and no one in U.S. media is really covering it.
Retweeted by ZixerzySocialism is the fire department saving your house. Capitalism is the insurance company denying your claim.
Retweeted by Zixerzy @nebita ben why @hyperpog G5 @kbstratus672 can we talk more in discord dmsit all comes together
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@night_owlll LMAOdoes anyone wanna create an among us server with me because i have absolutely no friends to play this game withHey Twitter, a non-binary friend needs help with immediate shelter and funding for food since losing their job. The…
Retweeted by Zixerzy @FroyoTam A WHATBuy your Spotify playlists on Bandcamp with this simple tool.
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Retweeted by Zixerzy @BotGenre oh nohappy Bandcamp day everyone i finally made one of these :D
Retweeted by Zixerzywait actually earthquake is 3 years old so nvmall of these are from 2018 to say but i passed 1000 plays on SC yay costs 0$ to retweet this tweet.
Retweeted by ZixerzyPirating Cyberpunk 2077 is most cyberpunk thing you can do about that video game lol
Retweeted by Zixerzyforgot to say this but NEW MINECRAFT 1.17 SNAPSHOTIn light of recent events: ✦ I've uploaded my flip of the LG ringtone 'Vanilla Sky' with @arkaniumarts in honor of…
Retweeted by Zixerzy @dossyxmusic ???????????????????????????????????????????????It's bandcamp friday today! support your favourite artists! gonna be linking some personal faves below!! :)
Retweeted by Zixerzy @tronbinary ... @blueghostmusic 100% sure this is just some extremely salty 12 year old kid who got pissed off and started yelling at random peopleThe city of Detroit is claiming I was never placed in a chokehold. πŸ™ƒ see below
Retweeted by Zixerzyfuck amazon
Retweeted by Zixerzy @MooreKismetBass happy birthday!Yo a trans music friend needs help plz donate/boost if u can
Retweeted by Zixerzy @hunter_hhhh silver 1 so noi feel like this is nessesary today and also every other day
Retweeted by Zixerzy🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟🚟 @emtacolor 🚟 @nebita the laugh @jedwill1999 i absolutely hate get your wish, and while i do admit something comforting and mirror are good, i just… @jedwill1999 i'm in two minds about this on one hand i listen to a lot of non worlds porter and i only really list… shit MKDD rainbow road is fucking impossible @gofundme
Retweeted by Zixerzy @amperature merry christmas @hunter_hhhh sure, but be warned: the game is really, REALLY toxic i'm talking worse than league toxic @noisemisato @hun____ter wasn't the switch released 3 years agomeanwhile in america
Retweeted by Zixerzy @SIBERIAND0GGY check discord @SIBERIAND0GGY d*mi cannot believe that this useless piece of shit fuckwad was allowed to be around for as long as they have i stron… fucking day i feel more wary of other people that is at an all time high right now @aturamusic read that as mac OR cheesetw / pedophilia fucking christ if you still follow or support @/offcldnm you better fix that shit right now
Retweeted by ZixerzyIn 2021, Riot will release an 'indie game' made by a 'virtual indie dev' named 'EN'DeVR', who is Japanese-English.…
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@hun____ter still way too harsh for what happenedhonestly, probably one of the most important games nintendo made @emplexx do not become a fucking redditorwhat the fuck did u just say to me u dumb ass bitch
Retweeted by Zixerzy @emplexx nohow do i escape cringe @SMOSHPORN @TRALESofPeanuts @nebita ?????????????????????????? @TRALESofPeanuts @SMOSHPORN @nebita No. @SMOSHPORN @TRALESofPeanuts @nebita $#@ @@# $ #$ @#$ #@$ @# $@# $ #@ $ #$ @# @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @… @SMOSHPORN @TRALESofPeanuts @nebita WEUIHJ @TRALESofPeanuts @SMOSHPORN @nebita $E*(@#!$&#@&$(*@#&*%@#%@#*(%&(#@&(%*#@&%@#&#*($#&@*(%&#@*(%&@#*(&%*#@&%*(#@&(%&… @SMOSHPORN @nebita 893274238975RY8932WEBFDWNSFCVBSDAVRF3WEUI5RY32857R24389547574TRENTV4E89&%*(RW$#&*(%w$%*W$&%(*$#%… @SMOSHPORN @nebita VCREHYFI9RETFU0R4378958R09 432EU9I4RY589R74390857RIB435TB43HNJTGVREJT 435094386T54390TY853096354… @nebita Z @nebita @SMOSHPORN 56T4R0IO7Y6894758RWEJNRVG5BC6B54C7BNV65 @nebita 3WET5R6453UTR435R @nebita WEGTRFWEY8T4E23784TEY3DJ8WEFSBVDHRFRGT @nebita 4rfy5489t6789437694yuijgtb5j4rvf6thj544rfy5489t6789437694yuijgtb5j4rvf6thj544rfy5489t6789437694yuijgtb5j4rv… @nebita you waht @blueghostmusic i still have hope that it's somewhere in my house, but that hope is rapidly dwindling @blueghostmusic i'm so sad i last played the cartridge in 2017... @blueghostmusic my pokewalker is missing, and so is my cartridge :(((((( @blueghostmusic nah it goes to HGSS @starsense_ @smellyclothes very happy for you, gl!β€˜bb u ok?’ is out now! πŸ˜³πŸ’Œβ€ΌοΈ i’ll follow everyone who RTs! pls spread this vibrant news ily!
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@7ngelus if at any point you first used garageband and since moved on to other daws the music you make is hyperpop @7ngelus post garageband @theabsoluteplus ?????American children go to school and have to do compulsory drills on how to not get shot by their classmates, right a…
Retweeted by Zixerzy @oddprophet 5.0e+14tf is "escape room" is it like the sound of a regular room where someone escaped or is it big room except somehow w… @nokkusuu haha funny boob asshi everyone, this is vitally important so please retweet and share, and PLEASE DONATE IF YOU HAVE MONEY - joe is ha…
Retweeted by Zixerzyfuck hi-c and domd i can respect the music, even though i don't even like it that much but jesus christ what creepy…
Retweeted by Zixerzy @electrolutions @imKelbin ??????????????In case you missed it, the UK is about to forcibly detransition every trans kid
Retweeted by Zixerzy @nokkusuu language of vods @MochiMiIkk happy birthday!won my first bedwars today how i won was the enemy fell off a present block