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Mxjd | Majd @MxjdTV Detroit Michigang 🔥

24. MI | Arab American Content Creator for ? | ULTIMATE VIBE BRINGER | 🇯🇴🇵🇸✝ Habibi Gang $mxjd

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who’s coochie am I gettin dripped out around my neck with
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @NullTruth I got a few in mindAt the eye doctor getting your exam Is 1 clearer or 2 How about now 2 Or 3💫
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdLmfaoo I can’t take Salim seriously man has molded pussy on a chain 😭😭 ‘Essentials’ drop tomorrow (Friday) at noon HERE:
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd😂😂😭 @Viperous What kinda fake shit is this FK youNever take Floyd mayweather hat... pray for the homie jake
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdCentury Tennis hosting @mandantennis this afternoon! See the highlights at 10CT on @KFYRTV.
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @TristanGHill 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd😂😭 got rocked UNO with the owners (and Kris haha) to begin this Summer the right way with @TwistedTea! Happy Hour strea…
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdYou think ugly actors get paid more ? I’m thinking of becoming an actor @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT BOY GOT THE POLOS ON @Velleka_ I tried it’s too hard to decipher @Velleka_ Y’all twins for sure @missmercyy_ I chose them @Xx2LeGiiT2QuiiT You can drive it when we kick it @AlfiKane Only if we can trade whips for a dayUno with the boys to kick off the countdown to summer with @TwistedTea! Join our Happy Hour stream at 2PM PT and en…
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdAvalanche looks like he owns Twisted Tea and 100T @Nadeshot @TwistedTea DAMN @Avalanche100T @Callme_Rio1 A dirty demon fasho🧿🌨💧😂😂😂😂’m slowly falling back in love with Valorant I go on these sprees of loving a game and grinding it then just never hopping on againUnited States of America you can hear.
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdi think all women should see this
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdshort apex stream :)
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdthe gaming comm continuously educates me on new things & struggles that people deal with in their lives so today i’…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @TNAGA8E @okheavenly LETS GO GABE!!! 💛💛💛#Wishboneday2021 #WishboneDay 💙💙 💛
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdThem Detroit beats expose niggas rappin skills.
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdThat’s what those big buzzing fuckers are called! CICADAS I THOUGHT THEY WERE BIG MUTATED FLIES a trick on your mind when you read it like that are beautiful Women are beautifulYeahhhh BenjyGOATFISHY @KupKakes67 @FaZeMew W!!I remember one time someone posted a tweet with the “tag your 3rd @“ so I did and the girl had a boyfriend he was v… @kittaayy 😭 each tweet is .10 cents @earJordan EAR JORDAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY I HOPE THIS YEAR BRINGS YOU HAIR !!! More life more blessings brodie @kittaayy Fuck you !! You gotta tip me for every interaction @YourFellowArab Alright Larry got big @NICKMERCS just know well always be eating good hamdillah Him Love 🥰 He Deserves It ❤️🙏🏽✨
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdIf you havnt met me IRL, then I’m 6’ tall 📸 @mcgowannn
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd"Twitter Crop is gone?" Ha! We'll see about that!!
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdtl cleanse
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdWhoever thought Key Lime Pie Kit-Kats were a good idea was horribly wrong @Avalanche100T Prada you changing your diet and your daily schedule disciplining yourself got you there hard work :) KEEP GOING *Dj Khaled* @Avalanche100T @SypherPK and grow a beard you’d be Zeus himself @issfanfan Fiona drippy🔥"TRIPPLE THREAT" Poster for @ahad View the collection ❤️&♻️are Appreciated!
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdIs it the same feeling of maxing the dash cause my fatass ain’t never run to get a highwhat is a “Runners high”? @Froste Went from 18 dollars a month ago to 100+ ;) RICH @JoSavagefx Not here that’s for sure gotta go out into the world and networkWhen you opened the VINEMAS your cock grew 6foot you are currently the holder @MxjdTV guy got 24 inches now call guiness
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdever since I bought the Prime Vandal and maxed it out my cock grew 12 inchesStill can’t believe I rejected you in the third grade man I’m forever a walking L 😭 @ahad @YourFellowArab 😭😭😭 @H3CZ I’ve never had an authentic taco experience and I only want to try it when the H3CZ Taco Trucks are availableSmurkiooo @Class 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻I've been live for 12 hours playing Valorant and i dont know what happening but the whole time I've been averaging…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majddemon hours fasho @JERMAlNE Run that @Jamal_Al52 Yessirski i want the Oni that boy is sick af9 B I L L I O N WOW
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdTHATS TO YOU
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @Jamal_Al52 I have the elder flame on my main account but I made an Alt and I bought the prime fully maxed and the glitch pop classic @hxstlerette yktvs @Sm1tcat Whats good Smit @_MaddieSims hello Maddie @Furious8k whats good eliasShop on my main account TRASH BRO @Kyler_Rawbishow yktv @shalors hello SHALORS! @ddoubledom1 Thats what I like to hear @Yuhuuur fasho i think its malek el sex @glowostent yo yoo nick @MxjdTV
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @slimbobbyboy Hell yeah bro god bless you keep on grinding hope its treating you well my man @graeIyn HELLO GRAELYN~!! @YourEmbracee hello? @NesoEE whats good my dawggyyyyHABIBI GANG ALWAYS ON THE GRIZZY @MxjdTV Habibi gang stays up
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @CrushedGG AWWW SHII CRUSHED DOPE PFP MY GUY! @Reck___ OF COURSEAnything good in here ?’s up?! Only the real can respond 👀 @essencebivens they always sleeping unless you droppin fire pics