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Mxjd | Majd @MxjdTV Detroit Michigang 🔥

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50/50 split really means a lot to me 🥳 finally verified on all platforms 🙏🏽 been riding solo a long time and just wanted…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @xcarl53x got you GTomorrow 👀
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdi don’t know what you’re thinking bro i’m not a mind reader @egirlsoos of course goat @SugaBearNolan gotchu @McFarlandRiley no u @PKMN_Master05 🙌🏻 @McFarlandRiley you got it bossyo who needs a follow back? @Blathanos my boy 🙌🏻nah im leakin it.. idk why its even a secret LOL Among Us 10/29 Thursday 12PM PST / 3PM EST Pewdiepie Corpse Sykk…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @JakeChams @jrgonza1ez @garinwood @Kodak ❤️ @JakeChams @jrgonza1ez @garinwood @Kodak FIRST PHOTOSET AS A VERIFIED USER WHOS THAT IN THE SECOND PICTURE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Some place in Utah
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 man @itsKursed @ddoubledom1 @hitchariide @blakecissel @JorgeSummertime LETS GO @DTeeLace @MrConRem LMFAOOOOOO BRO LETS SEE IF HE GETS IT YOU KNOW IM CAPPIN DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT DANNY @Tran this opportunity would be on for a lifetime @MrConRem bidak tmus ayre?We live with some late night warzone
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Sheeb and Schove Ranked Adventures
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @TSM_Myth @FortniteGame please please please @Avalanche100T i love you @thedandangler you in the fast lane where are the flags ?!No woman of yours should make you act out of character or make you feel insecure. Vice versa.. That’s NOT love.
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @SesoHQ i swear i didn’t just look at my photoshop i was actually productive:-) thumbnail game hardif i see you talk shit to my peers i’m coming straight for ya neck don’t catch the fadedon’t tolerate disrespect @Marshy_FN @Class @Viperous fuck you don’t hate on the grind she’ll get it watch and i’m gonna laugh at youPARTNER GRIND TAB IN LETS @Nadeshot @Avalanche100T my highschool self really swore I’d never drink, what a 180 that was
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @CapriceMcBean NEVER WE GOT YOU #loveorhost @CapriceMcBean #loveorhost EARNED IT 1 OF 1 say the hood make sacrifices 🕊 oh yeah @BIG600BOOKA means Nadeshot can compete in a tournament on main stage 🔥🔥🔥 FOR THE KIDS THEY TAKING THESE JUMP SCARES TOO FAR NOW
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdlmfaoo that’s that boof @KeviSkillz LMFAOOOO KEVIIIII @ARoughRider @Valkyrae you literally are not lying 🤥 @_Tenal @Valkyrae cause i am superior @Valkyrae IS 3.6K AWAY FROM A MILLION (1M) FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER WHO GOT THE JUICEEEE?!?! @Valkyrae Valkyrae been a vibe god bless the queenThe Line up for LoH is so POG! @JustaMinx better find love!
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @NicholiFNST yeahhhhhLive playing CSGO for a little bit
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @Nadeshot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Home isn't where you're from, it's where you find light when all grows dark.
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdGameFuel has been nothing but an awesome partner, from the customized minifridge to the constant cases of Game Fuel…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @_Tenal @Mako @Froste @Class @Avalanche100T bro i didn’t see this omfggggHey @Avalanche100T...... #VerifyAvalanche
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdThank God for the day!
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdu r so handsome @SypherPK @absorberyt @Beastly_McBeast @yoseph Absorber i need Malfoof you bring Malfoof you’ll win my heart @Beastly_McBeast @absorberyt @yoseph @absorberyt @Beastly_McBeast @yoseph grill* @absorberyt @Beastly_McBeast man steak ain’t it bidak mashewi and shistawook hummus and fries @yoseph fire up the g…*
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @Beastly_McBeast yallah come here we got home cooked meals on the dailyWho would you want to see in a completely hypothetical creator Battle Royale? 👀 @MrBeastYT
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdStan John Robinson forever still can’t believe @Mako @Froste and @Class all got verified and @Avalanche100T was still a normal user THEY HEL… @jacksondahl @MrBeastYT Watching now can’t wait :)If you are remotely interested in YouTube, you should watch our podcast with @MrBeastYT. His obsession shows throug…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdall day people smile in your face and hate behind your back'S THE BEST 100 THIEVES IMPOSTER IN REAL LIFE?? ft Courage, Valkyrae,... via @YouTubeI can't wait to vlog with you @Class were going to have so much fun <3 @GoneDoc L O V E ! ! !DO YOU THINK TODAY'S THE DAY FOR MINX? REPLY WITH LOVE IF YOU THINK SHE'LL FIND LOVE REPLY WITH HOST IF YOU THIN…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @Furious8k @ddoubledom1 @H3CZ it’s gonna be a vision like video i put money on it you know when Hecz does something… @H3CZ GOAT THINGSFamily day today. Was away from Liv and Jude for a whole week. And I have to be back in LA Wednesday.
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @NamesToken @Avalanche100T lmao you see how i’m just disrespecting them by throwing them on the ground 😭😭😭 @Nadeshot when I'm 18. Make me captain of #100Thieves. Y'all are kinda like the sixers right now. But it's just rebuilding. Simmons will be
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @OpTicMaNiaC we used to use the basketball locker room to shit cause it was the cleanest bathroom @JoeyTheSuperJew Kappa what i found @Avalanche100T that day is today
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdNail in the coffin 2 months ago"100 Thieves have purchased the Los Angeles CDL spot previously held by OpTic Gaming LA" ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPEN…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @ImDehV im so happy christmas came earlyDid @GoneDoc just say I am in Love Or Host !!!! #loveorhost
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd for Minx's Love or Host! Come hang with us! @Ruepa_ @qwuacctrash @QuinckTV @kaisastreams @MxjdTV
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdCome join us for the pre show - cast reveal for love or host. 😍
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdWE ARE LIVE w/ THE LOVE OR HOST PRESHOW @GoneDoc !join DM @GoneDoc🚨 BREAKING: 100 Thieves have purchased the Los Angeles CDL spot previously held by OpTic Gaming LA. Sources say th…
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majdwe’re in for a treat 2021 CoD season100T back in CoD and HECZ has OpTic back
Retweeted by Mxjd | Majd @ImDehV @Nadeshot mastermindRUN IT UP LETS GOOOO needs to be stopped
Retweeted by Mxjd | MajdYou outgrow people. It might be a shame, but it's a part of life and you have to move forward. You lose touch with…