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@luvuhz fr😭😭 @DemonSlayerJon thoughts on her return? @gotcakemate LMAOO @Duskkx_ what episodes are those? @RElATSU @BruceRee63 im reading it rn😭 i was just wondering for when i eventually try opwhat would you recommend?
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @astrotoofer gm🙏🏽 one of my fav openings omg @maromallow what about gantetsu🤨 @Duskkx_ gm goat‼️ have a great day @jikkacock bakugo stinky(2) + would appreciate new csm and jigo mutuals
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @Kobeniscar for sure a mix of both, thats what i like about his character @itsukisuba love to hear it! @itsukisuba gm scare same to u‼️ @yourebreathtae1 Naruto! wbu?I think they like sagiri
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @ivy_91420 canon @nyaluffy yesReasons why you should read jigokuraku ! - great art - unique storyline - ALL the of the characters are likable a…
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @disenyee i mean…his mom is… so i guess..?夕庵
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @miraclesenshi me🙏🏽 @miraclesenshi nah fr @disenyee yess hope u get to it soon😭 @timevessel yup yup‼️🫂 @miraclesenshi u sound like mha fans😩 @Mr_Crawe morning sir miles, have a great day🙏🏽 @EchoMimi1 yah id recommend 🙏🏽 @EchoMimi1 iv only watched the first 3 episodes which were very similar to the manga but i was told after ep 10 it gets different @EchoMimi1 ooh if u liked the anime u should definitely read it! the first 10 episodes r true to the manga but afte… hashira btw @Ario_Tengen this thread is fucking amazing,well saidThis thread is an analysis on Sanemi Shinazugawa: The Kindest and most Misunderstood Hashira in Demon Slayer
Retweeted by mooze🌺Unlike Tanjiro who clung to what he wanted to protect, Sanemi did the opposite for their sake and bore their burden…
Retweeted by mooze🌺 want to talk about the heroic legend of arslan but there’s only like 2 of my mutuals that read it @ruthvein gmgm🙏🏽 @sungzuke morning, hope u have a good day! @BruceRee63 gm sir fruit @zorossgf gm gwi have a great day!! @EchoMimi1 gm mimi!!<3 @Anci3nts gm goat enjoy ur day🙏🏽 @Stephen6526 morning, have a good day @nyaluffy to gatekeeping @togeniri ofc nelle😌 @nyaluffy i like it tht way ngl👀good morning @FUCHl_ 😭😭😭付知くんお疲れ様でした
Retweeted by mooze🌺
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @makimaonlyfanss idgi @KugisakiAkeno lmaooo i love him😭Gabimaru is literally so funny because every fight he’s like… “I was trying to avoid this but I guess I gotta kill you now” LMFAOOO
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @DemonSlayerJon goatetsu😩goodnight 🖤 @makimaonlyfanss read vinlandとぅーま
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @bumassdude lfgggg @jikkacock @tojiluvr do it do it‼️ @jikkacock YAY @mochibunnni holy shit nice!!趣味に走りすぎた落書きble…chパロ 五夏版
Retweeted by mooze🌺人気投票結果発表の時のシジャです…! #地獄楽ファンアート
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @DemonSlayerJon FRFRGoated Brothers fr
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @togeniri aw thank u nelle i appreciate it😭 @jamalmoraess thanks king🤧🫂 @JayTurner1 @DemonSlayerJon lmaoo @DemonSlayerJon i fucking loved this fight🤧 @mo0no_ ty!!
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @tenzatwt THANKS IRU‼️🫂 @tojiluvr 😦😦😦 @disenyee thanks dice! @N4NAX_ truefuchi my beloved <3
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @N4NAX_ do it @FlowOmega 😮 @DemonSlayerJon goatmaru🤧 @domiwife just realized we used the same quote omg @bestbuymilk 😦 @SUPERVILLAIIN Thanks skye!!😭 @chloetrafalgar AH TY CHLOE‼️🫂 @divinedoggos TY BELLA‼️ coming from the goat🤧 @tojiluvr need anime news now🤧guys i miss jigokuraku :(
Retweeted by mooze🌺 @itszeke8_ thanks homie‼️🫂 @sukunaaki tyty ! @tojianti Thanks Siya‼️🫂 @summermngos TY ASH!! @Anci3nts thanks broo🙏🏽 @qigaraki TY😭 @tojiluvr anytime😌 ty im glad u liked it!! @divinedoggos i posted it already 😭 @maromallow 😟 @Apex_predator55 appreciate bro‼️ @yvtaok ofc😌😌 @xcuos @Reaper_szn thanks my fellow canadian shija stan🙏🏽