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@kingofthabears I have no clueYo? restaurant I’m at 😂
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Retweeted by Maria 🌹Myth:"Covid now only a problem for unvaccinated" Ignores fact that when hospitals are full, people die from delays…
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@KDTraee5 @uwusuraah Don’t have one, unsurprising that’s your response though. Subhuman intelligence and misogyny d… @KDTraee5 @uwusuraah God you’re an idiot lol. Let me explain slowly: you + many others no get vaccine, virus mutate… @uwusuraah @KDTraee5 Dude had to hop on a burner cuz he has no actual rebuttal, just insults 😜 @KDTraee5 maybe take a biology course bro!They’re saying long haul covid neurological issues are on the same wave as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Like… millions…
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @fern_fernfraser @caribeanpirate @Newsweek literally have no idea why you’re arguing with me considering I’m also a… @fern_fernfraser @caribeanpirate @Newsweek someone smarter than you, as implied? ReadDumbasses couldn’t just get the vaccine so now this shit will never shop mutating holy fuckkk @caribeanpirate @fern_fernfraser @Newsweek well we can tell he’s certainly smarter than you, maybe take some guidancepls covid we’ve had enough variants
@JhbTeamm sassy @emmyuh @SteelSeries CutieI’m losing my mind over this
Retweeted by Maria 🌹one thing about me? my tummy hurts
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @paigeashxx @GoldmanSachs yeah it will allow them to save more and quit that shit quicker @cinnabarphos I always think it’s so awkward to do that lmao. It’s just mutuals on Twitter, there shouldn’t be some…
@xoxabstract @bopndop 💗 @bopndop That’s pretty cute#NationalGirlfriendsDay 2nd pic a more accurate representation of the relationship.
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Hahahhahahah this is insane
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I know a lot of people onhere might not have had chickenpox because you were vaccinated as a kid, so let me put thi…
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@IcyVert What kinda injury did she get that she had to quit @IcyVert Ah that stinks @KnownAsLit I have a good setup for A on icebox but I get what u mean. I only play her if too many ppl instalocked duelists anyways @joshttd @EditsByHunter @KnownAsLit I like playing KJ but it def depends on the map. She’s most fun on icebox and bind IMO @EditsByHunter frrrIs he at the ATM with your shit? LMAOOOO
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @JBass323 @MrAhmednurAli Ironic. Look up what the twisties r btw! @RobMezeii Everything looks to be running perfectly fine here!some ppl still gonna look at this and say “yeah but he’s a criminal so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️”surely not *this* Aurora police department!
Retweeted by Maria 🌹When the people “protecting” us put loaded guns to cooperating civilians’ heads 🥰🥰🥰 the Olympic team final, Simone Biles planned to perform a 2½-twisting vault, but her mind stalled after just 1½…
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@emmyuh Ur the cutest @uwusuraah Frr I spent my freshman year at a school I hated, transferred and got like 5 months on campus of my new… @_destinybright 💗💗 love ucurrently have spent more time on campus at the school I transferred from than the one I’m graduating fromBunch of idiots tryna make me lose my senior year of college too 👍🏼👍🏼 cool cool at rolling loud
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @ilj67 @bopndop toss up the pic of ur chicken @NightmareLea @delgado709 @ungodlywests LMAOO @bopndop u went crazy
If ur that rich u can afford to have the best hygiene imaginable and u choose to be dirty.. nahNah that’s nasty @amy_pirozzolo @KateKadisha @molly_brown420 @MitoMissy @Variety Deleted your tweets huh? Is it that hard of a hit t… @TDB2O They’ve never experienced anything close to that level of pressure (or had the skill to put them in such a p… @AustinP314 @shanejblair @CompMVP @heckisthis @Tort75 @espn You’re the only loser here... pretty pathetic as well 😁I just love all the keyboard warriors in the comments who have never amounted to anything saying she sucks for crac… @paradox_ek Farthest I can see clearly without contacts/glasses is like anything 4 inches from my face lmaooThis shit broke my heart. And this is only one story. Can you imagine how many folks they have done this to?
Retweeted by Maria 🌹Tampa police are building a tinpot police state. They're taking the grades of literal children and putting them in…
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @FallDropPW -10 @FallDropPW forever shitty visionMy eye doctor said my vision is too bad to ever get lasik 😔🤟🏼 @kliqdic She’s like my favorite athlete to watch ever, so much pressure put on her in the media thoshoutout all you dumb mfs who caused this and genuinely believe it when we say you getting 5G injected in your arm
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @amy_pirozzolo @KateKadisha @molly_brown420 @MitoMissy @Variety where was the grammar wrong 🥴 don’t be too prideful now @bopndop hi @frontflipkick @tf_stephon @IcarusUniverse @barstoolsports maybe do some of that research you are talking about. Cu… @parachute1998 the only thought is food @soapthelord I always do 😌My baby @Pikaclicks sup
@2dlex I have this dress @weebgarfield Nah not in my stateI think it’s important that we have at least one music maker who is actually out of their mind and not just posing
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @xoxabstract fr lmaoo like nobody consented to seeing that to begin with @Yuhuuur yeah I’m pretty sure it is but idk if bc they’re having sex u might also get in trouble if u post it. Eith… it is bad but also like.. so is having sex in front of random people and children that didn’t consent to that either uhhhdon’t fuck in public if u don’t want ppl to see? crazy thought
@ohNevv reading social media comments on anything “politically” divisive usually just causes me angerMy brother’s axolotl (named slime) @cinnabarphos Ppl do this with soo many celebs. Like they look great for their age, no need to photoshop them to ma… @_destinybright Hot
Norway’s women's beach handball players were each fined 150 euros for wearing shorts rather than bikini bottoms. Me…
Retweeted by Maria 🌹Hey so I would deeply appreciate if you could read this and RT it, currently going through a lot of shit rn and nee…
Retweeted by Maria 🌹first the diamond in his forehead now he needs an imaginary deed to a planetHope he invests in a financial advisor next fr cousin’s dog was recently diagnosed with Glaucoma and has had an MRI. The medical costs have been adding up and…
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deff getting worried about all these covid variants, if college taught me anything once u start seeing greek letter…
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@paradox_ek yeah idk it’s insane how this type of work culture is even allowed to exist, and it makes me sad that n… if u have friends that harass women or make disgusting objectifying jokes and u don’t say shit u kinda suck too btwThis is so disgusting @IcyVert These go crazy
Breaking news, U.S. security forces attack peaceful demonstrators in the western city of Los Ángeles
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @emuhlys red looks great on uHad a COVID patient in the ED. I inquired if they had been vaccinated. “It’s against my religion, the vaccine is…
Retweeted by Maria 🌹 @Yuhuuur probs got mad she was telling him what to do lol. You’re also never supposed to shoot rubber bullets direc… rly love to power trip. Woman isn’t even moving and has her hands up.. he just does it cuz he can @RobMezeii those r some cutting the grass shoes @picklequantum Yeah no issue having these thoughts, just posting it on Twitter was a bad idea. Also I saw this othe…