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Max Stoiber @mxstbr Vienna, Austria

Creator of styled-components & react-boilerplate 💅 Maker 🐟 Software Eng (prev @gatsbyjs @github @withspectrum) 💼 Investor 👼

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@swyx @threepointone @mxswtr That's a throwback niche reference if I've ever seen one 😂 Good times @jevakallio @andrewingram @swyx @threepointone @mxswtr I haven't worn it in... probably years!Throwback to the @FormidableLabs folks being the classiest acts ever 👏💜 @threepointone Good times... Miss you buddy!I made a private alt for friends/mutuals: @notmxstbr No clue what I'm going to use it for 😂
“3 apps down to 2, React Native and React Web — but we’d like to get down to 1.5” 🥳 this is awesome 👏
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @jenlooper Volunteer at conferences! Attend for free + meet amazing people = 🔥🌈 Grab yourself some colorful, gradient 5K wallpapers for your desktop. Go get them 👉
Retweeted by Max StoiberStay tuned for my upcoming blog post: I Literally Don’t Care How You Apply Styles to DOM Nodes as Long As You and Y…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @paul_irish @sebmckb It's so good, I've been binging like a madmanExcited to announce that our new domain is!!
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @christianlpunkt @tommoor Your welcome but also... please don't look too closely, the Spectrum codebase is terrible! 🙈😂My sister's selling signed, limited edition posters of her graduation collection: 😍 I've a…
@miked1ck @tommoor Except that's broken in Firefox — at least up to ~a year ago when I last checked and even if it'… this little detail I built into the new product page.
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @spitleaf 💜💜💜💜💜 @davesnx @TheEduardoRFS Congrats!!!
A team of ~8 engineers built this app from scratch using React Native in 2020. The only code it uses from the previ…
Retweeted by Max StoiberFull stack web frameworks launched in the past 2 years: With @prisma: - @redwoodjs - @blitz_js - @remix_run…
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My sister finally got her bachelor's in fashion design!!! 🎉 Super proud of her and all the work she's done 🥰… @philipyoungg Very similar product! I've also raised my prices quite a bit — went from $149 for pre-orders to $396… @mxstbr Max Stoiber, Creator of styled-components & react-boilerplate, is talking about how he decided what he want…
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@ekosz1 😂“We thought it was better to go with the suit instead of the naked banana, because we are in federal court right now.”
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @linuz90 More angel investments!
@ascorbic @Clubhouse Hot damn!Any marketers interested in running ads for on an affiliate (i.e. commission) basis? 🤔 Ev… @im_usamakhalid @GHengeveld @okonetchnikov @splitbee Yep! clicky undo / redo wheel ready for action feels so good!
Retweeted by Max Stoiber"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happin…
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Retweeted by Max StoiberShoutout to @aprillfc who made me think we were celebrating our six month anniversary — only to surprise me with my… friends surprised me with a Bedrock cake to celebrate its success!!!😍🤩 (yes all of this is edible 🤯) They're th… @peduarte @splitbee Just once more! Once you go @splitbee, you never go back 😏 😂 @peduarte Just use @splitbee and make your analytics dashboard public 😬😉 Eg
@zeekrey_ @peduarte @splitbee 100% @splitbee it's the best.I've taken a break from speaking for the past year+. I opened my talk planning kanban today for the first time in a…
Retweeted by Max StoiberI guess I'm officially a "creator" now? 🤔😂 @mxstbr Creator of Bedrock A premium full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate for SaaS products
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We're a lot closer to not having to bother with vendor prefixes, but there are still 35 things left that still need…
Retweeted by Max StoiberI'm very used to how fast Gatsby is but it still shocks me sometimes. Have you ever seen an ecommerce site this fas…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @mkwng 😢 That's a shame!🚀 New post — Code blocks, but better • multiple themes • highlight lines and words • interact with the content • s…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @colmtuite Yes but I also think that's a minority opinion. (also, this poll should really be scoped to folks who c… @ascorbic @Netlify @wasdkeyboards @cassidoo WHAT How did I not know this?! @ascorbic @Netlify @wasdkeyboards WAIT NETLIFY HAS CUSTOM EMPLOYEE KEYCAPS?! 🤯😍🔥 ...of course they do. @cassidoo is on the team!Oh wow, @mxstbr ’s talk at #AllDayHey on “What do I want to do with my life?” is so so good. The growth and tribul…
Retweeted by Max StoiberTime for my close up. — Says the Garibaldi biscuit selected as the ideal accompaniment for a wonderful talk from…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @Hicksyfern @tibo_maker ☺️ However, if @tibo_maker already has an app I'd recommend @ClerkDev — it's *fantastic*!Finished converting styled-components to typescript last night 🚀 Next for the fun stuff...
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @tmcw @joshuatuscan @samanbb I'm using an ErgoDox and love the programmability. However, I found the Kinesis Advant… @mdo Congratulations on shipping!!!After 7+ years of building @Codeship, another 3+ years at @CloudBees, it’s time to move on I’ll share more on what…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @itsmadou The styles don't matter but having 2x the no of components actually makes React rendering (much?) slower.… @mmatuzo @hey_stac 👋 @jevakallio Dude that was my home Tesco when I lived in London! Literally lived a minute away, that's hilarious @jorilallo @tommoor @heroku The algorithm is getting better...
🎉 Introducing: The New Gatsby E-Commerce Experience. 💰 Today, we’re excited to announce TWO releases that make bui…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @sippndipp @mjackson @robinboehm Champions League semifinals rn... 😅 @mjackson @robinboehm @sippndipp I'd still love to be a part of this hangout! @GatsbyJS The link here 404's for me 😢 at that lineup for tomorrow's #AllDayHey! Live 😍 It doesn't even include the 3 excellent Lightning Talks we'v…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @jwcph @mikker @weltstrom @mortenjust Big exits give 1000-6000x+ returns to early investors. $5000 * 1000 = $5M — t…! Live returns at 09:00 TOMORROW! There's still time to get a Digital Pass from just £20. It gives you ac…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @jbrooksuk It's mostly friends (of friends)! @_SreetamDas Yep 😅I've done ~a dozen of these now ( and it's been very fun and rewarding — 10/10 would recomm… angels are investing $5k checks into startups 👇 startups are taking $5k checks from angels 👇 @threepointone @chancethedev SO GOODSignal tried to use Instagram ads to display the data Facebook collects about you and sells access to. Facebook wa…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @sebmck @switz213 @mjackson That's actually a great way to frame that! 🤔 @switz213 @mjackson That amount of capital is irrelevant to them — but it's not to me. It's a significant enough c… @mjackson 👋 Want to chat sometime? I've done ~a dozen now ( and am loving it! DM me
@ascorbic @Netlify 👏👏👏👏👏 What a fantastic fit!Announcing Rome Tools Inc, an open source first company for @rometools
Retweeted by Max StoiberMe: "styled-components seems cool but I'd dislike writing my css in template strings in my js files like that" * u…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @not_kstew_ 🤮 @chrisdarroch @alexandereardon Ohh this is nice! I did /thoughts/<topic> but I like /on/<topic> even moreCan you believe it’s #AllDayHey in TWO DAYS? Neither can I! We have a stunning lineup for you, and tickets start fr…
Retweeted by Max StoiberIn this episode, I talk to @mxstbr about 🚀his amition to build a billion-dollar business 🦸what working at @github…
Retweeted by Max StoiberFinally got my hands on the @liveblocks beta this weekend and I added real-time multiplayer to my personal website.…
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@gdcaplan I'd love to try it!TFW you read a random interview and it mentions your project 🥺🥰😍 hello to our new pricing. Oh, and everything is faster now. Read more in our blog. 👇
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @kuvos @vercel Congratulations!! @Vercel of course 😉 What a catch!
@brian_d_vaughn @probablyup and @_philpl who have been the main maintainers of styled-components for *years* now!… know of a tool that privately archives old tweets? 🤔 (i.e. it stores them somewhere only I can access them… old times. @brian_lovin @superbryntendo I miss y'all! 🥺
Me: Mom can we have @G2Jankos' car? Mom: No, we have @G2Jankos car at home. @G2Jankos car at home: @chatsidhartha @ascorbic Happy birthday Sid!!! 🎉Just added shortcuts for common git commands! What are some other commands you want shortcuts for?
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@cassidoo @unicode That would be amazingJust launched a complete overhaul of's product page. So happy with how it turned out.
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @ericnkatz 🥰 Will do!Why is the R key is on the left side and the L key on the right side of the keyboard?! 🤬 I always type "mr" when I… #AllDayHey! Live on 6th May @mxstbr – How I Decided What I Want to Do With My Life The average person spends a…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber @andreasklinger Easy prediction: not only investors! We'll have a @deadmau5 for every industry in < 5 years — foun…
Introducing Framer Auto Size. Fully based on dom and flexbox. Extremely easy to use. Works very well with componen…
Retweeted by Max StoiberAnnouncing our $1.9m seed round led by @CherryVentures with participation from @ycombinator, @christianreber,…
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