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Max Stoiber 🐟 @mxstbr Vienna, Austria

Maker Δ Eng @gatsbyjs, prev @github (acq @withspectrum) 💼 Created styled-components, react-boilerplate… 💅

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@kripod97 Strongly agree with the second one! Not sure about the first one, particularly for layout I find <Flex d… @siddharthkp That classic tailwind example 😉 @okonetchnikov @giuseppegurgone Yeah it doesn't work on my iPhone either :( @michaeltaranto @markdalgleish I didn't know Mark was this cool once @jaredLunde What's dash? Where can I find out more? @michaeltaranto WHAT!!!Remember when parallax was cool
Having friends at your job is invaluable. Code is great, people are better.
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@chatsidhartha @GatsbyJS Congrats Sid!!!! @jongold strong same
I am happy to announce that I am hiring client engineers for a dedicated Accessibility team. If you are passionate…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟CSS specificity wars ain’t a problem for Stephanie Chiu as we’ve started using #styledcomponents 💅with #React 😎😎 🚀
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟Open source has always reflected the broader social trends of our online world. In Working in Public, @nayafia comb…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟🍾Announcing: Gatsby Recipes 2nd Alpha Release What did we focus on for this release? 🔵Making Recipes "React for we…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟Just had a phone call from @monzo "fraud team" to check payments on hold from @Tesco and @AvivaUK I smelt a rat 👃🐀…
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@GoodMarketingHQ cc @mikaelcho @freiksenet @andrewingram @kettanaito I have never seen Andy not trolling 😉
i wrote a thing I'm super excited to share; it's all about building accessibly and inclusively on the web! it's wi…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @BenLesh That was literally why we had two code paths, to avoid that "can't edit styles in DevTools" bug! Now that… @BenLesh This only applies to production! Basically all CSS-in-JS libs use a different, slower CSS injection metho… @dev_jonaskaas @dan_spratling 🙇 way too kind!people fangirling is flattering but it makes it difficult to have a good conversation and make proper friendships w…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @addyosmani @giuseppegurgone @ChromeDevTools 👏👏👏👏👏Tip: @ChromeDevTools now supports CSS-in-JS! Unlocks using the Styles pane to edit CSS added via CSS-in-JS librarie…
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@joebell_ W H A T O M G I am so jealous rn @joebell_ sameee📝 In today's post, @JoshWComeau gives the inside scoop on how we added dynamic filtering to an entirely statically-…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟People often think that static sites are very limited in the kinds of interfaces that are possible. This post digs…
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@blainekasten @jasonbahl Turn! Them! Off! date is set, the speakers are in and we're super excited to announce the first ever MDX Conf!! A free live-str…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @donavon That should become our marketing strategy! Fish facts! 🤯🤣 @laurieontech It's 8am already. Why aren't all my PRs merged yet?!
❓What’s your favorite Gatsby plugin that no one knows about?
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @vanessayuenn Strong agree. Winter > summer✨ New essay with @michael_nielsen, illustrated by @Mappletons: We've previously written ab…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @JasonEtco I've been at "coffee is my hobby" stage of life for six years now Welcome to the dark side. We have good coffee 😈 @yasirunet 🙇 @JR98_IRL Thanks Jim! @Seburo13 Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! @Web3Coach Thanks man!! @giuseppegurgone @siddharthkp Ohh that is very very interesting, I quite like this! 😱 @siddharthkp also the code at the end should be this I think? .flex-gap-10 > .flex-child-wrappper:not(:first-child) { margin-top: 10px; } @siddharthkp re how do you deal with flex children? Wrapping each child breaks stuff like… @DebTeakle They are indeed! I'm forever grateful to them 🙇‍♂️I just posted "How Open Source Changed My Life" on Reddit @andy_matuschak Interesting question! I think it's a lot about the feeling of a place to me: I remember how I felt… @jasonbahl @blainekasten You still get GitHub notifications to your email?!?!?!?!?! 😱😱😱😱😱 @gtaschetto @conorlandry_ Coming soon 😉 @olivralex Yes of course, I use it for everything myself!
Hello I am a highly trained classical pianist turned software developer and I wrote a post on what software teams c…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @MathieuDutour cc @jevakallio @DietzTweetz @brian_lovin @nikgraf Oh damn, sorry about that!! You can cancel your subscription in your organizati…
@laichbauer @timolins @lauridskern @linstobias Go through all the amazing feedback we've collected and implement the missing pieces! 😉 @einsamklose @gaiusclonginus na sicher, deswegen machst es ja auch gut @einsamklose @gaiusclonginus sag chef ich sag du machst gut weiter so🌍 Gatsby’s gone global! 👉🏽 by @lekoarts_de 🛂 The brand new internationalization theme (…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @lauragift_ I love that framing!! Ties really well into my philosophy of seeking discomfort. (📰🚀 Capsize v1 Release 🚀📰 Finally published Capsize v1 to npm 📐 Control the size of text by the height of the capi…
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@matthewbrookson @lauridskern @timolins @linstobias Livestream yourself building it! 😬We just added user identification support to! 🎉 With a single additional prop/attr, you'l… @jacksonet00 and @glenmaddern @_philpl @probablyup and many more! ☺️ @moritzplassnig @mscccc @KrauseFx @cwhite_92 #whoopgang @Shpigford Worked a bit on today, added docs on how to track which users submitted which feedback!GitHub profile readmes are about to be the Myspace for developers! How cool are some of these ideas: intro gifs,… @JessTelford @jamonholmgren @mitchellhamiltn You mean, "What a fistfight!", right? 😉Want the next WebArchive "State of the web" to include CSS-in-JS usage statistics across 5.8M websites?! I would lo…, folks who use CSS-in-JS approaches, we need your help to measure their popularity in the wild. Please post you…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @montogeek I find that 2 makes it more explicit what is being conditionally changed! To me, 1 at a glance makes it… happy to release it despite external blocker I can't control. It's been long overdue. 💻 All made in SwiftUI✨ ⏱️…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟We're back with a new gig happening on Oct 15-16, 2020 – mark your calendars for #ReactSummit, the biggest #ReactJS
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @jamonholmgren UNDERAPPRECIATEDI have a joke about styled components, but I think it’s too emotional of a topic.
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I’ve been working as a software engineer for 10 years 🎂 Man, does time fly! Here’s a list of ten honest takes on t…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟People who don’t build: “Wow, ___ must have such idiots working there, they don’t have ___ feature.” People who do…
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@a_reiterer @GatsbyJS 😍 @laurieontech But but but what if I want to Laurie* Developer evangelists/advocates, technical writers, and Developer Experience (DX) designers may be the most criti…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟* Low code is infinitely more interesting than no code. The most popular programming language in the world is Excel…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟By request: Now in blog post format.
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@EmmaBostian @laurieontech DEINE AUCH?! WAS IST LOS HEUTE! @EmmaBostian @laurieontech MEINE FESTSTELLTASTE IST KAPUTT @EmmaBostian @laurieontech ICH BIN RUHIG @EmmaBostian @laurieontech HOW'S IT GOING @EmmaBostian @laurieontech EMMA @laurieontech I AM CALM @laurieontech OKAY OKAY LAURIE IT WAS NOT FUNNY I GOT IT SORRY @laurieontech "Name a concept that is the same but goes by a different term depending on the language" 🤷‍♂️ @laurieontech German Genial = English Awesome @laurieontech German Reagieren = English React @laurieontech German Torte = English Cake
@gurlcode Yes!! It's not the same doing it virtually... @gurlcode That section on conference speaking is *so* on point! Great episode so far 👍We've been bad about continuing our Season 1 Rewind, so go into the weekend with Season 1 Episode 20 featuring the…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟Styled components are a CSS-in-JS tool that bridges the gap between components and styling, offering numerous featu…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @shaunbent Haha I'm sorry, I'll go through the proper channels 🙈 @jonbellah @blainekasten One watch, one @whoop
Today in a demo, I called { "curly braces", @mxstbr then went emo and said it was a split heart and posted this vid…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟it's finally here! 🤩 a draft for easier vertical font alignment with #css big thanks to…
Retweeted by Max Stoiber 🐟 @simonswiss @swyx Highly recommend!!