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Xiomara Merrywidow @MxstressX

Lesbian Hotwife. Sexy Startup Founder. Twenty-Something. Physicist. Exotic Trustee. Black/Latina. She/Them. 18+ IG: MxstressX.

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@Lexual__ They just want an excuse to attack you so they can feel more woke than the people who are always calling… Siren of Technology. That’s accurate. @brujaxmami3 @aIibaby444 Your bush is glorious and I love it. @ICONOCLASTIAE Okay but this would be a marked improvement on the current state of things, at the very least. @nocontextdrumar @Simply_GorJASZ This reply is funnier than anything Kathy Griffin has said or done in her entire career. @Sasha_Melanated They make them expensive ass see through yoga pants. @Sasha_Melanated I associate this brand with ww so none of this surprises me.Big tech companies are enemies of progress and thieves of joy.Pole fitness is fine, just no gorgeous strip clubs with high ceilings and lights and music and other beautiful stri… @ShesAtlantis I’d love to be added.IG Banning Strippers was not something I had on 2020 bingo but here we are.Just deleted EVERY post off my Instagram and I feel great. @valentinavoight Someone said it’s gonna take at least 5 years for the world to return to any semblance of how it w…
@angryblkhoemo @instagram Meanwhile this got taken down immediately. still don’t know who that actor who’s ass I tore open in LA was. But someone just posted something that looks a lot like him. @SlaylerJ Okay HIGH ART NUDES.I’m not interested in the opinions of men. @im_dollym So soft and cuddly 🥰 @notyourbabe_xo Yes. @WynterRose_xo We love to see Holiday cheer @bettywoop_ Go Betty, it’s ya birthday! @CharlesTrola This ensemble is doing things to me. @WynterRose_xo 🎂 🍰 @CharlesTrola We love a good girl. @crimzintearlive This face 😍 @im_dollym ❇️ lovely @im_dollym We love to see appreciation for high art. @PriyaRainelle *faints* @hostilemuse Thanks friend!I mean, judge me if you want I’m used to making these on a much shittier stove. That eye gets HOT.Don’t judge me these are the rejects we’re eating the cute ones. And yes, those are Hoe Waffles.My Wife Me @gothspiderbitch played to cure it instead of spread it huh?Can I stick my money in your account? Oh my predictive text is filthy. I just turned myself on. @MILFSTRESS No you need 5. The red high ones, the red 12 inch, a glitter filled pink pair, the light up ones, and a… @TheGayChingy When ScarJo is right there and has so much experience playing an Asian? @QuianaRee There probably is but he’s married or gay. @GoddessMarleyxo I can imagine you saying so many mean things with a gold spliff in this robe. It’d be amazing on you. @QUEENALIYAH___ Sksksksksk they BIG mad. Men say all sorts of fucked up shit in my DM’s and that shit is NEVER Autoflagged and taken down. @tristanwestkirk I said “to me.” THATS MY OPINION!!!!!!Instagram flagged this for Hate Speech y’all. HATE SPEECH. wife and I are going to look amazing in these. @sweet_severine Oooh love that waspish silhouetteHitting up Williams Sonoma and wherever they have luxury fragrance and fine leather goods. Mama needs new boots. @TPEKeke Not after all that talk about not paying to be dominated 😂 put right back in their proper place.I love this so much.
@luxuriousghost 2 is the one @Sasha_Melanated Okay but hear me out: Why? @Hogspy This is so helpful and simple. I wish I had done it earlier! Just put in the request. @PegHimcom @ItsMichaelVegas Whaaaat? Lemme go and cop! @artbymaker Not here at least 😂 on other apps, yes. @Goddess_Alice66 How magnanimous of you. @Goddess_Alice66 Who needs to focus on things!?!?! @MissNoemiMfc Perfection @worshipbuffy This is science. @Vulgar_Baby Anytime. @Sherry_Baby00 Stunning @Goddess_Alice66 Thank you! Shot by the ultratalented @artbymaker. @miss0star_ We love promo threads! @miss0star_ Gorgeous @arazatah @erryberry_ I love a reveal. @zombiecheyenne @erryberry_ This is so unique and cute! @jediqueenie @VioletWitchy Be racist.Here you go: I have an onlyfans. Some of my best content is there. @spriscillart @DominaMiaNYC This is so fucking cute omg.I’m gorgeous, so everything looks good on me. Especially armpit hair.Fan club still $4 until Inauguration Day 🖤’m perfect 😍Free yourselves from your temporal shackles. @ShimminyKricket 💸💸💸 @CourtneyHWright @Simply_GorJASZ Grammie is lit.I talked to my Godmother yesterday. She said this was the worst time she’s ever lived in. She’s Black and was born… @yagirltoomuch This is the content I came here for. @ValerieMarch Thank you. Sauce is liquid. That is a cranberry Gel.
@OliveWildx Thank you 🖤Candied Yams. @D4isy_L0ve @lilithfrey222 Gorgeous stunning video @toomanyspectra Felt @MayaAryas I love this gif so much. @ElegantSavant This turkey thicc as hell. @TheGayChingy I feel like this goes hand in hand with your turkey article. @ConnerHabib Cause it slaps. @AfroDommeMag LMAOOOOO @GoddessLou_xo Everyone knows we are never allowed outside of the lab and also have no sexual desires. Oh no, our s… @GoddessLou_xo Someone is mad they got a D in high school physical science I see.I have the cutest twisted sisters 🖤 Black Providers welcome, just no men 🖤Creating a Black Domme group chat to help with sharing advice, engagement, and whatever else we need. Like if you’d… to pay some Thanksgiving Reparations once worked 24 hours straight from Thanksgiving to Black Friday at @ultabeauty. My manager found out and got furi…, he’s started singing the songs of his people. Guess it doesn’t matter.I will always RT. @uServeIvyRey Glorious @uServeIvyRey They could neverrrreCan’t leave my room to get oui’d because my cat will start harassing me for food even though he doesn’t eat until 10. @Sasha_Melanated Did someone say Zombie Apocalypse? 2020 BINGO!Yay! One of my subscribers just renewed! Follow me on #AVNStars at’all need to learn to listen to people who are smarter than you.