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im just tired.i didnt mean to leave u on read i was in a valorant game
im in such a bad mood today :( @DerekJoon ….mfs date a girl for a month and r like β€œshes the one πŸ₯Ίβ€
im starting a hardstuck plat therapy business @ItsOnionn mayli#laure ! @ItsOnionn nosomeone come playyyy
i just want people to play with at 3am is tnat too much to ask for πŸ˜’im so bored someone talk to mei feel like its so easy to rank up if ur playing with more than one other person lol @twitch_medelish get on @twitch_medelish LMFAOOOOOO
@qaycence yes. those assists are all kills that r stolen from u obv πŸ˜’ @qaycence ur better ms plat two 😩😩 @qaycence can u coach me im iron 2I LOVE WOMENNNNi have nightmares about valorant
@slayourr plat >_<i feel so burnt out on valorant @battyvee ONLY RSN I STARTED AGAIN CROUCHING WAS FOR THIS SOLE REASON LOLpeople in GOLD rlly think theyre the shit 😭
fracture is a good map.ill be hardstuck forever because of how inconsistent i am @starzeeh u said words but i understood noneif u cant trade ur duelists ur dogshitgirls r sm better than boysthe 9-3 curse is real.hitting someone for 140 w phantom then dying to them is one of the worst feelings @DerekJoon @hailewhy i hit u 198 i was gna axe u
β€œHoW aM i SuPpOsEd To RePlY tO _____” mf start a new conversation 😀
Retweeted by mayli @DerekJoon milk tea joon.
why is valorant just so boring unless its comp
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@booltzy no .the only reason i dont hit head taps with sheriff is because i dont have a sheriff skin. thats the only reason.
@starzeeh THANK YOU SO MUCH COACHING !!!!!!!!!! @angeIicuh ur pretty
@MoonKillerYT LOL @DerekJoon rip right click @aixei theres just n o way thats m y internet @starzeeh XD !!!!!!!!!!!! @DerekJoon … @starzeeh thank you maybe i will get out of radiant thanks to you πŸ₯Ί @starzeeh thank you i will πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίiron here i come 😏😏😏im on a 10 game losing streak 😩😏 @starzeeh mine is 100% legs
kinda good on eco rounds 😏 been playing so bad this week why. Am i so inconsistent ) =solo queueing until i hit iron 1people hit immortal and grow an ego its actually cringe as fuck. u r not all that for being good at a video game 🀨 @playboipoi i want to killm ysefk @yopartyy had a reyna jett and raze and jett and raze went 2-9 and 3-11 in the first half :)when 2 of ur duelists cant get more than 3 kills in the first half 😏😏😏😏im on the worst losing streak of my lifemight say XD unironically just to feel somethingsighgamer girl goes outside β‰οΈβ‰οΈπŸ˜±
ULTED reyna not going on site first lolsomeone carry me out of this shit fkn rank where my duelists refuse to enter @HeartlesssHazel cappa @twitch_medelish i am inconsistent.i will be plat forever @DerekJoon wow. @DerekJoon good Boy @DerekJoon what. Am I wrongwhos gna tell the mfs that r boosting women that they dont want them :p @imbishoprr :(
i hope people who ONLY op and are shit with the rifle has a tree fall onto their house @twitch_medelish lmk when ur done @astrzI hey. Thank you for explaining that to me in great detail. @twitch_medelish ARENT U IN SCHOOL BRUVday 2727 of having no one to game with @astrzI i have no clue what that means but fortnite πŸ™ŒπŸ˜± @astrzI dude what the fuckthere r way more dudes who go 5/20 in a game than women why arent we going out of our way to call THEM boosted 🀨🀨AND HALF OF THEM WERE SOLO QUEUE LMFAO HOW HAVE I NOT OFF MYSELF YETi literally played 12 games of valorant today for like 80 rr ….. @imbishoprr u h8 me @llshxdy mayli#laure @llshxdy im. Down @booltzy sigh @riv1337 what @booltzy u never ask . @riv1337 FORTNITE @twitch_medelish On my way!. @twitch_medelish i just went like -12/22 as reyna i WILL throw.I WANT VALORANT DUO NOW NOW NOW NOW NOWYOO MAYLI ACE am i so inconsistent
@DerekJoon whateva.why do people cry about not being a certain rank like if you deserved it you'd be there lmfaoholy shit ppl who say theyre gunna do something but never pull thru actually piss me off lol @booltzy UR AT SCHOOL @twitch_medelish ur at svhool.i wish i had someone to consistently play valorant with solo queuing is so boring.why do i play better when i dont comim on the worst losing streak of my life
@eliiVAL_ @DerekJoon wait what was the tweet i did not see i was driving