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Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @Frubunny @sktchmstrskllz OMG I'M WATCHING RIGHT NOW AND THE ART IS GREAT. I missed a few slides but omg I have t… confirm this movie is as awesome as this image. Whole crew hard at work from home finishing it!
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤Harley Quinn Sketches ♦️🖤 #HarleyQuinn
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @superlark @usuallyawake SECONDED omg please @Fumi_chun oh my god I missed the march mint mcflurry. oh my god nooooooooooooo. @korybing it's that nose wire <:T gotta eliminate the gap @breebird33 starcadian, mitch murder, flamingsis, sunglasses kid, D/A/D, sebastian gampl, I am manolis, highway sup…
@Fumi_chun what I wouldn't do for a gross mcdonalds burger..............okay this is literally going to make me pay for this service omfggggg oh man. nothing gives me inspiration to draw… @Nubbahey yessssss!!! @Nubbahey one of the Bone cousins!!was there no animation lead or supervisor to fucking explain this to him???? oh my god I'd die my god this is already incredible I have to draw /everybody/ @ShannonTindle_1 oh no good question :( it's got a distributor but google isn't telling me! I was a kickstarter ba… @ShannonTindle_1 thank you! we can always use a moomin have you been watching the new animated series??Who needs a Moomin?
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤【お知らせ】以前 #アマビエ タグでツイートしたイラストを、大分県の一番運輸(株)さまがなんと会社の長距離トラックにプリントしてくださいました!病気の退散を祈って、荷物とアマビエを載せて全国を走ります。見た方が少しでも楽しい気分に…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @cgratzlaff watching the new half life and its super dark humour makes me miss the portal games sooo baaaaaad. than… @acnhfashion it's a promise!! 🤩🤩unrelated to last tweets but.... hire me and my hypothetical visual development collective pals to redesign a reboo… @acnhfashion oh my god, these are incredible. I want these in my game but I also want to just draw little characte…🍃The Nature Walk Collection🍃 pack your picnic basket, we're going on an adventure #ACNH #ACNHDesigns #acnhpattern
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @Kekeflipnote KEKE THANK YOU!!! your comments always cheer me up hehehe I hope you're doing well btw! <3 @doodlefrog I can't promise it'll be much like the movie............I want to be a part of a small collective of designers that lob ideas at each other, that bounce ideas off of each… yknow what? I wanna kinda do this but in tandem with other artists. I want to get a discord or a DM or so… @ARealTrashAct @FromHappyRock I GOTTA make sure you see this @ARealTrashAct tink with a little tail is the biggest damn brained thing I've seen all week. omggg'Now, Tinker Bell was not all bad. Sometimes she was all good. But fairies are so small they only have room for one…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @TessFowler @bullyart07 @3DNico this looks /so/ good omg, just perfect @sofiaealexander pff this is the NORM at a restaurant and it's okay THERE so why not HERE,HMM!!
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤“Twitter founder gives up a quarter of his wealth to his own COVID19 LLC” One day later: your ability to refuse us…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @Bacteric11 @thenicoleham in reality they aren't actually humans, but small little animals, so none of these are REALLY correct......#AnimalCrossing a horrible BEAST
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @hypercubexl see, me saying this isn't me saying not to be mad. This is fucking stupid and terrible. He's a moleste… @ghosteggz yeah? and? I didn't change my mind. You think this is a sports game? @stebvi SIDON!!! these are all perfect!!!!!! @miukumauk mmmmm thank you, spreads on toast🥳
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @jslipchi WE WERE TRYING NOT TO SAY IT DAMMITstill thinking about them I'll refresh all day forever if that's what it takes @BradBradleyArt @PaperBoxHouse OMG HE DREW HIM...... oh my god whoever requested that made the right choice omg @rottenbananner hon!!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺 aww!!! @deathwishcity who is it so I can block 'em :Ithank you, paolo :( #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch is an amazing short film, eerie and dreamlike and accomplished in portraying some beautiful horror imagery in…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤aaaahh I didn't know Kicks was in this game!! I just boght a bunch of lil backpacks and purses, OMG the way they bo… @FromHappyRock I want a moon too :CiPad Pro artists... I can’t say enough good things about VizRef. It’s a lifesaver for when you need to have referen…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤The local salon has bang cutting survival tips on their window. Best thing I’ve seen all week.
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @theemiguelangel it's hard not to view "fuck it, let's give up, it's over, don't even bother voting" shit as weird,… @Calicougar_TR yeah and he's been on the ballot the entire time. @MissCherryPi I don't think that's true.wearing glasses in the age of quarantine 🌫🥵
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤Why, yes, I DID start my day drawing the Flintstone's vacuum cleaner. (For Dave)
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @ZackDavisson the 70s was just absolutely the wild west for fantasy portrayals I love itThis cover to THE HOBBIT remains the best piece of Tolkien artwork ever.
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @yoshisquared all these things happening, I'd like to see them try to walk it back after when this is over. Folks w… @troubledmn @ColouredBraids it's the god damned truththat said, obviously there isn't a choice. This is pretty extreme, but as of right now: literally any person you… morning’s warm up sketch. Amazing Spider-Man cover 129 cover recreation. I took some liberties to fill in more…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @YvesBalak Thank you sir 😔🙏 I'm honoured「伊豆の美術解剖学研究室」というYouTubeチャンネルを作りました。登録はこちらでお願いします。 名作から学ぶ美術解剖学1:『ラオコーン』(筋)
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤On ne peut pas sortir, mais Dordogne, le jeu narratif dont on a besoin pour s'évader un peu, ne sortira qu'en 2021…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @meyoco_ @Ghadaaax They did come out with a tiny little screen drawing mini cintiq lately for admit $400 ish that I… anyone with covid19 cabin fever, here's some of my fav walking tour youtube channels 🧵 i love having these ~1hr…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤Join director @WaltDohrn and the McElroy Brothers (@travismcelroy, @JustinMcElroy and @griffinmcelroy) for…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @Thornillustrate See, exactly.Working another page!!!! WIP ... #Electropunk #makesomething #animation #comics
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @papertiki aaaaahaha well done @Afro_Herper haha awww! thank you so much!!! :D I will try my best.... I'll try not to cheat hehe @papertiki omg youtube link plz? @Afro_Herper thank you so much for the follow, but I have to tell you, I look at all the #findthatlizard pictures,… @Iron_Spike and like, full disclosure here-- far be it from me to speak badly of these artists because if you're dr… @Iron_Spike I HAD TO SPEAK OUTnot to subtweet my timeline or anything but, #ACNH @sir_scandalous @my_malt hahaha yeah characters who look like me are rare so I gotta!!!I waited 2.5 hours today in rain and hail (and a mask and gloves) to vote in Milwaukee because @wisgop and @scotus
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤minimalist 🤍 #acnh #animalcrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤1 | @ladygaga for #sixfanartschallenge
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @DAEMONlC oh my god is this from the new episode RUNSMetropolis (1927)
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤Thinking about her
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @nesynn it's a shame because it's so useful @TerranGregory butter, spread on simple saltine crackers. we weren't very well off, so that sort of thing was a sn… @Cormacaroni it traumatized me. I was just absolutely broken, every single time. It's a nightmare. @amandawtwong that's what angers me the MOST I'll be getting a big fucking venti matcha frapp when this is… @albinwonderland I love themwhoa, a very rare upside to all this quarantine garbage: not eating out or buying specialty coffees whatsoever has… traumatizing flashback to that storybook about the little donkey kid who found a magic pebble if #ACNH just had a cooking mechanic in it it would be p e r f e c t @DirkGrundy least ya know it works :B @LeenaVanD *asmr* has no idea about current media trends, so you're able to surprise him with great movies and sho… @DirkGrundy literally: @rafagrassetti hold up, your entire zbrush course is only $65 bucks?? oh my god I've been looking for something lik… @LEGO_Group #SuperMario Starter Bundle Kit is now up for pre-order. A free second kit is included with pre-orde…
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤渡渡鳥! #ACNH
Retweeted by jessica a.m. 🍤 @LeenaVanD *asmr* he has no idea what sexist internet slang means and doesn't shout it at you "jokingly"....... an offline guy