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I don't post often on here (I mostly retweet) so my tweets don't reach your screens (oh algorithms). But I still wa…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @charlesvarr @krisstraub Damn this is a good one and I totally see what you're saying. It's so.... I don't know how… @krisstraub The file photo of the little girl that shows on screen at the end of Incident At Lake County. She just… @Abigail_Larson Ooooooh!!!! @ProjectENDO Without a doubt 😩art bump from late last night I'm kinda having fun trying to figure out what the story would wind up being in a m… would never be so brave to dress their male characters like they do their female ones but... 👀 people: my gosh!!! Thank you!!!
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @vaughnpinpin @thesandlord Just all these artists lately going all in on nostalgia and I'm definitely loving itgoofmosis jones
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂Yolande fucked around and found out red ribbon
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂u r a strange cat but i like u 📹: 9999monkeys
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂Nope. Hard disagree. Check on people who YOU have the capacity to check on and offer people the Grace to do the sam…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂If this doesn't radicalize you, look at it again.
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @PoppaComrie @Marie_M_P @chengeling This is what I'm wondering as well They better issue a statement real quick!!!! @Marie_M_P @chengeling The donation pool they spread their charity amongst has a terf charity in it. They still hav… feel like Elliot has spelled everything out so succinctly and straightforwardly that this might be a moment of le…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂GOD: *creates dolphin* DOLPHIN:
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂if Black and Brown children are old enough to experience racism then white children are old enough to learn about it
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂Uno como quiera, pero la criatura...
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂This article is so sad $6 billion was allotted in April for stopping the virus but the plan was just simply ignored… @Afro_Herper @ForbesUnder30 Omg!!!! Yes!!!!I made @ForbesUnder30 !!!
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂it is cold out today but princess Meatball gets the last hibiscus bloom of the season!!
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂なんかもう友達とかいらないような気がしてきた
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @IfIWereMagneto THANK YOU you are always so supportive 🥺🥺🥺 The more time I spend drawing it the more I do too dang it @Wheeler I need six eggs :(
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂Please @BlueShieldCA, please explain to me why I’m playing for your most expensive plan, when at every turn you’ve…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂Dollybird vol.31限定 b.m.b.Cherryドロシーとブリジットは本日12/1の23:59で受注終了となります。
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂my art lately @PIX3LP3T nooo it's lovely, little things like this are super helpful!! if you ever make more... feel free to post them <:D @PIX3LP3T this is so handy..... thank you so muchI made a little camera move shorthand guide for my writer buddy haha
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @kritterart people don't admit exactly how iconic this film really isThis is a Dofleinia armata sea #anemone (!), and it's our Observation of the Day! Seen in The #Philippines by djsch…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @Howellings why? why? who do we call to demand answers from? why?The fact that dudes in these industries feel confident enough to just say this stuff. In public. Who knows if there…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @iamcaseyjean thank you!!! the more time I spend drawing it the more I think about it and how it might work. I wis… @FilmFatale_NYC .... we know this but, how do I effectively explain this concept to 15 year olds who literally beli… @Jody_Houser @GennHutchison makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one :(Whoops took the photo crooked
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @CosmonautMarcus the Deep Blue documentary on youtube better get a shout out because it is absolutely doing some he… requested he has boots now. also his nose is a christmas ornament. ☃ @GreatDismal obelisk and monolith are my favoute belgian gaul comic book charactersnurses are going to wind up being the vietnam veterans of this mass death event horrifically scarred with PTSD and… more beautiful cutaways designs by our students. This set is by Ian Hong. Looking at these drawings brings bac…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂I have to not think about it or I'll have a fucking panic attack lol @polarbales especially juxtaposed beside the cartoony fairies I LOVE THIS IMAGE @polarbales oh my god midcentury commercial illustration aurora is the most beautiful thing everi think ive talked about this before but i love 50's/60's disney merch cus they just Didnt Care. They just Didnt Ca…
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Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂"my chest hurts... my throat is dry.... oh god" when I wear masks, I tend to hold my breath or breathe shallowly s… to go out and get groceries and buy shit and the crowds are really brutal.... man the psychosomatic covid hypocrondria is REALman it is an achievement at this point to have never heard a BTS song then eh many fulfilling twitter relationships I see are essentially this I need to figure out which one I am and then I… going! <3 come talk to meADHD
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @breebird33 "she' tell me that you've considered a name for what is now your big roommate.... @adashtra oh my g o d. @breebird33 "state of the art" from gotye playing sometwhere off in the distance @Trungles well said twitter isn't really ready for my "Lenny was actually just a misunderstood himbo" takesgonna doodle some stuff, more of what I've been doodling the last few days. it's silly but I'll draw whatever gets… much to study from such “loose” works by the Shifletts. What’s visible are the foundational stuff that’s the mos…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂nyc is offering reduced metro fare for 1 whole year. this is ur reminder to apply if you haven’t!
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @violainebriat YASSSS!! PROPER GOODok here she is
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂some still shots,
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @ManuelDeJorge god this looks so gorgeous. I mean no doubt you've probably had about three million offers but, if… lots of magpies to do!
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @TheGreatJug man good luck. I've tried to research rigging in blender and... it feels kinda lackluster, terrfyingly… @amandawtwong @whyangelinawhy after going cold turkey for a while pretty much all impulse buy chocolate bars and dr… @hermanos I love root beer!! in Canada it has no caffiene so it's my fave too. I got A&W stuff which, while extreme… I took a SIP of root beer, oh my god soft drinks are like drinking straight liquid candy how do you guys do it… @manny_oe that cozy feeling of pushing your hand through your jacketsphincter and the way it hugs your wrist. so ni… @breebird33 I know NOTHING :C that said I wish sherpa jackets had these more often!!sorry I just thought cuffs were only for, like... pants.... and only when you rolled it up? for some reason!?OMG okay thank you it's called a cuff LOLOne more attempt to give #QuentinTarantino's #OnceUponATimeInHollywood a true period look
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Hilda Season 2 | Official Trailer @netflixfamily
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @DaveRapoza aww! congratulations!! that's so adorable :D @cearo_thyme nightclubs, bars, whatever. :( @mbrleigh I think Artha from Dragonbooster. That and Stormhawks were ahead of their times.... if those shows came o… hate this shut down the fucking restaurants and night clubs for christ's sake. People aren't getting this @SheepEva11 haha yeah!! a few movies and little side things! it was fun and I miss it. my perfect handsome boy Vi… @kianamaiart :O Psychiatrist Reanimated, the collab dedicated to the bizarre and lovable song/music video by…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂A few more to celebrate the three hours of sun we get today that I used to take photos
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂D-December is tomorrow...?
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂 @kartewnboi @jongraywb thank god I absolutely laughed out loud at the idea though holy shit @TanekaStotts @cartoonfuntime I think about this weekly. daily.vtubers shouldn't just belong to squeaky girls we need more hot old man vtubers, we can upset this industry, come on @T1mco @daiouusama "cigarettes but not the cheap shit kind" @T1mco @alamort god please. PLEASE let's upset this fuckin vtuber hellscape with tons of cute men @T1mco I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS VTUBERS SHOULDN'T BELONG TO JUST SQUEAKY GIRLS I want to see sexy old man vtuber… for something smaller my Etsy is fully up and running!! peep some prints & stickers !! 💕💕💕…
Retweeted by jessica a. m. 🍂throwing it out there, if any execs wanna hear this pitch, I'd love to share it.✌️✨
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