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@antilawnperson @KlTTYPANTS Yep @poko_hahaha @KlTTYPANTS @legokillermoth I guess it's just Cincinnati style chili @KlTTYPANTS @legokillermoth We focused so much on whether or not we could, no one ever stopped to question if we Should! @self_robot Coco pebbles have more textural purchase. Fruit pebbles might as well be rainbow colored mud after 30 seconds @KlTTYPANTS I didn't know Coney dogs were a midwest thing but deep friend pork tenderloin sandwiches are an Iowa sp… @legokillermoth @KlTTYPANTS Jesus christ. @KlTTYPANTS First one could be chili cheese fries but hard to tell. Then deep dish pizza, Coney dog, and pork tende… IQ college student who works at H&M and likes margaritas: [makes silly Tik Tok video with her friends] 84 IQ Tw… college they called me "The Mentally insane Retard". Nowadays they call me "You have to buy something to hang ou…'d like to thank all my detractors for giving me the pelasure of hitting 3000 followers for a third time this month. @mybigcrack In this quote the classic stoic Mr Buisiness highlights the importance of being in the present moment a…
Retweeted by Mr Business sucked me off so hard my butthole started whistlingGilbert Gottfried eating pussy: oh wow this is awesome. I love this shit. You really have to read it in his voice to get it.Every time I get real drunk there's a 50/50 chance I accidentally delete my pinned tweet when I'm trying to take ba… deleted my pinned tweet that said "I'm a registered sex enjoyer" so I'm going to post it again later.… out to the naked new yorker guy for giving some pop culture representation to all us guys that look like thjs a moment and check out some of my tweets today.Don't even try to turn off my game bitch I already typed up a 12 tweet thread about how my racist ass mom who lives… out my Ted talk on all the different types of pussyI don't like it when eggs have the little yellow thing made out of vitamins
1000000 dollars celebrating Halloween anymore. I'm scared enough @Shadowherb He's a viking warriorI've been sufferingGetting AIDS wouldn't even bother me @ReallyLoudFart Working on getting back down to 2,999Feels good firing off 1000 stream of consciousness tweets like I have 150 followers againThe scariest part of The Gremlins is how much I want to fuck the girl oneThe Gremlins are so disrespectful. What a nightmare.The Gremlins are straight up pissing me off around my houseGrounded for threatening to collect all the Dragon balls and wish for a mom thats not a huge bitchHello Bill Gates? My nephew needs a couple extra lives on halo.Don't have to wipe your ass if you never shit. - A Master's WisdomI just push em. -me on farts @eunuchatanorgy Happy Birthday Nick Disney. "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." - Coco ChannelBabe your pussy looks like intestinesWow. I just had full plown penetrative sex with the microwave.I'm the type of guy who sees something funny and goes "Hee Hee Hee!"For mentally emotionally broken men that have been cast aside by society, having a cold hole to jam your lumpy rott…'t Put The Pussy On a Pedestal. Put it On My PenisThank God he finally revisited the sword throw've got to be fucking me right nowTruest shit Billy Joel Armstrong ever saidWELL MAYBE I'M THE FAGGOT AMERICA"I don't wanna be an American idiot" -those classic wordsBig Huge. Boobs. Think about itBooty ass bitchBoosbs are so insaneJust kidding about everything. Just kidding hah. Ha... Haaa. Haha.. YepHa just kidding. BahaOkay just putting this out there.. Dose anyone want to love me and let me have sex with them? Just wondering @babyfurby1999 baby you like sex? Haha yea that's awesome me neitherI’m a very ODD PERSON BTW! Thanks for noticing!Having "penis in ass sex" with a womanJacking off want me?? To habe sex??? With you????? need my pussy slapped and beat up so badI stand behind everything I've ever said except the nasty stuff.
Oh a woman made a tweet? That's fine but I'm Not reading that shit!Perfect day to stay inside and curl up with a good book 😊📖📖 @captagon_addict I love it when we play the little "don't approach me in public" game hahaIf it's not true love why to my balls hurt every time I see her.. @len0killer Happy birthday Thomas “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.Who could ever love a funky lil homie like me?I take it back. @SexistHousecat Having lots of followers(i.e. getting lots of likes, positive attention etc) literally makes me fee… believe that God will strike me down @bathroom420 Damn bro have I ever "wanted" McDonalds? Dam that shits deep idk if I ever "wanted anything I'm not ev… gotta have ribs and pussy 2I'm Playing chess and listening to Doo wop to grow some new neural pathways in my mindDo the silly voice or shut the fuck up funnyman the Giant holding a can VS me holding one. That guy's hands were crazy big!
Retweeted by Mr BusinessBalls hurt badMy balls hurtYou call that a pussy?If I was Paul Bunyan I would try to fuck a geyser. Simple reallyLol, dating "apps" are still so weird to me 😆😆 will never pay my taxes to try out for the Little Rascals even though I'm big and not very wily.Every morning I fight back the urge to tweet about how it's morning but I give up. @DonGedMeStahted YeahYou don't want a freak like me babyGreasy tit boobsI love you so muchShout out to every beutiful woman in the worldI've bene talking shitHe's the president retard he's the one politician in the worldBumb bitch alert 🚨🚨'm a proud non smoker
Retweeted by Mr BusinessI want to see something.. Show me your bopbsDon't rememebr saying this.I'm gay!!! I drank almon milk @filesamury YepJedi mode gay pornGet me on the line with Ellen degenenes