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“Sometimes you gotta get a boyfriend to show ya nigga you not playing”
Retweeted by MeeshMe. Lmfao 2 & not 2.
Retweeted by MeeshNow y’all don’t be sucking toes ... bye.What guy on here likes to suck toes & ain’t ashamed to say it ? LolDeff remember this lmao say “ok” bc i don’t feeI like arguing... that doesn’t mean ur right tho
Retweeted by MeeshNobody : 👀 Me :
Retweeted by MeeshIf only you knew.shottas is one of my favorite movies.
Retweeted by MeeshNobody is picking and choosing when they want to fuck with me. I would really rather you not fuck with me at all
Retweeted by Meesh
😂 be giving “pick me” me start planning my birthday. Lol I got 4 months @Neuniana I’m just confused as to why fedex took my package from NY to PA lmfao literally skipped over where it’s supposed to go 😂 @Neuniana This how I feel about my shoes rn ... 🥴nobody's perfect.. I get that. But we grown. U know exactly wtf you're doing lol
Retweeted by MeeshI needed yesterday. Barely left my bed.Very much a real thing. yo
downplay my feelings & you’ll never know how i feel again.
Retweeted by Meesh @FBBLou BruhlmfaoLmfao mann get to a point in your life where you don’t want mfs knowing nothing about you.
Retweeted by MeeshWow.
Literally I am not gone know how act when I wear this ‘Body’ sweatsuit out. Shit really hug you in all the right ways.Word lmfao I was shook when I seen the third round come 🥴 @Nipsey_Lustle LMFAO 😂Lmaooooo 😂 I hate men
Retweeted by Meesh @molliipopp Can’t stand em ! @Dezzy_BadAss 😂😂At all, goodbye !
Retweeted by Meesh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by MeeshLmao respect you like....
Retweeted by Meesh @Nipsey_Lustle wow sis he definitely played!!!
Retweeted by Meesh @Forevernyea OD ! Lmao tried it😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Meesh @Qwikavelli don’t act like you don’t see this thang thanging.This nigga gone DM me saying “small booties matter” like ok ... can’t relate nigga.Word, good shit sis. LolI love going out and getting home at a decent time 😂 lmao
@Nipsey_Lustle Me too 👀Jersey with the turtleneck combo is wicked 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by MeeshMy son do this, I’m gone come off them bleachers and faint dramatic as hell. @Nipsey_Lustle No baby do ya thing @Nipsey_Lustle .... 😭Vibes.
@Miamor813 Lmfao worst feelingI want some fried rice bad as hell rn lolI just had a coughing attack in the nail salon, of course everybody looking at me crazy ... LMFAOWishing this for every woman on my TL ✨.
Retweeted by MeeshChatty Patties 🤯 niggas are a turn off. Sorry not sorry.
You single if i want you
Retweeted by Meesh @Qwikavelli No...😂😂Not on the air mattress 😭😭 @Qwikavelli Booooooo @MsLaniDasani_ Yes mam !Let me go get a bottle of wine & a personal of patron lolWhat. Lmao my ass. @Qwikavelli Im excited 🤞🏽😁I’m still the same bitch, I’m evolving though.I need a new podcast to listen too.I miss when y’all wanted to be like Lincoln park and blink 182 smh
Retweeted by MeeshLord keep removing and revealing
Retweeted by Meesh
Lol she really bodied him is for black women.
Retweeted by MeeshUnderstanding & Accountability.I’ve been so focused, I been planning and working. I don’t need no distractions and no negativity!
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Retweeted by Meesh @FahPOV, long long over due 😂Literally the only thing that’s been on my mind is finally starting a brand of my own. Cause those who know, know t… keep asking what my new year resolutions are and I can’t even answer them cause I really haven’t thought about it lol
I thought it was when looting starts the shooting starts
Retweeted by MeeshAll this shit going on w/ the yts, they would’ve been put a few bullets in our people.a CAR is a CAR. a JOB is a JOB don't let people belittle you
Retweeted by MeeshI love when things go smooth. Especially some shit I had planned out in my mind.Me off the Riesling.
@_MePlease Go head lil sis ! ❤️🎉She doing a lot lol
Wow, the Pho I just had...amazing.😂😂😂 @arixoliviaa Dang, I miss sorrento’s lolNow I gotta get a sub for lunch. plan on getting a lot done today.1st Quarter 🔋
Retweeted by Meesh @Neuniana Sounds all too familiar 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ @Neuniana Stressing about some shit you have no control over is really a waste of energy 😂It’s always something. But fuck it.