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Daniel @MyFavsTrash South Carolina, USA

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@Froste Why do I feel like you are actually going to sell a shit ton of these @awnuhaha What are you doing bro @Gavpai @KnownAsLit @Gavpai What’s wrong with you @TheMob @100Thieves LMFAO I love how scuffed this is @Classify Not Leah manI know what happened to Dr Disrespect. @SkreetMan ? @JOSSI4H Well worth @LazasBautista gm @JOSSI4H I log on twitter and everything falls apart after that, I don’t even have to tweet some daysSomething about twitter user asyyyc having a good day just don’t sit right with me. @AIexIoI @Boltslol @Froste Go off Alex 🔥 @Froste ? @Froste One to eat one to jerk off with @chynafromindy @BoyYeetsWorld THIS IS AMAZING @annamei_ What the hell @Xouped Man not for 43 likes @annamei_ I said sorry
@notchaselyons Us lol @ParachuteToot @CrypticNo Man come on @optiuh No @ijdawg998 @BlGHINK Kings @stereoberrys Literally 90% of the replies are saying me @Blankzy_ 🔥What the fuck, this isn’t going as planned @asyyyc You’re just asking for problems manIf you could sacrifice one twitter account to end COVID, who would it be? And why stereoberrys? @rickyreapers 🔥He tried it @ParachuteToot Is jacking off a sportIf you could sacrifice one sport to end COVID-19, what would it be? And why lacrosse? @SimpPilgrim 😼 @JhbTeam DeleteI knew there was no saving this platform when i started witnessing grown ass men PUBLICLY barking/meowing at each other on the TL. @Froste 😼 @oFabz This has to be one massive troll bro it has to be @oFabz Nah bro I’m real in tears, the fucking bicycle @Grahamalott What the fuck is wrong with you
@lolYisus 🤝did this man just start recalling
Retweeted by Daniel @sebastianjii Hahahah @MikeHeadly39 With no caption at all. She literally said nothing lmaoLMFAO bro please look at the amount of grown ass men in the replies of this that are genuinely upset. Women really… @Froste @hudsonwisler He really is one of my inspirations @Froste LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Froste Bro @notchaselyons LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @sebastianjii @GetGlizzed @optiuh @Boy1drr @BakeHatesItHere @jeangaultierr ???? @sebastianjii @GetGlizzed @optiuh @Boy1drr @BakeHatesItHere @jeangaultierr Lol what would you do @Huntrelol @wtfshaay @SamManlol Iconic @Mxdieee @hudsonwisler HAHAHAHAH I love y’all @GetGlizzed @optiuh @Boy1drr @BakeHatesItHere @jeangaultierr I’d get myself expelled @hitchariide @Avalanche100T @hudsonwisler So we just supposed ignore the taste amazing part? @hitchariide @Avalanche100T @hudsonwisler The TL needed this @Avalanche100T @hudsonwisler We truly don’t deserve him @ahmedanimations @hudsonwisler Yes we do @xHitan @hudsonwisler You didn’t have to be this loud @hudsonwisler I love youCan we take a moment and have a @hudsonwisler appreciation thread. Genuinely one of the biggest hearted people I kn… @oFabz God knew you’d be a throat goat @Blankzy_ @Avalanche100T Coming from twitter user Blankzy @MPBMWT @Avalanche100T ME?! @xHitan @Avalanche100T Why am I being attacked @Avalanche100T Spiraling down into an abyss @hudsonwisler You’re the best at it too @joshberrys @tsukinami1000pp @JERMAlNE Spent an hour asking if any girls want youthis what happens when you get punched in an anime
this what happens when you get punched in an anime
Retweeted by Daniel @stereoberrys Idk @stereoberrys Shoulda been you fr @itsWaddles_ @itsWaddles_ Did you have start with me man??I hate when GIRLS die
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Retweeted by Daniel @sebastianjii WHAT THE FUCK @Wis_Alt JHB made that one @martialart 🔥🔥🔥Oops ignore the last one @LRichyyApex @Ar7seven7 @oFabz @meat_sorif @The8ayley RICHY @may_wedda @Mako I’m not even allowed to say hey anymore @jeangaultierr @CrypticNo 🔥🔥🔥 @Mako Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @optiuh I’m not josh dude @optiuh Fuck off @wtfshaay @optiuh Shut up Shay DAMNLets discuss what the word trinity means first @JERMAlNE :( @KnownAsLit @stereoberrys @parallelmachi Iconic @hudsonwisler @HaleyHey_ @Nadeshot Legends @ForestWithin @asyyyc 🔥
@optiuh Coming from YOU of all peopleWhat happened @oFabz YES @oFabz Whole time they scrolling subreddits for leaks lolfucked up in the crib, forgot to take my schizophrenia medicine
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