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Daniel @MyFavsTrash South Carolina, USA

Alt: @AllMyHomiesCute

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@WariorfanKd35 Forever one of my favorite accounts on Twitter. You’re going to do big things in life. We love you dude 🖤 @Froste @kayleeweeni You’re spittin Froste @Avalanche100T @LoganDodson 🐐
@scobesx @notchaselyons ? @Xouped You are a bot IRL @Dem0nCyborg I love you
@peekm1d2 Actual fucking kings @NikolaBoltcic you’re a beast bro @LazasBautista Dude I’m literally disagreeing with his tweet @TaZeify Dude come on @itsWaddles_ I didn’t even tweet the video dude it was on MY TL @Yuhuuur Nah YOU includedWe can’t keep living like this. @liImorg Iconic @Huntrelol He eats two trays @lemiwrap Nah nothing is worse than you.This real life made me nauseous
@LazasBautista My god Laza @Cuhmmando This is gonna give hudson a boner @joshberrys Cause Canada spells labor with a u @marcusy_ 💯TL saying it’s should have been MyFavsTrash @NOT_K4 @Froste Shitty @Froste For all three of his accounts to be suspended, that probably means he’s device banned @_miyamoto__ No lol that would be us @itsWaddles_ @WhosBreezyUK Why can’t I have a day of peace @WhosBreezyUK @itsWaddles_ I’m different @itsWaddles_ @WhosBreezyUK I literally just woke up man
@BasedGothlol What made you think this was okay to tweet @COSTCOBACKWOODS Me Opti & froste easty, we would just offer Opti as sacrifice @rjzaxcell HeyHow exactly do you expect your chat to initiate a conversation with you??? @shmegmoid She’s 100% seriousHow is this actually someone’s thought process @itsSKO_ LFG SKO!! @mayaskii @Paracoochie @joshberrys 👎
@Huntrelol @SamManlol @CrypticNoOne @Mako @elonmusk @fucksherwin I hope every reply his tweet gets ratios him @oFabz @fooduz Wrong tweet @fooduz I thought this was you for a sec 😂 @oFabz @xHitan You’re a fucking coward! @SamManlol God dammit @SamManlol This is why the hate started @notchaselyons This can’t be your life man @stereoberrys @optiuh You NEVER miss an opportunity to attack me @optiuh 🔥🔥🔥 @VengLoL ? @Mako @TristanGHill Y’all need to meet @laziestchris Yes @oFabz
@Pealor @oFabz Blame Fabio @oFabz *gets on my knees*What would you do in this situation @optiuh @PissNachos Don’t put this shit on me @dogwiffpants Please take advantage of me
@asyyyc It cant be this fucking bad @KaleiRenay If I was the Lyft driver I would have told you to turn it up, that’s just me tho @TaZeify Stop liking this @TaZeify Why’d you do this to me at 11 am @TaZeify I will never understand this
September 12th 10:30 pm est @stereoberrys @notchaselyons Of all fucking things to reply to @Cxmaron Lets test this theory @SimpPilgrim Bro @SimpPilgrim What’s this supposed to mean @SimpPilgrim Gods timing is always right, soon 🙏🏼 @Blankzy_ It’s time we change this @JhbTeam @bwana43228494 @Lachinio @KnownAsLit TALK JHB @marcusy_ Marcus 🔥 @stereoberrys Aye y’all missed one @support @TaZeify @stereoberrys GO OFF TAZE @JuniorReyes17 @optiuh No 💗 @2StarYelp @loservert On g @itsWaddles_ You don’t mean it @Huntrelol What the fuck @VloneThug29 @___alexwood Actually insane to look at that @jakkuxd I think at this point they’re just like fuck it he’s been here too long lol @pabszn DudeBro twitter wiped out half its platform last night, nobody was safe holy fuck @JhbTeam Good morning?
@iMercii_ Well.... @pepsi Are you really this powerful @Froste @stereoberrys Why didn’t everyone say no? @faigywaigy Why would you do this to yourself @pdotsully 🔥 @TaZeify Bro it used to be so bad @milkinhisbag Bro the fucking replies @JhbTeam @WhosBreezyUK Never happening @Gavpai @WhosBreezyUK @JhbTeam Never 😭 @WhosBreezyUK @JhbTeam Stop @JhbTeam YOU HAD THIS BOOK MARKED FUCK OFF @JhbTeam You’ve waited our entire friendship to say this to me @JhbTeam Say sike please @oFabz @optiuh Does it jiggle @obrndo Hi Brendo, how is school so far? @RhettoricBTW Do the same king @WhosBreezyUK When are you going to meet Waddles Harry and Fabio