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Music Nazi. Vegan Warrior. Old punker. Part time hesher. The Simon Cowell of this Dead End Hip Hop shit.

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@MANvsMERIK Goddamn! Hahahah! I don't feel quite so stupid! @theneedledrop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂When you're doing the dishes and that really hard mosh part comes on and you head bang really hard and one of your… @lilmooseh2okot Yeah I did. That sucks. But I was kinda expecting it...Oh no. This is awful news. RIP. @qveeraskvlt @lunarmacuahuitl @blackmetalbrews Aw damn. I kinda feel bad for him. He sounds more hurt than angry. @blackmetalbrews @lunarmacuahuitl Yeah you had me super excited too...but yeah I knew about this release and I've been dying to hear it.We liveeeee y’all
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @lunarmacuahuitl Yo...which one are you talking about? I thought the new one didn’t come out until late April. Tryi… @seitkadyrov Probably the first one too. But the second is amazing too. Emotionally crushing.
@tyelerrdurden Yup! Haha! But it was only used for our demo. And I think there were patches with it on there. But f… @tyelerrdurden Hahahaha! I still remember drawing that stupid ass logo in my college dorm room. I thought it was so… @ewithac1993 Triangle. @IrrelevantAnth You need to fix that shit...immediately. It still holds up! @bri_rakotz @jonahkue The whole thing is on Netflix. I rewatched it recently. @seitkadyrov Yes. But I'm gonna say no. Trust me. @bri_rakotz @jonahkue Maaaaaaaaan...y'all gotta watch Skins! I'm telling you... @NovembersOwn84 I'm still trying to forget, bro. But I put "UK only" just in case someone confused the two and came… @pobst_blake_92 @SpectrumPulse You're not a "nobody." @thismachinekil2 This happened to me a few years back when I said something about MJ clearly being a creeper. I had… @ColdOpenFan @JustYacobb @CopiousCaffeine The writing for her character was super sloppy. Her transition from seaso… @jonahkue Word. Lemme know if you dig it. And don't feel bad if you shed a couple tears.Someone tagged me in this IG post today. 21 years ago! That's nuts. I feel SO old! Pretty sure this was the show w… @jonahkue notice I said "UK version ONLY." The US version was garbage and really had little to no connect… @jonahkue Nope. Cuz if you haven't watched Skins you need to get on it. @JustYacobb @CopiousCaffeine I liked them all. 1 and 2 are best but I thought the last two were great. But to each his own. @SpectrumPulse I never watched Friday Night Lights. Hate sports, jocks and teens so it never called my name. But Sk… 1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (one of the greatest shows of all time) 2. Skins (UK version ONLY) 3. Veronica… @thismachinekil2 You know what...I just saw this tweet and was about to tell you that total fucking weirdos sit on…
@LukasNSivermark Yeah I like his vids. Even when it's shit that I already like (like industrial) they're entertaining and non-pretentious.This was a fantastic watch! Great job! @ErikFHelin @TribeCalledCreg I imagine it's pretty expensive to swap faces, huh? @Deuce1042 @JTrnvp So far it's just OK. Not bad but not great. The last few episodes have ben pretty good but the f… Bhabie transformed into Lil Mama? This is what y'all are doing in quarantine? Well do I turn into L…!!! This is still one of the most amazing moments of any cartoon ever. "One shall stand. One shall fall."…👇🏾
Optimus Prime's speeches were so good they made me, momentarily, forget that the movie I was watching was trash. An… @beezy430 @GranddadWoolly @fasjab @MeanMuggah11 Hahaha! I didn't! I was just asking! Apparently I wasn't that off w… @GranddadWoolly @fasjab @beezy430 @MeanMuggah11 So I WAS wrong. Dammit, Woolly. @Deuce1042 Because they're self imposed and self promoted and they really don't stop men from advancing in anything. @MeanMuggah11 @KingKonah @beezy430 @GranddadWoolly Right. So that shows a pattern of fuckboy behavior on HIS part.… @MeanMuggah11 @KingKonah @beezy430 @GranddadWoolly And the issue is what? 🤔 @Kno @beezy430 @MeanMuggah11 @GranddadWoolly 😂😂😂 That’s the correct answer!Guys in their 30s selfies are always like:
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ708 DEAD in the last 24 hours. The 13 year old boy was buried with NO immediate family there. A 5 year old has DIE…
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @Darcwonn Whoooweeeeeee! Say that shit again! Three times for the really snoozy motherfuckers...Yo, @beezy430 and this how y'all do? For some reason I feel like @GranddadWoolly don't get down… @Comm0n_Sens3 Oh wow. That's crazy! Well, I hope you're keeping as safe as you can be. Ugh...Hey, @BrianKempGA. (Or @GovKemp...whichever you prefer.) I found this song that I think you'd like a lot. It plays…
@mrbrown0629 @BrentTerhune Sigh. Bless your heart...Come hang, y'all! @negrochildren 3. But even if it was half a mile of beach, this is still fucking stupid. @jamfan40 Ha. Florida, SC and Alabama, sure. Maybe I shoulda just said NC and TN should close the borders. I don't… 6000 cases in GA and Brian Kemp thinks opening beaches is logical. I wouldn't blame bordering states if they c… will waste the produce before distributing it for free
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @Kno Is there something wrong with me for being a slight bit disappointed when I realized it was a joke? Yeah. The… want me to where a mask?? I DONT THANK SO
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @ShortFuze Sheeeeeiiiiitttt. I miss a 3. I just mowed my lawn when it didn't need to be mowed...just to do something. Haha. @Kojo20West No, but I'm sure it's on their website. I've never contacted them. @Kojo20West I'd suggest you contact Patreon Support. Cuz I'm not sure what the issue is. @Soblin_ A 3 sounds great right about now.I'm gonna say I'm a solid 6 right now... @GranddadWoolly Maaaaaaaaan. I'd have to figure out a way to kill that woman! No way I'm just walking away with shi… watching Night of the Demons for the first time. I heard @mykectown talking about it and had to check it out
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @DopeKnife @beezy430 Haha! The Platform on Netflix. Ppl are buzzin about it, of course. But this part was fucking amazing! @AlanPressStart Thanks, dude. I'd never heard that phrase before so it was super interesting to me. Really make me…
Ayo. New DEHH solo review of the new Moodie Black album, Fuzz! Check it out! you missed @beezy430 & @FeeFo247 JColeVsKrit stream you can watch it here
Retweeted by Myke C-Town ⓋSomehow I missed the news earlier. But RIP Bill Withers. One of the greatest voices in soul music. This performanc… @beezy430 caught that fool right on the goddamn cheek!!! Hahahahahaha! Someone would have to die! @neyz0n6 @TheMuzikManx @wesisi11 Bruh...I laughed so hard I was in tears for like 10 minutes! I had to pause the movie! @tom_twrocks I'm not done! I can't get past this part cuz I'm still laughing!!! @BloodmoneyPerez Man, I just noticed what you changed your Twitter handle to. I fucking hate you!!! Hahahahaha! @OGNICKMARSH DUDE, I'M CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @metalandcoffee_ But that's why I intentionally didn't say what it was! Hahaha! But it's not really a spoiler. I h… @tom_twrocks That shit almost killed him, too. @amitneru Haha! I was always like "food"? Bro, what? You're fighting over food? Are these neighborhoods that poor?… Trump’s followers who have managed to convince themselves that he actually gives a shit about them. @Jayforce Man, I haven’t even finished the movie yet cuz I can’t stop laughing!!!!!! @Jayforce Broooooo!!!! HAHAHA!Bruuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!!! @amitneru @leavenelsonb But, yeah, it might have been an additional barrier when I first discovered this music. (Th… @amitneru @leavenelsonb I know you didn't allude to that. I'm just saying it would be a VERY odd misuse of words if… @leavenelsonb @amitneru I'm not dumb. I understand the difference between slang and an accent. They're not even remotely similar. 😐 @TheTick1990 @Kojo20West Whaaa whaaaa. @tyelerrdurden And you got the old school Black Planet pose. Kill em! 😂 @Deuce1042 @Ohhaibentley @Kojo20West Hahaha! It’s turning into a daily series! @Kojo20West @_TheBlackPuppet Haha. Come on, bro. Go to the video and look in the description section. @beezy430 @kennithbinge @IamModestMedia @NaturallyNa Hahaha! What is this show??? And yeah I've gotten this plenty… @Kojo20West Where's the rest of the video? Seriously? And I didn't say I hate Late Registration.Listen: @Thurzday - "Don't Come To LA" f. @SlyPyper (prod. @dkthepunisher)
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @Alaska_Atoms Real talk's still Operation Doomsday. I know...cliche. But it's true... @lunarmacuahuitl Haha! don't need feminss i feel so sad for any men quarantining with an angry man-hating fmeinist!! I am with my HUSBAN…
Retweeted by Myke C-Town Ⓥ @Bodaum234 No no no! I wasn't offended! I'm sorry, man, it was a joke about something that happened on here earlier… @Alaska_Atoms